15 Things That Are Seen As Attractive In Other Countries

In the US, Canada, Mexico, and the UK, the idea of beauty is fairly similar. Luscious locks, small waists, long legs. You get the picture. But in the end, it varies depending on the person. We all have different tastes and different things that attract us. If you look at other countries, however, their standards of beauty are quite different. Things that would be seen as unattractive in our country would be seen as extremely sexy in another. In the US, some people like supermodel skinny women while others think that curvy and proud is the way to go. This can be true everywhere, but in general, the ideal of beauty is fairly consistent across specific countries. But it isn’t an entire image. Rather, there are certain aspects of the female body that men would kill for! These aspects change depending on where you live.

We’re not talking about those crazy Kylie Jenner lips or a sizeable behind because most people already know about those. Instead, we’re focusing on countries overseas! The point is, these are things that you didn’t know any man could yearn for unless you’ve done tons of research. For a breakdown, take a look at these fifteen surprising things that are seen as attractive in other countries.

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15 Being Bigger In Nigeria

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In many countries in Africa, being thin is seen as a sign of poverty. So, the bigger you are, the more attractive you are, as being big means that you are wealthy and healthy. What’s super crazy is that they have “fat camps” just like we do. Only, at their fat camps, they accept only women. They feed them an excess amount of food and won’t let them exercise. The whole thing is similar to the way farmers fatten pigs. It may seem odd to us, but that’s only because that was how we were raised. Our society believes you should want to be as skinny as possible.

At the camps in Mauritania, women go to these Force-Feeding Camps before they get married and are fed 16,000 calories a day! It seems like a dream, but it is as unhealthy as models starving themselves.

14 Small Chest In France

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French men like natural women. This trait may be the biggest shocker to US and UK men, who would kill for some in-your-face curves. But in France, men want their women to be comfortable and as natural as possible. So undersized breasts are a win! This is a dream for women who have always felt too small. Get you a Frenchman, right?

Not all of them think this way, but it is a social standard as of now, much like larger breasts are the standard in the US. When men in each country were asked what size of breasts they preferred, French men chose the smallest size as a whole. It’s true; the smaller-chested women are sought after in France. Great news indeed! In the end, does that mean you should change who you are for a man? Not one iota. Keep being you!

13 Tiny Booty In Italy

via: strangepersons

Out of every country in the world, when asked in a poll for the perfect measurements for a woman, Italian men preferred the smallest behind. It’s not all about that bass everywhere. In other parts of the world, they usually preferred a little junk in the trunk, but Italy likes the supermodel look. They are okay with a bigger chest but aren’t big on wide hips. If you look at Italian stars, you can see why.

For instance, look at the American-born women with Italian heritage like Rachel Bilson, Alyssa Milano, Nikki Reed and Liv Tyler. They are not known for their booties. It gets even more intense when you look at the Italian-born such as Giada De Laurentiis and Giusy Buscemi. Believe it or not, the standard of beauty in Italy is generally thinner than in America. Think legs that never end and a tiny booty.

12 Snow White Skin In South Korea

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White skin, dark skin, tan skin, orange skin: for most of us, this really doesn’t matter and is all down to personal preference (as in, your own preference for your own skin). But in South Korea and many other Asian countries, it seems that having the whitest skin possible is what is going to get you dates. In South Korea, they even have skin lightening treatments. These can be both over-the-counter or surgical procedures much like the tanning that we have in the West.

There are hundreds of skin whitening treatments to try out and it’s all the jive. If they can get skin as white as snow, they will do it. It’s pretty crazy what they will go through to look basically like Snow White in Asia.

11 No Makeup In France

via: dailymail.co.uk

Here’s one we can be proud of. In the US, there are so many expectations for women to wear makeup so thick that they look like a Barbie. There are people who think it’s a joke and scorn women and those who will never think that what you wear is enough. Both are ridiculous. In France, however, it’s different. Not wearing makeup, or at least wearing natural makeup, is seen as a sign of beauty and youth. But France is known for their "au naturel" attitude. Not many women still go without shaving, but it isn’t entirely “weird” to do so, just old-fashioned.

As for the makeup, girls start wearing makeup a lot later in life and those who do wear it, don’t normally lay it on so thick. Because in France, they are taught to enhance their natural beauty, appreciating it along the way.

10 Legs Thin As An iPhone 6 In China

via: wewsbeat

Yes, really. There is a challenge going around China similar to the thigh gap challenge the US had a couple years back. This challenges young girls to strive for legs as thin as an iPhone 6. What you’re supposed to do is lay your iPhone across your knees. If it touches the sides, you’re winning. If it goes over then ends, then you’re really a winner. Just so you know, the iPhone 6 is six inches. So that’s only three-inch knees! How tiny could an adult of that size be?

Another similar challenge is the A4 challenge, which challenges girls to be only as wide as a piece of A4 paper. That means that they want to be 8 inches wide! It seems impossible, but many women are taking the challenge to this day, often starving themselves in the process.

9 Scars In Most Of Africa

via: dailymail.co.uk

Scarification dates back hundreds, probably thousands of years. Rituals are done as a coming of age celebration. But also at other times. In this case, scarification is done to celebrate marriage. One of the reasons they do this to women is to show that they are ready for children. They must endure the pain of the scarifications on their stomach to show that they are ready to get married and bear children. It also is a physical mark saying that she is willing to be a mother.

Sometimes traitors are marked with scars, but most of the time, it’s a good thing and is seen as a mark of beauty. Women get marks signifying their children, their husbands, and their tribes. These are marks of honor and are seen as the most loyal and beautiful thing a woman can do. Yes, it is more painful than a tattoo, but when you’re born into it, you accept it as totally normal.

