15 Things Kim Kardashian Doesn't Want You To Know

Shhh! I want to let you in on a few dark secrets about Kim Kardashian. Beware however, you probably shouldn't read this if you're a big fan of Kim K. This is meant to expose her very vain, yet fake image. We've all been there. You can't really say that you've never once tuned in on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, or looked at her NSFW photos. She shares everything with you! Her life, her family, her styles, and even her body. Or does she? In actuality, Kim Kardashian West only shares what she wants you to know.

Kim has spent over a decade fooling us all. The Selfish author has built an entire empire off of promoting what? You guessed it. None other than herself. She's really quite seasoned at it. However, promoting oneself also means that you have to be very good at choosing what to share, and what not to share. Just about every move Kim makes is recorded, shared on Snapchat, or Tweeted, but it's also heavily promoted. Every product, vacation, and most events. That time that Kim called out Taylor Swift for lying and playing a damsel in distress, that was nothing to Kim. That's how she got where she is today. So how much of what you're shown is the real Kimberly Kardashian?

Let's just start by explaining what's fake. We aren't going to tell you about her marriage to Kris Humphries. Or about the stuff that she purposely slips to the media, and this most certainly isn't about "the tape". You've heard enough about all of that. This is about the other ways Kim Kardashian rose to fame. The things that she really doesn't want you to know.


15 Stolen Fashion Trends

Kim Kardashian often gets credited for trends that she never started. What's even worse is that many of these trends should be credited to another race entirely, but only became known as popular in the media because of Kim. Take those cornrows for instance. Cornrows have been worn by black women and men for ages. It's never been out of style, as many news outlets claimed. The style has been worn by Jada Pinkett-Smith, Queen Latifah, Allen Iverson, and many others.

It's not really Kim's fault that other races began to wear them. Female UFC fighters started to wear cornrows, hence the name Boxer Braids. However, it was Kim Kardashian who started the trend in Hollywood. In fact, the entire Kardashian clan was credited for Sasha Obama wearing "Boxer Braids". Of course, this sparked outrage, but Kim never wanted you to know that this wasn't her trend to market. She never gave any history about where the style came from. Although, she did have tutorials on how to do the perfect KKW Braids.

14 Hidden Cellulite


Kim's business thrives off of her sex appeal. She isn't just famous because of a sex tape. She's also famous for having what she wants you to believe is the perfect body. Unfortunately, there is no perfect body. There are plenty of options to make it appear as though there are. Kim Kardashian is the top spokesperson for such products. Oils, contour, make-up, and enhancements. You name it, she's done it. She might say she hasn't, but she has.

This is made very clear in the image above, where she apparently skipped on a cover-up method. Kim obviously has cellulite. Who wouldn't with a shape like hers? Although, this isn't the image you see on those NSFW photos. Are we knocking her for the cellulite? Absolutely not, but she wouldn't want you to know about it. Once something like this is pointed out in the media, Kim's next step is to market the revelation. Much like she is rejoicing now over getting rid of her stretch marks.

13 Dating Famous People

Kim's mobile game, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, has been a massive hit for a couple of years now. The entire point of the game is to start off as an E-list celebrity, and work your way up to A-list. It's pretty easy to recognize that the game is based off of Kim's personal journey. In the game, Kim is helping you along your path to fame. You also get tips across the bottom during loads. One tip is to date famous people. Why? Because this will get you more fans, of course!

You might be wondering what the game has to do with what Kim doesn't want you to know. Many of her past partners have alleged that Kim has used them as stepping stones to get famous. From Kris Humphries, to Nick Lachey, Ray J, and others from before. Coincidence? We think not! It's safe to assume that the advice given in the game, is about as close to any true admission that Kim will ever give.

12 Humorless Husband


I guess saying that Kanye doesn't have a sense of humor at all wouldn't make much sense. It's obvious that the couple can laugh it up just fine. Especially, when they are included in on the gag. Apparently, Kanye can be quite humorless when the joke isn't prepared beforehand. Such was the case when Amy Schumer literally flung herself at their feet.

