15 Things Guys Do That Girls Pay Close Attention To Before Marriage

In the laws of attraction there are no guidelines or rules on how to understand women. But that doesn't matter much in the long run. After all, you don't have to understand them. You have to love them. Men will never truly comprehend how these strange bipedal beings with long legs and golden hair, who seem to have come from another planet, like Venus, think. For example, if a woman suddenly sees a bearded guy with glasses and reading in the subway, she'll absolutely fall in love at him without even wondering if he's physically attractive or not. The same principle applies when a woman sees a very elegantly dressed man in a tailored suit. I guarantee you that her eyes will stick to him, no matter what.

Although it is not an accurate science, there are some factors that the majority of women find irresistible in a man. However, there are also several male characteristics that girls find repulsive. And while physique and appearance are important in how a man is irresistible or unpleasant to a woman, many say that what matters most is his attitude and personality.

15 Can't Resist: Listen Closely

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It is scientifically proven that women are more communicative than men. Although you really didn't need science to prove it. They love to spend long periods of time chatting about many subject with their friends and enjoy the men with whom they can have a long and interesting conversation with. If your girl feels heard she will begin a process in which she will open up, trust you, and connect with you in a much deeper way. Just remember that the feminine energy is curious; it changes its mind constantly. Sometimes they might not want to have a long conversation with you, and some don't like to talk much at all. But most women enjoy the presence of a man who also knows how to communicate what he wants.

14 Can’t Resist: Earn Her Trust

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Trust is one of the most important aspects of any relationship, whether between friends or in a relationship or marriage. Having the confidence to say anything you want and to show yourself as you really are without pretending is key to winning over people. In addition, a climate of trust encourages the other person to be natural and comfortable. That is why female perception, or the so-called sixth sense, is more developed in many aspects. One of the things they will pick up on immediately is whether or not you are being the real you or if you are pretending to be someone else. If you play at wearing a mask and pretend to be someone else, she'll know it. The only sustainable way in time to please someone is to be yourself; the rest will get you nowhere.

13 Repulsed By: Snoring Like A Caveman

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It is assumed that man's evolution has consolidated to such an extent that primate traits have almost completely disappeared in the modern man. But no. It seems that many remained in late stages of evolution, because when they sleep they look and sound like a cavemen. A snoring man is a curse for a woman. Imagine going to a bar and bringing your A-game with you in order to pick up a girl and take her home. Between the sheets you perform as God commands, but while you're sleeping, your snoring makes her really mad, to the point of not wanting to see you again. But that might be good in the long run, since it depends on what kind of relationships you are looking for.

12 Can’t Resist: A True Gentleman

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Education is very important for most women. But this time we are not talking about academic education, but the one that parents teach at home. An educated man who has manners at the table, who respects the rules on how to speak to others with kindness is irresistible. Men who have a lot of gentlemanly qualities is also a very positive point for many women: open the door of the car or restaurant before entering, offer your coat if it is cold, accompany her to her house. These gestures, tiny or old-fashioned as they may seem in the 21st century, are desired by a large number of women.

11 Can't Resist: First Go Trough Her Nose

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Today's women increasingly value a man who knows how to take care of himself. An unpretentious hairstyle, stylish clothes and something very important: a good cologne. The male fragrance, if well chosen, will score him many points. Yeah, it sounds like a joke, but women are very much guided by smell. Their sense of smell is highly developed, so it's imperative that you smell good the first time you hug or have close physical contact. Any man who uses a sophisticated and masculine perfume will surely conquer the woman of his choice, as long as he knows how to use it, because the idea is not to camouflage the fact that you haven't bathed for three days.

10 Repulsed By: More Useless Than A Fax Machine

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During the 1980s and 1990s, fax machines were the rage in modern offices. However, years later, in the 21st century, its usefulness has been relegated by the benefits of the useful Internet. Today a fax machine is as useless as a man who can't even afford to buy a happy meal at McDonald's. A lazy guy is someone who has all the tools possible to achieve his goals and ambitions, but decides not too. Basically, he is good for nothing. His perspective on life is so simple that even an orangutan locked in a zoo may display more ambitions. Women who are ambitious seek out partners who are equally ambitious and passionate about what they do. So, PSA to all the lazy men out there: stop being lazy and do something with your life.

9 Can't Resist: Then Go Trough Her Brain

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An intelligent and audacious man is irresistible for many women who prefer to relate, evidently, with clever people who have things to contribute to society. A man who knows about history, film, music or current affairs will take part in much more interesting conversations than someone who has no cultural interests. An animated talk in which your intelligence shines above any other virtue, that's the key. You'll put her in your pocket (and get into her pants) if you get her mind excited. Intelligence is one of the things that most attracts a woman. So you know, to get to her intimate parts, you'll have to go through her brain first.

