15 Things Dog The Bounty Hunter Doesn't Want Us To Know

Everyone knows at least a little something about Dog the Bounty Hunter. Typically it's something to do with the fact that he's got an awful mullet. Or that he's almost completely orange because of all the tanning he does. And while I won't say he's very deep, there is a lot more to this guy than you might think. A lot of surprising things actually.

Did you know that Dog's full name is Duane Lee Chapman... and that he hates being called by his real name? Did you know that Duane was convicted of first-degree murder!? His life has also seen some tragedy. The day he married Beth was the same day that he found out one of his daughters had died. He also has a number of wives and a huge family... but they don't all get along with him.

Another group that doesn't get along with him very well is the Native American tribe he says he's a part of. They deny it and think he's just using their culture to make money. Either way, it turns out that Duane is a whole lot more interesting than I ever thought. Because I definitely never thought he was interesting.


15 He's Not Actually Part Native American (He's Just Insulting)

That's right. Duane Chapman loves to talk about how he's part Native American. Depending on the source, or how Duane feels on a given day, his mother was either Cherokee or half Chiricahua Apache. Either way, it turns out that his mother actually may have just been a Polish immigrant who fell in love with Native American living. This has obviously caused some controversy since cultural appropriation is already a big enough issue in the States. But also claiming heritage he doesn't have has pissed off a lot of people. In spite of Native Americans thinking that Duane is using their culture for marketing purposes, it doesn't stop him from wearing his "native feather" in his hair and wearing his "native beadwork" and whatever other parts of their culture he claims to have.

14 He And Beth Were Robbed Of $5,000


Considering that Duane's job is all about hunting people down and getting money from them, you would think that he wouldn't likely be robbed, right? Wrong! Beth and Duane were staying in a hotel in L.A. and they were robbed of $5,000. Of course, they weren't in the hotel at the time. They came back to find the safe open, and the money gone. There were no signs of forced entry and authorities were led to believe that it was an inside job. Strangely, while Duane did issue threats of finding the culprit and giving them a chance to turn themselves in, he didn't go sifting through the hotel staff to find out who stole the money. So, the big man whose job it is is to hunt people down for money can't even find his own money that was stolen out of his own hotel room.

13 Dog Doesn't Like His Son's Girlfriend Because She's Black

Duane made a bit of a mistake. He should know by now that anyone can record a phone call. Even if it's your own son. Duane got into a fight over the phone with his son because he didn't like his girlfriend. Why didn't he like her? It turns out because she was black! Yup, Duane Chapman is apparently a racist. With a mullet like that, it's hard not to think that already, but the recorded phone call was proof. Who leaked the call? Most likely his own son. This is what got Dog The Bounty Hunter canceled the first time. Duane even used the "N" word in the call. And then he had the nerve to ask people to "please not think less of [him]". I'm sorry Duane, it's hard not to think less of you when the Civil Rights movement happened over 40 years ago. Grow up.

12 Dog Dropped Out In Grade Seven To Join A Gang!


Duane is a successful reality TV star, vacuum salesman, and lecturer. Lecturer! You know what's really interesting about the idea of Duane Chapman giving lectures? He dropped out of school in grade seven! He was 13 when he dropped out of school to join a biker gang. And somehow he managed to end up being such a star. It makes me weep to think about how Americans can make an uneducated guy like this a star (or a President). All he does is stalk people, abuse them, and take money from them or have them arrested. Most of what he does would be considered criminal if he didn't call himself a bounty hunter. It's kind of cool to know that you don't need to be smart to get far in life. That being said, I bet Duane would not be too proud of having any formal education. He seems to be pretty insecure.

11 Dog Was Convicted Of First Degree Murder!

This is an interesting story, not just because he was convicted of murder but because this is the very reason why he went out into the world to become a bounty hunter. When he was only 13, Duane joined a biker gang. I don't know how he did that, but he did. Well, he was with a buddy during a deal and his buddy shot and killed the man he was making the deal with. Since he was there, he was convicted and sent to jail. He didn't serve his full jail sentence but apparently, he changed a lot inside. When he was released, a judge who was overseeing Duane told him that he would be very well suited to bounty hunting. I can almost not believe that. I'm not surprised that he was convicted of murder. I am surprised that a judge would try and drive this guy to bounty hunting... and now here we are.

10 He Sold Vacuums When He Got Out Of Prison


It turns out that it's hard for people to find a job when they get out of prison. Especially when they've been convicted of murder. Sure, a judge did tell Duane to get into bounty hunting (which I would never tell a convicted murderer being released from prison) but it takes a bit to get started in that business. So, in order to pay the bills while doing a bit of bounty hunting on the side, Duane got into selling vacuums. It makes you wonder though when he came to the door would you be annoyed because he was trying to sell vacuums? Or would you be afraid because you think he might be coming to collect on a bail bond? Either way, I have to say that it must have been hilarious watching Duane with his tanned, leathery skin and his giant mullet trying to sell hoovers.

9 Beth Has Definitely Had Some Surgery

Here's something that Duane definitely won't want you to know. Why? Because it has to do with his darling Beth and her insecurities. Anyone who bothered to watch the horrible show Dog The Bounty Hunter will have noticed a big change in Beth over a fairly short time. Now, it is possible that she just buckled down and worked very, very hard to drop some weight... and then change the shape of her face. But I think it's far more likely that she got a tuck and some facial work under the knife. Now, there's no direct proof, there is only hearsay on this one. But there are many sources that are almost certain of Beth's cosmetic alterations. Considering that Beth and Duane seem to think they have a perfect life, it must get under their skin when they realize that we notice their insecurities.