This happened in 2015, while they were all attending the Time 100 Gala thrown for the "100 Most Influential People". Schumer claimed that she was being interviewed, but all of the reporters left her and flocked to Kimye when they arrived. Schumer's response was to fake a fall at their feet, right there on the red carpet. Surely one could see the humor in that? Everyone enjoyed it. It appears as though Kim even cracked a small smile, but not Kanye. Nothing! Zip. Kim wouldn't want everyone to know just how humorless, and uptight Kanye can really be.

11 Fake Friends

Kim Kardashian has always had trouble making true friends in Hollywood. We can't really say why, but there have been plenty of lists pointing out who can't stand her, and their possible reasons. Mostly because her fame came from more scandal than talent, or more from who she knew vs who she was. Either way Kim wouldn't want you to know that most of her Hollywood friends are fake.

There are probably friends who have used Kim, just as she has used others. Then there are most likely a few true friends who stay by her side through thick and thin. However, even Beyonce has been said to only tolerate her because of their husband's relationship. Now it appears that they're all on the outs. Plus, their kids have never even met. What's that all about? You'd think Blue Ivy and North West would be besties. However, not many mother's would want their baby girls looking up to someone whose fame came from a sex tape and selfies.

10 Kanye's Visit With Trump


Last September, it was rumored that Kim was "on the fence" about voting for Donald Trump. However, she also admitted that the original mix-up was due to her relaying that she might not vote for either candidate. The entire snafu caused quite a stir among both those closest to Kim, and her fans. Kim was very adamant in clearing the air. She later stated that she was voting for Hillary Clinton, and she was definitely with her.

Based on Kim's final decision, it's not likely that she would want you to know of Kanye's strange, although apparent support of Trump. In case you don't recall Kanye's unforgettable speech from last November. He asserted again that he didn't vote, yet exclaimed "but if I would've voted, I would've voted for Trump." Granted this was followed by his stint in the hospital for "exhaustion". However, that doesn't explain the following visits with Trump. Or the follow-up Tweets that West Tweeted defending said visit, which were later removed.

9 Pretty Much Talentless

You've got to admit that not all of Kim's fame came from "the tape". There are so many others that have attempted to come up this way and failed miserably. In fact, some of their tapes did more damage than good to their images. There were a combination of contributing situations and parties involved which led to her fame. She has beauty, a flock of famous friends, boyfriends, husbands, family, and controversy.

On more than just one occasion, Kim Kardashian has tried to prove that she had talent. There was her short-lived music career, which never made it past one song, "Jam" (Turn it Up). She was in Disaster Movie, but couldn't act. Plus, there was her awful performance on Dancing with the Stars. I mean seriously! How can someone with that much junk in her trunk, not know how to use it properly? Kim's absolutely talentless. We know it, and she knows it. She was even quoted as saying: "Well a bear can juggle and stand on a ball and he’s talented. But he’s not famous, you know what I mean?"


8 Party Girl 


Before her questionable rise to fame, Kim was only famous because of her father's connections. Robert Kardashian, lawyer to the stars. Mainly OJ Simpson if name-dropping is necessary. Not exactly how you want to be known, but it's a start. Obviously she needed some more connections and what better way to get them than from the it-girls of the 2000s? Kim's only problem was that they were also the turn up girls of the generation.

Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Nicki Hilton... Yeah. However, it appears that Kim might have been the true party girl of the decade. She might have transitioned past the party girl phase better than Lohan, but it's apparent that she was cutting it pretty close. Especially, at the PlayStation 3 Launch Party from 2006. Kim partied like a true rock star. She even danced on a couch. Are we knocking her? No, but she wouldn't want you to know that there were times when her party girl lifestyle outdid Lohan's.

7 Her First

Nobody wants their first conquest aired out like old dirty laundry. Not women, at least. This is one out of many private matters that even Kim has tried to keep to herself. In most cases she would flaunt her past flings (the famous ones anyway) as often as possible. However, when it comes to Tito Joe Jackson, or TJ Jackson who was Kim's first, she dances around the subject.

Kim has brought up dating TJ, and she's even mentioned the conversation that she had with her mom, Kris Jenner before losing her virginity. However, the idea that TJ was her first was picked together using the timeline of these conversations. One can only guess as to why she hasn't spoken on the matter, but it could be that this was a much younger Kim. One who actually valued her relationships, rather than using them to work her way up to the A-list status that she so values now. Either way it's apparently something she didn't want you to know.

