15 Things Every Husband Wishes His Wife Would Do More Often

Are you happily married? Take time to evaluate yourself and your marriage. Being married means that you are past the dating stage of your relationship, but that does not mean that you should be past the romantic stage. Marriage is important because this is the start of a new life ahead of you, the start of the new family, and the start of a lifelong commitment. This is the phase of life where you will learn how to be responsible, selfless, and dedicate your time to your spouse and children.

"Happy wife, happy life," they say. Yes, that is even scientifically proven as a fact. How about the husband? The happiness of a marriage is also determined, not just by how happy the wife is, but also how happy the husband is. For all the wives out there, you also need to consider your husband's emotions and feelings. Perhaps, a happy husband also means a happy married life.

The secret to a happy and successful marriage is communication and without it, everything will be difficult. However, your husband may not be openly communicating about the things that he really likes. He gets it; you are the "Super Mom", but he also needs you to be his "Super Wife". Vice versa, you also want him to be your "Super Husband" and he is doing that.

Do you want to make your husband happy with your marriage? There are few things that he really wishes you will do more often. These things are not big favors. In fact, these are little things that won't even cost you a dime. No idea what they are? We've got you covered. Here are some of the things he secretly hopes that you would do more often because these things make him happy and fulfilled.

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15 Just The Way You Are

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As a wife and as a mother, especially if you are a stay-at-home mom, sometimes you need to put some makeup on and dress beautifully. For working moms and wives, you need to be presentable and sophisticated whenever you go to the office. As a woman, you need to look beautiful. That is not a secret and there are no questions asked for that.

You may feel like you are beautiful with all your makeup on and dressed up, but your hubby just loves you the way you are. He wants to see your natural beauty. He may not be vocal about this because he is worried that you would misinterpret this and think that he does not like the shade of your lipstick or the color of your dress. He fell in love with you, with or without make up on, so he just wants to see you go natural more often.

14 Hands Off The Phone

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What are you even doing with your phone? Are you playing games, checking your email, texting your mom or your work colleague, checking the next recipe from your favorite website, or just simply browsing Facebook and Instagram? Whatever it is, drop your phone if your hubby is around. You had a long day and the only times you will be together is after work and on the weekends.

Spend more time chatting with your husband and not chatting on your phone. Remember, you both need communication and gadgets can sometimes be the hindrance for that. Give him your undivided attention to make him feel more important, valued, and loved as a husband. Do this and he will also give you his undivided attention.

13 Be Direct

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Hold on girl, your hubby is not Professor X of the X-Men. He is not telepathic, so he can't read your mind. You need to tell him what you really want to say or what you really want him to do. Don't just give him signs and some body language. Do you like to have a date with him? Do you want him to cook for you? Do you want him to take the kids to school? If you want something from him, tell him. He will appreciate that more rather than reading your mind.

Women are very difficult to decode. When they say they are alright, sometimes that means they are not. If your hubby did something that you don't like or you are mad about, don't just give him the cold shoulder. Tell him directly what you feel. Open communication between the two of you is the key in having a happy married life.

12 Let Him Be Your Superman

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He knows you are tired, so let him help you more. He wants to be there for you after your long day of work. Let's face it; being a mom and a wife don't have any breaks. He wants to let you know that he values all the hard work you are doing for him, for the kids, and for the whole family.

Let him do the dishes if he wants to. Let him do the laundry if he thinks you are too tired to do it. Let him cook for you if he wants to make some special healthy meal for your health. Let him clean the house if he thinks everything is out of place because you are doing something else. Let him take the kids to school if he thinks you need more time to prepare. In short, let him be your Superman.

11 Explore More

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Be more adventurous and explore new things in life. That does not mean that you need to take a real adventure like hiking, trekking, or even cliff jumping. Being adventurous and exploring more means that you just need to go out of your comfort zone sometimes. Don't get stuck in your everyday routine as a wife and as a mother. Try doing something new every day, so your husband and your kids will be excited to get up every morning.

Are you always preparing the usual breakfast? Try other recipes and add a little twist to your everyday breakfast. Redecorate your home to create a new homey vibe. Add something new to your everyday life. There is nothing wrong with exploring more.

10 Let Him Enjoy

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There is no argument that a husband and a father should always be responsible enough to provide the needs of his family and make himself available physically, mentally, and emotionally to his wife and his kids. He should be able to spend time with his family and put his family first above everything no matter what. But ladies, they need to take a break too.

Let your hubby enjoy some things out of your marriage. Of course, this does not include some other girls. Let him go out with his friends and have a drink and laugh. Let him watch his favorite game or let him play his favorite sports. He has some hobbies, too. Just let him enjoy his life for at least a day.

9 Have Fun!

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If your hubby wants to have fun, he also wants you to enjoy your life. It is time to loosen up and have fun. What are your hobbies? Go ahead and take a break because you deserve it. You are a good wife and a good mother, so you also need to take some time off. Your husband wants you to be happy. If you are too focused on some serious things or if you are so stressed out about chores and finance, you can accidentally yell at your hubby and kids or just be angry without any reasons at all.

