15 Things Charlotte McKinney Doesn't Want You To Know

If Charlotte McKinney is a name you're unfamiliar with, get ready to be acquainted with it. This beautiful blonde model has made it her mission to become a star and it doesn't seem like she is going to settle for anything less. McKinney was born and raised in Orlando, Florida, but has recently moved LA to work on her career. When McKinney was 17-years-old, she decided to pursue her longtime dream of becoming a model. After desperately trying to find an agency and coming up empty-handed, she took it upon herself to make her dreams come true and boy did she succeed.

McKinney began modelling all on her own, while sharing her seductive pictures with her fans on Instagram. She soon began to get noticed by a number of people, quickly gaining popularity and stardom. Shortly after becoming an internet sensation, the model started to land modelling gigs left and right. McKinney became the face of Guess, the vixen from the Super Bowl commercial, and even managed to get cast in a couple of movies.

McKinney is well known for her small waist line and extra-large bust size, but she has made it clear that she wants to be known for so much more. The young star has recently taken a liking to acting and has already begun filming for over 4 new productions. You might recognize her from The Late Bloomer or Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful loser, and if you don't, it's only a matter of time before you do.


15 She's Been Victim of A "Leak"


Last summer, Charlotte McKinney publicly addressed her fans asking them to disregard any messages they'd receive from her via Instagram. The reason behind this is that McKinney had once again been victimized by hackers and had her nude pictures leaked. McKinney was a little shocked that this type of thing could happen to her twice, but with a body like hers, it's no surprise that hackers are spending their energy on breaking into her account.

A couple years ago, many celebs’ iClouds were hacked into, releasing numerous intimate pictures of them onto the internet. McKinney also fell victim to this massive security breach, but denied every single picture that was released. Conveniently, the model's face was hidden in every single shot, giving her the opportunity to escape the embarrassment. Some have argued that the pictures are not of McKinney, but of someone who has her identical physique. But come on, let's be real.

14 She Doesn't Like Being Compared To Kate Upton


Charlotte McKinney and Kate Upton might look similar, but don't get them confused. McKinney has been getting compared to Upton since the very beginning of her modelling career and she has stated on many different accounts that she is tired of being referred to as the “new Kate Upton.” Although being compared to a gorgeous model might not sound like the worst compliment to some of us, McKinney finds it to be a little infuriating. "I'm over it. I believe we're two totally different people and we have different career paths," said the model when she was asked how she felt over the comparison.

Funny enough, McKinney and Upton seem to have the exact same career path. For example, both models started out their career on a Carl's Jr. advertisement and have posed for Sports Illustrated magazine. They are both known for their large cup sizes, blonde hair, and curvy figures. To top it all off, McKinney has talked about wanting to pursue acting, which is something Upton has also done.

13 She Dropped Out Of High School At 17


The 23-year-old-model has recently admitted to having dropped out of high school when she was 17-years-old. Once free from her scholastic duties, Charlotte McKinney decided to pursue her dreams and go into modelling. McKinney always knew that she wanted to become famous, so she started hitting the gym and making her physique as desirable as possible. Having nowhere to turn to for modelling advice, the fresh-faced teen decided to use Instagram to acquire a following. After a couple of years, McKinney became well known as the blonde hottie with extra-large breasts and she started to rise to fame.

It wouldn't be long until the Instagram model was profiled in Esquire magazine and shown off to the world. In 2015, McKinney was featured in Carl's Jr. All Natural Super Bowl commercial, which helped her receive an even bigger following. Later that year, McKinney would start modelling for Guess, proving that you don't need a high school education to make it in life.

12 She Had Work Done... Or Did She?


Charlotte McKinney has been asked whether her breasts are fake on countless occasions. However, the model refuses to answer the question, seeing it as insulting. While most would agree that her breasts are obviously fake, others aren't so sure. The topic of McKinney's boobs has been a popular one, but despite the questions and rumours, the model has managed to sidestep the questions altogether.

McKinney can deny the rumours all she wants, but when someone has a 32F cup size it is sort of difficult to accept that they are real. In comparing the before and after pictures of McKinney, the world has come to the consensus that McKinney's breasts are in fact fake, but that doesn't change the fact that they look amazing. When asked if her biggest assets are real, the star usually replies either that a unicorn gave them to her or that Justin Bieber thinks they are real, so they must be.

