15 Things Stars Did That Made Us Think They Were Illuminati

Even those who, for various reasons, have been attracted by occult forces at some point in their lives are hardly aware of the fact that the original Illuminati sect was a very small and rather short-lived Enlightenment group, whose primal goal was to overthrow the local government in Bavaria. If it wasn’t for the Scotsman John Robinson who, in 1797, speculated that the group had infiltrated the Freemasons and was the instigator behind the French Revolution, the Illuminati would have been long forgotten. Through the decades, however, their movement has grown into an avant-garde one embracing everything that is considered threatening to the conventional American lifestyle. Some of the most often recurring motifs associated with the Illuminati are pyramids, skulls, serpents, the all-seeing eye, and, of course, pentagrams. These are all symbols which, not only during the Dark Ages, but even now are seen as dangerous, sinister, and yet, fascinating to the imagination. And because some people from show business are very much aware of the power of those symbols, they ostentatiously misuse them in order to get one-hundred-and-ten percent of the fans’ attention. Of course, we are not saying that a pair of designer shoes adorned with one eye makes a Hollywood star an Illuminati follower, but out of simple curiosity you can check out those 15 celebs who have figured out how to mess with our minds by using Illuminati symbolism.

15 Kanye West The Horus Chain And Raps About Being Possessed By Demons


His name’s been linked to the Illuminati for quite some time now, but the rapper has been trying to clear the rumors about his involvement with this alleged group of masterminds rooted deep into entertainment, politics and other spheres of public life. In his work, West constantly pushes Illuminati symbolism, highly saturated with spiritual darkness. Examples of those are abundant: he often raps about being possessed by demons, and even more often he shows up during performance wearing a huge Horus chain and a monster-size pyramid ring. He is claimed to be a vehicle spreading the most corrupting principles. In an interview for the Paper magazine, however, West said that he was already tired of musicians getting linked to the Illuminati group, and added, “We don’t run anything. We’re celebrities!

14 Madonna Releases A Song Called "Illuminati"


We can’t remember a time when Madonna wasn’t a member of anything! She’s spent her whole grown-up life following gurus, and alternative trends, and all kind of spirits, and God knows what else. In 2015, she released a song, "Illuminati", which made us see her as one of the secret runners of the world. When seen attending a Tidal launch event in March the same year in New York City together with some other big music stars, people started joking (or not?) on social media that it had turned into an Illuminati gathering on stage. Madonna, however, doesn’t find those rumors funny. To her, they are the biggest of the compliments. “I’ve stated before that [the Illuminati] is another name for The Enlightened Ones – a group of scientists, philosophers and artists that emerged after the Dark Ages. They changed and shaped the world for better. #knowledge is power #rebelheart”. Wow, that was just a powerful statement, which only made the believers believe even stronger into one of the most favorite Internet conspiracies ever.

13 Justin Bieber's Weird "Where Are U Now" Video


Somebody from his inner circle of trust must have taught him the Illuminati lesson of supremacy, because we very much doubt he is smart enough to know what exactly he is getting himself into. The guy with the cheesiest please-don’t-hit-me look known to humankind, often poses with hands shaped like a pyramid, and with upside down crosses, which are both trademarks of Illuminati symbolism. Throughout his career, the guy’s insisted on being a faithful practicing Christian. However, it seems that he likes to play with not so Christian symbols in his videos. In the "Where Are U Now" video, for example, there are images that are moving at 30 frames per second. If you want to actually view them, you need to pause the video randomly. The images you will then see are indeed funny, but some fans keep on seeing specific disturbing symbols reappearing. Are these, we ask, the exact same symbols the Illuminati elite keeps scattering throughout the top-notch pop stars’ music videos?

12 Eminem... Pyramids Everywhere


This fast-mouthed, white hurricane of a rapper loads his videos with Illuminati symbolism. Let’s take his 2013 Marshall Mathers 2 album, for example. The video to the first single of this album, Berzerk, is full of unambiguous 666 hand gestures. For the promo of the album on SLN, he wears a necklace with a triangle inside a circle. This is most probably a reference to him being sober, since this is a common symbol for any 12-step addiction program, but, of course, if you want to look for conspiracy leading clues, you’re going to eventually find them. To those who believe Eminem is a dedicated cult member, the triangle symbolizes pyramids, and the esoteric knowledge as a whole. And if you listen to the album itself, of course, you will hear bits of Illuminati references throughout. The rapper just likes speaking of the Devil!

