15 Things Meghan Markle Doesn't Want You To Know

Rumor has it that she was dating a Canadian chef when she met 32-year-old Prince Harry. The 35-year-old Suits actress lives in Toronto, where the popular TV show about a high-flying New York law firm is filmed. And one story reads that they met there while Harry was in Toronto on charity business. Rumors that the two were an item have been circulating for months. Then, over the last month, the reporting and the rumors got more and more negative and hurtful. Suddenly, a bombshell: In November, comes an unheard (well, practically unheard of) turn of events: Kensington Palace issued a statement confirming the Prince and the actress were in a relationship and warning the rapacious British tabloid press to back off in their pursuit of Meghan Markle, her family and just about anybody who has ever known her. It was dig the dirt time, led by that stalwart of tabloid journalism, The Daily Mail.

To begin with, she's an actress. Throw in a black mother and white father who has disappeared, a half-sister who just couldn't wait to dish the dirt, an indiscreet nephew or two, the occasional rumor of nude pictures and end with risqué TV and movie scenes and, well, can you blame the world for lapping it up? The backgrounds of descended- from-slave Markle and descended-from-kings Harry, could not be more at odds. And even those who are rooting for the pair wonder if it could ever work long term. And what about the "M" word?

Here are 15 things about Meghan Markle that she probably doesn't want the world, let alone the Royals, know.

15 The Chef She Dumped, The Fashion Designer And The Longstanding Best "Friend"


After our Meghan divorced Trevor Engelson, she eventually took up with young up-and-coming Canadian chef Cory Vitiello. Reportedly, she was in a relationship with him at the same time Harry was in hot pursuit. And how did she meet Harry? Now, the thing about these kinds of stories is that tabloids run stories to sell newspaper. So The Daily Mail has reported that blonde fashion designer Misha Nonoo, who was married to Old Etonian and friend to the Royals Alexander Gilkes, for four years, "is believed to have introduced Prince Harry and Meghan Markle". Wait. They also ran a story saying that her long-time (and hunky) "friend" Markus Anderson introduced them in Toronto. Never mind. Come June and the Wimbledon Tennis Championships and Meghan is spotted in the Royal Box. And what about those cozy shots in a restaurant with Anderson?

14 Rumors About "That" Snapchat Shot


Fox News Entertainment reported the rumor that was breaking the Internet: There was a picture, a nude picture, of a woman, who appeared to be Meghan Markle, that some said had been posted to Snapchat. It is a waist up shot with a caption saying "I am so h*rny...". See, even if you send a disappearing Snapchat photo, the person on the receiving end can screenshot it and save it... forever. Markle is a relative newcomer to Snapchat, having only figured it out (she announced on Twitter) back in June. So maybe she slipped up? Or could it be a fake? It all started when Naughty Gossip posted a link to the picture and the story was whizzed around the Internet and went viral in the wink of an eye. Interesting. We can't find any denials of the Snapchat story.

13 Caught In The Buff In New Zealand?


Another, fairly minor, negative about Markle and her background is that she was married from 2011 to 2013, to one Trevor Engelson. So, in 2012 the couple went to New Zealand and decided to go skinny dipping. They left their clothes on the bank and dived in, splashed around and had a great time. Only thing was, some locals stole their clothes and (picture this one) Meghan had to run after them naked. Radar Online reported she told a local reporter (hopefully after she was dressed), "I couldn't get my clothes back and we had to run back to the camper van to get dressed." Of course, the site found a "friend" of Markle's to spill the beans and say, "Meghan is terrified these pics will emerge online...". See, the thing is that Buckingham Palace was so bummed by Harry's nude-in-a-penthouse Las Vegas pictures a few years back, that even Markle's unintentional nudity could cause loud alarm bells to ring.

12 The Thing Abut Her Mother


Doria Ragland is Meghan Markle's mom. She is a social worker and yoga teacher, who divorced Markle's dad when the actress was only six. And the good old Daily Mail went to Los Angeles so they could doorstep her to ask about the romance between her daughter and the Prince. She smiled but declined to comment on the juicy prospect of her daughter marrying Harry and becoming the first mixed race person to join the Royal family. So, the paper resorted to reporting that the area in which she lives is crime, drug and gang-ridden big time. So, this is where Meghan grew up? Alarm bells ringing in Buck's House. Then the paper went on to gleefully report that mama Doria had filed for bankruptcy in 2002, having run up over $52,000 in credit card debt. Then they drove the knife in the back home saying the 60-year old "appears to be one of the defining influences in her daughter's life." What followed was that cut-it-out statement from Kensington Palace. But was it too little, too late?