8 Crooked Teeth In Japan

via: onehallyu

In our culture (if you want to call it that) sparkling white and super straight teeth are hot. It makes sense that teeth would be so important, because a smile says a thousand words. It shines rays of happiness into its surroundings. In Japan, a smile is just as important. But there’s a catch. Straight teeth aren’t the “wow” factor. Crooked teeth are much more sought after. You may note that youth is extremely important in Japan. So making your teeth look crooked is a go-to child-like feature. Some women even go through surgery to get these “yaeba” teeth. They are meant to enhance the canine teeth by bringing them forward. Sounds painful and pretty silly. But getting braces probably sounds ridiculous in Japan too. Some orthodontists will give middle school kids a discount to get this done as long as they have their school ID. Freaky, right? But it’s the biggest trend that we don’t also have in the US.

7 Surgical Patches In Iran

via: vice.com

In the US and UK, some look down on you for getting plastic surgery. Others applaud you for it if it looks natural. However, in Iran, 99% of the time, it is seen as a mark of wealth and beauty when you get surgery, especially on your face. For this reason, people who do not get surgery (especially women) get surgical patches to make it look like they have had surgery. You may see Japanese women wearing surgical masks around town, but in Iran, they wear surgical tape and patches. It’s an odd trend to us, but just think about what it looks like when Iranians see us with painted on eyebrows.

We’re all crazy, but at least their trend is for a reason. Poor people don’t get plastic surgery, so of course they want to look like they can afford it!

6 Stretched Lips In Ethiopia

via: listotop

This is one of the oldest beauty trends in the book: stretched lips. It happens in many regions, but Ethiopia does it religiously. There have been discs or inserts found by archaeologists that date back to 8700 BC! And to this day, they are still in use. Why someone would want to pull their lip out all floppy like is beyond what most Westerners can comprehend. We’ve seen them in movies, but how much do you really know? Did you know that the bottom two teeth are excised to get the plate in comfortably?

The woman in Ethiopia are seen as much more attractive women if they have a lip plate. The men get them too, but as you may know, it’s not the women picking out who they want to marry. So it’s of upmost importance that women look the way the men want them to.

5 Unibrows In Tajikistan

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Where most of us come from, unibrows are often seen as an object of humor. But in Tajikistan, a place often called “where the unibrow reigns,” it is seen as beautiful. Here, most women are actually born with a unibrow and it is seen as a sign of beauty and elegance. They even have a unique process of darkening your brow so that the whole thing shows up bold and brilliant. A lot of the time they are trimmed and shaped. When asked why women do this, a Tajikistan woman said that it’s the same as a woman painting her nails. It is to make her more beautiful. Only this way, we are enhancing her natural beauty. If you fix your hair, why not fix your brows?

4 Long Necks In Myanmar

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We’ve all seen the women with gold rings all around their necks. Exactly how long necks became so attractive is unknown, but women are given brass rings that are put around their neck at a very young age. Every few months or years, another is added. This slow process stretches the neck out to a size much longer than naturally possible. The catch is that the length of the neck is not longer. According to Wikipedia, “The weight of the brass pushes the collar bone down and compresses the rib cage. The neck itself is not lengthened; the appearance of a stretched neck is created by the deformation of the clavicle.”

For this reason, complications appear in adulthood with the bone structure of young girls. They rarely take them off unless exchanging them for a longer coil. Few will go against their culture and rebel against the “mistreatment,” as some call it.

3 Modesty In India

via: panaramio

This one is a shocker. Everything we’ve ever been taught has showed us that the less clothes you have on, the more men will find you attractive. But in India, for the most part, it’s quite the opposite. Modesty means you respect yourself. But more than that, it means you respect your husband, even your future one. But an even bigger reason is because India was born on Hindu beliefs and in the Hindu religion, modesty is everything. However, in the early 1900s, it was perfectly acceptable for a woman to go topless, as that was not seen as immodest.

Times do change, but in general, some form of modesty is what attracts men in India. It is seen as pure and true. The men want to know that the woman will be loyal and has never been with any other man.

2 Sharp Teeth In Bali

via: emaze

Do you believe in werewolves and vampires? After visiting Bali, you just might! This is one of the strangest trends yet. In Bali, it is not uncommon for young women to get a teeth sharpening treatment to make themselves appear more attractive. In Bali, teeth were filed down because they believe that teeth are a sign of anger, resentment, and even jealousy. But then, as adolescents, the teeth are sharpened as a rite of passage or coming of age. As for the Aborigines, they sharpen or fill their teeth for spiritual reasons. And finally, in the Mayan culture, the teeth are shaped and carved into to represent class and even gender. Fine marks are carved into the upper-class teeth while the lower-class are left with a blank slate.

Very strange indeed and not something I’d do unless I wanted to become a vampire myself.

1 No Hair In Kenya

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This does not mean no leg hair, but no hair on the head for women. From a very young age, Kenyan girls are taught to shave their heads and keep it that way. That’s because a shaved head is seen as attractive in Kenya. The reason this started was that women spent too much time on their hair. In order to prevent that, they shaved their heads so they could focus on school and taking care of their children/husbands. Also, vanity was seen as a sin and not being concerned with your looks was an asset.

Today, it seems that those practical reasons have turned into something that just is. It’s expected and it is seen as a sign of beauty, attracting many Kenyan men. It is seen as feminine and many of them do so to appear like a lioness while the men wear the mane. Quite backwards to us, but hey! More power to you!

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