15 Things Even Die-Hard Fans Don't Know About American Horror Story

American Horror Story has been on for many seasons now and it seems to be getting better every time they add a new story. It’s a charming show when it comes to the grotesque and we can`t ignore the humor that the show offers, even though it can be unusual at times. We’ve seen stories that have involved witches, cults, demented clowns that murder, a haunted house, and even a blood-soaked threesome. The one thing that the show offers to the audience is that it always keeps us guessing and we love it. Just when we think we have it all figured out, we realize that we weren’t even close. We are always trying to get all the mystery pieces together before the season ends, am I right?

The awesome part about the show is that it’s always been inspired by real events which makes the show so much creepier. Some of the stories are made up by Ryan Murphy while others were taken by headlining stories. We can’t imagine that any of these stories are real, but some of them are. Can you pick out which ones have happened in real life?

There are plenty of things going on behind the scenes that you would never guess. Do you think you can handle these shocking facts? They just might blow your mind. Check out these shocking things you didn’t know about American Horror Story.

15 Staying At The Murder House

The Murder House was the haunted establishment in Season one of American Horror Story. It was creepy and had a history of murders. In the show, the house claimed more lives than we would like to even think about. Not only is the house used for the show, but you can actually rent it out while you are on vacation. Do you think that you could handle it? It’s part of Airbnb and we think it’s a pretty awesome idea. The house is officially called The Alfred/Rosenheim Mansion and it isn’t really haunted. Although in the show, it looks pretty creepy, in real life it’s gorgeous and brightly lit. The stairwell is probably the most famous part of the house because many creepy and grisly events took place on the stairwell. The cost is $1,450 a night plus $1,000 security deposit.

14 The Murder Castle Is Real

The story behind American Horror Story: Hotel is a real one and we can’t believe it. The Murder Castle, as it became known as, is a hotel that was built by H. H. Holmes in the 1800s. The hotel is located in Chicago and it has a horrifying past. The man behind the hotel actually built in with murder in mind. He was looking forward to murdering the guests in his hotel and stashing their bodies in the trap doors that he built all over the hotel. The guy sounds like an absolute madman. He built in many chutes and hidden passages all over the hotel that would make it really easy for him to hide bodies. Imagine building a hotel for that reason alone. No one knows how many people were murdered in the house, though,  it's been guessed to be close to a few hundred, and they were primarily women.

13 Chicken Coop Murders Are Real

We mentioned that American Horror Story likes to get its ideas from real life events and the story behind Devil's Night was no different. Gordon Northcott was a serial killer in the 20s who liked to abduct and kill little boys. His bodies were found under a chicken coop, but they could only prove that Northcott killed three of them. Ms. Evers’ son was abducted on Halloween in the 20’s, she was out taking him trick-or-treating and when she turned her back for a moment, and he was led away by a man in a mask, likely to his death. The American Horror Story makes it far creepier because it makes Ms. Evers’ obsession with keeping her sheets extra clean as if it’s all connected to the death of her son who was wearing a sheet as part of his ghostly costume that night.

12 The Rubber Man Suit Is Cold

The Rubber Man was a mysterious character in American Horror Story and for some time, we couldn’t figure out who it was. Just like many of the characters on the show whoe were quite demented, he’s a sick and disgusting character. Many people, including the cast were shocked to find out that Evan Peters was The Rubber Man. “Yeah, I think everybody was pretty shocked. “Oh, you’re Rubber Man? Oh, my God. Wow. Oh, you’re sick. Something’s wrong with you,” he told Entertainment magazine. The outfit was not a fun one to wear as he explained, “It’s like you’re naked when you walk around set because it’s just a layer of latex. It’s frustrating to put on because you have to lube up basically because if it gets caught on your skin…so you make sure you’re all nice and slick and then you get in there. You have to wear a robe on set or a jacket, so you’re not too cold.”

11 The Black Dahlia

The Murder House from season one of the American Horror Story had a character that came in called Elizabeth Short. She was an aspiring actress and we know her as the real-life woman who became known as The Black Dahlia. She was murdered in 1947 and they never found her killer. The murder was shocking to the nation, mainly because of what the killer did to her body, cutting it in half, her face cut into a “Glasgow smile.” It’s easily the longest Los Angeles unsolved murder cases out there. We wonder where that killer ended up and if he ever killed again after that. AHS used the character who showed up at the Murder House as a patient to a doctor that had a home office there.

10 Our Favorite Actors

Actors come and go on the show and some of them appear in more than one season. It’s the fun part of American Horror Story; we see our favorite actors in different roles. The only actors on the show, however, have been there from the beginning and appeared in every season are Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson. They must be the producer’s favorites and they do always play intriguing characters. The two have even played lovers throughout American Horror Story and for the Cult story. Funny enough, Sarah Paulson’s character is triggered and when that happened, she got some pretty freaky phobias. She is triggered, funnily enough, by Donald Trump’s election. Both Paulson and Peters are able to play some deep and dark characters and they are certainly very talented actors.

9 The Opening Credits

The opening credits are pretty important for any TV show; it’s what draws the audience into what the show is about. It’s not hard to make American Horror Story creepy; it was there from the beginning. We get that unsettling feeling every time the opening credits start rolling. That’s what makes them so important. Kyle Cooper is the one that did the opening credits for the show and the cool thing about them is that they always offer clues as to what is going to happen during each season. They are not only unsettling, but creepy as well. Cooper is also responsible for the opening credits for AMC’s The Walking Dead. He’s clearly a talented guy because he gets the job done and we are completely engaged in the show from the time that those opening credits start to roll.