11 Slammed By Her Half-Sister


"Watch Out Harry", the headline screamed. The Daily Mail (who else?) found Markle's half-sister Samantha Grant, a wheelchair bound "writer" from Florida. Unlike mom, 50-something Samantha was only too eager to dish the dirt. She used words like "selfish" and "shallow" to describe the 35-year-old actress. And she went on to say that, with all her wealth, she had failed to support her family. "Miss Grant said the Queen's grandson would be 'appalled by what she's done'", referring vaguely to her treatment of her father. More on him in a bit. Meanwhile, Radar Online waded in saying, that both Miss Grant and her father have been wounded by her "lack of emotional and financial support" since she hit the big time. So did she turn her back on her family? Or were they a couple of freeloaders?

10 Her Father Declared Bankruptcy And Disappeared


Meghan's dad Thomas Markle, was once a successful movie lighting director. There are cute pictures of her with him on film sets. But back in September, he was declared bankrupt with debts of $30,000, a relatively small sum to someone like his 70,000-dollars-an-episode daughter. So, did she refuse to help? Did he even ask? The tabloids rolled out angry troll Samantha Grant on that one to tell the world the "selfish" actress had deserted her family in their time of need. It's bad enough that both her mom and dad (and reportedly a brother) have been declared bankrupt, but add the "she done 'em wrong" angle and the story becomes potentially toxic. And it doesn't help that daddy Markle decamped to Mexico, leaving no forwarding address or phone number. So, like where do they send the wedding invitation? Not

9 Maybe A Spot Of Plastic Surgery?


If you type in "Megan Markle plastic surgery", you get websites that run side by sides of her bust then and now. If you look at pictures from four or five years ago, you see a B-cup kind of girl. Cut to now and what we've got is a definite C-cup vibe. Maybe C-cup plus. So did she or didn't she? Nobody knows. But the difference between then and now is marked, to say the least. Then there are those high school pictures that seem to show a bigger, flatter nose than the narrow, perfectly formed one you see now. So, some assume she had that fixed, too. Only thing is, what passes as standard Hollywood fare is completely at odds with the stifling world of the Royals. Another nail in the coffin, we think. But there's more. Lots more.

8 Almost "Straight Outta Compton"


The headline says is all: "Harry's girl is (almost) straight outta Compton: Gang-scarred home of her mother revealed - so will he be dropping by for tea?" The reference to the film that depicts Compton, another L.A. neighborhood, as a mean streets kind of place is telling. The Daily Mail reported on mom Doria Ragland, her run-down Los Angeles neighborhood, its high crime and drug rates, together with the prevalence of street gangs. And they printed a picture of her rather ordinary house and one or two of the neighborhood, none of which looked very standard for the mom of a TV star, never mind a future Royal. So the elephant in the room is why daughter hasn't stepped in to help? Having been brought up on the mean streets, she escaped, never to return? Well, what they didn't report was that Meghan was educated privately, got a degree from Northwestern University and that mom sometimes hits the red carpet with her. But the tabloids never let facts get in the way of a good, very damaging story.

7 More From The Half-Sister: Meghan Is A Social Climber


Kate Middleton's family are self-made millionaires who have been labeled by the tabloid press as "social climbers". Some stories even report that Duchess Kate went to St. Andrews University, knowing Prince William would be there, to snag-a-prince. So, what does half-sister Samantha Grant say about our Meghan? She doesn't hold back, saying she is a scheming social climber, who used to dress up as a princess and has always dreamed of being a real-life one. So, the clear implication is that Meghan is out to snag-a-prince big time. Meanwhile, Meghan is channeling the girl next door vibe, saying she is the "luckiest girl in the world" and posting snuggling bananas on her Instagram page. Ms. Grant says not so, that she's worried sick about losing her prince and not entering fairytale happily ever after land. But the question is this: Is she closer to her sometimes bad girl Rachel Zane character than she would like to admit?