11 Rihanna, The Illuminati Princess


Rumors have been circulating that Rihanna’s proclaimed herself Illuminati princess and is walking and singing around brainwashing her fans into self-destruction. No matter how shallow this claim may seem to you, there are some serious people, like the media analyst Mark Dice, who engage themselves in actual research to prove Rihanna is what she claims to be, and who, surprisingly enough, have come to some really shocking conclusions. The guy claims that whether an official member or not, the Caribbean influenced singer has been one of the biggest celebs pushing the Illuminati satanic agenda for more than ten years. Remember her album Good Girl Gone Bad? And this is exactly what she did! The "Umbrella" video is dripping heavy with occult symbols. In "Disturbia", Rihanna and her backup dancers “suffer” from demon possession. And in "Russian Roulette", she is clearly promoting suicide. We guess, this must have been the last nail in the coffin of the Christian fanaticism.

10 Lindsay Lohan Isn't Illuminati, She WANTS To Be


In Lohan’s case, it’s not that she’s trying to put herself out there through excessive satanic symbolism. On the contrary. She doesn’t pretend to be Illuminati; she WANTS to be. And that’s why, she’s been trying hard to attract the attention of the sect. She posted photos on Instagram of herself throwing the infamous gesture that got Beyonce so much criticism during her Super Bowl performance. For Lohan, however, it felt like a clever move that was intended to show the most sinister secret society in the world that she is just like them. In October last year, a video appeared on YouTube, claiming to present evidence that the actress is an Illuminati clone. In fact, there is not only one, but THREE Lindsay Lohan clones! Yes, the lesson what we should finally learn is that there are no celebrities, but just demons in the shape of clones deceiving the real humans. No matter how disturbing it sounds, it must be amazing what a person can do with so many replicas of oneself!

9 Christina Aguilera And The One Eye Symbol


In 2010, Aguilera released a new album, Bionic, with which she introduced a drastic style change to her fans. In contrast to her previous frivolous and sexually provocative style, she showed that her new image fits perfectly the niche of the occult music industry. The whole album abounds with Illuminati symbolism, but for the video to her first single "Not Myself Tonight", she was accused of copying Lady Gaga’s "Bad Romance". Many at that time pointed fingers at Aguilera claiming “the b*tch stole from Gaga”, but what they failed to notice was that "Not Myself Tonight" is just a follow-up of another author’s vision of the Illuminati theme. Both videos delve into the same topics, including mind control and initiation in occult practices. And, of course, as all the pop artists who’ve been tempted by the Illuminati agenda, Aguilera too has flashed the one-eye sign in her videos and photo shoots. And not once or twice.

8 Jaden Smith And His Enlightening Words


If you follow the family history of the Smiths, it’s inevitable that sooner or later you start seeing Illuminati at every corner. Even at the bottom of their soup bowl! The rumors have been persisting that Will Smith’s been a dedicated member of the cult for years, but now he seems to have passed his membership to his son, Jaden Smith. Not long ago, the 18-year old posted some really explicit symbolic tweets on his verified account. Some of them said, “Unawareness is the only Sin, and if you were aware you would know,” “You do not know who you are or why you’re here, so when you see someone who doses the society comes together as a whole and destroys them.” And our favorite: “There is no nutrients in our food anymore or in our soil OR IN OUR WATER”. Darn, we knew it! Drinking a glass of water will never taste the same again!

7 Dr. Dre - Beats By Illuminati?


Yeah, yeah, yeah, we realize it’s shallow to claim somebody pretends to be “illuminated” just because he’s waving around a certain brand of headphones, but this guy seriously overdid it! Back in 2008, rapper Dr. Dre and his buddy, the Interscope Geffen and A&M Records Chairman Jimmy Iovine launched a product of their own – the universal Beats headphones. Some conspiracy theorists believe that through the product’s placement all over the place, and mainly in the music videos of other Illuminati followers such as Miley Cyrus, Lily Allen, Lady Gaga, etc., they are trying to mind control us. Not only the two partners have accumulated huge profits, but they are also successfully “selling” satanic symbolism through the Beats commercials.

It’s amazing how a 666 affiliation can make you mega rich, right?

