15 Things Kim K Did 15 Years Ago She Wouldn’t Do Today

Kim Kardashian may not be considered a “real” celebrity in the eyes of some of her peers and the general public but it’s hard to deny that she’s been in the limelight for quite some time. While other celebrities have become famous through acting, singing or modeling, Kim Kardashian first became known to the world through a sex tape that was “leaked” prior to her getting her own reality show. By many people’s standards, it’s hard to put her in the same league as some of the world’s other favorite celebrities like Julia Roberts or Jennifer Aniston. However, she has been around for so long that she’s managed to distance herself from her humble beginnings to a certain extent.

Nowadays, it’s her half-sister, Kylie, that is getting the brunt of the criticism and Kim has become known more for being a mother and always being photographed in the front row at Fashion Week. She’s taken a backseat in regards to media criticism since her husband, Kanye West, has been outspoken enough for both of them. With so many other characters in her life garnering more attention, it can be easy to forget that Kim wasn’t always the style icon and celebrity that she has become. In fact, a lot has changed since she was first introduced to the world. Check out our list of the 15 things that Kim Kardashian did 15 years ago she wouldn’t do today and see how much life has changed for the most famous Kardashian.


15 Dispel Butt Implant Rumors

There have been a myriad of different reasons Kim Kardashian has given the public about the size of her famous derriere. She has said that her body changed as she got older, she blamed the hormones after having children and she even said that camera angles have caused it to look much smaller in the past. Yet, it’s hard to deny that the early ‘00s showed a drastic difference in the size of her butt from how it looks today. There are a number of different photos from that era so it’s difficult to blame them all on camera angles and style of clothing. Instead, fans might respect her more if she would just finally be honest about the enhancements she’s had over the years. While she did have an x-ray taken at a doctor’s office on Keeping Up with the Kardashians to try and dispel the rumors, that didn’t exactly make the rumors go away since injections wouldn’t come up in the x-rays. The only thing that is clear is that 15 years ago she would never have had to dispel rumors of butt implants.

14 Casual Was Actually Casual


In the early ‘00s, Kim Kardashian was far from the super celebrity she is now. While she did have the access and financial means to purchase luxury items and designer brands, she didn’t exactly have a personal stylist pulling looks for her or a glam squad to follow her around every day. Instead, she was happy to be photographed at all and the photos from those days show that when she was caught during her casual moments, she definitely hadn’t yet become the fashion icon she is thought of as today. Nowadays, Kim Kardashian rarely ever has any casual moments. Even when she’s working out, she makes sure to have certain fitness ensembles put together that are Instagram-worthy. Yet, those photos show her in velour sweat suits, flared jeans and a discombobulated look.

13 Filming Her Famous Video

Around 15 years ago, Kim Kardashian made a sex tape with her then-boyfriend, Ray J. Kardashian reportedly met Ray J when she was working as a personal shopper and stylist for his sister, Brandy. While the two dated, they made a sex tape in 2003. They have been a bit tight-lipped about the details surrounding this sex tape but the video doesn’t exactly show them saying, “Wow, I can’t believe we’re doing this.” Instead, they look like seasoned pros and it went on to get “leaked” to the right people that could distribute it. Many have speculated that this was actually the work of Kardashian herself, or perhaps even her mother Kris. Whatever the case, she has undoubtedly learned her lesson regarding this scandal and the world probably won’t be seeing anymore sex tapes from Kim Kardashian in the future.

12 Matchy Matchy


Kim Kardashian has seemed to master her red carpet style in recent years and is considered a trendsetter when it comes to all things fashionable. Yet, 15 years ago she was obviously still trying to cultivate her style and didn’t have a full grasp on it. In 2002, she regularly appeared on the red carpet with a matchy motif when it came to her belts, boots and bag. This became such a regular look for her that it almost seemed like a costume she threw on whenever she thought she was going to be photographed. It’s actually pretty ironic that she began working as a personal shopper and stylist in 2004 since she hadn’t developed a unique style of her own. In fact, she wasn’t known for taking the fashion risks like she does nowadays. Fifteen years ago, her style was much more by the book but that’s probably what helped her land her job as a stylist for such names as Lindsay Lohan and Cindy Crawford.