6 Meghan Strips Down To Do That Scene From Suits

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If you go to good old Google images and type in something like "Meghan Markle nude", you will find some pretty racy pictures that look, for all the world, to be by a look-alike.Apart from anything else, The Daily Mail would have been running them front page center if they were real. We'll get to another "nude" story in a moment, but for now, let's focus on Suits. Let's face it, TV nudity is here to stay (and probably increase). But, compared to shows like Game of Thrones, Suits is, well pretty "G" rated. But when bad-but-brilliant Mike (played by Patrick J. Adams) finds himself in a bedroom with sometime bad girl Rachel Zane (Markle), it got really steamy. Like one step short of naked steamy. More of Suits and those steamy scenes later.

5 She Launched Her Clothing Range Just After Romance Announced?

She teamed up with Canadian department store Reitmans, to put out an "accessible clothing line", which launched in early November. So? It launched just about at the same time as her status as "girlfriend to Prince Harry" was confirmed. Suddenly the launch took on a rather high-profile air and Reitmans braced themselves for across the board "Sold Out" status. The question is, was the timing a fluke or by design? Luck or scheming? The line is "Aspirational Girl Next Door" take on the clothing worn by her character Rachel Zane in Suits. Of course she says she was "deeply and passionately involved in the design process". After all, she pointed out to The Toronto Star, she was the kind of girl who ran out of gas on her way to an audition. That was then and this is now. Markle just racked up a million followers on Instagram (including Harry under a fake name). Look for a mega-increase in that number.

4 Hot And Bothered On Suits


Rachel Zane is, well, aspirational. She goes from intern/paralegal to law student. She and Mike meet, do the deed and get engaged (not necessarily in that order). Probably one of the hottest scenes between the two is the "intimacy in the stacks" scene. The YouTube video is posted under the title "Prince Harry's 'secret girlfriend' Meghan Markle strips down to her underwear in raunchy s*x scene". Poor Meghan can't win for losing. Is it fair? Probably not. But, as a women who has made it in the entertainment business, she had to have known what was coming. Some think the unthinkable: She was in it for the publicity, the golden title of "girlfriend to the Prince". And the Prince? He seems genuinely besotted. But then again, she won't be the first woman he fell for at first sight. 

3 Just Too Much Bad Stuff Out There


What with scenes from Suits, modeling shots for magazines like Esquire and talk of Snapchat indiscretions, there may well be just too many Meghan Markle hot and raunchy stories out there. The YouTube video of her hot pictures is over five minutes long. And the longer she and Harry are together, well, the worse it will likely get. More pictures are bound to come out. Now, all of this won't do Meghan Markle and her career any harm, but some say it will go a long way to tarnishing Harry's standing among the Royals and the British public. Is he naive? Maybe. Is he demonstrating just plain out poor judgement? Probably.

2 The Brother And The Nephew Blab And Prince Charles Wades In?


Bother Thomas Markle, has talked to the tabloids and said the Royals would be lucky to have Meghan and that he can absolutely picture a Royal wedding. Ouch. Her nephew has gone on record to say that she's the real deal and really does care for the Prince. At least her mother was smart enough to belt up. The more the family talks, the worse it seems to look. Some say that the Royals are thrilled with the "Meghan" talk. Others report that Prince Charles has put his foot down and told Harry to stay away from his hot young thing, saying she is not worthy. And you can bet the Queen gets briefed on Meghan, her background and family.

1 And On The Bride's Side?


Pre-Harry, Meghan was pictured selecting her character Rachel Zane's wedding dress. Is there a Harry dress in her future? Let's do the sums. What have we got here? A bankrupt brother. A bankrupt father who ran off to Mexico. A bankrupt social worker, yoga teaching mom. A nephew and brother who blab to the tabloids. A bitter half-sister who accuses the actress of all sorts of horrible things. See the problem? Of course, even the Middletons have the embarrassing loud-mouth, tattooed Uncle Gary to contend with. But what we've got here (maybe) is a whole family of Uncle Garys. Add in Snapchat, hot TV scenes and talk of skinny dipping in New Zealand and we can't really see the Harry/Meghan thing making it down the aisle. Is it fair? No, it's not. But it's just the way the Royal cookie crumbles.

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