15 Things Amber Heard Wants Hidden About Her Time With Johnny Depp

Well, which camp are you in? Do you think Johnny Depp is an abusive and violent man? Do you believe the stories (some say lies) coming from the Heard camp? Was she a helpless victim or a demon? It's one of those situations where you just about have to take sides. But let's have a look at the facts. If you have ever been through a nasty divorce or break up, you just have to know that it is (almost) never just one person who is at fault. It started so well when in 2012, Depp and Heard played an all loved up couple in Rum Diaries. He was a 40-something A-Lister worth hundreds of millions of dollars. She was a bisexual 20-something actress. He was all loved up with Vanessa Paradis and blonde bombshell Heard was in lust with a lady by the name of Tasya Van Ree. Some say Depp was smitten from the beginning, that Heard played a part in his break up with long time French lover and mother of his two kids. They say they got together after his break up with the knockout French singer/songwriter. They would say that, wouldn't they? But they ended up marrying in February of 2015. It was a disaster. Big time. But, still, it was fun to watch. Here's the stuff Amber doesn't want you to know.

15 In The End: The Naked Emperor

You know the story. The Emperor is walking around in what he thinks are new clothes, but he is really naked. Long story. Just trust us. Everybody knows he's naked, but nobody will dare say a word. That's what long time Depp pal Doug Stanhope, says happened. Everybody around Johnny Depp knew Amber Heard was bad news, but no one dared say that to Johnny. Stanhope's version of events? He says that in May of 2016, Depp finally came clean and claimed that Amber was, in effect, blackmailing him. Give me what I want by way of a divorce settlement or I will claim abuse. Reportedly, Depp hadn't slept in days when, on May 21st, 2016, Los Angeles police responded to a domestic abuse call from a he/she by the name of iO Tillett Wright. Yep, "chum" of Heard.

14 Amber And The Hot, Young Party-Hard Gender Fluid Crowd

Cara Delevingne is a hot supermodel who is "openly" bisexual. And Amber Heard and Delevingne run together in the same hot, young Hollywood gender fluid crowd. So, picture this. There is 50-something Depp married to 20-something Heard and her chums include former lover Tasya Van Ree, the "gender neutral" iO Tillett Wright and Cara. So, is he worried? You bet. And Amber and her friends are what you might call party-hard girls. And Depp? He prefers to smoke "stuff" at home and chill out with friends. The whole marriage was, many say, doomed, doomed and more doomed from day one. Having a bisexual mate means, in effect, double the fun and double the angst. Oh, by the way, reports are that just before the "abuse" story broke, Depp was worried that Delevingne and Amber were at it. If you know what we mean. The best defense is a good offense, they say.

13 That Night In May And The Injuries Police Say Weren't There

OK. Photographer/TV type iO Tillett Wright looks like a guy, but we think she's a girl. And he/she is stuck like glue to his/her friend Amber Heard. In 2016 when the Depp's marriage reached new heights of toxicity, Amber moves Wright into their guest house. Some speculate as to the why. But, we'll pass over that one. Anyway, the story goes something like this: Amber is on the phone with Wright. The girls say there was a big fight and Depp threw a cell phone at Heard, bruising her face. No, we're NOT going to show you those pictures of Heard that were submitted to the court. Not yet, anyway. But there's (at least) one problem with the Amber/Wright version of events. The police who rolled up to answer the call say Heard wasn't injured. Not one little bit. And the next day? Heard is reportedly partying again. Day after? She rolls up to court with a bruise asking for money.

12 Heard Busted For Assaulting Her Girlfriend

Back to 2009 when Amber Heard was all loved up with lady photographer Tasya Van Ree. They made a gorgeous, hot couple that paparazzi couldn't get enough of. Only thing was the two were fighting in the middle of an airport in Washington State, when (reportedly) Amber grabbed/struck Van Ree's arm and Amber was arrested by security cops. Something about misdemeanor assault. See, Heard, like Depp, is feisty and outspoken. But she was never charged. Now, Heard later saw to it that the record disappeared. But, surprise, surprise, "somebody" found it and the story hit and Depp's side was planning to bring it up in court. Heard and Van Ree cozied up and said it was all a misunderstanding. Why is it that Heard always has some chick around to back up her version of events? You figure it out.

