15 Things Black Panther Has That Billionaire Tony Stark Couldn't Afford (Including A Jungle)

Black Panther hits theaters in February with many people excited to see what the MCU does with him. We saw bits of what this version of the character could do in Civil War, but his standalone movie is truly important to the base of what makes the character. A lot will be said and done in this movie, but the theme of the movie will be to help MCU fans know who this character truly is, where he came from, and what he can do.

For those unaware, T'Challa was a Prince in the country of Wakanda. After the death of his father, he became the King of the isolated nation. While the King dies a different way in the comics from the MCU, the death of his father made T'Challa the Black Panther, as his father and numerous ancestors were the Panther before him. The biggest thing about Wakanda is that they're known for being an African nation that is unlike anything you expect.

They're ahead of the game on most technology, more than even Tony Stark, Hank Pim, and Bruce Banner. They have amazing weapons, and other machines that make them truly one of the most developed nations in history. Though, this is all comic book centered and Wakanda is not a real place. But it just goes to show that the reason it is able to succeed, is because it thrives on the preconceived notions of what Africa has.

Naturally the biggest thing they are known for is the practically indestructible Vibranium. One of the strongest metals in Marvel Comics, in which the nation has the world's biggest supply of. The Black Panther is the protector of both the nation and the Vibranium. Seeing as if it were to get out into the wrong hands, wars could be won and nations could be ended thus making it incredibly important.

Clearly Black Panther having things that make him stand out is pretty amazing. But what does Panther have that Tony Stark does not? Stark can afford so much, so what is it that T'Challa or any other Black Panther has that Stark cannot ever afford? That is the point of this article. Sit back and get ready to be amazed by some of the things you never thought you'd see Stark wish he could have.

15 Black Panther Suit

The suit the Black Panther wears is normally called "the Panther habit." The suit is completely badass from top to bottom. There is literally so much to it that is often overlooked, but is it important to note its incredible use to T'Challa or any other Black Panther. First, it's made with Vibranium armor. So pretty much indestructible. It includes anti-medal claws, which breaks down pretty much anything. Along with this, it has energy-dampening boots, cloaking technology, hard-light shielding, vibranium daggers, and even a teleportation device.

Now, only one Black Panther can exist at a time. This is usually the King of Wakanda who dons the Panther armor. Though other suits similar to this one have existed, there is only one Black Panther suit that exists. Meaning only the Panther can have it. Often, he is the only one who can wear it. Tony Stark would never be able to buy it, as it isn't for sale. Due to all the Wakanda tech it has, he could not even replicate it either.

14 Desert Sands

Desert Sands

The way the sands are used is upon being tossed; they open to release small burst-clouds. These contain EMP disrupters, which is highly useful against most technology from the outside world that might threaten Wakanda or the Black Panther in general. Since it is hard to assume much from sand, Black Panther could take this out and about with him and simply drop the sand near tech while no one could assume anything of it. In truth, this is something Stark could never afford because it would never be sold.

13 Gyro-Cruiser

The Gyro-Cruiser was a traveling machine invented by the people of Wakanda and used by them for a while. It is called a gyro-cruiser for pretty understandable reasons. It is gyroscopically operated when driven and constantly remains upright. This is a big deal when going through a number of crazy weather conditions in and out of Wakanda, and even on the sea. It can be used anywhere in the world, making it one of the greatest devices to use in safety missions. Which is exactly what its use would be.

Panther donated it to the Fantastic Four where Wyatt Wingfoot and Human Torch used it when going to help people in the Himalayas. The reason Tony Stark could never afford this is because this may very well be the only one ever made. Stark could not make anything exactly like it either, as it's made with materials found mostly in Wakanda. The resources of Wakanda are rarely found in other areas of the world, so it would be tough to replicate.

12 Hyena-Clan Teleporter 

Hyena-Clan Teleporter
via marvel.wikia

This teleporter was designed by the Hyena Clan, who were ancient religious members that separated from Wakanda centuries ago. The tech was built by them centuries back, proving why Wakanda was so advanced for so long. This teleporter they made did exactly as it seems. They were able to use it to teleport anywhere on the continent of Africa that they chose. This is clearly massive. The people were able to get the device back when the Hyena Clan teleported back to Wakanda to steal from the nation. They were found out and stopped, which put this back in the possession of the Wakandan people.

Tony Stark has had trouble developing a lot of technology, one of the biggest being teleportation. He is able to develop machines and even open other universes up, but this is tough. In fact, Marvel has a habit of not seeing much teleportation tech outside of alien races and superhumans, like mutants or inhumans. He could never afford it and Panther nor Wakanda would sell it. Considering it allows people to teleport to their nation with ease, which is a big no-no.

