15 Things Deadliest Catch Execs Don't Want Us To Know

Reality TV has become everyone's guilty pleasure in one form or another. But make no mistake, the purpose is still to entertain.

Since it first aired in 2005, Discovery Channel documentary series, Deadliest Catch has been keeping audiences on each of their sofas, covering the events of crab fishing vessels on the icy Bering Sea. It's showcased the lives of the captains and their crews as they risk their lives in one of the deadliest jobs in the world. But there’s a good reason why these men brave massive waves and below freezing temperatures to bring in their haul – the substantial amount of cash they can earn if their Captain gets them “on the crab”. Audiences are hooked on the antics of the fishermen and their skippers and can’t seem to get enough of this real-life high sea adventure.

But just like any other so-called “reality show”, there is plenty that goes on behind the scenes that ends up on the cutting room floor, in order to make it more pleasing to the general audience. The show is of course edited, which means that executives decide what goes in and how they want to frame it. So just what secrets have Deadliest Catch executives been trying to keep from us? What is fact and what is actually just TV fiction? Here are 15 things that they’ve tried to cover up and facts they don’t want you to know…

15 It’s Not Just Coffee Keeping Them Awake

14 There’s Always A Camera Crew Stationed With The Coast Guard

13 One Deckhand Sued The Hillstrands And Was Awarded $1.4 Million In Damages

12 The Show Doesn’t Really Cover The Deadliest Type Of Crab Fishing

The Dungeness crab industry is far deadlier – with a death rate almost double that of any other type of fishing. This is because Dungeness boats don’t require a Coast Guard safety inspection to get permitted and the industry still operates on a “derby” system which means that inexperienced captains take greater risks to bring in the crab. The Discovery Channel has recognized this and launched a spin-off series covering the Dungeness crab industry called Deadliest Catch: Dungeon Cove.

11 The Cameramen Have Had A Few Close Calls Of Their Own

10 Producers Need To Be Creative When It Comes To Swearing

9 Phil Harris Insisted Discovery Channel Film His Final Hours

8 The Way Greenhorns Are Treated Has Led To Mixed Reactions

7 How Much The Captains Really Earn For Appearing On The Show

6 The Show Almost Lost Sig Hansen And The Hillstrand Brothers

In 2010 the network sued the Hillstrands for $3 million after they failed to finish production on a spin-off show called Hillstranded but just a few months later they announced that they would be returning to show after all. “We’re happy we worked everything out with Discovery,” they said in a statement. “A deal’s a deal. We’re heading up to Dutch Harbor to start filming the new season of Deadliest Catch and hopefully, it will be the best one yet.”

5 Jake Harris’ Downward Spiral

4 You Shouldn’t Believe Everything You See

3 Their Most Popular Captain Is A Controversy Magnet

Firstly, there are the allegations of abuse from his estranged daughter, who is seeking, surprise-surprise, “an undisclosed amount of damages” from him in a civil suit. So far no evidence has been brought forward to prove these claims and Hansen denies any wrongdoing stating, "This is nothing more than an old-fashioned shakedown. It's a completely frivolous lawsuit full of lies that my ex-wife made up to take away my daughter, and still uses to try to extort money from me. It's blackmail."

More recently Sig found himself in the hot seat again when an Uber driver sued him for damages, claiming that Hansen spit on him and damaged his vehicle.

2 It’s Not That Hard To Get A Job As A Greenhorn

1 Climate Change Might Spell The End Of The Show

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15 Things Deadliest Catch Execs Don't Want Us To Know