15 Things Disney Wants You To Forget About The Star Wars Universe

With Star Wars: Rogue One upcoming, it seems obvious that Disney wants us to see the major missing part of Star Wars that we never got to see from George Lucas in his stories early on. Rogue One does

With Star Wars: Rogue One upcoming, it seems obvious that Disney wants us to see the major missing part of Star Wars that we never got to see from George Lucas in his stories early on. Rogue One does not happen after Force Awakens, but rather much earlier.

Rogue One happens between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back. This means that Disney is giving us a bit of an introduction to some new storylines that made a difference in the overall Star Wars storyline. Disney wants you to see this as them sort of rebooting the entire franchise.

The Force Awakens was their first attempt to begin to rebuild after the terrible Episodes I-III movies. It was a major success and it also created a few new stars for them to lean on the next number of years. Rogue One will hopefully give them good numbers, but the timeline between the two films is relatively large. So it will be interesting if there could be any real crossover. Regardless, this all happens in another world where time and space is completely different.

Disney wants us to know what they want us to know and there is plenty about the Star Wars Universe that they would love to keep under wraps. The reason is due to either controversy, major technical issues, or many other reasons which we will cover below.

Trust us when we tell you that Disney needs this stuff forgotten relatively soon and you will end up surprised by the reasons for it.

15 Jar Jar Binks


In theory, Disney would love Jar Jar Binks. He was supposed to be a lovable character who kids would all flock to. And to their credit, when marketing the film, there was no issue trying to get kids to love Jar Jar. However, the character was a total waste of time and really not worth the investment. He was a good character to have in as a cameo to help the Jedi as they first need him. Yet he stuck around and appeared a lot afterward with them and turned into a running joke about how awful he is.

There was a hot fan theory that had Jar Jar tapped as a possible Sith Lord that was infiltrating the Jedi for years and that HE may be the man pulling the strings in the new universe. It is a weird theory that no one really believes heavily. If Disney has their way, they would want you to forget about both his character, and the theory quickly. It is unlikely he will ever show back up.

14 George Lucas Actually Wrote Another Star Wars Script


You read that right, George Lucas actually did write another Star Wars movie script and there was a shot he would have put it out there. When the Disney purchase happened, there was an Episode 7 included in the buy. Episodes VII and IX were even included. It did not get much coverage when the deal happened to buy up the rights to the brand, but it was surely a huge component of the deal to have.

Weirdly enough, these scripts disappeared and have not been used at all. In fact, they are so far buried that any sort of mention to things in these movies have been pretty much killed off. Disney will never use these scripts. Perhaps they were bad, we're not really sure as no one has seen them other than Disney themselves. However, it appears they went into a very different direction from the movies Lucas was focused on making with Star Wars. It's hard to argue with the style they have taken as it has clearly paid off massively for them in doing so.

13 The Early Comics


Star Wars has a lot of comics and random stories about them. We'll dive more into these things later on in the list, but the basic thing is this: Disney took away all canon connection to a great deal of stories in the comics and books. They pretty much said only the ones connected to the universe they liked were canon and that made it impossible for about 80% of the material to be used.

That also means there are characters that Disney will never use that are huge comic and story characters. It is likely that they will end up using them down the line, but under another name however...which we'll get to later for sure.

12 The Clone Wars Film

Via StarWars.wikia

Before Disney bought Lucasfilm, Warner Bros. managed to put out an animated Clone Wars film in 2008. They do not credit this film in canon at all, and despite the events in the film actually being in canon, they do not mention the film or even credit it being part of any storyline.

They may plan to make their own Clone Wars film because of all the material they can go with. However, the Episodes 1-3 covered a great deal of that timeline, so you can imagine they want to be careful about re-using similar plot points.

So while you shouldn't expect this to pop up anytime soon, you should consider the idea that Disney simply wants you to forget this animated film existed. In fact, the Clone Wars series may as well be entirely forgotten as far as the new series is considered.

