15 Things Selena Gomez Will Regret She Ever Did

Selena Gomez is still quite the popular star, and she does manage to stay in the news. Her colorful past, Swift spats, and other somewhat lurid details made her a media darling and an avid gossip subject. Named after the Tejano superstar Selena Quintanilla, Gomez seems to be living up to her diva-esque name – both by making beautiful music and some not-so-beautiful headlines.

Despite having a Disney clean image, in the beginning, Selena Gomez hasn’t been all that shiny since she passed her teens and entered into adulthood. Her clean songs have now become risqué and that little girl image has been soiled, deliberately, to boost her market value. What began as light PDA with Justin Bieber moved on to far heavier displays, and Selena turned her image from wholesome to sexy, much to the happiness of many but to the angst of the parents whose kids thought of her as an idol.

But stardom often comes with a price, and Selena has paid with public breakdowns, a visit to rehab, spats with both Bieber and Taylor Swift, and plenty other gaffes. But that’s the way the penny goes, and pop goes the weasel. It may not be fun for Selena to make these mistakes, which she will surely regret. However, it’s fun for the audience to rake up the old skeletons every now and then.

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15 Being With Justin Bieber

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So first they might have been getting it on with each other. Then it was confirmed with a red carpet appearance and then some heavy PDA pics. But then it was over and Justin was with model Barbara Palvin. Then, the two were back together. After some songs and some promptly deleted Instagram pics, they entered into an on-again-off-again phase. Then they confirmed their split. The split remained strong, and Justin moved from being just friends with Hailey Baldwin to being more, but then moved onto Sofia Richie pretty quick. Selena took her time getting over the dude, even breaking down during a concert while singing a song about him. But young love is fickle and the exes seem pretty over each other – though, there’s that awkward moment every now and then.

14 Getting Touchy-Feely And Wild With Orlando

via: thesun.co.uk

During Katy Perry’s fling with Orlando, he was pictured with Selena and they were clicked looking very, very cosy together. So did that mean that Orlando was cheating on Katy Perry with Selena on the side? Not according to Katy, who denied the rumors publicly and Bloom just called it a dinner with friends. But Selena and Bloom have been “friends” for a while now – and Bloom even sucker punched Justin over his ex, Miranda Kerr having a fling with Justin. Or was it over Selena? We don’t know, but the pictures seem pretty damning. Both Bloom and Selena were pictured indulging in some OTT hugging and some mouth talk as well, if you know what I mean. And in the pictures that the paparazzi clicked of them sitting on the curb, Selena looks visibly rattled for having been caught on film.

13 The "Hacked" Photos

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So when Selena’s Instagram account was hacked, revealing photos were posted online. Except that the nude pics were not hers, but those of her ex-boyfriend, Justin. Not that Justin had anything to be ashamed about. The hackers also posted some nasty things about both Selena and Justin ,but hey, it’s easy to be mean when you are just a faceless jerk behind a screen. But to also give the hackers their due, they even posted their IG handles on the hacked site, stating they run things now. The account was deleted, and then reinstated, minus the revealing photos and the hackers. Overall, it was not a pleasant thing to happen.

12 The Strategic Wardrobe Malfunctions

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There have been many wardrobe malfunctions, actually. The most recent one being the edgy white top that slashed deep down till the waist in a stylish deep cut. Only, the top forgot to cover her essentials and put her out to display for all to see. But hey, wardrobe malfunctions are part and parcel of the celeb world, it seems. While some of these incidents have to be accidents for sure, when it comes to this slasher of a top that Selena was wearing, we are pretty sure that either she forgot to tape the essentials to the top, or it was a very, very deliberate attempt to get into the limelight. The Selenators can keep disagreeing to their hearts content. Most, if not all, of the women in Hollywood have resorted to these kinds of cheap stunts at least once in their lifetime. And apparently, age isn’t a factor when all you want to do is drop them clothes.

