15 Things Jessica Biel Wants Us To Forget

Jessica Biel has it all. She’s Mrs. Justin Timberlake, she has a son, and she co-owns Au Fudge, a popular kid-friendly restaurant in LA. But underneath all that, Jessica Biel is suffering. Au Fudge has been hit with multiple allegations and she keeps getting rejected for roles she really wants. She wants to be an A-lister like Scarlett Johansson, who can hand-pick the roles she wants without auditioning. Various sites online say that she doesn’t seem to understand that she’s not Johansson, or even Anne Hathaway, so she shouldn’t be “devastated” after losing juicy roles. Her claim to fame is not a movie but as being Esquire’s Sexiest Woman Alive. But that was in 2005 and since then she's made only one movie that garnered her rave reviews, The Illusionist.

If you ask why Hollywood fails to cast her, you have to look at her track record: mostly duds. Then there’s the fact that she’s full of herself. According to Elle, she rationalizes that she loses roles because she’s just too fit. But casting agents suggest she just can’t act. Various sources have warned Biel to take acting lessons and not count on her beauty to land a role. There’s a lot here that Biel wants us to forget, but all of this is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s more, so please enjoy our list of 15 Things Jessica Biel Wants Us To Forget.

15 Her Restaurant Allegedly Stole Over $400,000 In Tips From Employees

Biel’s popular kid-friendly eatery Au Fudge is a hit, a place where A-listers feel comfortable bringing their kids. In fact, Emily Blunt, Rachel Zoe and Lea Michele and so many other celebs love it. What Biel wants us to forget is that last September, she and her business partners were sued for allegedly keeping more than $430,000 in tips from their employees and denying them meals and rest breaks.

According to People, 9 former employees are suing. The plaintiffs allege: “Each of them had their gratuities wrongfully converted and were improperly denied meal and rest breaks, in addition to withholding overtime compensation and [using]. . . various illegal payroll practices.” Biel and the others allegedly used the money to host private parties and to keep the rest to themselves. This is big, and if this really happened, Biel and her partners will be in hot water. Isn’t it enough that they all make a lot of money? Why steal from their own employees?

14 She Doesn't Want Her Son To Follow In Hubby's Musical Footsteps

Biel will regret it if her son, Silas, ends up following in his father’s musical footsteps because she doesn’t want him to be a “struggling musician.” “There are many qualities I’d love [Silas] to get from Justin,” she told News, "[But] there’s one thing I don’t want for him. I really don’t want him to be a musician."

But even if Silas does choose music—or even acting in films—Biel will do her best to support him. She’s not ruling anything out; she’s just another protective mother who wants the best for her child. She did add that her statement was “sort of as a joke,” but because she has seen her husband Justin Timberlake struggle to make it to the top, and because she has witnessed how cutthroat the music industry is from him, she confesses she’d rather have her son work at a more stable job, like being an engineer or a doctor.

13 She Thinks Being Too Fit Is Why She Won't Get Cast In A Rom-Com

Biel wants us to forget that she has had a hard time landing the lead in a comedic rom-com. That’s true, but her reason is a little narcissistic: she’s too fit, and is therefore not considered to be funny too. As we can see from pics of her online, Biel does have a toned body and stunning arms that many women would die for. She keeps healthy by using free weights while at the gym. When she’s not using muscle to burn off fat, she takes to pilates, which is her favorite exercise. But we’re still confused. Her explanation that she’s too fit seems like a big excuse. After all, many actresses with bodies like hers do end up in rom-coms. Just look at stunner Anne Hathaway. She’s totally toned too, and she was the lead in many rom-coms.

12 She Seems To Have Been Blackballed From All Marvel Movies

Biel regrets not getting parts in Marvel’s Iron Man and Wolverine. Insiders say she was a shoo-in for Black Widow in Iron Man because she'd starred in a previous Marvel movie, Blade: Trinity. But she lost the role. She also lost the lead role of Viper in Wolverine, the follow-up to X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Because both films are by Marvel, it seems as if Biel has been blackballed from its universe. Initially, it looked like Biel had Viper until it was revealed that talks between her and Twentieth Century Fox broke down. Biel would’ve never turned down the part. It was one that Biel would’ve wanted because she has gone on record saying she wants the parts that A-list stars like Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman get (Johansson plays Black Widow). But there must have been a gag order because we don’t know what happened to both roles.