11 Wakanda Hulkbuster

Tony Stark invented the Hulkbuster to stop The Hulk if there was ever a need to do it. This device was similar to his Ironman suit, but in a much bigger form. This suit was able to incapacitate Hulk but never kill him. Stark knew he would never kill Hulk with it, but the stopping part was the most important part. Clearly this suit was made with the same properties as the Ironman suit. However, the differences were that the blasters were often larger and it could handle more power as well as take a bigger beating. It had to in order to fight Hulk.

Imagine if Tony had the tech Wakanda has? He likely could have taken Hulk down easier. Welcome to what Black Panther did. In order to take out the newest Hulk known as Amadeus Cho, Panther had to invent his own Hulkbuster. This suit was made out of, no shock, Vibranium. And it included a lot of the Panther tech, but in slightly bigger forms. Just as Tony's suit took down Bruce Banner, this took down Chow. Only Panther has access to this suit, and Stark has his own. Likely, he would never want this suit but is unlikely anyone other than Black Panther will ever be able to use it.

10 Holopods


The pods would create multiple illusions of the person throwing it. So the enemy of Panther would see various forms of him and be unable to determine which is which. Oh and if you thought that tech such as heat censors could tell the difference, N'Iix thought of that. That is why these illusions also had a heat signature; in order to make robots and users of tech unable to distinguish which Panther is real and which is the illusion. This is one of the best forms of tech to ever come out of Wakanda. You know Panther isn't letting Stark gets his hands on it either.

9 Kimoyo Beads

Kimoyo Beads
via ComicBook.com

Kimoyo Beads were used by the Black Panther and at times the people of Wakanda. These beads were able to tap into the Vibranium of the nation, which has the world's dominant supply of the stuff.  The types of beads that were used happened to be three-fold. The Prime Bead, AV Bead, and Communication Bead. Each did something different for the user, as the Prime Bead would help people attain a wealth of medical knowledge of a Wakanda born person. The AV bead would be able show a holographic display allowing them to access the database of Wakanda. While the Communication Bead allowed the user to basically have a cell phone...to talk with people using other beads.

These beads were clearly useful and there are various other smaller, less spoken of forms of them. Here's the rub if you're Tony Stark. You'll never be able to buy them. Stark wouldn't even be able to steal one to use somewhere else. They work off the Vibranium supply of Wakanda. Since it is such a large amount and no other place in the world has this, Wakanda is the only place you can use the beads. This is a key reason why so much Wakanda-centered material is based around that. You need a lot to control it.

8 Absorber 


The sound being gone means people could enter and leave without anyone knowing. This was a device that would be stolen, before Black Panther retrieved it. This very well could be why Stark won't ever see this or have his hands on it. Though this device has been replicated in some ways since, nothing is like the original. Wakanda knows it too, which is why they only have the one and don't plan on letting it go. Like many of these things, Black Panther would not trust it being in other hands. Since he's the King, what he says often goes.

7 Techno-Organic Jungle

Techno-Organic Jungle
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T'Challa might be the Black Panther, but he's not a simple fighter who uses devices made for him only. In fact, he is a brilliant man who has come up with some of his own material. One of those things is the techno-organic jungle. Panther used this as a way to test himself and it could be used with others as a measure of security if implemented. The idea behind this is that Panther felt there would be a real use to have nature and machine live in harmony. It made sense and this jungle of sorts was his answer to it.

He managed to merge the notable vibranium technology with the organic jungle in order to create a techno-organic virus. This would be used to create a jungle full of things like looked normal, but secretly was full of technological advances within the fabric of the real plants and trees. No one would know about this if they happened across it, making it one of the best forms of security. It also proved to be the best form of training for the Black Panther who had to be prepared for anything.  This jungle would certainly help in doing that.

6 Shok-Nets

via Marvel.wikia

N'Iix was at it again when making something called the "shok-net." It was basically what it sounds like, despite the lack of a letter. The Black Panther normally is the one who carries them, and it is pretty obvious that these nets can do some damage just on name alone. Unlike other netting devices seen across Marvel or in real life, these were held within a sphere that had to be thrown to be activated. This made them impossible to stop and plan for, making them highly effective for the Black Panther.

The sphere would open up once it reached someone, and explode. The explosion was not deadly, but simply worked as a release for the net to come out. The net would automatically wrap around the victim, and due to the electrical part of it, they would be restrained a shocked. They were meant to hold people in, but also to take them down and keep them that way. Stark has electrical material throughout his suit and many inventions, but he has nothing like this in the design Panther does. Nor will he ever most likely.