11 The Wicked Stepmother

The Kentucky Depps are a close-knit bunch. His mother and ex waitress Bettie Sue, used to role up to premiers with her son. His sister is in charge of his production company. He is active in the lives of his children, Lily-Rose and Jack (yes, as in Sparrow). And in waltzes Amber Heard, the wicked stepmother who talks of shopping with Lily-Rose and bonding with Jack. She gushes too loud and long about what a "gift" being a stepmother is. But the truth? Reports are that Bettie Sue detested Depp's "terrible" wife and his kids just weren't that into her. Ditto for the sister. Bettie Sue didn't exactly use the word "gold digger", but everyone around her knew she thought Amber was just using and abusing her beloved son. Was she? Of course she was. But she didn't come out of it as well as she might have hoped. Read on.

10 Give Me What I Want, Or Else...

Back to May of 2016. Johnny Depp's mother Bettie Sue, died on the 20th of May. He's not been sleeping and is in a terrible state. But it's not just his mom's death that is upsetting him. Seems, he told his friend Doug Stanhope, that Amber was threatening to claim abuse unless he rolled over and paid her. So, on May 21st, the police are called out because he/she Wright claims that Amber is being abused. Now, wait for this: When the cops rolled up, Amber said the fight had been a verbal one. And there was not sign of injuries or that anything untoward had happened. The next day, she reportedly went to a party and was all smiles. Then, hey presto, on Monday the 23rd she was in court trying to look like death warmed over with a bruise. She asked for a temporary restraining order and got it.

9 Amber Swinging Both Ways With Billy Bob?

The movie London Fields, is based on a steamy novel about a psychic medium called Nicola Six who foresees her own death and goes out with three guys, one of whom she knows will kill her. It's not a lot of laughs, but then English novelist Martin Amis, is just that kind of writer. So, they make a movie with Amber Heard as Nicola and Billy Bob Thornton as one of the lovers/killers/whatever. Johnny Depp even has a cameo role and Amber's chum Cara Delevingne, is in it too. All very cozy. But the gossip on the 2015 set was that Amber was swinging the other way and doing the deed with Billy Bob. Not so, said Billy Bob and Amber. Well, what else would they say? Anyway, Amber has a number of steamy scenes in the film that, after the fact, she wanted cut. The legal wrangling over what the finished film will look like is still going on. We don't think the Depps will role up to that premier.

8 Everybody But Johnny Seemed To Know She Was Bad News

His friends didn't like her, but didn't say anything. After the split, Doug Stanhope and others came out of the closet to say they didn't dare cross Depp, who for a time was besotted with the actress, by expressing their concerns. So, the emperor was parading around naked and nobody dared speak up. Reportedly, his mother was not so diplomatic. Feisty Bettie Sue was a Southern mama who doted on her talented son and his children, but who hated, hated, hated Amber Heard. She was using Johnny, Bettie Sue reckoned. Mama was, for a time, living at their house and was in a position to see first hand what was going down. And the kids? No love lost on that front either.

7 "Manic And Irrational" And Refusing To Go Under Oath

Amber Heard never testified against Johnny Depp to back up her charges of abuse. She claimed he had been abusive since the beginning of their time together. The simple fact is that the day Amber Heard was due to be deposed, under oath, by Depp's lawyers, she was reportedly "manic and irrational" and refused to give testimony. Flat out refused. Had she lied and been caught out, it would have been perjury. Had she broken down and admitted what Depp's side saw as the truth, it would have been all over for her. What she had was a friend or two and some pictures of "that" bruise and that was about it. And just why did she get cold feet? You might well ask. Are things starting to unravel for dear Amber? In a word: Yes.