11 Going To Rehab For Addiction To Instagram?

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Much to the astonishment of the Selenators of the world, Selena famously cancelled her Revival Tour and entered into rehab instead. To say that people were surprised is an understatement. While Selena does not regret her 90-day rehab stint, she does regret what drove her to it. Her loneliness in her career, her inability to say no to fans, her Instagram addiction (after becoming the most followed celeb on the app) and her joyless stage performances made her feel she needed a break to set things straight. So she did. Unlike her ex, who left Instagram in a huff after a spat they had, Selena is still very much on the app – but her rehab has probably taught her how to create balance between her work life and her solo time. It's not always fun being a celeb and Selena has famously said, “I am waiting for the time when the world forgets about me.”

10 Taping Herself With Bieber

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After their first split, Bieber and Gomez got back together and apparently, it was steamier than ever. Their PDAs became more lustful, to say the least, and what went on behind closed doors was wilder than ever. They sent each other steamy pics and screen grabs, and in this day and age where hackers sit around just waiting for a chance, this wasn’t such a great idea. If gossip is to be believed, there was also a certain tape that Justin still has – probably the reason she keeps saying good things about him. Many of the Selenators vociferously deny that their idol could ever star in a dirty home video, and even if she did, they would happily place the blame on the younger but trashier Justin. But it does take two to tango, right? Especially when it’s on tape.

9 The Zayn Malik Hookup

via: hollywoodtake.com

So when Justin Bieber sent a very pointed and nasty Instagram comment, alluding to a hook up between Zayn Malik and Selena, the Jelenators went wild. Of course, Justin wasn’t taken all that seriously. But when Selena hooked up with Bella Hadid’s ex, tongues went wagging again. Considering Zayn Malik is involved with Bella’s older sister, Gigi. Selena might regret the allusion, but basically, she doesn’t regret the hookup, considering it never happened. When she was asked about it, she simply said that if she was going around with Zayn Malik, she would have been seen with him. And she added the rather cryptic phrase, “Just kidding but not kidding.” Zayn too made it pretty clear to his lady love Gigi Hadid that she was the only woman for him.

8 More Drama With The Weeknd

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So everyone and their neighbor knew about Bella Hadid and The Weeknd’s torrid relationship that ended because their schedules weren’t permitting them to spend much time with each other. It’s also no secret that Bella remained hung up on The Weeknd, and when he moved on to Selena just two months after their split, she took it hard. She quietly unfollowed them both on Instagram, and they did likewise. But she did apparently warn The Weeknd about Selena who kind of has a habit, Bella thinks, of using upcoming musicians and then dumping them (case in point: Bieber & Charlie Puth). Selenators would add that it wasn’t as if Selena had broken up The Weeknd and Bella – their relationship was officially over before Selena came into the picture. Also, gossip is that The Weeknd was enamored with Selena for a long time, and actively pursued her – until he got her!

7 The Instagram Spat With Bieber

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So when Justin started going out with Sophie Richie (Nicole Richie’s sister and Lionel’s daughter), he posted pictures of them together all over Japan, which kind of ticked off the hung up Jelenators. So he, or rather his girlfriend Sophie, got a big hate backlash on Instagram. This made Justin furious, and he told his fans to back off the hate or he’d make his Instagram account private. To this, Selena replied, "If you can’t handle the hate then stop posting pictures of your girlfriend lol – it should be special between you two only. Don’t be mad at your fans. They love you." By now Justin was on a roll and wrote back, "It's funny to see people that used me for attention and still trying to point the finger this way. Sad. All love. I'm not one for anyone receiving hate." Finally Selena lashed back saying, ‘'Funny how the ones that cheated multiple times are pointing the finger at the ones that were forgiving and supportive, no wonder fans are mad. Sad. All love." To top it all, Justin ended with "I cheated... Oh, I forgot about you and Zayn?" And with that, he deleted his Instagram account. Wait, what?