6 Lady Gaga - Symbolism In Her Work


She’s been already mentioned a couple of times in connection to other artists linked to the Illuminati, so she MUST be an Illuminati herself! That’s how the logic goes. Or… she is nothing like this, but only wants us to believe she is into the Occult. Either way, Gaga does an excellent job advertising her affiliation, be it genuine, or fake. The eccentric performer has shown the 666 and the All-Seeing-Eye symbolism on a regular basis – in her "Telephone" video, she repeats both symbols multiple times. Together with the Illuminati vow of silence symbol, they appear also in other works of her. Besides, for the cover of her album Artpop, she posed like Venus, who is very often associated with Lucifer. It seems that the demons, or why not even Illuminati demonic aliens are especially active in regards with this lady, using her as one of their many channels for their evil purposes on Earth.

5 Bono Has Said He Attends Illuminati Meetings


The lead singer of the iconic Irish band U2 has openly said in numerous interviews he attends Illuminati meetings. However, people still are confused: Is he, or is he not an Illuminati? And how couldn’t they be when the rock star gives so many mixed signals. Once he admits fighting with Matt Damon at a secret Illuminati meeting. The next moment he claims that he believes in Jesus. But then again he declares his support for gay marriages, and again is stigmatized as a son of Satan and anti-Christian. Whatever he is, however, be it Illuminati, Christian, or a blue rhinoceros, one thing is for sure – Bono is one of the greatest do-gooders of global proportions among celebs nowadays.

4 Beyoncé And Her Not So Secret Hand Symbols


This cunning gorgeous modern goddess surely knows how to transform the world through her powerful influence on pop culture! She owns a branding empire, and has, of course, married the right man – the rap mogul Jay-Z. So the question is: Does she really need to pull out this Illuminati thing in order to be even more popular and talked about? We say, yes, because whatever she does, people will follow. And people are really prone to believe that if there is an alleged group of people that controls the world, then those who are higher on the social food chain will be part of the conspiracy. And Beyoncé and her husband must be there for sure. If the singer displays ALL the legitimate symbols associated with the Illuminati aesthetics and beliefs (covering her right eye, peeping through a hands-formed triangle, wearing masks, etc.), then why not controlling also the food supply? All in all, despite her serious attempt to look more mysterious than she is, Beyoncé is far from being an Illuminati, their puppet, or Satan worshipper. She is just another star who doesn’t mind some extra attention.

3 Jay-Z In Plain Sight


Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Where there’s Beyoncé, there’s Jay-Z. And vice versa! If she is the beloved Illuminati sister, then he is the brother who can teach you a lesson or two on how to show your appreciation to the Devil and exercise mind control. And he can be vindictive, too. Especially when someone from his business dares to compromise his “cover”. In November 2016, Kanye West was rushed to the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center (which is, by the way, famous for its psych ward) shortly after outing Jay-Z as a “henchman” for the Illuminati. This incident added fuel to the fire, and now more than ever people are asking themselves if Jay-Z is an Illuminati. Evidence is piling up: from the clearly masonic symbols in his own clothing line, to all the hand symbols he makes, and even the name he and Beyoncé picked for their first baby, Blue Ivy Carter.

2 Blue Ivy Carter And Her "Eccentric" Name


Yes, you’ve guessed correct – the whole family is on the list. And how can we leave behind the fruit of the love of two Illuminati? After all, we know how the proverb goes — like mother, like daughter. When the kid was born in January 2012, people started wondering why the famous couple would give such a name to the baby. Was it because they were following the new fashion among wealthy celebrities who’d gladly juggle with the name of their infant daughter in order to seem more eccentric and/or to exercise in branding, or… Because “Blue Ivy” is a secret code hinting at the parents being involved in an ancient, powerful occult society? And if they are, then, of course, their 5-year-old is an Illuminati herself. Just check this out: the abbreviation of B.L.U.E. means “Born Living Under Evil.” End of discussion! The question now is: What should we expect from the twins the couple is expecting?

1 Barack Obama And The Devil's Horns Symbol


The former president of the United States is the only Illuminati on our list who is not involved in show business. He might be our only politician, but the conspiracy theory lovers believe that every single president since Washington (and only Andrew Jackson has been spared!) has been a puppet of the superior Illuminati league. We are not very sure if Obama wanted that kind of (additional) fame upon his shoulders, or he ignored the rumors, but the facts speak for themselves. He’s been “caught” on numerous occasions, flashing the diablo sign. And the First Lady is not falling behind – on many pictures, she is imitating her husband by showing the Devil’s Horns. Well, if all this gesturing doesn’t make them rock fans, then certainly makes them Illuminati aficionados.

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