15 Things That Can Result In Vince McMahon Having To Call His Lawyers In 2018

We are a month into 2018 and already, stories are starting to build up left and right pertaining to the WWE. Whether it be contracts about the run out, concussion related lawsuits, future network deals and lots of other situations, it seems as though WWE lawyers are going to be pretty busy in 2018. As if all that wasn’t hectic enough, it was recently announced that the XFL is set for a return in 2020 and those working behind the scenes are already working on video packages. We’ll have a little more on the situation to start the article.

Other avenues we’ll explore in the article include potential releases, WWE selling the company and how others outside of the WWE might be getting involved with the company in the future. It’s a great time to be a wrestling fan and 2018 is proving to be one hell of a year already.

Enjoy the article folks, and like always, be sure to share the article with a friend. Without further ado, here are 15 things that can result in Vince McMahon having to call his lawyers in 2018. We begin with XFL discussions that are seriously starting to heat up in the last couple of days. Let’s get started!

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15 Bringing Back The XFL In 2020

Say it ain’t so, but it looks like Vince is seriously considering bringing back the XFL and it appears as though it’s likely a go. The public was shocked when the WWE did not deny the allegations of bringing back the league;

the story would reach a boiling point when McMahon took $100 million out of WWE stocks to fund another project, and that project appears to be the XFL.

An official announcement is expected to take place before the Super Bowl. This time around, Vince is taking his time with building up the league, as opposed to the last time around launching the league within a year of the announcement. As of now, McMahon’s team is already working on videos and highlight packages for the launch. Yup, it’s getting real, folks!

14 Vince Selling The WWE

A couple of years ago, it seemed preposterous to think about McMahon selling his baby. However, discussion about selling the company seems to be higher than ever and according to sources, this might be the very best time for McMahon to sell. Even Triple H confirmed the allegations in a recent interview, stating that Vince is open to conversation if the offer is best for business. With McMahon setting his sights on an XFL re-launch, the timing to make such a bold move seems legit. Among the rumored companies interested includes the monster Disney.

However, don’t think for a second that Vince isn’t capable of running both companies. Triple H stated that McMahon will have no problem running both the XFL and WWE if need be.

No matter what the situation becomes, he’ll be needing lots of lawyers, whether it be for the XFL re-launch or the sale of the WWE.

13 Enzo’s Recent Release

Enzo went from hero to zero real fast with the WWE. He’s undergone both the highs and lows of being a WWE Superstar, however in the recent days, his career came to an abrupt end for the time being. Amid some serious assault allegations, Amore was quickly suspended by the WWE. The following day, he was released by the company, sending shock waves around the wrestling world.

New details are emerging and it seems as though his recent charges weren’t the main reason for his release; some even believe the charges might not be valid according to recent evidence.

Instead, the WWE was infuriated that Enzo didn’t let the company know when the initial charges were put into place. The company was also none too pleased with the Superstar behind the scenes with the rumor mill claiming he was walking on thin ice with the higher ups. Nonetheless, the situation ended up with the WWE’s lawyers sending Amore his release papers.

12 Brock Lesnar’s Contract

It’s been almost a year now and Brock Lesnar is still the Universal Champion. He was on the highest of highs following his victory over The Undertaker at WrestleMania XXX, and the WWE booked him as such for a long time. However, it appears as though that momentum is finally coming to an end; the attraction part of his gimmick was cool at first, however

fans are growing tired of seeing a Universal Champion that barely competes. This makes his contract terms in the summer of 2018 that much more interesting.

With Brock likely giving UFC another try, he’ll want another lucrative contract from his lawyers if he is to remain with the WWE. However, looking at his current terms and accommodations, it would be downright silly to give him similar terms based off of his drawing ability in 2017 and thus far, in 2018. It wouldn’t surprise us if both Lesnar and the WWE agree to terms on a release, though you never know what Vince’s thinking.