11 She Had To Attend A Casting Call For Sports Illustrated


You know you've made it as a model when Sports Illustrated contacts you and asks you if you want to be on the cover of their magazine. Sadly, this is not what happened to Charlotte McKinney. Despite her success and fame, the model was asked to attend a casting when she expressed her desire to model for the magazine. At this point, McKinney had been modelling for 3 and a half years and had a handful of experience. Still, Sports Illustrated preceded with caution and asked her to go through the application process.

When McKinney presented herself to the casting, she was asked to fill out a questionnaire. The blonde bombshell filled in her information and wrote down some interesting facts about herself. When asked what she was best known for, the model wrote down, "Well...kinda obvious," and drew two large circles onto the paper. She also revealed that she feels the sexiest in a tiny bikini and loves singing Big Poppa while taking a shower

10 She Was Bullied In High School


Charlotte McKinney grew up and attended high school in Orlando, Florida. When she was only 17-years-old, she decided that she could no longer handle being bullied by her peers, and dropped out altogether. Afterwards, McKinney set out to accomplish her goals and dreams, despite the hardships that she had gone through. Although McKinney had a rough time in high school, she says that she wouldn't change her past if given the opportunity because it has made her into the strong and compassionate woman she is today.

Even though high school is over, McKinney still faces harsh comments and cyber bullying on a day-to-day basis. The model said that people and celebrities all over the world often say nasty things about her via the internet. "I try not to let it get to me, and I've been lucky enough to have people around me…" said the 23-year-old-model when asked about the subject

9 She Doesn't Think the Modelling World Is Fair


The world is a fair place, simply because it is unfair to everyone. Yet, when it comes to the bodacious Charlotte McKinney, she feels as though it is especially unfair towards models. In 2014, the curvy blonde made it quite clear that she had no love for Kendall Jenner. Why? Well, because she used her last name to get herself onto the runway, when most girls must wait in line.

McKinney felt strongly about this issue, stating that there are too many gorgeous women who get tossed aside because celebrity figures decide that they could give modelling a try. McKinney said that she feels the modelling world is extremely unfair, especially since she had to struggle to make her way to the top. It can be argued that Jenner makes an excellent model, but if it weren't for her last name, she definitely wouldn't have been recognized so easily.


8 Her Father Used Her Good Looks To Help Out His Business


Charlotte McKinney always knew that she was going to become famous, but it wasn't until she was a teenager that she decided she was going to pursue a career in modelling. McKinney's parents own a used car dealership called The Car Bar and have built a handsome living for themselves. When McKinney expressed her desire to become a model, her father took it to heart and tried to help her out as much as he could.

Terry McKinney decided to use his daughter's good looks to sell some cars, all the while helping her out with her modelling career. It was a win-win. He started photographing her next to his most expensive vehicles in hopes of making them more visually appealing to local buyers. These pictures were then used as advertisement, which helped The Car Bar reap more profits. You would think they may cringe at the thought of their daughter posing half-naked, but McKinney's parents have always done everything they could to support their daughter's dreams and they couldn't be any prouder.

7 She's Not The Best Cook


Charlotte McKinney has stated on more than one account that she is not that great of a cook. The model has attempted to prepare lavish meals in the past, but has often failed to make anything worth mentioning. Part of the reason behind McKinney's kitchen deficiency is that she doesn't spend too much time cooking huge meals. The model refrains from cooking anything too fattening, choosing to stick with fresh fish and quinoa to maintain her slim physique. However, she did mention that she could cook a mean grilled shrimp and vegetable stir-fry.

The young model does wish to up her cooking game in the future, but does not see it as a main priority. In the end, she doesn't need to cook extravagant meals for herself, preferring to eat fresh foods and natural ingredients that don't require much preparation. In fact, McKinney tends to stray away from heavy meals altogether, except for lava cake, which she's obsessed with.

6 She Struggles With Her Breast Size


Having big boobs might sound like the greatest thing in the world, but it definitely comes with a price. Apparently, when Charlotte McKinney “allegedly” decided to upgrade her chest, she forgot to think about the freedom she would be losing. McKinney has admitted to facing daily struggles when it comes to her breast size. The model said that she is often asked inappropriate questions about her chest and finds it rather annoying.