8 Historical Characters Delphine Lalaurie And Marie Laveau Were Real

Delphine LaLaurie was a brutal character in American Horror Story: Coven. She was a wealthy Madame who was cruel and murderous towards the slaves that worked for her. Marie Laveau played a voodoo practitioner in the show and as creepy as both these characters are, their stories are true. There is no evidence that the two knew each other in real life, but they did both live in New Orleans at the same time. Delphine was a horrible human being in real life. Her home was eventually burned down by a slave, forcing her to flee. What the townsfolk found inside the remnants of the burned home is the thing of nightmares. She had slaves tied in the basement in chains; they were beaten and starved. She was as close to pure evil as a real person can get.

7 Edward Mordrake Is From Fiction

Many people assume the character of Edward Mordrake from American Horror Story: Freak Show is another one that was taken from history. But in fact, he was not. He’s a fictional character that was created by someone else in the past. Science fiction writer Charles Lotin Hildreth wrote the character of Edward Mordrake in 1895. He was the heir to an English peerage, but he was also known to be a freak. He has an extra face on the back of his head, creepy, right? The other face was sinister, or so it seemed. The other face couldn’t speak or eat, but it seemed to sneer every time that Mordrake was found weeping.

6 Briarcliff Asylum Was A Horrible Place

AMERICAN HORROR STORY: ASYLUM -- Pictured: Lizzie Brochere as Grace -- CR: Frank Ockenfels/FX

Briarcliff Asylum, or really any asylum from that era, were creepy and horrible places. Old asylums have horror stories that included cruel, experimental treatments. The Briarcliff Asylum in American Horror Story was inspired by asylums that were active in the mid-20th century. In New York, there was one asylum called Willowbrook State School in Staten Island. In the '60s, many asylums were exposed for being cruel and inhumane to their patients and offering terrible living conditions. They had horrible means of disciplining their patients that shocked the city. It eventually closed down, but not for another 20 years after they were exposed for their deplorable treatment of patients.

5 Clowns Aren’t Impressed With Twisty

Yikes, we would not want to run into that clown anywhere, he’s almost as bad as Pennywise from IT…almost. Many people make their living by being professional clowns. They attend birthday parties and events dressed as a clown and that’s how they make their living. So, the whole “clown fear” that people seem to have all over the world can make their job difficult. So, when American Horror Story: Freak Show revealed Twisty, professional clowns weren’t too impressed. Twisty was the demented clown on the show that liked to murder people. Professional clowns felt that Twisty was obviously contributing to all the “clown fear” that was already out there in the world. It’s not his fault that he looks so terrifying, he is a freak after all, but we wouldn’t want to run into him anytime soon, so there is something to be said about that “clown fear.”

4 The American Morbidity Museum

The American Morbidity Museum in American Horror Story was actually based on a real museum. Creepy, right? Yikes, we aren’t sure that we want to visit it. But for those that like things a little bit morbid, there is a museum in Philadelphia called The Mutter Museum and it’s been around for decades. How did we not know this? It has all kinds of freaky things inside including organs, skeletons, and many physical remains of people. They are usually the remains of people in history that had unusual bodies, like two heads, eight eyes, whatever. If you like that sort of thing, then you might be interested to know that the museum has the remains of the famous Siamese twins Eng and Change, the remains of a giant, the skeleton of a dwarf, and even preserved slices of Albert Einstein’s brain. Talk about wild.

3 Ma Petite Is A Deity

Jyoti Amge is surprisingly 19 years old.. She played Ma Petite, one of the freaks in American Horror Story: Freakshow! She was one of the favorite characters from that season; she’s smart and cute as a button. Being in show business is a thrilling adventure and it’s something that most of us can only dream about. But being a celebrity might not be that big of a deal to Amge. In India, Amge’s home country, she is actually considered to be a deity, which essentially means she is “a living incarnation of a goddess.” The Hindu religion believes that due to her unorthodox stature, she must be a deity. So, the celebrity life is probably nothing compared to how she is viewed in India. To be considered a goddess is something special indeed and is hard to top.

2 Murdering The Cheerleader

In the first season of American Horror Story, they had brought someone from Evan Peters past and it was a lot of fun to see. In the Murder House, Evan Peters' character, Kyle, was constantly plagued by ghosts of the people that he murdered. It was one of the downfalls of entering the house. Seems a little fair though, right? Most of the people that he murdered were students from his school. One of which was a cheerleader with brown hair. The murdered cheerleader was played by Ashley Rickards and, funny enough, she played Evan Peter’s girlfriend on One Tree Hill. It’s interesting that they were reunited once again just to have Peters' character murder her.

1 Alma And Kit Walker Are Real

Out of all the stories in American Horror Story, you would never expect the story of Alma and Kit Walker to be real. Why? Because it involves being abducted by aliens. It’s a story about an interracial couple who are madly in love during a time when it wasn’t very accepted by society. A lot of people actually hated this storyline in American Horror Story, but what they didn’t know was that it was based on a true story. In the 60s, Alma and Kit Walker were real, but their names were really Betty and Barney Hill. They lived in New Hampshire and they claim they were involved in an abduction and their story is so accurate and believable, “many common alien abduction tropes in modern science fiction derive from their account.” Look up the story, it’s pretty interesting.


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