6 Worked For Her Friends


Okay! You probably already know that a few of your favorite Kim Kardashian memes, just happen to be 100% fake. Particularly, the ones where Paris Hilton is savagely bossing Kim around, and the one where she is criticizing her for speaking out of turn. In actuality, Paris is talking to Kim about silly wardrobe choices and other socialite gibberish. However, this doesn't mean that Kim's remarkable come-up was any less shocking for her so-called friends of that era.

Kim doesn't have a problem letting you know that she started out as a stylist and closet organizer for celebrities like Ray J's sister, Brandy. What she doesn't want you to know is that she worked for her old friends Lindsay Lohan, and Paris Hilton. She also wouldn't want you to draw conclusions based on those positions, or the connections that followed. Now she publicly snubs most of them. There isn't anything fishy about that at all, or is there?

5 Lots of Photoshop

Kim's famous status has been maintained by her famous booty body. So of course, she'd do anything to keep her Photoshop skills a secret. There have been numerous controversies about several photos that have been posted by Kim. All of which have been met by firm denials. Take Fergie's music video for M.I.LF. $, for instance. She put those rumors of her photoshopped waist to rest quickly, by posting some photos of her in a corset.

That might have laid those rumors to rest, however that doesn't explain the other pics that Kim has posted, many of which have clearly been altered. Much like the image above featuring Kim with Blac Chyna, hence the warped floor and door. There's absolutely no way Kim could have passed this one off on a corset.

4 Anything For Kanye


A woman willing to do anything for her husband is most likely a dream come true for most men. Yet, it doesn't help your image much when you're Kim Kardashian. Kim has always succeeded because she choose to put herself first. Since getting married, it appears that she has allowed Kanye to take over her entire lifestyle. Apparently, this included stripping her closet to replace everything with items that fit his approval. At one point it was even suggested that he might send her to finishing school to learn proper etiquette.

What Kim wouldn't want you to know, is just how much control Kanye had, even before they were an item. In fact, Kanye's grip on Kim was so strong, she even agreed to dress up as Princess Leia for his comedy series, Alligator Boots. You've never heard of it? The hip-hop style puppet show was supposed to feature guest stars like Kim Kardashian. However, Comedy Central nixed the show before it ever aired.

3 Her Butt Is NOT Real


You don't buy it when Kim claims that her butt is totally real, do you? We're not saying that those rumors about the butt pads are true. What we are saying is that it's enhanced. Maybe not surgically, but at least by injections. She doesn't want you to know it, but something changed back there, somewhere between the video with Ray J and now. That something most certainly wasn't natural!

Kim will do anything to make you believe that it is 100% pure. Kim has admitted to Cortisone injections, which were used to treat her psoriasis, but that's not it either. There are tons of people who get Cortisone shots for various reasons, but their behinds aren't that juicy. If that was all it took, then all women would have plump butts. What's really amazing is Kim's unwillingness to admit it. Are you buying it? I know I'm not.

2 Her First Marriage


Kim didn't want you to know details about her first marriage to Damon Thomas. Kim was only 19 when they married, and it was back in 2000, long before she found fame. Their marriage only lasted about three years, before they divorced in 2004. The couple had claimed irreconcilable differences, but leaked court documents were revealed, which showed Kim had claimed that Damon was often violent. Meanwhile, Damon claimed he had caught Kim cheating and had decided to end their marriage.

The whole thing went through a fierce battle of he-said, she-said. Both agreed that he paid for liposuction and breast implants. He said it was at her request, while Kim claimed that it was because he wanted her to be perfect. Damon said that Kim was obsessed with becoming famous, and she often used other people to get media attention. They both had good arguments, but one of their stories sounded oddly familiar. Following their divorce, she began dating Ray J and a reality queen was born.

1 Struggles With Motherhood

It appears that Kim has it all and wants to prove she can handle it, but wanting and doing are two separate things. One area where she really struggles is motherhood. Don't get me wrong. She's not awful as a parent, but she reportedly treats North West like an accessory. Not a toddler who needs a stable schedule, with naps and playtime. It's understandable that Kim would want to show off her children, but is it really necessary to take North everywhere?

North caused quite a stir at New York Fashion Week last year. Apparently, she was the reason behind a new rule, banning children from future fashion shows. This was following not one, but two outbursts from North during fashion shows that week. Not that it was North's fault, of course.

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