11 She Was Treated Badly By Former Beau, Gerald Butler

Gerard Butler and Biel met and dated while filming Playing for Keeps in 2011. Allegedly, the two split because Biel, who was 30, was looking to settle down and Butler wasn’t ready for anything serious. But the real reason they broke up was that Butler didn’t treat Biel with the respect she wanted; she was not dating anyone else and was caught between leaving him and starting over yet again, or staying with him and not being able, for example, to have kids. Butler now regrets the way he treated Biel, and reportedly he said that she’s “the one who got away.” Lesson to learn. You don’t treat any woman, especially the sexiest woman alive, with disrespect.

10 She's Ashamed That Anne Hathaway Got The Roles She Wanted

Biel is ashamed that she lost two meaty roles that could’ve been career changing. She very much wanted to play Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises and Fantine in Les Miserables. Because both roles ultimately went to Anne Hathaway, Hollywood has portrayed her as “forever being frustrated by Anne Hathaway.” Biel says, about losing the part in The Dark, that she was “gutted,” as if she were hit by a wrecking ball. For Les Miserables, where she was once again overshadowed by Hathaway, she told Elle, “I auditioned for Fantine and I sang ‘I Dreamed a Dream.’ I didn’t get it. And I would have loved it.” Why so many losses? To many in the know, there’s a consensus that Jessica is not talented enough, and that’s why she keeps losing parts.

9 Her 2015 Box Office Bomb, Accidental Love

Long before David O. Russell was an Academy Award fave (The Fighter, Silver Linings Playbook, and American Hustle) the director made a political satire called Nailed that became known in Hollywood for its production woes because it lacked funds to complete the project. Shot way back in 2008, Biel's character gets a nail shot into her head and because she lacks insurance and can’t have the nail removed—yep, that’s the plot—she asks a Congressman, played by Jake Gyllenhaal, to fight for health care reform. Of course, the film is dated. Both actors walked off the set in 2008 because they weren’t paid and after Russell disowned the film in 2010, the doomed movie was released VOD in 2013 with the title changed to Accidental Love. Biel regrets the film. It took away her time, she failed to make any profits, and she could’ve picked a more promising role while filming took place.

8 She Regrets Her Raunchiest Role Now That She's A Mom

Biel has starred in many movies, but she regrets only one: The Rules of Attraction. Biel plays the promiscuous student who attends a college populated by the overprivileged and spoiled. Now that she has a child, she doesn’t want her son to see the movie due to its graphic content. There’s a scene where Biel is shown inviting football players into a dorm room to get “close” to her. Another is Biel sniffing Bolivian Marching Powder until her nose starts to bleed. The movie initially received an NC-17 rating, so the director had to make cuts to receive an R rating. Despite this, the movie is still explicit, including many gratuitous shots of teens getting it on with each other, and even to themselves.  The movie was dismissed, but because the budget was so low, it did become a minor box office success. In fact, despite negative reviews, today it is a cult classic.

7 Her Racy Photoshoot (At 17) Which Angered The 7th Heaven Producers

Posing in frilly panties and with just a hand covering her chest that left little to the imagination is Jessica Biel’s biggest regret. Her racy image appeared on the cover of Gear when she was only 17 and at the time she played the wholesome girl-next-door in the television series 7th Heaven, a faith-based drama intended for the entire family. She admits she was at that rebellious age and “had enough of being virginal,” as she told EW. The photos were intended to show off to the world that she was not her goody-goody character, but the pics were so revealing that the higher-ups—the network, WB, and the producer, legendary Aaron Spelling—were extremely pissed off. Biel claimed to EW that she thought the layout would be “subdued. . . I’m talking about how much was shown of my chest area.” She was so upset about the layout that she called her father and cried.

