15 Things Mama June Doesn't Want Us To Know

June Shannon, is better known as Mama June from the hit reality television spin-off Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. With a foul mouth and blunt attitude, she has become a star in her own right! Getting started with daughter Alana (lovingly called “Honey Boo Boo”) on the TLC network series Toddlers and Tiaras that followed pageant kids and their parents around to see what that lifestyle is really like. TLC quickly figured out that June’s family was something quite different and could be a real cash cow for the network. Fast forward a few years and now, she’s been on multiple television series, including Marriage Boot Camp where she opted to give her significant other “Sugar Bear” the boot. Now, Mama June is a real hot topic in more ways than one!

With a new television series devoted to her amazing physical transformation titled Mama June: From Not to Hot, she has dropped an insane amount of weight as a result of lifestyle changes and bariatric surgery. June has definitely got the whole world talking about her as a result of her radical changes. All this extra attention has made folks wonder what the story is on this 38 year old sharp-tongued Southern belle. With that probing question, there’s plenty of juicy gossip on June, including these 15 things she definitely doesn’t want us to know!

15 Different Dads

Mama June has four daughters with four different fathers. She is open and honest about this fact and has not tried to cover anything up. Three of her four daughters share her last name of Shannon, except in the case of Alana, who has Sugar Bear’s last name, Thompson. Allegedly, she’s not sure who one of the fathers is (I’m sure there’s a story there) but knows the other two fathers. Either way, it isn’t completely clear if those guys have any participation in the lives of the girls, but they certainly don’t show up on any of the episodes of the show. But good old Sugar Bear, for better or for worse is still pretty active in the life of young Alana. He’s even been seen on June’s new show, though the two aren’t getting back together anytime soon.

14 Arrested in 2008

Like many people, Mama June has a past! Life hasn’t always been easy and she hasn’t always been a reality television star. In early January of 2008, she was arrested in Henry County, Georgia for “Theft by Taking” and “Contempt of Court.” She owned up to it on social media, stating that the theft charge was dismissed. She had some open cases at the time with regard to her daughters and has been very open and honest about that period of time. She also said that child protective services (CPS) became involved in her life for a period of time, but apparently nothing ever came from the matter. That hasn’t stopped her mugshot from circulating around the internet. June is pretty comfortable with herself though, so it hasn’t kept her down.

13 June and Sugar Bear Met Online

Online dating is nothing new and while once upon a time, the notion of meeting someone through the internet was kind of taboo, now it’s just how it’s done. In the case of Mama June and Sugar Bear though, their pairing was apparently through a hook-up chat room. They chatted for a couple of hours and according to legend, she invited him over. Sugar Bear apparently fell for Mama June right away, but it wasn’t quite so simple for June. She reports that he didn’t really do it for her at first, but when she saw how he loved her girls, that was what drew her to him. It didn’t take them too long to get down to business and less than a year later, they welcomed Alana into their family and the rest is reality TV history.

12 Fat Suit Allegations

In the anticipation of Mama June’s new television series Mama June: From Not to Hot, there were reports that she had actually been wearing a fat suit during the filming. People believed that in the first episode, she had been made to look artificially big for the benefit of the show. Mama June has always been honest with the world and so we have every reason to believe her when she gave an interview clarifying this point. She stated that there was no fat suit or anything done to make her look artificially big. She said the process started last May and has been going on since that point with her last surgery happening in December. While there’s plenty of extras for the benefit of the show, apparently the appearance of more weight simply was not one of them.

11 Attracted to Men and Women

Mama June’s third daughter Lauryn (better known on the show as “Pumpkin”), has opened up with the world about her sexuality, claiming to be attracted to both men and women. She doesn’t attach a label of gay or bisexual to it, but said she feels attraction to both genders. In a stunning turn of events, Pumpkin also outed her mother claiming that she also feels the same way. June added that she’s never had a relationship with a woman, but has had intimate encounters with women and also finds attraction to both genders. She was quoted as saying “I played in the minors, but never went pro.” More recently, June has said she is ready to start dating, but it seems all she’s looking for are men at this time.

10 Sued by Oldest Daughter

Money can fix a lot of problems, but it can also create a lot of them as well! Mama June’s oldest daughter Anna Cardwell (better known on the show as “Chickadee”), sued her mother claiming that her mother kept money owed to her from the show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. According to Anna, June owes her and her daughter Kaitlyn, $300,000 for their appearances on the series. Anna and June have had a rocky relationship in the last few years and when Anna sued her mother, it made it even rockier. You won’t see Anna appearing in the new show Mama June: From Not to Hot, but she’s made some statements that have been positive about her mother’s transformation, so hopefully their relationship has made some improvements lately.

9 Per Episode Payment

There’s good money in letting a camera follow you around. Ask the Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 stars. In the case of Mama June and her family, they got an even better pay day after Here Comes Honey Boo Boo turned into a smash hit! Reports are that for season one, the family was paid $22,500 per episode. That’s a pretty nice pay day in and of itself, but for the second season, the dollar amount more than doubled! It is reported that they made $50,000 per episode, in what amounted to 12 episodes in seasons two and three and 14 in season four. It’s pretty good work if you can get it, but after the fourth season TLC pulled the plug due to some “problems” with Mama allegedly dating a sex offender. Who would have thought the network might have a problem with that?!