11 Anakin Skywalker Force Ghost


You may have noticed that Darth Vader was not always a bad guy. He was actually Anakin Skywalker, the Jedi who would bring balance to the universe that will set things down the right path. At least that is what Episodes 1-3 tried to push off until the third film made him into Darth Vader to go with former films...which happen to be in the future, but made years ago because this was a prequel. Trust me, we're all confused about it too.

Anyway, the force ghost of Vader was there when Luke Skywalker came home once along with his mentor Obi-Wan Kenobi. While Kenobi is someone Disney REALLY wants you to talk about, it is the addition of Anakin to the ghosts that they do not. George Lucas added actor Hayden Christensen to the ghosts in the older films to connect him to the universe. This has been universally panned by Star Wars fans and not something Disney wants you to remember...and we don't either. So yeah, we're cool with this removal Disney.

10 Disney Can't Let You Have A Happy Ending


While Disney has always been in the business of giving you a happy ending at the middle of films they put out...they really want to take it away. As is the case when you consider the ending from the Return of the Jedi film. The reason for the happy ending the movie had was because it was the final movie for Lucas at the time and the prequels would come much later down the road. He never planned another and due to how he ended Return, he had to go back in time if he wanted to tell a story.

Disney had to make movies to follow Return of the Jedi. That said, they can't let you remember the happy ending of the official last film in canon if they want Force Awakens to make sense. Therefore they had to find cracks and wanted you to believe issues occurred and the new Star Wars universe is now created under Disney.

9 Chewbacca is Dead


You remember how we said that we'll return to the books/comics? This is one reason why. Disney wants you to forget that the Star Wars Universe killed the lovable Chewbacca...just cause. In the book Vector Prime, Chewie dies and since that book is not know full well that Disney wanted you to forget this massively.

Chewie obviously showed up in the Force Awakens film and while the story of his death in the comics was well told, Disney does not want to lose the character. He very well could die later on to kill off one of the final connections to the previous franchises, but we also wouldn't be surprised if he makes it to the very end. After all, unlike the other characters, you don't see much age with him and they could continue to hire actors to play the role as well. So Disney may never get rid of him officially.

8 The Terrible Holiday Special


Do we really even need to discuss the Holiday Special? Alright, so on Thanksgiving in 1978 people had to experience the variety show of sorts from the Star Wars crew. The original cast was involved too, which made is a star-studded event of craziness. George Lucas even hates the entire thing these days, which is saying a lot.

While Disney has never really referred to the tape at all or even as much as sniffed in its direction, they are obviously not going to want you to remember it whatsoever. Everyone wants to forget it, Lucas wants you to forget it, so can we just forget about it already? Come on now.

7 Darth Plagueis


One of the most powerful Sith Lords ever is Darth Plagueis who happened to be the mentor of Darth Sidious. In the stories, many believe that everything Sidious did in the Episodes 1-3 was controlled by Plagueis. You have a right to think that as well, as many believe he controlled Sidious for some time and was most likely pulling the strings until his death at the hands of Sidious. Some even believe he is actually the one playing the Emperor Snoke role.

Lucas only spoke of him briefly in the films while the books really dive into his origin where you find him to be one of the most powerful Sith who ever lived. Also teaching Sidious, possibly the most powerful Sith of them all, is a clear talking point to put on your resume.

In the rule of two, you must kill your master to become a Sith Lord. That is the only way, so perhaps Plagueis is no longer around, but either way it seems that Disney wants this character to stay buried for a while. It may just not be for forever due to important role he has had on the universe.

6 There Are No Longer Any Numbers In The Movies

Via Star Wars wikia

You may have noticed numbers in the Star Wars titles such as Episode I through III. The plan for Lucas was for him to make the IV and beyond as we mentioned earlier. The thing for Disney is that they don't want to have these numbers added because they feel there is no use in them. Theoretically, if Star Wars continued to be numbered it might feel old and Disney would hate to have one of their products feel that way.

All of their Marvel characters are decades old, some even older than the people who work in management for the business itself. However, you don't feel like they are that and you don't want to either. Star Wars is older than many of the people reading this list and that automatically turns people off while set titles like Rogue One or Force Awakens sound good and do not come off as old.