11 Matching Outfits

While it’s true that Kim Kardashian had actually known Paris Hilton for quite some time before Paris became a socialite famous for being famous, it’s interesting that Kardashian became a staple on Hilton’s arm during her heyday. Many have thought this was just another way of Kardashian showing her opportunistic nature and desperation to become famous as well. She would link arms with Paris when they walked together (to ensure everyone knew she was with her) and she even wore matching outfits with her on a number of occasions. Nowadays, it is absolutely unbelievable for Kardashian to ever wear the same outfit as another celebrity, much less to do it on purpose. Even when she’s out with her sisters or posing for a group photo, she makes sure to have a different variation on the ensemble and always tries to stand out amongst the pack.

10 Used Online Auctions As Main Income


As the daughter of a famous lawyer that had millions at his disposal, Kim Kardashian had the means to purchase huge luxury items that were trending at the time. In 2002, she created an eBay account with the username, “kimsaprincess.” Since she had the inside track with designers and the ability to name drop to get the hottest new items, she figured out that she could make income just by selling the items other people wanted. In a 2015 interview with Variety, Kardashian spoke about a certain pair of Manolo Blahnik shoes that were trending because they were featured in a J. Lo video. She wound up buying five pairs of them for $700 each and then turned around and sold them for $2,500 each on eBay. She used this as a main source of income and it later turned into a job opportunity and a way to mingle with the rich and famous. While she still uses online auctions to sell items for profit, she now gives a portion of the proceeds to charity and it is by no means her main source of income.

9 Secret Wedding

Kim Kardashian (and the entire Kardashian clan, for that matter) is known for putting every single part of their lives on display for personal gain. From her sex tape to her reality show to the numerous wedding specials, nothing seems off-limits. While the world was privy to seeing Kim marry Kris Humphries and Kanye West, there was one wedding that was left out. Kim was actually married for the first time when she was 19-years-old in January of 2000. Unlike her other marriages, this one was done in secret and she chose to elope to Las Vegas. She married music producer, Damon Thomas, and the marriage spanned from 2000 to 2004. Court documents from the divorce proceedings show that Kim alleged physical abuse throughout their marriage. However, if the relationship were to occur nowadays, everything would have been featured on her reality show. From the wedding to the divorce proceedings, there’s no way Kim would have done anything in secret.


8 Accused Of Looking Cheap


Kim Kardashian is known for her trend-worthy style and has become a staple during Fashion Week. She’s constantly photographed in the front row at fashion shows and she’s a designer favorite on the red carpet. Yet, there was a time when she couldn’t get the same attention from designers to help her appear ultra glamorous. Instead, she was left to her own devices, which sometimes created a look that was akin to any typical girl that might be found at the local mall. From cheap looking jewelry pieces that looked heavy but not with any real substance to flimsy dresses that looked similar to something that could be found at Forever 21, there were a number of ensembles she wore that she definitely would never wear today.

7 Cleaning Celebrity Closets

Kim Kardashian had made a huge profit out of selling designer goods online and she started to garner a celebrity client list for those looking to organize their own closets. She did this for a number of celebrities, including Brandy and Paris Hilton. While this might seem like a legitimate career for an aspiring stylist or an organizational guru, this is something that she would never go back to by today’s standards. Since she is now known as a full-on celebrity and the world’s most successful reality TV stars, there’s no way she would be able to be hired to clean out someone’s closet. In fact, she’s undoubtedly reliant on a team of personal assistants and stylists to deal with all of the designers sending her the latest fashion trends.