6 Smuggling Dogs And A Spot Of Perjury

It's the Spring of 2016 and Depp is filming in Australia. So, Amber and her pooches Pistol and Boo, fly in on a private jet. Oops. Australia has a quarantine law and you ain't supposed to just bring doggies in. But pictures emerge and the Australian government gets shirty. Hey, it's serious. Amber could get ten years for the offense. So, Johnny and Amber "apologize" via an awkward video in which Depp is clearly pissed off and Amber is clearly the star. Oh dear, Amber says in court, I didn't know there was a quarantine law. Cue flipping the blonde hair and batting the eyelashes. Only thing was, Johnny later claimed, she lied. Amber perjured herself, he said. Now, if you get ten years for pooch smuggling, we don't even want to think what kind of sentence you'd get for perjury. Hey, maybe that's what Johnny had in mind...

5 That Mysterious Picture

The Depp legal machine was whirring away in the background, fighting Amber at every turn. Let's face it, she didn't have much to begin with. His kids and his former partner Vanessa Paradis, were calling Amber's claims "outrageous", saying Depp was both loving and loved. Depp's friends were up in arms. Rumors were that Depp's housekeeper would testify about a "discovery" she made in the house and there was talk of a "picture". Neither could have been good news for the Heard camp. Now, Depp's lawyers also planned to produce evidence of Amber's Washington State assault arrest and the accusation that she lied to an Australian court. Did the veiled threats work? Well, yes. The two sides settled before the case came to trial. Read on.

4 A Slew Of Witnesses

In one corner, we have Amber Heard and iO Tillett Wright who say Johnny threw that cell phone at her that fateful night. And who also say that he had been abusive throughout their time together. In the other corner? Depp's former partner, his kids and his family. Plus, the two cops who answered the call, five concierges in the building who saw Amber in the days after the incident and two security guards at the building. Not one of them saw any evidence of injury on Amber's supposedly bruised and swollen face. Oh dear. Is our Amber in trouble? You might say so. Settling before the case came to court became something of a priority for Heard.

3 He Just Got Sick Of Her Lifestyle

Look, if you marry somebody young enough to be your daughter, what do you expect? There was 50-something Johnny Depp married to 20-something hottie bisexual with gender fluid friends and a tendency to party hard. Depp? Let's chill at home and smoke some stuff and mix and mingle with a few chums. Boring says Amber, as she head off to a night with Cara or Tasya or iO Tillett. Who on earth has friends called Cara or Tasya or iO Tillett? The simple truth was that their lifestyles clashed big time. Amber wanted the A-List, jet-set lifestyle and lots of partying and doing stuff with gender fluid friends. Not for Depp. It was a marriage made in hell. Some uncharitable souls even say she married him for his money and star status. Would sweet little Amber Heard do such a thing? Probably.

2 The Fleece That Failed?

Okay, divorces run a tried and tested path. One side hurls accusations and the other and vice versa. Eventually, especially among the rich, a settlement is reached and one side or the other gets a little or a lot of money. But, in cases where, for example, one spouse has been abusive towards the other one, the courts may award an early payout termed "temporary spousal support". When dressed-all-in-black-no-makeup Amber rolled up to court on May 23rd of 2016, she was asking for support. There and then. Not just no, but hell no, Johnny's legal team shouted. She may have gotten the restraining order, but she didn't cash in at that point. Her request for support was withdrawn. Perhaps Bettie Sue knew a gold digger when she saw one.

1 All Of That And $7 Million?

Now, here's the real deal. Johnny Depp is reportedly worth 400 million dollars. The whole time they were together Amber Heard and Depp never flew on a commercial flight together. Why? It's private jets all the way for our Johnny. People were predicting Amber would walk away with $50 million or more. She was playing the abuse angle like a pro, like, some said, a working girl. But in August of 2016, came the Internet breaking news: The two sides had settled. Did she clean up? Well, not exactly. Reportedly, Amber got a measly $7 million, which she claims she donated to charity. Well, we don't know about that. After all those nasty accusations, she settles out of court rather than face what the Depp team had planned for her. Why? You figure it out. Bettie Sue, rest her soul, had it figured out long ago.

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