5 C-3PO's Silver Leg

Image via Reddit

It is a popular one to talk about. C-3PO has a silver leg in one of the films and it is commonly overlooked by people who don't care to pay attention. However, those that do like yours truly know the leg is quite a significant addition to 3PO when it shows up. The issue now is that Disney does not want you to remember a silver leg ever existed because of the new red arm.

Disney could have just randomly mentioned the red arm in the movie and moved on after a small flashback. But oh no, they hyped it up only to get it to this big level just to reveal he got it from another droid...which isn't even discussed much in the film and only spoken of in a comic that Disney had put out involving the switch. Disney truly wants you to remember the arm and never the leg.

4 Darth Vader

Via Screen Rant

Now this one is a pick you'll need to follow to understand. Vader is massively popular and one of the key figures in Star Wars history. He is even in the new Rogue One film coming out soon and mentioned in Force Awakens. However, fans are always connected to the past of the series and even Disney has an issue with letting go of it fully. However, they have no real choice in the matter.

With Kylo Ren and Snoke being the main bad guys in the universe now, Darth Vader can no longer be remembered as the top villain from the series. Otherwise, Disney is not doing their job in making the films stand out. If you continue to remember the past then Disney cannot progress with their new characters, therefore they need you to see that they don't want to bury the history of Vader but they do want you to forget about him and focus on Snoke and Ren for the next number of years.

3 FOX Owns All The Original Movies


Disney paid four billion dollars for Lucasfilms to give up Star Wars. It was a good move in theory as one movie already paid 1/4 of it off and with more on the way they are sure to make billions more as long as they keep going. However, hilariously Disney does not even own the former films.

Lucas' original deal with FOX gave him merchandise and sequels, but the whole studio distribution stuff belonged to FOX. They still own the rights to every single Star Wars film before the sale. While Disney now owns all trademarks and assets related to those films and beyond...they cannot ever claim they own any of the previous films or even as much as remaster and sell them over. FOX surely can though. Now, of course, this may not last forever. They own the rights to Episodes I-VI until May of 2020 but the original Star Wars film they own for as long as they choose to own it.

Disney may eventually be able to land the rights to five films but it is unlikely they will ever own the original one. How much does that have to suck?

2 Darth Sidious Is Probably Still Alive

Via Screen Rant

The main villain, truly, in all previous six films was Darth Sidious. You may not have known this, but he in fact, was the main bad guy the entire time and was not revealed to be such until a while down the line. In the last movie of the original series, Return of the Jedi you assume Sidious is killed off.

However, this assumption can be dismissed because it seems the original idea was to keep the death open-ended. Throughout all of Star Wars books and comics, there are force ghosts that come about where evil Sith live. There is a possibility for one of these to catch hold of someone and then become them...removing their soul for their own if they choose to do so. It is the ultimate soap opera reveal but totally canon to do.

If Disney wanted to, they could bring Sidious back anytime and since his death was open ended where he could have survived a deep space plunge, his force ghost could always show up any point in time Disney wants it to. In fact, he could be the one masquerading as Snoke. You never know, but would it not be one heck of a reveal to bring Sidious back?

1 Disney Totally Ripped Off Jacen Solo For Kylo-Ren

Via Screen Rant

For those unaware, Disney does have a lot of comics and books in their inventory. However, they cut many out of canon due to the fact that they either do not want that story involved in their universe or that they want to use the story for their own and change names. The entire Kylo-Ren situation is a complete rip-off of Jacen Solo. Solo was the son of Han and Leia Solo who was trained by Leia's brother Luke Skywalker in the ways of the force...both good and bad. He then decided he could not get enough dark force and found his way into an evil state.

This would devastate Luke and push him out of action for years as he blamed himself for what happened. Starting to sound familiar? Disney ripped off an entire character from the books because it was a great a story, but instead of adding this book to canon they decided to remove it so that they could make Ben Solo or Kylo-Ren. Interestingly, Luke Skywalker's son in the books is Ben Skywalker. They really did not search far at all.

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