15 Things Gordon Ramsay Doesn't Want Us To Know

I'm sure all of you are fairly familiar with Gordon Ramsay. It might be because of his intense show full of yelling: Kitchen Nightmares. Or it could be his other show of intense yelling: Hell's Kitchen. Pretty well every one of his shows features intense yelling. He's a fairly high-strung guy. Some think it's because he's constantly ripped on cocaine, but I'm not sure he'd make it as long as he has if that were true. He's Keith Richards after all.

Either way, this piece is all about those things that he's got into in life that he would probably rather the general public didn't know. And there are quite a few of these things. He is a celebrity, after all, and every one of them has some sort of naughty thing they don't want to be brought up.

Well, in Ramsay's case, these sorts of naughty things include a seven-year-long affair, spying on his father-in-law (who was spying on him first), killing puffins and sharks, purposely messing with his contestants, getting some cosmetic work done, having a good cry, and just generally being insecure about himself. Of course, there's more, but you'll have to keep scrolling for that.

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15 He Serves Frozen Food At His Restaurants

It's amazing how much of a hypocrite Gordon Ramsay can be. In Kitchen Nightmares, he always digs through the kitchen of whatever place he's helping out in and points out all of the flaws of the place. There's usually some pretty nasty ones. But one of the things that drive him nuts is frozen food. He hates ready-made food and will always freak out about it. The funny thing is that his one restaurant Foxtrot Oscar (and a few others) have been found out. They also serve ready-made and frozen foods. And instead of coming clean and apologizing to all of the people he berated, he defended his restaurants by saying that using frozen food is a common practice in the restaurant business. So, why did he get so upset with everyone else and tell them to cook everything fresh instead?

14 He Got Some Work Done To His Face

Yup, Gordon Ramsay, the famous man with such deep cracks in his face, decided that enough was enough and got some work done to change that up a bit. He apparently woke up one morning to his daughter trying to push one pound of coins into the cracks in his face as if he were some sort of wrinkly gumball machine. And that was the day he decided to get some filler work done. He would often get questions about some scars he had on his chin also, so he got those and some wrinkles filled. When you look at the before and after, I'm not sure if Ramsay wanted just a subtle difference or if the surgeon just wasn't very good. There really isn't that much of a change, in spite of the media craze it started. He can never escape the cameras.

13 He's Got Bodyguards At The Ready On Set!

You might have noticed that Gordon Ramsay pisses off a lot of people. And by a lot of people, I mean almost everyone he works with. Whether it's Master Chef, Kitchen Nightmares, or Hell's Kitchen, he finds a way to get under people's skin. Sometimes, it really looks like they'll come to blows. It's amazing that you never see a fight break out. But it's less amazing when you find out that Gordon Ramsay has bodyguards always at the ready, just out of frame when filming his shows. At least it shows one thing about Ramsay. He must definitely know just how much he pisses people off. Sure, it could have something to do with being held at gunpoint before. Or because his father-in-law had spent a lot of time spying on him and went to prison for it, but I think it's mainly because he's waiting for a contestant to take a swing at him.

12 His Step-Dad Spied On Him And Was Sent To Prison

That's right! Christopher Hutcheson used to be a big-wig in charge of a lot of things in Ramsay's company. That was, until he and his two sons decided to start trying to dig some dirt up on Ramsay with his financial dealings. Well, Ramsay found out and fired his Pa-in-law. So Hutcheson kept digging and dug up quite a few naughty things about Ramsay which immediately started appearing in tabloids all across the globe. A lawsuit began and, to make a long story short, Hutcheson ended up serving half a year in prison for his spying and defamation. And that's not all. Both of Ramsay's brothers-in-law were also sentenced to four-month prison terms, but they were suspended for two years. So we'll see if they actually end up serving.

11 He Hunted And Ate Puffin Heart

A lot of people got really pissed off when they heard about this one. Ramsay went out of his way to bag himself a puffin. Now, there's something you have to know about puffins if you didn't already. They are a protected species. Sure, Ramsay claims to have had a license to hunt them at the time, but that didn't change public opinion about it. Especially since after he bagged his puffin he killed and cleaned it right there and ate the heart of the poor bird raw! After all of the uproar, Ramsay really tried to underplay it, I think realizing just how much of a mistake that was. Given that, this is definitely one of those stories he could do without resurfacing... whoops. All I can say is that I'm glad the puffin had a good fight and did beak the hell out of Gordon's face before the end.

10 His Producers Purposely Mess With Contestants

I couldn't believe this when I first read it. I mean, of course, I can believe it, but I still find it pretty awful. So, you must know by now how Gordon Ramsay loses his sh*t with pretty well every contestant in Master Chef and Hell's Kitchen, right? Well, it turns out there's a pretty sneaky reason as to why he loses it. The producers of the show have people who go around and tamper with ingredients so that the contestants end up accidentally using sugar instead of salt or vice versa. This obviously gives Ramsay a reason to explode at them messing up the dish they were making. So, it's partially staged in that the producers make sure something will happen. They're just not sure exactly what Ramsay will say. But they definitely know he's going to lose his mind and call someone an idiot.

9 He Was Held At Gunpoint On A Shark Poacher's Boat

Ramsay was doing an exploration into shark poaching and was on a boat tour to show him around the areas where people do the poaching. Well, while on a dive by the boat, Ramsay noticed a bag of shark fins already poached and ready to be used for the delicacy that is shark fin soup. So, Ramsay got back in the boat and started losing his sh*t on these poachers. Really, he should've known better. Poachers are notoriously dangerous and are usually packing some sort of weapons to fend off authorities and activist groups. But that didn't stop Gordon Ramsay. He started a yelling match which just about turned into a physical fight until one of the poachers pulled a gun on him. Things changed pretty quickly then. Lucky for him, they just told him to leave and not come back.

