15 Things Marvel Comics Should Be Ashamed Of

We all know by now that Marvel Comics has become a massive industry full of heroes we all love from the X-Men to The Avengers. Their success is only matched by DC Comics who seem to kill it more on te

We all know by now that Marvel Comics has become a massive industry full of heroes we all love from the X-Men to The Avengers. Their success is only matched by DC Comics who seem to kill it more on television than they do in the movie world. However, both brands have made billions since the start of the millennium and both are excelling in the live action area that brings their comics to life.

Marvel may see more success in the movie world, however they are seeing a lot of growth in readers for their comics as well due to the success of the movies and television properties. The possibilities are endless for this brand and the theory is that they could give us years of content with major films happening every year.

While they have made a lot of great moves since they began, there are still some issues they have had, whether it be in movie form or comic form, that makes fans very unhappy. We counted at least fifteen things Marvel did that they really should be ashamed of, because the fans surely are after they saw them. Let's go down the list and you may see some shocking things and maybe some you actually agree with. Seriously, Marvel blew it a lot more than you think.

15 The Entire Wolverine Origins Movie


The Wolverine character is one of the most beloved in comic history, and after Hugh Jackman played an amazing character as well as one could do, FOX thought it would be great to do an origin story for Wolverine. Meanwhile, they would go off script a bit and add a lot of terrible things to the film.

Specifically Sabertooth and Deadpool were massive issues. Ryan Reynolds loved the character and when he was asked to play it, he was thrilled. However, it went far away from the origin of Deadpool and they even covered his mouth at one point. Really guys, the thing that makes Deadpool so awesome besides the whole healing and great martial arts skill thing. Luckily, FOX had a bit of a redo and reset the universe, which allowed for Logan to be different and allowed for Deadpool to become the character we all love him as today.

Really, Marvel and FOX would really like you to forget this film ever existed. Seriously, you never saw this.

14 Captain America Cross-Dresses With Bucky

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Yeeeaahh, you read that right. Basically the issue with this comic most of the time was that the two tried to hide their secret identity early on as superheroes....even though everyone knew Steve Rogers was enhanced as a super solider and did not look the same regardless. Nevertheless, they had to hide it once as they had to sneak out undetected.

Apparently the best way to do this was to have Cap dress like an old lady and Bucky dress like his granddaughter. They kept this going until they reached their mission target. Most assume by this point that the two just enjoyed the dresses. Well, they are freeing, sooo, there's that.

13 Blatant Character Rip-Offs

Mr. Fantastic, Black Cat, Hawkeye, Thanos, Ultron, Hulk, Bullseye, Doctor Strange, Quicksilver, Sandman, Wolverine, and Gladiator were all rip-offs by Marvel from DC Comic properties. Yes, many of them were given different backstories than the original and yes, many of them had variations to them that made them a bit different. However, they were original rip-offs and not totally created by Marvel from scratch like many of their best characters were. It has to be considered shameful that Marvel did this. But to be fair to Marvel, DC did this as well. Captain Marvel, anyone?

12 One Above All


The One Above All character was created really as a fail safe for Marvel Comics. When things needed to change or needed to progress a different way, and a universe reset was not really likely, the character would jump in to change things. The character is basically Jack Kirby, Stan Lee, and the writers themselves. The character comes into play to correct mistakes really. He takes form of several characters from a homeless man to whomever is needed to set things right.

It is there, but shamefully so. Instead of progressing stories the right way, the writers just added themselves to the comic to play God if you will. This was never seen as right by many fans, despite understanding why the creators pulled the move. Instead of being smarter with the comic, they needed to literally step into the comic to set things straight. It is a bit much to be fair.

11 Marvel Went Bankrupt


Before Marvel was a billion dollar empire, they made some questionable business decisions about twenty years ago, combined with poor comic sales due to bad issues. This led them to having to file bankruptcy in 1996, with them owing millions. In fact, they actually owed Disney some money at one point, who would end up buying the company last year for billions. While Stan Lee still has some say in things when asked and still has a role in every Marvel film possible, he is not responsible for day to day operations anymore.