6 She's Still Haunted By Being Passed Over As The Lead In The Notebook

In 2004, Biel auditioned for the lead female role in The Notebook, a movie that became a sleeper hit and a cult classic among many young women. Rachel McAdams eventually got the lead and that was her breakout film that turned her into a bona fide star. Biel regretted not getting the part. She told Page Six that “That’s one that I wanted so badly.” If she had starred in the movie, her career may have been as bright as McAdams. Biel knows why she didn’t get the role. She told Allure what she tells everyone: that she’s too good looking for most roles. “It really is a problem,” she said. “I have to be blunt.” Well, if you put it that way, good thing she can’t open a movie on her own. Her beauty would be so piercingly hot that theaters showing that film would literally burn down the moment movie-goers catch the sight of her on screen.

5 She Got A Huge Cold Sore Right After Being Named Hottest Women Alive

Biel has successfully lived a private life with Timberlake, away from the paparazzi and the Page Six gossipmongers. That all changed when she got engaged to the sexy crooner and the paparazzi wanted a photo of her gigantic engagement ring, which they got. They also got much more: Biel sporting a cold sore. How embarrassing! It’s not the look you want if you are Esquire’s 2005’s Sexiest Woman Alive. A cold sore is a virus that happens because of an infection with the herpes simplex virus (HSV). It is not HSV type 2, which is more serious and is known by the dirty words “genital herpes.” Good thing Biel had HSV 1, which occurs when you come into contact with people who carry the virus and is transmitted to you when, say, they kiss you. Trust us, this photo is something Biel wants you to forget.

4 She Doesn't Want To Be Reminded Of Her Painful Split With Chris Evans

Chris Evans starred with Biel in the 2004 thriller Cellular, long before he became a superstar in the Captain America franchise. The two hit it off during filming and started dating. He told Boston Magazine that chemistry was very important in a movie: “Any time you get to work with someone that you know, it’s gonna lend itself to the on-set relationship.” The two dated for over four years, and Biel went on record to say he’s “definitely a keeper.” She also admitted that she and Evans discussed marriage. They also wanted children. Obviously, this never happened, and we can only imagine how Biel felt after they broke up. She doesn’t just date. She’s looking for something more.

3 She's Still In The Shadow Of Hot Hubby Timberlake

These days, Biel is enjoying the accolades for appearing as the lead in the TV show The Sinner. This is her first major work after a string of failures. But Biel is not yet the A-lister that she so desperately wants to be. In fact, Biel has lived in the shadow of her more successful hubby, who can switch from acting to being a musician effortlessly. For example, his last released song Can’t Stop The Feeling for the movie Trolls debuted at No.1 in the US Billboard Hot 100 and became the best-selling song of the year with 2.4 million copies sold in the US. Biel meanwhile is criticized. The New York Daily News put it aptly: "Being married to Justin Timberlake is her calling card at the moment." An insider for Vulture added: "Her claim to fame is marrying Justin Timberlake."

2 She's Been Nominated Three Times For Worst Actress Razzies

Biel was nominated three times for her performances in three movies. But these nominations are not the kind you want to get. Known as Razzies or Razzie Awards, The Golden Raspberry Awards honor the worst films, directors, actors, actresses, among many others each year. The Razzie nominations and ceremonies always precede the awards you desire, the Academy Awards, and was started as a mock award that has now gotten more serious attention. Biel was nominated Worst Supporting Actress in 2007’s I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry. In 2012, Biel got hit twice. She was nominated again for Worst Supporting Actress in 2012 for two of her movies, Playing for Keeps and Total Recall. It keeps showing up that Biel loses roles because she doesn’t know how to act. Did Biel learn her lessons here?

1 Her Last Acclaim Was For 2006's The Illusionist... After That, It Was All Downhill

As reported in The New York Daily News, an agent warned that Biel "should get an acting coach” and do a film that “would show off her talent, not her beauty. . . She may be gorgeous. . . but her acting ability just isn't where it needs to be." In 2006, that all changed when Biel starred in the turn-of-the-century movie The Illusionist, opposite an entirely A-list cast. With that role, she received the best reviews of her life. Reelviews called her performance the “film's real acting revelation.” Variety said, "Handily employing a refined English accent where the others lay on a light Austrian veneer, Biel is entirely stunning enough to fight to the death over.” As a result, Biel received the attention she always wanted. But it did not last. She has a habit of picking bad roles and followed The Illusionist with Next and I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry, both of which were trashed by critics and fans.

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