15 Reasons Why Teen Mom Jenelle Evans Is Still A Trainwreck

We've gotten to know Jenelle Evans over the years through the reality series Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2. She certainly hasn’t had an easy life, though some would say she brought most of her problems on herself. We have seen her throughout the years lose her son to her mother who she had a very volatile relationship with. Although she seems to genuinely want to be a part of her son’s life, she also continuously got caught up in substance and alcohol and there were also those stints in rehab. For a long while, it seemed as if Janelle was always going to be a hot mess and many wondered if she would ever get her life together.

We’ve seen her go through many boyfriends and she’s probably the one girl that has seen the most ups and downs on the show. When the show started, Jenelle Evans was only 17, and considering some of the things she's experienced, it must seem like she’s lived 100 lives. She definitely doesn't shy away from the camera and isn't afraid of what might be broadcast. She’s come a long way and we have to give her credit for that. She is now a married woman who seems to have fitness on the brain more so than alcohol and partying, so we can say that she’s fairing much better in life. But that doesn't mean we'll forget who Evans used to be and perhaps, still is.

15 A Long Road

This photo is so surprising because it shows a happy and healthy couple. Why would that be shocking? Well, just a few years ago, we were used to seeing Jenelle Evans in mugshots. Well, after a couple of babies and a proposal, she seems as happy as ever. Though despite being so happy, she still manages to stay in the news quite regularly. Aside from accusing her mother of child abuse, Evans was involved in the Teen Mom 2 reunion ruckus because she doesn't seem to be getting along with her cast members, making news at least once a week. And it’s not for good reasons either. We have to wonder if she’ll ever live a normal life and stay out of the scandals.

14 A Girl Who Lifts

Look at those muscles! Gone is the skinny little girl that only cared about getting high. When we say that she has transformed, we don’t just mean her personality and wicked ways. Just a year ago, Evansvirtually transformed her body, and the fact that she has protein powder on her counter says everything. So, what influenced such a transformation? Evans decided to change her life after she broke up with her boyfriend, which isn't all that surprising. She went from being a skinny girl to having some serious muscle on her body and these days, she is looking amazing. She told everyone that she transformed herself because she wanted to feel s*xy. She believes that her three children are the greatest gift she could have and that’s why she wants to be as healthy as possible.

13 So Many Children

We have to say that we never thought that we would see this day coming. After all, Evans once lost her first child to her mother because she couldn’t get her life in order. Sometimes, it was so bad, her mother didn’t even want to leave her alone with the child. But was Barbara really a better mother than Evans? Evans recently called 911 because she received a call from her son who was saying that Barbara was hitting him. Evans freaked and insisted that the child was checked on. “My son called me crying his eyes out and saying that my mother is actually hitting him and he’s huffing and puffing and he can’t breathe,” Evans told the Boiling Springs Lake Police “My son is screaming for me in the background and she will not give him the phone or answer my phone calls.”

12 Exposing All

Many people would think that 25 is really young to be writing a memoir, but Evans has lived the life of someone three times her age. She’s been through a lot and she’s ready to talk about it. This past summer, Evans wrote a book called Read Between the Lines: From the Diary of a Teenage Mom. She exposes a lot in the book including some of her s*x secrets. It makes you wonder if Evans has really changed after all. If you want a scandalous read, you should definitely pick it up. One interesting tidbit she gave in the book which says a lot about her mental state is this: "You can see here where I talk about taking too many baths. I still take several baths a day if I get upset or depressed. It’s a form of release for me, a place of calm I can go to get over things."

11 A Family Of Bad Moms

We can tell by these picture that Evans didn’t just add muscle to get that body. We think that she’s had plastic surgery. Her physical state isn't the only thing to change. We have to wonder how her mother has affected her life. There are times when we think that her mother did things to take away her child that wasn’t only unnecessary, but hurtful as well. "One night, my mother convinced me to go out with my friends so I could relax. I should have been suspicious at the time. My mother wasn’t the relaxing type of person, much less the kind of woman to encourage others to enjoy themselves. When I returned home with Tori the next morning, we found a Child Protective Services vehicle in the driveway. My mother had called them and told them I was out partying all night and left my son at home. She told them I did this pretty much every night, which was a lie. I tried to tell them she told me to go out, but they wouldn’t listen. They gave my mother temporary custody in light my actions. My mother had set me up and I had fallen hard for it."

10 Twitter Fights

We may have thought that all the drama happened when the cameras were rolling, but despite Evans' changes, she still likes to roll in the drama. We warned you that she was in the news a lot this past December. During that time, Evans engaged in a Twitter war with her Teen Mom 2 co-star Kailyn Lowry. Lowry was apparently talking a lot of trash about Evans which caused her to send the girl a cease and desist order. Not that it stopped Lowry, all it did was enrage her more and we have to wonder what kind of secrets Evans doesn’t want Lowry to tell. Evans posted this on Twitter: "For you to get on, here AGAIN, to tweet about some drama goes to show how thirsty you are for attention constantly, you try way too hard. It’s funny."

9 Change Is Hard

We love this picture because it shows a girl truly in love. That wasn’t always the case with Evans. She certainly spent a lot of time with men that weren’t very nice to her that were either getting her involved in drugs or cheating on her. If you've watched Teen Mom from the start, then you know that the men she's dated over the years weren’t exactly helping her to lead a better life. She does, after all, have three children by three different men, so we hope this new one is going to stick. She was never married before, so we hope that her true love will really stand the test of time. Maybe her choice of men has something to do with her daddy issues. “I would like to think my dad is a great but misunderstood man. I would like to, but he cut me out of his life when I was eleven. It’s hard to draw an opinion of a man who I feel gave up on me, and life in general.”