Your hubby wants you to remove that frown on your face. Go out with your friends and have an ultimate girls' night. Head out to the spa and pamper yourself. Get your hair and nails done or take a walk and enjoy a cup of coffee. Whatever it is that will make you happy, do it because he wants you to be happy.

8 He Is Your Baby, Too

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Your hubby is not macho all the time. Yes, he is the man, but he needs to let go of his emotions too. Sometimes, he also needs someone he can share his feelings. Girl, you are always vocal about how you feel and you always seek that shoulder to lean on. This time, let him cry on your shoulder. Of course, this can't be literally, but just let him know that he can be a "baby" if he wants to because you love him.

Ask him about his day. Did it go well? If not, let him know that he can confide in you. If he is emotional, let him be. If he does not want to talk to you, you can leave him alone. But be sure to ask him again and just simply let him know that you are always there.

7 Get Real

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Unfortunately, the Internet and the modern era are feeding couples some of the best "relationship goals" or "couple goals" that are not even near reality. Most of these ideas include men exerting so much effort – surprising their girlfriends or wives with a romantic dinner or a room filled with roses and showing love just like what any romantic love movie scene shows. As a result, women tend to expect more from his partner and often ask the question, "Why can't he be more like someone else's husband?"

Girl, you need to get real! Drop those fantasies and expectations. You are already married and you are way past that. Yes, the romance should live, but that does not mean that your husband will go an extra mile or give you a bouquet of flowers every day. There is nothing more romantic than your husband being able to understand you, care for you, and show you how deeply he is in love with you from the day you first met.

6 Enough Is Enough

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You should learn how to just let it go. If you have problems as a couple or as a family, it is normal that you voice out your opinion and disappointment. If your husband did something wrong or irresponsible, it is your right to be mad and even yell at him or discuss things. Nobody is judging you for that. It is completely normal to feel upset, mad, and disappointed in your husband, especially if he deserves every single word you will say.

However, learn to move on. You already made your point and you already released your anger, so it's time to let this go and move forward. Forgive and forget is what they say and this is completely true in a relationship. There is no reason for you to dwell on the past. If you keep on clinging to the mistake he made, you will just nag him over and over again. This is not healthy in a relationship.

5 Sometimes, Make The First Move

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Alright, so you had an argument. Is it his fault? If it is, then play hard to get as long as you want until he apologizes. Is it your fault? If it is, learn to apologize and make the first move. It's funny how some petty arguments really have no roots at all. You both don't know what you are arguing about. Sometimes, women need to concede, especially when they said something that hurt the man's emotions.

Approach him and hug him. You both need closure after the argument. Never attempt to do the cold treatment to each other because instead of making things better, both of you are just making things worse. Sometimes, all he needs is your attention. Make him feel that he is not the only one making up for every stupid argument you had.

4 Date Night It Is

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After spending time with your friends and visiting the spa because he wants you to have fun, plan a date night with your husband. Have quality time together. No, this is different from the family night where your kids are with you all the time. Have some alone time together; he will appreciate that. Sometimes, all you need to do as a couple is hang out and have fun just like the old times when you were still dating.

This does not have to be a splurge! If you want to go out, get a babysitter and go out with him. Watch some movie or eat at a restaurant. Walk under the stars or do something else where you can spend time with him. If there is no way you can go out, tuck the kids in bed early. You can still have a date. Watch some movies or cook for him. Just celebrate your marriage and your togetherness.

3 He Is Awesome!

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Don't forget to compliment him. Remember, your husband is awesome! Remember the times when he compliments every single change you make – new haircut, new dress, new shoes, new shade of lipstick? Remember the times when he says you are the most beautiful woman in his eyes? Well, it is payback time! It is time to compliment him.

Yes, he might be getting those compliments too, but if that compliment comes from you, it would mean a lot for him. Tell him how awesome he is at work, how awesome he is at picking up the kids, how awesome he is for cooking you a dish, how awesome he is at being a father, and how awesome he is at being a husband.

2 He Is Your Man

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Girl, he is your man and you've got to tell him you love him. Yes, at this point in time, you are married and he knows by now that you love him and that you chose him. A little reassurance of reminding him how much you love him is all what he needs to wake up in the morning and be with you. Make him feel that more than love and affection, he is your favorite person and the only person you would like to spend your life with.

Let him know that he is the best thing that ever happened to you. There is no need to be so cheesy. All you need to do is to be sincere, genuine, and honest when saying these words. Just like women, men need these words of love and affection to nurture their emotional health.

1 Thank Him

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There are a lot of reasons to thank him. Let you husband know that you recognize all of his efforts in raising your family. Let your husband feel that you appreciate every little thing he does. Thank him that he is able to provide food on your table. Thank him that he is able to take the kids to their soccer game. Thank him for helping you out in the kitchen. Thank him for running an errand for you. Thank him for giving you such a wonderful gift. Thank him for coming into your life.

There are countless reasons to thank him. Showing gratitude is a big thing. Thanking him because of the things he does – special or just the regular things he does everyday – will make him feel more loved, cared for and respected.

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