The hope for Disney is to end up owning everything before too long and maybe doing the superhero thing all over again in a number of years with all the characters involved this time. Regardless, the fact that Marvel filed for bankruptcy and then found a way out of it to sell for billions is impressive, but also shameful at the same time that they even got to the bankruptcy point to begin with.

10 The Howard The Duck Movie


Let's face it, Howard the Duck is one of the worst things Marvel has ever come up with and the character deserves to be forgotten about. However, one of the worst abominations in film happened when Howard the Duck was made into a live action movie. The movie worked similar to the 80s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but not nearly as smoothly. This 80s movie and its animatronics just did not work.

It was terrible to watch and while it did have some funny moments, it was an overall flop that really made fans turn away from the character. Guardians of the Galaxy saw a better cameo by the character in five seconds than he looked in his entire film years earlier.

9 Hank Pym Is A Terrible Human Being


Hank Pym was the original Ant-Man, and you may wonder why Scott Lang was used for the character in recent films over Hank who was older in the film. There's a reason for this. Pym was a jackass who did some questionable things throughout the comic he was in. The darkest part is that he had a terrible temper and beat his wife, Wasp, a couple times in the comics. Disney knew of this and decided to avoid the dark side of Pym by having an older Pym work in the movie, using the Lang character over him (who became Ant-Man later in the comics) and making his daughter Wasp instead.

Disney felt this would allow them to use a far better man for the character and the dark side of Pym would never have to be explained. That said, they made a good decision for Ant-Man going forward.

8 Gwen Stacy Had Norman Osborn's Child


So, apparently Spider-Man wasn't dark enough in comics and writers decided to go stupid one year. Basically writers originally wanted Peter Parker to father the child of Gwen Stacy, his lovable girlfriend at the time. However, the writers thought better of this because they felt a teenage Parker was not responsible enough to be a dad. Somehow, they got around the idea of this and had Gwen sleep with Norman Osborn.

So understand that real quick. They had her cheat on Peter with his best friend's dad, who also happened to be an arch rival of Spider-Man. Norman would of course get her pregnant in the process. It made no sense, because it was a fling that Stacy would have never done. She was a good girl who was madly in love with Parker, who knew all about him and wanted to be with him. Why the heck was she sleeping with Osborn when she knew there was no future in it and that he cared nothing for her? Remember, he kills her in the comic too, guys. So yeah, absolutely disgusting and one thing Marvel needs to really be ashamed of.

7 Captain America Beat Up Ronald Reagan


The Captain America comic has been around for decades, so it's quite obvious that it has been around for several sitting Presidents. One time, a comic came out during the Reagan administration. The thing is, he never actually beat up Ron because that wasn't the name of the Pres...but the comic illustrators really did a good job at making us see him as Reagan himself. The story goes that Cap was upset with the amount of control the government had over how he was helping people and then he begins to wonder why he's going on certain missions when others could be better suited for his skills.

He stops being Captain America for a bit due to this and just goes by US Agent to make things awesome and then he dresses in all black. Basically the Serpent Society released a powerful toxin into the water supply in Washington D.C. Anyone who drinks from the water turns into a snake monster. Our boy Ron drinks it, which means Cap has to subdue to the Leader of the Free World. He would bash him a bit with a flag poll, because you know, 'Murica. The result is that Cap wins in the end, returns to doing Cap things. But the story is absolutely crazy and has not been done since.

6 Ms. Marvel Was Abused By Her Own Son

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At one point in the Ms. Marvel comics, the writers decide to have Carol Danvers get raped where she would end up giving birth to a son named Marcus. It was terrible that they would allow this to happen to such a strong female character. You wonder why it has taken them years to try to have someone as great as DC's Wonder Woman? This crap is why. Marvel could clearly use Carol as an amazing figure for female empowerment and she was amazing enough as a character to do that.

However, having Danvers get raped was terrible. What made things worse was the story. So Marcus is born and grows up, he then goes back and time and it rapes his mother because he was the person who did it. So he fathers himself....which is impossible really. Oh and Danvers ends up staying with her rapist. Literally the worst thing ever done to a female superhero in comics it seems. Marvel needs to apologize for years over this.

