15 Things Girls Do That Drive Guys Crazy

If there's one thing that guys know about women, it's that they can drive them completely crazy in both the good and not-so-good ways. "Crazy" in the sense that they stimulate all the senses with their sexual prowess and seductive allure, and "crazy" in the “driving a person nuts” kinda way. While the latter isn’t quite as fun, most guys are more than happy to take both forms of crazy in order to be with the girl of their dreams… or the chick of the moment.

Nobody is saying that the women themselves are crazy, but the way they behave, with their habits and attitude, is what makes men go wild – for better or for worse. Naturally, all gals are different with their unique personalities, interests, abilities, and characteristics, but these 15 items are sure to be on many a fella's list of what makes them absolutely crazy when it comes to interacting with the opposite sex.

Surely, there are things about guys that make women lose their minds as well, but that's a topic for another time. Here, the focus is on the female and what she does that makes the men in their life go bananas.

Does your special woman possess any of these qualities or do any of these things, too? Does it drive you up the wall, whether positive or negative? Crazy can be exciting, so embrace the experience. Women are certainly a mystery, so feel free to allow yourself to go bonkers over your babe.

15 She Wears Her Guy’s White Button-Down Shirts to Breakfast

Lingerie is certainly sexy, but there's something even more captivating about a hot woman dressed in her man’s button-down shirt along with a little pair of skimpy panties. On a relaxing weekend morning, when a sleepy lady awakens and emerges from the bedroom and into the kitchen for a bite for breakfast and all she’s got on is this exciting ensemble, guys just go crazy. It's all about those few top buttons strategically undone and her long legs peeking out from the bottom. Why bother to get dressed for the day when you can lounge around in comfort and sexiness? Any red-blooded guy would be willing to fork over his shirt if he knew how great it's sure to look on his honey. Cute as a button!

14 She Uses Her Man’s Razor to Shave Her Legs

Most guys want their woman to be silky smooth all over, especially when it comes to their legs. Stubbly and rough thighs and calves aren’t a turn-on, so a man appreciates when his woman shaves her legs to reveal the soft and supple skin beneath the fluff and fuzz. That said, most men don't like it when women use their guys' razors to get the job done. A man’s razor is for his mustache and beard, and he doesn’t appreciate learning that his lady grabbed his razor instead of her own. Finding leg hairs in his razor isn't fun, despite his preference that his woman keeps herself well groomed. This habit can make a man nuts, especially when he knows his gal has her own razor right there on the bathroom sink.

13 She Oh-So-Slowly Licks Her Ice Cream Cone

Ice cream is a real treat, no matter how you look at it, but watching a woman lick her ice cream cone is possibly more enjoyable than eating one yourself. A man can go crazy watching as his woman takes lick after lick of her slowly melting scoops of butter pecan and mint chocolate chip atop a crisp cone. Making sure no ice cream drips, she makes her way around the cone with her lips and tongue innocently, yet the action looks almost sinful. Any guy would be happy to take his gal out for ice cream on a sultry summer evening just for the opportunity to admire her ice cream cone-eating skills. She’s all that with a cherry on top! Is that the ice cream truck jingle coming ‘round the corner?

12 She Doesn’t Wear Underwear Under Her Form-Fitting Dress

Guys love it when a woman with a terrific figure shows off all her curves in a snug, form-fitting mini-dress. The tight fit allows the gal’s body to be the center of attention and the star of the show. But when a dress is super form-fitting, there's not much room underneath to allow for undergarments. This is why many women go “commando” when they're all dolled up in their little black dress for a sexy evening out. Most of the time, men are none the wiser as to what's happening beneath the slim-fitting dress, but if he has the good fortune to find out, he'll go wild. The only thing sexier than a pair of lacy thong underwear underneath the perfect dress is no underwear at all!

11 She Scratches Her Guy’s Back with Her Long Fingernails

Women love to get their nails done, and many gals go for long talons painted to perfection. Most guys don’t mind if a woman has super long nails, and many think the look is quite sexy and feminine. But along with looks comes function. With long nails, a back-scratching is all the better. A nice rubdown and a soft scratch on the back is all a guy needs to get relaxed and even in the “mood.” Nubby fingernails don't feel nearly as good as long ones, especially if a woman can work those ten fingers like magic. The mix of pleasure and pain is all a guy needs to go completely wild. As simple as a back scratch is, a fella always appreciates the touch of a woman.

10 She Takes Two Hours to Get Ready for Dinner

Guys appreciate when a girl takes her time to get ready to go out so she looks like a million bucks when they're out to dinner, but sometimes, too much time passes, and a guy can go ballistic. On the one hand, he adores her cute outfit, hairdo, and makeup, but on the flipside, waiting on the couch, twiddling his thumbs for what seems like an eternity isn't exactly a walk in the park. Most fellas can get ready for the evening in 20 minutes flat, from showering to putting on their shoes, but their girlfriends seem to make the getting-ready process an hours-long event. Nobody wants to be late for dinner, but no guy wants his gal to look like a mess either. It’s really a no-win situation.