8 Surrounded By Rumors

Jenelle Evans' husband, David Eason, seems like such a great guy. We want to believe that Evans finally found her knight in shining armor, especially since she has multiple children. There was a bit of a problem during the Teen Mom 2 reunion party when people claimed that her husband pulled out a knife at the party and then was kicked out. "If you haven’t heard, last night there was an article that, of course, comes out after I left, [saying] that they had to shut down production and Jenelle and David were acting crazy.” Evans claimed that the knife was not an issue and that he just popped a couple of balloons on his way out of the party. Apparently, her man was denied beer and he became angry. He was eventually kicked out of the party.

7 Waist Training

Evans claimed that part of her weight-loss secrets include waist training. We have seen multiple pictures on Instagram of her with a corset around her waist. Waist training has always been controversial because a lot of fitness experts claim that it is not a good method for weight loss. In fact, it pushes organs around in your body, positioning them in places that could be unhealthy long term. She definitely has an awesome figure and she should be proud of her changes, but she should also be considering her overall health. Her unhealthy life could have a lot to do with the toxic environment that her mother caused. Her mother approached her at a party and claimed she was being abused by her husband. "You are being abused, Jenelle, and you won’t tell anybody. You’re worse than you’ve ever been, even worse than when you were on drugs.”

6 No Relationship With Mom

Barbara showed up to the reunion party and Evans was shocked when she saw her own mother hug the new girlfriend of ex-boyfriend Nathan Griffith. Now, what other reason could Barbra have done something like that if not to hurt her own daughter? We have to wonder, judging by the things in her tell-all book, if Barbara isn’t the reason why Evans turned to drugs and a destructive lifestyle to begin with. It must be hard for Evans to grow up in an environment where your own mother always expects you to mess up at every turn. Despite the fact that Evans has cleaned her life up, her mother still isn't happy for her and even accused Evans' husband of hurting his wife. That was what caused Evans to say, "Blood is thicker than water,” at the reunion party.

5 Times Have Changed

We think that despite all the ups and downs in Evan's life, she's done pretty well for herself despite the fact that she was abandoned by her father and that her mother hasn’t always been supportive. Evans continuously tries to have a relationship with her mother, but at times, it backfires. Her father seems even worse, and even when they struggled after losing everything in a fire, he didn’t step up once to help her. “Our house burned down in 2000. We lived in a hotel for six months. Me and my three kids had to live at the Marriott Residence Inn in Scranton. My ex-husband did not offer my kids a pair of underwear, didn’t offer clothes, didn’t offer us dinner, didn’t offer us a place to stay. When we had that fire, and he didn’t offer my kids anything, not a meal, not a sandwich, not a crumb of food, or clothes. That says it all right there.”

4 Romantic Man

Despite the alleged rumors that Eason isn’t such a nice guy, Evans seems to be over the moon for him. He did, after all, have her best interest at heart when it came time for him to propose to her. We have to say we wish Evans all the best in her new life. "The sweet part about all of this — aside from the roses and mountainside proposal — was that he made a point to make sure I was dressed nicely and had put my makeup on before we were caught on film. He didn’t do this because he wanted to make sure I appeared a certain way to impress other people. He did this because he knows I don’t like to be caught on camera unless I am prepared for it. So he suggested I dress like I would for a fancy meal, which was his way of tricking me into getting my own self ready for the camera. Isn’t that sweet?”

3 More Babies?

We are often surprised that teen moms who struggle go on to have more children. Having a child so young makes a person grow up a lot faster than they want to and many girls don’t want to continue having babies. Sometimes, they want to go back to school and get a job. Evans has three children already and there have been plenty of rumors this year that  she may be pregnant with a fourth child! "Hahaha no more babies here!!!" she said, posting with a grimacing face emoji. There is plenty of drama surrounding her life and one of the reasons why she is fighting with her cast mate is because the other teen mom doesn’t think that Evans is taking care of her son as she should be. Could it be true that there is abuse allegations about Evans' new husband? We sure hope not.

2 True Love

There have been allegations surrounding her relationship that her new husband, David, is not only abusive toward, her but also toward her children as well. It appears as if Child Protective Services will be taking a closer look at her relationship with her husband as allegations have surfaced. Her ex-boyfriend Nathan Griffith had called the police on Evans accusing her husband of punching her 3-year-old son Kaiser. Could it be true that her husband is hurting their children? Her mother Barbara stated that Kaiser told her, “Nana, David punched me.” That was when she filed a claim with Child Protective Services to have the issue looked into. Obviously, Evans denied any such thing happening and thinks that people are just out to get her. She stated to PEOPLE, “I doubt my husband would punch a kid in his face.”

1 The Men In Her Life

In her memoir, she mentioned that she'd had 15 relationships in her young life but nothing compared to her one true love, her ex-boyfriend William. We’re sure that no one will ever take the place of her husband, but it’s hard to ever forget one’s first love. She also claimed that William was the one that got her into drugs as well. "That’s also the night I met William for the first time. This was the boy who would change my life forever. All of the other guys before him were just puppy love infatuations compared to William. He was my first, true love. I know, I know! I wrote that a half million times in my diaries and I am sure I thought as much about each and every boy before William, but he really was different."

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