5 2015 Fantastic Four Movie

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Look we all know that the original Fantastic Four films were a bit blah, but they had a good idea behind them and at least were fun enough to watch. Then there was the 2015 version that attempted too hard to get the 18-35 demo interested by having a ton of mistakes. They made Johnny Storm black and the adoptive brother of Sue, which was different. Then the story arc was a bit odd with how the government got involved and what not. I mean, the entire thing was crazy.

The best part of the film was seeing Dr. Doom who only spent a short time being Doom in the film. It seemed he was there and gone in 10 minutes. It was really disappointing. The movie got a 9% on Rotten Tomatoes and it truly hurt the entire Fantastic Four brand, causing Marvel to look terrible by proxy.

4 Quicksilver And Scarlet Witch Were In Love With Each Other

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A while back, the X-Men had a not-so-great writer and he should be ashamed for what he did. But the entire company needs to be shamed for allowing him to ruin these characters so much. Possibly one of the worst decisions ever made was to have brother and sister Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch fall in love with each other. Depending on the comic, you'll see them either be twins or Quick being older than Scarlet.

Both would never be into the other that way and while they were always close, they weren't in that way. It was disgusting and was a complete clusterf*** of a situation to repair. Who the heck does that with two great characters? Thank God they were able to repair the problem and the two did not have to last as what the moron writer made them out to be. Marvel has tried to hide it well from their origins, and rightfully so. But letting things get as far as they did has to be something they're ashamed of.

3 Captain America Had a Meth Problem


Yeah, we thought it was funny too. Captain America a methhead? It actually happened in the comics. So the story goes that Cap's tech guy Fabian starts using to keep up with his workload and Cap sees this, and decides to send his buddy off to rehab. And like any best buddy, Captain America decides to find the dealers who sold this to Fabian and take them down. When he got there however, the meth lab exploded. Cap apparently gets high on the fumes, which causes him to realize that crack isn't wack! So he goes searching for more and more. The dude even grows out a beard to show what rock bottom really feels like. We're telling you to shave, Marty. Your mother worries.

Anyway, he eventually starts hallucinating after all of his fun meth fun and then wakes up in Hank Pym's lab being told that he's hit rock bottom. Apparently the reason Cap loved the stuff so much was because it reacted very special to his super serum. This meant Hank had to do a blood transfusion which removed Cap's need to be on Meth, but also removed his powers in the process. Cap would eventually get them back because we're always supposed to get a happy ending, right?

2 Captain America Is A Hydra Agent


Possibly the most shocking thing we've ever seen in Marvel Comics happened this year. And it happened for completely understandable yet idiotic reasons. First, we all know a good reason for it was due to DC coming up with a reset to their universe with the Rebirth series that has been really really good. Marvel also saw a dip in sales and knew shock value was needed. Also wanting to top DC, they made sure to make the announcement of Cap happen at the same time.

Apparently Captain America was a Hydra agent all along and all the people he killed or put away for America was being done as damage control by Hydra. Cap pulled the wool over our eyes for decades! So the man we knew as our defender, warrior, and patron is the same man who was Hydra from day one and pretending to be one of us. The comic has since tried to right the ship, but the impact felt was horrible. It was just like when Hulk Hogan turned heel and became part of the NWO. Wrestling fans will get that reference.

1 Scattering Their Movie And TV Properties All Over The Place

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Marvel felt that their television and movie possibilities were pretty good years ago, and to be fair, they were. While the success for superhero films were mixed originally, by the 2000's, we saw them all do great if they were affiliated with Marvel or DC. Obviously not all were good, but most did well at the box office. After the first Ironman, it seemed any Marvel property that came out from Disney/Marvel Studios was terrific.

However, the properties have been mixed around due to Marvel being stupid with their business early on. FOX, Sony, and Disney all own properties connected to the movie/tv world. This meant that many of the movies where, say, the X-Men or Fantastic Four would have had time in must now be rewritten and the movie that could have been epic for Disney and fans now misses a great deal of what made it great,

Marvel should be ashamed of this, because it takes away what could truly make the movies amazing more than anything else. Fans are always talking about the disappointment they have with the company because of this. While those contracts may eventually run out and Sony is working with Disney to allow Spider-Man to exist in the best universe possible, there are still major issues and fans want things to be corrected quickly.

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15 Things Marvel Comics Should Be Ashamed Of