11 Hulk Hogan’s WWE Future

Speaking of WWE contracts, we now turn our attention to Hulk Hogan who continues to be MIA from programming. In fact, Hogan hasn’t been on WWE television since the summer of 2015. At the very least, it seems as though things might be getting closer. The company is now referencing Hogan during shows along with a number of WWE employees vouching for his return, which included Triple H among some of the names. The truth of the matter is that it all comes down to the boss and at this point,

and Vince doesn’t feel as though the time is right.

The rumor mill was buzzing with rumors of a Hogan return during the Raw 25 special, however Hogan turned down the speculation. According to recent gossip, some WWE investors did not approve of Hogan returning just yet, which caused McMahon to decline the return. It’ll be interesting to see if Vince calls his lawyers in 2018 and finally renegotiates a deal with the Hulkster.

10 Sheamus’ Neck Injury

Now more than ever before, the WWE is extremely cautious when it comes to the health of their stars. A touchy subject aside from concussions is an injury to the neck. We’ve seen numerous Superstars in the past get their careers cut short due to the nagging issues, among some of those includes Droz and WWE Hall Of Famer Edge.

Sheamus shocked the wrestling world last month making the announcement that he’s been dealing with a neck injury for the last six months. The news is rather startling and it seems extremely bizarre that he’s still in the ring. However, it seems as though WWE officials are protecting his neck when setting up matches of his. Nonetheless, it’s still troubling that the company knows about his neck difficulties and keeps him in the ring regardless. We seriously hope such an ordeal doesn’t end with the WWE needing to contact their lawyers...

9 Neville’s WWE Status

Neville’s WWE talks have been like a roller coaster ride, with lots of highs and lows. After walking out on the company, it was said that Neville was ready to return in mid-November after having positive talks with the WWE. Later, it was said that early 2018 was the return date, however a month in, and that doesn’t seem to be the case. The rumor mill even indicated that he was returning to SmackDown Live but again, nothing has indicated such a rumor to be true.

At this point, it seems as though Neville is being frozen out of his WWE contract, basically staying at home until his deal officially runs out.

The likely scenario to take place is WWE lawyers sending Neville his release papers once his deal is up. Tragic that such a talent is sitting at home wasting away.

8 Chris Jericho’s WWE Future

One of the top moments from Raw’s 25th Anniversary show featured the unexpected cameo of Chris Jericho. According to the news just days before, both sides couldn’t reach a deal. However, it seems like a common ground was met with Chris working a segment behind the scenes alongside Elias. The cameo received a massive pop from the Brooklyn crowd;

evidentially the WWE Universe misses Y2J dearly.

It’ll be interesting to see what the future holds for Chris and if he’ll be contacted by WWE lawyers to work out another contract for the future. For the time being, his heart is elsewhere with another New Japan match on the horizon. Chris returning for a WrestleMania match seems like a pipe dream at this point and another return in 2018 also seems pretty far-fetched as well.

7 Royalty Lawsuits

A frustration among many of the former WWE alums is not getting any royalties for their work appearing on WWE DVDs or the network. We’ve heard numerous legends voice out their frustrations but unfortunately,

given the language of a WWE contract (which states everyone is an independent contractor), it seems these grounds are valid for the company.

Needless to say, Raven and Buff Bagwell took the company to court for failure to pay for royalties. As expected, the case was dropped with the WWE lawyers prevailing. With the victory in court, the WWE is now set to launch the full WCW Thunder series via the network. As for such a lawsuit, it isn’t the last time we’ll see such wrestlers take the company to court; we can expect another similar lawsuit at some point in 2018.

6 More Cracking Down On Indie Wrestlers

Sending a cease and desist document to the Young Bucks by WWE lawyers was a clear message that the company isn’t tolerating such acts any longer. Some make the claim that the WWE is finally starting to feel threatened by outside acts, hence the ridiculous lawsuit against the popular independent tag team. Surely, it isn’t the last time we see the company take such measures against non-WWE talent.