As a matter of fact, McKinney has designated an entire video to her boobs, claiming that they aren't as fun to have as they are to look at. In this video, the blonde model talks about how difficult it is to find a bra that fits her properly, emphasizing on her hatred for the pesky under boob. However, when asked if she would consider getting breast reduction surgery, the model looked appalled. After all, it is what got her famous in the first place.

5 She's Addicted To Social Media


In this day and age, having a social media obsession isn't that uncommon, but it is still considered to be a problem. Charlotte McKinney rose to fame when she began promoting herself on Instagram right after dropping out of high school at the age of 17. The model became so used to taking pictures of herself and posting them, that she became obsessed with her social media accounts. McKinney is often seen with her cell phone in her hand, taking selfies or just uploading pictures of her extravagant life.

Funny enough, during an interview with For The Win, McKinney said that she doesn't post as many pictures as she would like to. "Well, everyone's on me about social media because I don't post enough. But I would just say quality over quantity. Good material, reaching out to your fan base. Avoid posting what you drink. That's probably a good idea," said the  model.

4 She Was Deemed Too Short And Curvy For Modelling


Charlotte McKinney became a successful model when she took matters into her own hands. Before she was signed by the Wilhelmina Models agency, she had to use Instagram to become recognized as a model. Although McKinney is a stunningly beautiful woman, she had a hard time getting signed by agencies before she became an internet phenomenon due to her physique. Although there appears to be nothing wrong with her body whatsoever, most modelling agencies deemed her too short and curvy refusing to sign her on.

After facing many rejections, McKinney decided that she would not let this small setback stop her from accomplishing her dreams. She began to acquire a following on Instagram, managing to get profiled in Esquire magazine shortly after. Despite being considered too short and too curvy, McKinney found a way to make it all the way to the top. Although most models are 5'10'' and up, McKinney has managed to become successful in spite of falling 3 inches short of the mark.

3 She Has Dyslexia

via The Last

Many celebrities suffer from the reading disorder commonly known as dyslexia. This disorder prevents them from properly reading, writing and spelling, often causing them to fall back in school and making people view them as unintelligent. The truth is that people who suffer from Dyslexia are just as smart as everyone else; they just tend to learn at a slower pace.

Charlotte McKinney has been struggling with dyslexia her whole life, but she has managed to work hard and overcome it for the most part. "I've had such a hard time with dyslexia my whole life. When I was a child I didn't learn to read until I was a lot older and I was behind in my classes, it was such a challenge. Whenever people talk about dyslexia, it's important to know that some of the smartest people in the world, major owners of companies, are dyslexic. We just see things differently, so that's an advantage. I just learn a different way, there's nothing bad about it." Said the model when interviewed by Daily Mail.

2 She Wasn't Actually Naked In The Super Bowl Commercial


When Charlotte McKinney was chosen to become the body and face behind Carl's Jr.'s 2015 Super Bowl commercial, she had no idea how much praise she would receive. The gorgeous blonde model stunned her audience when she walked around an all-natural farmer's market in her birthday suit. "I love going all natural. It just makes me feel better. Nothing between me and my 100 percent all-natural, grass-fed beef," said the busty model as she paraded through the market seemingly butt naked.

Later on, McKinney revealed that she wasn't actually naked in the commercial, causing many of her fans a great amount of disappointment. She informed the public that she was actually wearing a bikini while filming the Super Bowl commercial. Although she was still showing a lot of skin, many people wish that she'd kept it a secret, preferring to think of her as completely nude.

1 She Never Watched Dancing With The Stars


Charlotte McKinney had the opportunity to dance alongside Keo Motsepe on the hit TV series Dancing With The Stars back in 2015. The model-turned-actress graciously accepted the role, seeing it as a way to get on TV, learn to dance, and show the world what she was made of. Although McKinney gave it all she had, she was eliminated on Latin night after having survived a few episodes. While most of the Dancing With The Stars contestants were honoured to have been chosen for the show's 20th season, McKinney admitted that she had never even watched the show.

When asked why she had accepted to dance in a show she had never watched, McKinney said, "So I could show my side of being funny and down-to-earth. You'll get to see more of Charlotte being myself and not being good at something and working on it. I think America will get to see more of me, and I'm excited." The model's explanation might have been questionable, but in the end, she didn't stick around too long for it to matter.

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