8 Even Chris Christie Thinks Dog Is A Joke


Don't get me wrong here. Chris Christie is a huge joke. No question. Most politicians are. But it is awesomely hilarious knowing that even Chris Christie thinks that Duane and his posse are nothing but a huge joke. Duane and his hunters have spent a lot of time lobbying against bail bond reform (because they didn't want to lose their jobs) and they planned to meet with Christie in Jersey. Christie, the governor of Jersey, laughed when asked about the meeting. He told the press that he would send his least favorite staff member to meet with Duane and the rest of his group. That's how little he cared about these guys. And the funny thing is that this didn't hurt Christie at all. But it definitely hurt Duane and company. It showed just how little anyone cared about their lobbying.

7 Dog Never Uses A Gun...Because He's Not Allowed

You might think that Duane uses his stun gun and pepper gun only because it makes him feel more bad*ss than using bullets. But you'd be wrong. Duane is actually just not allowed to carry a firearm. He can't even apply for a firearms license. Why? Because he's a convicted felon. He was convicted of murder and that murder was carried out with a gun. Though that hardly matters. Felons, in general, are not allowed to apply for a firearms license at all. You'll notice if you watch Duane's garbage show, that there are others in his group of hunters who do carry firearms and that must make Duane far more comfortable than he would otherwise feel. Sure, he's got a stun gun and the pepper gun but not having the surety of bullets must make him feel vulnerable.

6 His Daughter Accused Dog Of Some Naughty Business


Duane's daughter Lyssa Chapman came out with a book called Walking on Eggshells, all about her troubled family life growing up. “I [falsely] accused my father of [assaulting] me when I was 11,” she wrote. “I had been molested by a friend of his. It was a horrible life that I never wanted to go back to, living with him and Beth and the fighting and the drugs. When I got to my mother’s, although she drank, it was much more peaceful. I was in school, I had friends, I was willing to do anything to not go back.” Who the hell is Duane hanging out with that his friends molest his daughter!? There's another interesting point here. Lyssa's reveal of Duane and Beth's drug use. It's pretty sad that when Lyssa went back to her mother (a previous wife of Duane's), who was a drunk, she felt safer and more at peace.

5 He Hates Being Called Duane Lee Chapman

Oh yeah. This is why I've been calling him Duane throughout the whole article. "Dog's" full name is Duane Lee Chapman. But he hates being called by his real name. He really prefers being called "Dog". I think this says a number of things about him. First, I think he prefers that name because of his poodle-like hairstyle that makes him look like a strange breed of dog. Secondly, I think this shows us a guy who just really wants to feel badass but actually isn't deep down. Thirdly, I have to say that this shows a huge amount of insecurity in Duane Chapman. He wants so much to be the macho man who can do anything (except own a gun) and find anyone... but he's ashamed of his own name. It's like he needs to create a separate identity so he can feel good about himself. It's almost sad.

4 Dog's Daughter Passed On The Day He Married Beth


This is a horrible thing that we can't make a joke about. But I think it's also something that Duane probably doesn't want people to talk about too much. Beth is Duane's fifth wife. A daughter from his previous marriage had allegedly ended up in a stolen car with drugs and alcohol and ended up in an accident with a friend. She was killed. Already this is a horrible story. In addition to that though, Duane found out about the death just before he and Beth were to walk down the aisle to get married. I can't imagine how he must have felt. They went through with the ceremony. Once they got to the reception, Duane stood up, told everyone what had happened, and told everyone that they were now going to use the reception to celebrate the life of his daughter.

3 He Was Sued For Ruining A Man's Life

There was a man that Duane was hunting that he claims fired shots at him and his crew. I have to say that given the fact that they were rushing the guy and they live in the U.S., it makes perfect sense that the guy would fire in self-defense. But, the guy claims he never fired a single shot and was abused by Duane and company. And now the man is suing Duane because, after being captured by the hunters and after the story broke about him firing shots at the hunters, he was let go from his job and lost everything. Duane said that he had video evidence of the man firing at his crew. This is a video that Duane has still never produced in his defense. Of course, the suit was settled and I'm sure the guy walked away with quite a bit of Duane's money.

2 Bail Bond Reform Got Dog Canceled...Thankfully


If you didn't know (lucky you), Duane and Beth had a second life on CMT with another bounty hunting show years after the first show got canceled. It's already sad enough that he managed to get a second show after his racial slurs and so on. But it is CMT. Either way, there is a pretty hilarious and awesome reason for Duane to be canceled yet again. All of the lobbying he did that made Chris Christie laugh, trying to get bail bond reform shut down, ended up being useless. Mainly because of how dangerous Duane and hunters like him were, I'm guessing. Either way, there was big reform with bail bond law and Duane was forced to shut down his work because he actually just couldn't do all of the crazy sh*t he used to do. And if you can't entertain anymore, no TV network will keep you around.

1 Duane Is On Wife #5 And Has 13 Kids!

I'm not sure how Duane managed to do this, but he's now on wife number five! That means he was married four times before that! I'm not surprised that none of the previous women stayed with him. What I am surprised about is that many women chose to be with him. But besides all of that, Duane also has a total of 13 children between all of his wives. I can't imagine how confusing that must be. And he doesn't have a very good relationship with almost any of them. And I'm sure this guy who seems like such a stand-up family man on TV, working with his son, doesn't want you to know that most of his family actually can't stand him. I'm not surprised by this, but it's pretty sad when this guy keeps trying to push an image that is just so clearly untrue.

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