We even recently saw the WWE refuse Cody access to using his family name on the indies as it was regarded as a WWE trademark,

yeah, things are really that bad with outside talent as this point. For that very reason, he’s lost the Rhodes family name on the indies and he’s strictly going by Cody, a name he was allowed to keep due to the fact that it’s his actual name!

5 More Concussion-Related Lawsuits

Lead by Konstantine Kyros, over 50 former WWE Superstars filed a lawsuit against the company due to concussion-like symptoms that took place during their time with the company. The case has been ongoing for a couple of years now and as of a couple of months ago, the case was almost completely dropped due to several false facts stated by the plaintiffs in the lawsuit.

The court ordered Kyros to file an amended claim or the lawsuit would be dropped completely.

We can expect such court ordeals to continue through 2018, especially with concussion issues at a premium nowadays. To the WWE’s credit, they’ve done their absolute best in stopping brain related injuries taking the absolute safest precautions with their employees dealing with head injuries. We expect the lawsuit to continue, however the chances of WWE having to pay up remain extremely slim thanks to their contract language.

4 Power Distributed Elsewhere

Even if Vince decides to sell, you can expect a similar deal to the one UFC made with the biggest players, such as Dana White staying on board with the company. However, even if Vince isn’t to sell, we believe he’ll distribute a little more power, especially with the re-launch of the XFL as we stated earlier. So the question is, who does that power go to? At one point, it seemed as though Stephanie and Triple H were bound to run the company, however Shane seems to be in the running nowadays as well now that he’s back in the business with both of his feet in it.

If Vince is to distribute power, then Shane, Stephanie and Hunter seem like the most likely candidates to take over from McMahon.

Whether such a change takes place in 2018 remains to be seen but given the way Hunter handles NXT, many hope that shift takes place sooner rather than later.

3 Daniel Bryan’s In-Ring Future

One of the hottest topics heading into 2018 is 'will Daniel Bryan wrestle again in a WWE ring?' As of now, he hasn’t gotten clearance yet, however betting odds have caused the fans to think otherwise with Bryan becoming a massive favorite to win the Rumble match. Will he or won’t he? That seems to be the big question right now. Bryan has stated numerous times that he got clearance from his own doctors,

however the WWE is still unwilling to put him in the ring in large part due to concerns about his mental health, which can result in another lawsuit against the company.

What’s touchy here is that if Bryan doesn’t get cleared to return, he’ll be calling his lawyers pertaining to a WWE release as he doesn’t intend on resigning if not given the green light to return.

2 Paige’s Career-Threatening Neck Injury

Another 'will she or won’t she?' type of situation. Following a live event injury, the rumor mill began to buzz that Paige’s WWE career was over due to another neck injury. According to speculation, doctors told Paige not to return due to her nagging neck issues, though she decided to make a return nonetheless.

Despite the ongoing rumors that her career is done, Paige has kept positive, even posting a backstage clip of herself moving her neck with ease.

Paige remains optimistic that she will in fact return, though it remains to be seen if she’ll ever get that clearance by the WWE. Once again, similar to Daniel Bryan, the last thing the WWE wants is another lawsuit on their hands due to an injury they were aware of. It remains to be seen if and when Paige will return.

1 New Network Deal

One of the biggest stories pertaining to the WWE product behind the scenes involves the company’s television rights heading into 2019. By the looks of it, it appears as though the WWE’s days with the USA Network are done with. We’ve seen various networks step up to the plate with interest in bringing in the product, among the top names includes network giants Fox and NBC. This has sparked lots of interest and might even end up with the WWE having to change Raw to two hour shows due to the local news starting at 10PM on the networks.

Along with the mega networks, a couple of other huge companies are now said to have some serious interest. Among those includes giants Facebook (who the WWE is currently working with) and Amazon. We can expect this story to intensify as 2018 furthers.

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