15 Things In The Walking Dead Comic Book We Haven't Seen Yet

Since AMC’s The Walking Dead began life back in 2010, the show has gone on to become one of the most successful in the history of television. Based upon Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard’s comic book series of the same name, The Walking Dead has become a true juggernaut of genre TV, dominating ratings and regularly pulling in huge numbers with each passing episode. But, despite approaching the end of its seventh season, there’s still a whole lot more to come from this undead-centric show.

So often in the TV series, what plays out is based upon what has happened in the comic book world. Sure, certain events may be slightly tweaked or involve different characters, but the show has largely given viewers tales and stories that have already been seen in the comics.

With that in mind, that gives us an idea of what The Walking Dead show has in its future… and it’s certainly a future filled with shocks, surprises, and brutal, bloody trauma.

So, let’s take a look at 15 shocking comic book moments yet to make it to the small screen, but ones that you can bet your bottom dollar will be happening sooner rather than later.

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15 Maggie Takes Over The Hilltop

Via Indie88

She may be pregnant and she may still be dealing with the death of her husband, but there’s plenty of action still ahead for Maggie Rhee.

Despite mourning and impending motherhood being the order of the day for Maggie right now, in her future is taking leadership of the Hilltop community.

In AMC’s show, Maggie is already well established at the Hilltop, and it’s also been made pretty clear that her and current leader Gregory aren’t exactly the bestest of buds. As such, expect Maggie’s willingness to stand up against Negan’s Saviors to soon lead to the Hilltop placing her as their figurehead and leader in place of the snivelling, selfish Gregory.

14 The Hanging Of Gregory

Via What Else is on Now?

It seems as if this one really could be just around the corner, and if AMC’s The Walking Dead chose not to hang Gregory then it’d be a massive shock to any longtime reader of the comic books.

In the realm of the funny books, Gregory is the author of his own demise. Pissed off at the idea that Maggie has replaced him as the leader of the Hilltop, he decides to poison the woman he sees as his rival.

Complete with his embarrassing attempts to turn members of the community against Maggie, Gregory just continues to make himself look a fool. So much so, Jesus eventually encourages Maggie to do what she really knows that she has to: kill Gregory.

And so, that is exactly what happens, with Gregory publicly hanged.

13 Rick To Lose A Hand

Via Film Dispenser

While the comic book Rick Grimes and the TV take on Rick Grimes are pretty much beat-for-beat the exact same character, there’s one huge and notable difference between the pair. Yes, in the comics Rick is missing a hand.

The reason for Rick’s limb loss in the comic book realm was merely to show dominance. The person who took said hand? That’d be the Governor. Back when he was still alive and kicking, one of the first things we saw him do was chop off Rick’s hand to show that he really, really, really meant business.

Obviously the TV Governor is long dead, but having Rick lose a hand at some point would certainly add something new to the Rick Grimes character; a character who some have said is getting a little played-out and bland lately.

12 Baby Judith To Die?

Via BGeeky Blog

This one would be a mighty ballsy move to make for AMC, but it would certainly give The Walking Dead a kick up the backside and up the shock value involved in the series.

In the comic book realm, Judith died a long time ago. In fact, she was essentially killed by her own mother, Lori. After some of the Governor’s goons unloaded fire on Rick and his group, poor Lori was shot and killed. At the time of the shooting, she was carrying Judith and ultimately her lifeless body would end up smothering and suffocating the infant.

TV-wise, Lori died in childbirth, but there’s certainly other ways to have Judith meet her tragic demise. That said, it would take some balls of steel from the AMC higher-ups to see such a thing play out on the small screen.

11 Carol’s Suicide

Via www.comicbookmovie.com

The poor comic book Carol has been dead for a long time. For those well-versed in The Walking Dead books, you’ll know that Carol on the small screen is vastly different to her comic book counterpart.

In the comics, Carol is a young woman with a high sex drive and a need to be loved – so much so, she bounces from her relationship with Tyreese to offering herself up for a threesome with Rick and Lori. When that offer is turned down, Carol sinks into a funk that has her tragically let a walker bite her so that she can feel wanted by somebody, even if that somebody is dead.

A bizarre act of essentially suicide, it might well be that something happens to the TV Carol where she feels so disinterested in the gone-to-the-dogs world she inhabits that she lets herself be killed.

10 Simon To Be Killed

Via YouTube

This one's a tad different, for Simon is a character created purely for the show, but he and his fate are definitely worthy of a mention here.

There’s no doubting that Steven Ogg is a hugely entertaining and engaging presence. From Old Spice ads to becoming an icon to many as Trevor in GTA V, Ogg is someone who just jumps out of the screen and grabs the audience.

Unfortunately for the charismatic Canadian, his Simon is an odds-on favourite to be offed before Season 7 comes to an end. Negan and his Saviors need to suffer some losses as they head towards a huge battle with Rick Grimes and his pals, and Simon seems like one of the few relatively known names on that side of the fence who’s expendable.

9 Jared To Get His Comeuppance

Via Undead Walking

“Ratface” Jared is someone we’re all hoping meets a brutal end before Season 7 comes to a close, and that looks like exactly what is going to happen.

The cocky Savior takes great pleasure in talking down to and making digs at Ezekiel and his fellow Kingdom residents, but he overstepped the mark recently by fatally shooting poor Benjamin. And one of that main things that him doing that did, was it majorly pissed off the once-Zen Morgan.

Snapping back to his crazy, unhinged ways, Morgan is on the brink of going full-on postal right now, and the sensible money is on him unleashing his wrath on Jared as this member of the Saviors gets what’s coming to him.