8 Has a Fear of Mayonnaise

Apparently, Mama June has some kind of deeply seeded fear of mayonnaise, stemming from her youth. She once claimed on an episode of the show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo that as a result of a babysitter when she was young that gave her sandwiches covered in mayonnaise for breakfast, lunch and dinner, she has a fear of the condiment. In fact, he even sought help from a hypnotist on the show. The truth is that it is more of a severe and complete hatred of mayonnaise and less of a fear. But whether it is monumental dislike or a phobia, June wants nothing to do with mayo. It does beg the question though if it is pure mayonnaise only that she hates, or if she also hates Miracle Whip also?

7 Swims With Socks

Mama June is very self conscious about her feet. She has what her and her girls call “forklift foot.” This is as a result of an accident she had on the job when working at a factory. Her foot was run over by a forklift and deformed it so she felt it necessary to hide from even her family! This is coming from a woman that is an open book about virtually every aspect of her life. But in this instance, the forklift foot was just too much to bear. For this reason, June wears socks absolutely everywhere and in every possible situation, even in the swimming pool. Mama June will swim and enjoy water activities, but the socks don’t come off! With all the cosmetic surgery she had done with her weight loss, I wonder if she had the foot reconstructed?

6 Got a GED

Mama June had her first child when she was 15 years old. Anyone in that situation would have a very hard time juggling school with a baby. In June’s case, she had to work to support the baby as well as herself. This made high school too much to handle, causing her to drop out before graduation. June didn’t just give up though and she took the time and effort to earn her GED. The GED isn’t just a breeze when you’re working with a baby either, so she deserves a lot of credit for caring enough about her education to see the process through. She believes in her kids doing well in school and has supported their education. Her girls have good heads on their shoulders, so they should do just fine.

5 Dated An Offender

June has had a very controversial love life. She has had kind of a hard time finding the right kind of man. She was apparently hooked-up with an ex-boyfriend named Mark McDaniel, who is a registered sex offender. She also revealed that the father of Chubbs and Pumpkin is also a registered sex offender. Mama June is working on improving herself from the outside to the inside, so as she’s looking for a new man, hopefully she’s making an effort to improve upon her selection in men. Her daughter Anna has had some serious feelings about this rekindling, since McDaniel allegedly abused her in her youth. This led TLC to cancel Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. June must have wised-up and dropped him again quick because he’s no longer a factor.

4 Enjoys Crop Dusting People

By crop dusting, we don’t mean in a plane and not literally on crops. The “art” of crop dusting is in reference to passing gas as you walk past a person, so that the scent leaves a trail following behind. (Don’t you feel smarter now that you know that?) Mama June enjoys this activity immensely and it is just one of the fun past times they share at home as a family. Daughter Alana has embraced this skill as well, but that does not mean that June doesn’t love doing it just as much as she always did. Sure it is gross and completely unbelievable, but no one would really expect any better would they? With tremendous weight loss, I wonder if the crop dusting is as potent as before?

3 Doesn’t Drive

Mama June does not drive anything other than the occasional bumper car. The reason for this is because she is legally blind! June had cataracts as a child that went untreated and left her legally blind. June can’t obtain a driver’s license as a result of her vision and has to be driven everywhere she goes. At this point, surgery would apparently not solve the problem and may actually cause her vision more harm than before. Mama June does lots of squinting and this is as a result of her difficulty with her eyesight. She’s been known to get in a bumper car or go cart every now and again, but even that makes her very nervous. But it didn’t stop the show producers from taking advantage of good television opportunities.

2 Had Oldest Daughter Move In For Show

Anna “Chickadee” Cardwell (formerly Shannon) is Mama June’s oldest daughter. For the first season of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, Anna was pregnant with her first child. Anna was an unwed, teen mother that lived with her grandmother (June’s mother) since she was a young girl. She was only convinced to move in by June with the bribe of $500 a month! No one really questions that everything on reality television is somewhat planned and scripted, including shows like Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. But when you’re putting an unwed, teen mom on a reality show because it’s good television, that seems like kind of a sick motivation. We’ll never know the whole truth, but we do know that for the most part, Anna was raised by her grandmother and not by June.

1 Offers For A "Tape"

There are a whole lot of things that Mama June will clearly do for money. She has done a whole lot of crazy stuff on camera all for the benefit of the show. But when she was offered a million dollars to star with Sugar Bear in a "tape", she drew the line! She made a statement about respecting herself and her family more than any amount of money could buy and refused the offer. Sugar Bear reportedly felt the same way as June turning down the offer as well. Now that she has lost a lot of weight and completely transformed herself, I doubt the offers to star in adult films will stop. But Mama June has made it clear that no amount of money would be enough!

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