6 She Took Abuse From Paris Hilton


There are a number of photos of Kim Kardashian with Paris Hilton during the early 2000s and it creates the illusion that the two were really good friends. With so much time passing and the fact that Kim Kardashian has gone on to become a huge reality TV star and celebrity in her own right, it’s easy to forget all the subtle nuances in her “friendship” with Paris. In actuality, Paris was actually pretty abusive towards Kim. In The Simple Life, Kim was featured in a segment that showed her more as the hired help rather than a friend. She was ordered around to do tasks around her house and in one occasion, she was even instructed on when it was acceptable to speak to Paris. This is something that Kim would never stand for nowadays but it was fine with her 15 years ago.

5 Controlled By A Man

The details surrounding Kim Kardashian’s first marriage were pretty hidden for some time and people didn’t know much about her before her infamous sex tape with Ray J. Yet, information has since been released regarding Kim’s first marriage to music producer, Damon Thomas, and court documents from their divorce proceedings have revealed abuse allegations regarding their 2000 marriage. On top of physical abuse, Kim alleged that she was completely controlled by her husband. This included everything from her ability to leave the house to the friendships she had and the family members she associated with. Since this was a marriage she was in when she was 19-years-old, this is obviously a dark time in her life that she would never want to repeat. It’s hard to imagine Kim allowing any man to control her actions in the same way ever again.

4 Worked As A Sales Girl


Kim Kardashian has managed to have a career in fashion ever since she first started selling her handbags and shoes on eBay. Yet, nowadays she’s known for being a fashion icon in her own right and endorsing brands. While there were episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians where she was seen at various Dash locations with her sisters, she wasn’t exactly out on the showroom floor helping customers. However, in 2000 she was actually working as a sales girl at a clothing store called Body. This may be why Kim seemed to have a soft spot for the Dash girls that worked for her over the years since it could have easily been her if she hadn’t received her breakout moment. Since she’s moved far beyond her humble roots as a sales girl, there’s no way she could ever go back to that line of profession.

3 No Extensions

Fifteen years ago, there were a lot of things that were physically different in Kim Kardashian and not all of them have to do with plastic surgeries. While it may seem that the one thing Kim Kardashian has going for her is her naturally full hair, there have been a number of photos of her with her hair pulled into a bun and it clearly shows that she has extensions and bald spots in her head. Paparazzi have been able to catch Kim on a number of occasions when she’s obviously in need of a hair stylist but years ago, she didn’t even deal with any of that. Instead, she left her hair natural and it was considerably flatter. While that wasn’t a bad look, it’s undoubtedly something that she will never go for nowadays. People have come to know her for her thick hair and it would be strange for her to all of a sudden have thin and flat locks.

2 Baby Hairs


No one can deny that Kim Kardashian has changed her look over the years but sometimes the subtle differences from her younger years can be overlooked. One of the staple elements of Kim’s look 15 years ago was the little baby hairs that she had around the crown of her head. Oftentimes, women actually go out of their way to achieve the look of having baby hairs, especially women that indulge in wigs because it makes the hair appear more real. However, Kim has changed her style to create a more sleek and sophisticated look and that doesn’t include those little baby hairs. Instead, each hair must be in its proper place and she has undoubtedly visited the electrolysis on a few occasions to get rid of those baby hairs that used to be part of her former look.

1 Went Without Contouring

Back in the late ‘90s and early ‘00s, there were definitely other trends when it came to makeup application. However, it’s hard to remember a time when Kim Kardashian wasn’t expertly contoured and completely made up with all of her makeup. Although there are moments when the world has seen her makeup-free, there would never be a time when she would attend a red carpet event without ensuring her makeup wasn’t completely highlighting every aspect of her face. Yet, 15 years ago she had a completely different take on makeup. Her eyebrows looked completely sparse without any makeup fillers to help them frame her face, her eyelashes also looked sparse and there were no contouring shades to help any of her features to stand out. Nowadays, Kim has gone far too long promoting her signature look to ever go back to that plain Jane appearance.

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