5  Energy Daggers

One of the most notable Black Panther accessories is his energy daggers. These daggers are carved of ivory and various types of stones, depending on the situation. The energy blade is then connected to them that can be used to stun someone or kill them. This all depends on the user and how they utilize them. The daggers are made with vibranium, making them impossible to stop for anyone even The Hulk. Though they may not kill such a character.

They're really easy to use for Black Panther, and can literally be handled in multiple ways. He's thrown them and used them like normal knives while also using them as darts to fire at opponents. They regenerate too, making them pretty much always around and usable after even going through someone's skull. The best part about the daggers is that they have often been turned into spears. Stark would never get his hands on these because Panther would really be the only person who could use them right but also because they're made of vibranium...and he won't let many have that. Except Captain America's shield, but Cap is special.

4 Desert Suns

It might be a broken record by now, but the Wakanda Inventer known as N'Iix was pretty good. His inventions often utilize the sphere ideology. This was due to the fact that he realized when making them, there was a need to make them easy to use and carry. Balls often were easier to throw, so most of the inventions had that mentality behind them. The Desert Suns were no different than the others.

They were golden spheres that were activated upon being thrown. Once they hit their target, they would explode into a massive haze of gas and electricity that would incapacitate most they hit. They were very useful, and Black Panther has often used these to avoid getting into physical altercations due to their ability to be thrown from a nice distance and have good value upon their hit. Panther utilized these as part of his normal weaponry, which likely means only the inventor would have had access to using them other than him. Meaning nothing for Stark to get access to.

3  Herb Of Heart-Shape

This heart-shaped herb was known for growing only in Wakanda. It is often in the possession of Black Panther due to what it can do. Now this herb was pretty big. While it is claimed to be from the Panther God, it isn't. It comes from a meteorite that crashed into the country, hitting the vibranium and mutating this plant. Due to the mutation, it brings a lot of properties to it, which can actually be deadly.

In order to be Black Panther, you often either have to be the next in line to a surviving relative or earn it by beating the current Panther. After you win, a ritual is done in which the person has this herb rubbed all over their body. If they are not worthy or of noble blood, the herb kills them. The plant's main function is to heighten one's "kinaesthetic sense." This is often able to make it easier to know where you are, even in the dark, and to be able to use all senses in a bigger way.

Imagine super hearing or super eyesight. That is sort of what this does. Due to it only being able to grow and the fact it needs to be near Vibranium means that Tony could never have it. We do wonder though if it would kill him or not...

2 King Solomon's Frogs

King Solomon's Frogs
via wordpress.com

Don't let the name of this fool you, the King Solomon Frogs were far bigger than they sound. They were used by a future version of the Black Panther, meaning by this time the high tech country of Wakanda would have easily had access to something like this. They were mystical time-shifting artifacts. This was clearly useful for anyone who got their hands on them. The idea of being able to bend time is likely something people would take advantage of. They were able to interact with both time and space, but the rub is that they were unpredictable.

Interacting with them would cause a future version of Black Panther to be pulled to the past, which would become a major problem. It would create an alternate timeline, making things far worse for the Panther. There were said to only be two but a third was found. However, it seems to be that only people from Wakanda had the ability to access them. It seemed only Black Panther could use them in reality, which meant that Stark would never get them. Panthers of any generation were protective of Wakanda properties, but of this? Big time protection would have been used.

1 Vibranium

Vibranium is the most powerful metal in the world, within the Marvel Universe of course. It isn't a real one. It is so powerful yet so versatile. Like other metals, you can break it down to use it in multiple ways. Due the power of it though, it is extremely important that it did not get in the wrong hands. Black Panther is known as the protector of Wakanda. The reason he has to protect them is because Wakanda has the world's largest supply of Vibranium. The country is full of it, almost everywhere you look. It is often weaved into the technology they have, making it one of the most important resources they have. Due to the power of it, people hunt it down to sell and will kill for it if needed.

While Vibranium can be found in other places, it is extremely rare anywhere outside Wakanda. Making it important to go here to get it. The people don't give it up because they know it would likely end up in the wrong hands. So Panther has to step in to prevent it. There are a lot of vibranium materials throughout Marvel, such as Captain America's Shield. However, it is likely impossible to buy. As Panther only gives it to people he trusts. Most who have it outside the people of Wakanda likely stole it from the country or got it from someone who did. Or a Black Panther willingly gave it to someone. The Avengers, for example, have vibranium laced concrete to reinforce Avengers Tower. Since Panther is a part-time Avenger, it makes sense to protect his teammates and people he trusts.

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