15The Obvious Weakness

For some of comic books’ greatest heroes, it takes something huge to bring them down -- well, bar Green Lantern being ridiculously neutralized by the color yellow. But for Aquaman, the Marine Marvel is sadly alongside the Emerald Knight when it comes to having a stupid weakness.

You see, the King

of Atlantis’s main weakness is the elephant in the room, the obvious problem: the fact that he’s useless on land.

For the longest period of time, the world of DC Comics regularly had it set up so that Aquaman would become weak and lose his strength if he spent too much time on land. Essentially, the logic was that he would become, err, dried out if too much time was spent away from the depths of the ocean.

Thankfully, this matter was finally addressed in more recent years when Batman decided to put a stop to this issue by developing a special sort of wetsuit to keep the Marine Marvel moist whilst away from Atlantis.

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