8 Sasha Becomes Holly

Via Vanity Fair

To those familiar with the comic book world of The Walking Dead, one character massively underplayed in the TV show was Holly.

Sure, the show may have briefly featured Holly as a non-descript member of Alexandria at one point, but in the comics this is a character who had a longstanding and important part to play. Essentially, the comic book Holly is being played out on the small screen by Sonequa Martin-Green’s Sasha.

Comic book Holly was part of a love triangle with Abraham and Rosita, and this Holly then sought revenge on Negan and his Saviors for killing the mustachioed Ford. Taking the fight to the Saviors, Holly would be kept as a prisoner before being released back to Rick at a later date.

Unfortunately, when Rick took her back and removed a sack from her head, Holly had already been turned into a walker. Expect Sasha to sadly get the same fate in TV land.

7 Dwight Betrays Negan

The seeds have already begun to be sown, and we can expect to see Dwight betraying Negan at some point in the likely not-so-distant future.

With Negan having taken Dwight’s wife as his own, this trusted righthand man will soon fully start to betray his apparent boss. If this plays out on TV in the same way that it did in the comic book realm, expect Dwight to set up a secret meeting with Rick and Co. in which he makes them aware of his willingness to take Negan down from the inside.

This is pretty much already in motion in AMC’s The Walking Dead, and it’s just a matter of how long the show wants to drag this story element out for.

6 “All Out War”

Via GeeksPodcast

In the comic book Walking Dead series, “All Out War” is a huge event. As the title suggests, this particular story arc sees a massive, brutal battle take place.

Given how Negan’s Saviors have been tormenting any and all communities that they can, Rick Grimes does what Rick Grimes does best: he brings people together.

Yes, combining their efforts, the non-Saviors band together to make a stand against Negan. It gets bloody, it gets brutal, and it makes for some hugely exciting, engaging comic book moments. All seems to be on track for something similar to play out on TV, and that alone should have longtime fans excited about what lies ahead for AMC’s The Walking Dead.

5 Poison Arrows!

Via L7 World

In a world where guns can sometimes be scarce, a weapon such as a bow and arrow can be a valuable tool – and this is something that Negan is quick to realise.

One of the most effective (and rather ingenious!) ways to take down an opponent is when Negan has the fantastic idea of having his Saviors dip arrows in walker blood. The logic there is that even the slightest of hits from these arrows will begin to turn their target into one of the undead.

Additionally, it’s these arrows that play a part in Dwight helping Rick in his battle against Negan, with Dwight shooting Rick with a regular arrow which Negan is led to believe is a fatal walker-blood-tipped arrow.

4 Lucille Gets An Upgrade

Via http://l7world.com

How do you improve upon a brutal, unforgiving barbed wire-covered baseball bat? Why, you cover it in the blood of undead walkers, obviously.

That’s exactly what happens in the comic book Walking Dead world, with Negan introducing the previously-discussed plan to douse arrow heads – officially titled bolts – in the infected blood of the zombie menaces who roam the landscape.

Following suit, Negan does the exact same thing to Lucille, meaning that even the slightest of touches or grazes from his trusty baseball bat could prove to be fatal for whichever poor soul comes into conflict with Lucille.

3 Rick DOESN’T Kill Negan

Via Spoil The Dead

Usually, Rick Grimes doesn’t think anything of killing any and everyone who opposes him or gets in his way. What surprised many comic book Walking Dead fans was that when Rick finally got the upper hand over Negan, he shockingly chose not to kill this most nefarious of rogues.

As Negan turns up at Alexandria under the impression that Rick is dead – as in shot by an infected arrow (which totally wasn’t infected) – the ‘big bad’ is taken aback when Rick confronts him and promptly slits his throat!

You’d think this would be enough to put down most people, but not Negan, for he still puts up a good fight and even breaks Rick’s leg before he’s finally bested and sentenced to life imprisonment in an Alexandria jail cell. In his locked-up absence, Dwight picks up Lucille and becomes the leader of a less gnarly Saviors group.

2 2 Years Later…

Via Den of Geek

As mentioned, the battle between the Saviors and the combined communities ends up with Negan being imprisoned for life. What happens next is that the action switches to 2 years later.

With Carl entering a basement and talking to a hidden figure about how a girl showed him her breasts (seriously!), the figure asks if Carl still wants to kill him. It’s then that we realise that this mysterious fella is actually Negan, who by this point has been kept imprisoned for 2 years. During this time, though, he’s struck up quite the bond with Carl, who often seeks advice from him.

Similarly, Rick is another who makes regular visits for amicable and, at times, deep conversations as Negan is shown to be a slightly calmer customer than he was when he was first introduced to readers and viewers.

1 The Whisperers

Via Monday Monday Network

First there was the walkers, then there was the Governor, then there were the cannibals at Terminus, and these days Negan is running roughshod over anyone he so chooses. But what’s next? Well, there’s a future threat looming that makes all of these previous bad guys look like extras from My Little Pony. That’d be the ominous Whisperers.

The way that AMC’s The Walking Dead is developing right now, it would appear that any appearance from the Whisperers will be held off until at least next season, but when they decide to step out of the shadows you’ll certainly know about it.

Their appearance is creepy enough, with the Whisperers wearing head-to-toe outfits made completely out of dead skin. In the comics, this bunch of bad eggs are responsible for killing Ezekiel, Father Gabriel, and Rosita, to name a few, and they have a penchant for decapitating people and placing their heads on spikes. And so scary and brutal are they, they even doubt that Negan has the stomach to become a part of their group (yes, he finally gets out of his Alexandria jail cell down the line).

Source: walkingdead.wikia.com

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