8 Can't Resist: A Master Chef

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For women, the sense of dedication, responsibility and maturity in a man is reflected in the kitchen, with his ability to prepare three or four dishes in a brilliant and very tasty way (regardless of the mess). Pizzas, hot dogs and hamburgers, please abstain. For women, there is nothing hotter than a shirtless man behind the stoves, preparing a good dinner or a romantic breakfast, although add a lot of points if you don't have a beer belly. A man who defends himself in the kitchen already has his points earned. The recommendation the women give to the most clumsy men in the kitchen is to start watching tutorials, which are free.

7 Repulsed By: Disguise Yourself As Frodo Baggins On A 'The Lord Of The Rings' Movie Premiere

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Please tell me you didn't camp out on the street on June 11, 1999 to see the premiere of 'Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace'. If you did, well, my friend, you're completely doomed. But if you didn't do it, things are going on the right track. One thing is to have fun with geeky stuff, like Star Wars or The Lord of The Rings movies. But it's another story to make these fantasy universes become the central axis of your life to the point of disguising yourself as the characters, camping for the premiere of a new movie or cramming your room with comic books, toys and all sorts of collectibles. Remember, if you want to score with her, nothing is least seductive for a woman than a room full of Japanese manga posters.

6 Can't Resist: Being Athletic

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It is not just about having a muscular body, although it is also a highly valued aspect. Sportsmen who like to do outdoor activities, something as basic as jogging in the park every morning, are much more fun than those who don't want to leave home because they prefer to sit around the whole weekend and eat ice cream, while watching TV. A man with a marked six pack, prominent forearms and pecs like a Greek god has everything to gain with girls. But you don't have to lock yourself in a gym, because many people don't like indoor activities. If you're into basketball, football, swimming or other sports, go ahead. The idea is to have an athletic body but that does not mean you can't have fun while achieving that goal.

5 Can't Resist: Tailor-Made Clothing

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Yeah, they do care how we dress. And a lot. Wearing a shirt or trousers two sizes larger than necessary is synonymous with complete failure. It is impossible for a woman to resist a well-dressed man, no matter if his look is beach style, sportive, casual or formal with a suit and a tie. The important thing is that the clothes fit the body, that the man wears them to his exact size. The equation is very simple: that's why guys like James Bond are so seductive for women. His fashion sense goes hand in hand with the possibility of being licensed to kill, as well as having in his pocket the keys to a gorgeous sports car. So, go ahead, Mr. Bond.

4 Repulsed By: A Predictable Man

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They say that easy comes, easy goes. And this can apply to both money and women. Contemporary women enjoy mysterious men. Those who, after getting along and going out for a while, apply the indifference tactic. There is nothing worse and more boring for a girl than a predictable man who shows that he is in love after the first kiss. If the idea is to scare her away, go straight to the jugular: behave like the most predictable guy in the world, show her that she is the most beautiful and perfect woman you have ever met (after the first date) and you will have to mitigate your desires at night with some adult material, because she will send you away.

3 Can't Resist: Be An Independent Homo Sapiens Sapiens

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Who likes a man who is dependent on either his mother or father or, still worse, his friends? Probably no one. Well, an independent and confident man is irresistible for any woman. Independence reflects maturity, as well as financial success as it shows that you can make your life without major problems away from the wing of your parents and friends. Best of all, being independent means you'll have your own space; no more living with your parents or sharing an apartment with friends. Gone will be the days when if you were going to play with your girlfriend, you had to put a sock on the doorknob so your roommate would know you were having some fun and wanted to be left undisturbed.

2 Can't Resist: Good Sense Of Humor, But Don't Be A Clown

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If there is a value that almost all women consider irresistible, that is a good sense of humor. If you can make her laugh, you'll get a lot of points. Science has shown that every time you actually laugh, your brain starts to secrete several substances that make you feel great, like dopamine. In addition, laughter helps reduce other substances harmful to the body, such as cortisol. Laughter is a kind of drug that makes you feel good. Make her laugh and she'll hook up with you. Just make sure you don't turn into a stupid clown, or even worst: a scary one, such as Pennywise.

1 Repulsed By: Getting Drunk With A Glass Of Water

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There are men who will never mature when it comes to alcohol. It's true that sometimes many men need a couple of drinks to feel more confident and to be able to court a woman more effectively, and that's not bad, it's part of the current social life, but it's another thing to believe that alcohol is their best card. When that happens, the game is completely lost. There is absolutely nothing more repulsive to a woman than a man who does not know how to control his drink, a man who she thinks is a drunkard without personality, who in half an hour will end up vomiting on the street. If the goal was to conquer a woman by ingesting absurd amounts of alcohol, my friend, you are definitely going to go home by yourself.

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