8 He's Guilty Of Poaching Sharks

The interesting thing about this is that Ramsay has spoken out against the poaching of sharks for the purpose of shark fin soup. But that didn't stop him from going out on his own little adventure to catch his own sharks. He had been held at gunpoint by shark poachers before... and I guess that made him really want to catch his own shark. Well, he ended up catching both a hammerhead and a bull shark. Apparently, the bull shark put up one hell of a fight and it was a rather nasty scene by the end. And as much as he's against anyone else fishing shark, even just for sport to throw back in, Gordon Ramsay allegedly had the nerve to bring one of the sharks in to get it stuffed so that he could have a trophy kicking around to remind him of when he went poaching.

7 He's Very Insecure...

It turns out that this guy, who seems to always be completely full of himself, is incredibly insecure. How insecure? Well, so much so that he won't even watch any of his own shows. "I don’t want to get self-obsessed and start thinking about putting makeup on and watching the way I walk. 'Oh, did I really say that?' F*ck it. It is what it is. I’d rather watch Deadliest Catch or go out for dinner." Of course, he must have watched some of his work, or he hears a lot of what people say about him. After all, he did still end up getting some cosmetic work done to his face and got some hair transplants. I still think it's incredible that someone who is so frequently on fire all the time is actually insecure deep down. I imagine he must go home and cry some nights, just to get it out.

6 The Cops Had Words With Him One Drunken Night

Gordon Ramsay always goes on in his shows about how chefs too often end up getting into drinking and drugs. Well, there have been many allegations of him getting ripped on cocaine, but I didn't dig up anything on that in my research. I did find an interesting night (that may have involved drugs) that definitely involved some heavy drinking. Or Ramsay is just a lightweight and it involved some light drinking. Either way, it's pretty ridiculous what ended up happening. He and two of his buddies ended up in a public bathroom completely wrecked. One guy was pissing in the sink, another had his pants and underwear down and was just running around, and Ramsay had his head against the wall while he stood at the urinal, pants down. At least he made it to the right spot. The three had allegedly caused quite an issue in the place that night.

5 He Had An Affair And The Woman Wrote A Book

This is pretty disgusting in a couple of ways. When Ramsay found out that his father-in-law was spying on him, he hired a private investigator to start spying on his pa-in-law. Well, he found out that there was an affair going on, and Ramsay got nasty about it. Sending people photos of the affair and threating to send them to tabloids. So it didn't really help when it was discovered that Ramsay had carried on a seven-year-long affair with a woman called Sarah Symonds. And it made things even worse when she decided to write a book about it, and about being the "other woman" in an affair. She basically wrote a how-to book on affairs. Pretty disgusting. Anyway, this just goes to show that Ramsay and his father-in-law really aren't all that different.

4 He Likes To Get A Good Cry In

Considering that Gordon Ramsay makes pretty well everyone else around him cry at one point or another, it's good that he thinks of it as a good thing. If he didn't, then he would actually just be one of the cruellest men on tv (alongside Simon Cowell and *shudder* Donald Trump). "I think crying is important," he once said to Fox News. "Not crying, not showing that emotion, bottling it up can lead to dangerous things." I imagine those dangerous sorts of things are things like drugs or drinking or intense rage... all of which Ramsay seems to have or has at least been accused of having. So, I guess it just goes to show that even getting all of that crying out can still lead to the same things. He at least admits that he feels bad when the kids on Master Chef Junior cry about their mistakes (which the producers probably had a hand in making).

3 Hell's Kitchen Doesn't Really Have A Restaurant

If you've ever watched Hell's Kitchen, you would think that Ramsay is running a really posh, swanky restaurant that is just buzzing with all sorts of excitement. But that is far from the truth. The restaurant is lacking a lot of things. Like a functioning washroom for example. That's right. There are no washrooms in Ramsay's restaurant for Hell's Kitchen. It's just a massive set. Even some of the cooking appliances aren't there. Some things have to be done by others that bring food in. And when one of the patrons has to go to the washroom, they have to go outside to where all of the trailers and honey-pots are. If it makes you feel better, you'll likely never get a chance to go to this fake restaurant anyway. Only people with a lot of money and influence can get in and pretend to have fun.

2 Pretty Sure He's Had Hair Transplants

I cannot be the only one to have noticed a pretty huge difference in Ramsay's hair over the years. And that's not to say that it might just be because he's changed hairstyles and made himself look like a different kind of a douchebag, but it seems like he's got some thicker locks than he did have once upon a time. Either way, several different celebrity gossip and news outlets have dug into the idea that Ramsay had someone dig some follicles out of his head and shove them back in where his hair was thinning. It sounds incredibly painful, but I guess when you're as insecure as Ramsay, you're willing to go through some pain in order to remain looking... young. Though he's always looked kind of wrinkled and on his way to old age, so I'm not sure why he'd bother.

1 Hell's Kitchen Is Very Unhealthy

Hell's Kitchen has a reputation for being pretty damn unhealthy. And I'm not talking about undercooked food or anything like that. I mean for the contestants. They hardly get a chance to sleep, the cameras are always rolling on them, and there are only certain things they can end up turning to while under all that pressure. Some of them end up hooking up with each other on set. And most others turn to drinking and drugs. Which is pretty crazy since Ramsay always goes on about how there's so much of an issue in the food service industry with booze and drugs. So, it turns out that Gordon Ramsay is actually a part of that problem. He's literally driving chefs into drinking and drugs. You think he might try and be a bit softer, then. But that wouldn't get the ratings he needs to stay on the air.

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