9 She Thinks Watching Triple X Movies Are Hot

Lots of guys are open about the fact that they enjoy watching (a lot of) p*rn, but not nearly as many women are willing to admit that watching adult movies films turns them on, too. If a guy finds out his lovely lady is into watching steamy adult films with him, boy, will he go crazy. No more sneaking around to get a glimpse of the naughty on-screen lovemaking action when his beautiful babe is totally cool with sitting right beside him and tuning in. The ladies in the film may be smoking hot, but the real-life gal right beside him is as sexy as it gets. Who needs a “chick flick” rom-com when the latest adult feature is so much more exciting? A night in just got a lot more interesting.

8 She Gets Drunk Afer One Glass of Wine

Some guys may see this as a good thing, while others may find fault in their gal’s low tolerance for alcohol, but in one way or another, guys can go bananas when their gal gets blitzed after just one drink. A visit to the club, the bar, or the restaurant becomes a silly one when after just a glass of merlot or cabernet, his babe is belligerent. Sure, it's fun to loosen up and unwind, but when after a few sips in, his gal is giddy and googly-eyed, you know the rest of the night is sure to be interesting, to say the least. On the other hand, no man wants his woman to be able to drink him under the table, so maybe a one-drink max is a smart idea.

7 She Steals All of the Blanket

Nothing makes bedtime more irritating than when a guy is all comfy-cozy in bed and his babe – as cute as she may be – steals all the blankets in the middle of the night. He'll wake up at 3:00 AM shivering in his boxers while she's as snug as a bug all cozy and warm wrapped up in the entire comforter. He's too kind to wake her up, but her sneaky slumber behavior is not something he looks forward to night after night. She doesn’t realize she's done it, but then again, she makes no effort to curtail the behavior the following evening. Perhaps two separate blankets would be the answer to this conundrum. Catching some zzzs shouldn't have to result in a tug-of-war over the bedding.

6 She Flirts with Bartenders and Waiters

Some guys are secure enough to not allow a bit of innocent flirting ruin their day, but other fellas go berserk when they see their woman batting their eyes and smiling seductively at bartenders and waiters. Then, there are those guys who actually get turned on by seeing their woman playing it up for another fella right in front of them. No matter how a guy feels about the fun-loving flirting, it drives them crazy in one way or another. Of course, most women would go completely bonkers if her guy was flirting in front of them, so guys, just because you may enjoy seeing your woman get flirty doesn't mean it is open season for you to work your charm, too. If your woman catches you chatting up a female bartender, she may leave you right there at the bar.

5 She Says She's “Fine” When Something’s About to Blow Up

You know something's not fine whatsoever when your lady says she's “fine.” You can tell by that pissed-off look in her eyes and the cold shoulder that she's far from fine, yet she won't tell you what the problem actually is. You may even rather get in an argument and hash things out once and for all than live with the vague “fine” and get the silent treatment for the remainder of the day. When a gal says she's “fine,” a man knows he had better watch his step, and this makes men crazy. Naturally, things may simmer down after a few hours, but while a woman claims she's “fine,” a man had better believe he's number one on her s#it list!

4 She Accuses Her Man of Looking at Other Chicks

Some women constantly accuse their guy of being interested in other women. They cannot go anywhere without being picked apart for looking at another girl the wrong way. She'll ask her man if he thinks she's prettier or sexier than she is, and there's never a good or correct answer. Guys will swear that they only have eyes for their one and only, but their women don’t believe a word of it. These ladies think any trip to the grocery store or even to the dog park is a chance for their man to give the women they see around a once-over to check out their bodies. This makes men crazy, but there isn’t much they can do to stop the accusations, aside from wearing a blindfold.

3 She Surprises Her Guy by Joining Him in the Shower

While a guy is minding his own business and is washing up in the shower, a wonderful and well-received surprise has got to be having his main squeeze join him for a bit of “clean” fun. What a way to make a man crazy! As he's shampooing and soaping up, his nude girlfriend decides that she needs a shower, too, so rather than waiting her turn, she jumps in with him. He's more than happy to invite her in, and he'll even offer to condition her hair and shave her legs for her. Things may get a little dirty, but that's perfectly OK since washing up afterward is part of the plan. Showering a man with affection is the right way to start (or end) the day.

2 She Lets Her Man Have a “Hall Pass”

Have you heard of the “hall pass?” This means a woman allows her man, or vice versa, to have that one person (usually a celeb) with whom they can cheat with if the opportunity were to present itself. Of course, this isn't very likely to ever happen, but guys go crazy over the notion that their woman would actually be cool with the idea if her man ever had a shot at getting it on with his crush. Of course, this doesn’t work if he's hot for the cute chick next door or someone he works with, but, at least, the possibility exists if he ever runs into Halle Berry or Jessica Alba at the market or in the doctor’s waiting room. Would he give his lady a hall pass, too, though?

1 She's Into the Idea of a --------------

Not much more could drive a guy absolutely crazy than the thought of having a wild threesome with two hot chicks. Ask around, and you'll find it's one of the most common male fantasies. And if his leading lady is open to the idea of joining her man in a little fun for three, the more, the merrier. Many fellas fantasize about having a ----- with their woman and another sexually-free participant, but they usually have to convince their gal to give the idea any consideration. But if she's already cool with a little experimentation, this guy is over the moon with utter excitement. Three's never a crowd when it’s a --------- that everyone's interested in. Two for tea, but three for you!

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