6 The Very Public Meltdowns

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We all know and are well aware of Justin’s many, many, many breakdowns. But after being involved with Bieber, it’s only natural that Selena took the public road when it came down to losing control. In 2013, Selena broke down during her concert at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York and barely made it through the song “Love Will Remember,” known to be about Justin. Then in December of the same year, everybody got to know that she wasn’t performing but lip-syncing when the back-track got cut and her mic went live. She was clearly heard yelling “What the f***!” If the lip syncing weren’t enough, this rather “abusive” side of Selena took all by surprise and the media remarked that it was kind of scary to see her as a grown-up diva, with all the swear words firmly in place. Finally she checked in for rehab.

5 Her Frenemy, Taylor Swift

via: mstarnews.musictimes.com

So once upon a time, Gomez was one of the Swift’s squad members. But this was before her Bieber-mania. Taylor seemingly liked her well enough, except for the time when her relationship with Bieber was on. Things seemed to be smooth between the two singers when Gomez finally dumped Bieber. But then Gomez hooked up with The Weeknd. Does Swift dislike TheWeeknd too? Nope. But another squad member of Taylor’s original gang is Gigi Hadid, whose little sister Bella Hadid was head over heels in with The Weeknd before they called it quits. Bella took it hard and Selena’s touchy-feely PDA with The Weeknd isn’t exactly the kind of closure Bella was looking for. Taylor is nothing if loyal, and Selena’s on-and-off relation with Bieber, which Taylor disapproved of, created a fair share of friction between the two starlets. And now Taylor is sending some cold vibes again.

4 Not Being Able To Go To Prom

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Probably one of the biggest regrets this Disney star and now singer has is that she wasn’t able to go to a high school prom like a “normal” girl would usually do. She was home schooled for most of her life, considering her acting and singing career took off when she was about 10, and Selena has mentioned that she is sad that she never got the chance to attend the end of school dance. “I wanted to go to prom and people are like, ‘Oh, you’d be disappointed.’ But I was like, ‘I want to go to prom!' There’s a balance to life that I think is normal and I think what we do and what I love is, for me, normal. But it isn’t actually when you look at it. That is not how people should be brought up or raised, especially if you’re younger. So yes, sometimes [I miss having a normal life], but I don’t know any different.”

3 Her Stressful Battle With Lupus

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Contrary to what you think, Selena does not regret her eternal struggles with lupus, but she does regret being under incredible stress because of it. Just recently, Selena remained out of spotlight for a while, and then revealed the reason for it – she underwent a kidney transplant, and her friend and TV actress Francia Raisa donated her kidney for Selena. Despite her health battles, Selena remains upbeat and also wrote that “there aren’t words to describe” how she can thank Raisa, who she says gave “the ultimate gift and sacrifice by donating her kidney.” She’s taken her struggles in a positive light and hopes that people would soon realize how important organ donation is. For a pint-sized phenomenon that she is, lupus must be a tough act to balance, but Selena seems to be doing it well. And if some good comes out of it for others, well, that’s another brownie point for her.

2 The Weekend With The Weeknd

via: popsugar.com

When Selena and Abel (The Weeknd) spent a few days in Italy, they really went all out. From holding hands in Florence, to admiring the art of the Uffizi gallery, to taking Gondola rides, this Italian getaway sure sounds romantic and expensive. The vacay actually might have cost some $246,000. So, okay, we’re saying this as a bit of a stretch and the money they spent is obviously no business of ours – but the lifestyles of the rich and the famous have always been open to purview, even if they are closed books, so to say. If the relationship works out, that's great for Selena, but if it doesn’t, then we are sure she is going to regret all that moolah spent on love that wasn’t meant to be.

1 The Revealing Revival Cover

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So while Selena loved her Revival photos – and so did the dudes – others did not. Did she care? Nope! Was she fully exposed? Nope. She said, “I have these high-waisted shorts that are cut off, and that was my little secret in the shot.” She loved her cover, and comments aside, she assured everybody she had no regrets. But that’s the thing about regret. It comes much, much later. Selena is ignoring her most loyal fanbase, that of children and their parents, and while she is making a whole new one (that of young women wanting to be like her and dudes just wanting her), once you burn bridges, they ain’t coming back. Time will tell if her newfound sexy image works in her favour or goes against her – regrets and all aside.

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