15 Things Actors Did For A Role You Couldn't Pull Off

Whoever said that the world of acting is a piece of cake either has no idea about the deeper aspects of casting or are just bitter superstar wannabes.

Whoever said that the world of acting is a piece of cake either has no idea about the deeper aspects of casting or are just bitter superstar wannabes. Actors and actresses go through a lot when portraying a role and the suffering doesn’t only start when the cameras roll. The ordeal actors and actresses go through begin as early as casting.

Contrary to what others may believe, even Hollywood’s finest don’t get roles offered on a silver platter. They often have to work for it and when they do, some of them go through unimaginable things. It’s often amazing to know what our favorite actors and actresses go through for a role but sometimes, it’s actually best if we didn’t know because we’d have a totally different opinion of them afterwards.

Actors and actresses do weird and sometimes gross things to land a role and believe us, these aren’t things we’d want to be doing anytime soon. On the other hand, these stars are also capable of doing some amazing things for their roles.

It’s not often that we’d get a look at the dedication of the stars we see on screen but after reading through this, there’ll be much more respect for Hollywood’s finest. From insane diets to months without taking a bath, here are the grossest and most amazing things that stars did to land a movie role... that you definitely wouldn't be able to pull off.

15 Robert De Niro Had His Dentist Grind And Stain His Teeth

One of Hollywood’s most acclaimed actors isn’t above doing something gross and bizarre for a role. We’ve always seen Robert De Niro as a professional in this line of work and he takes every bit of the job to heart. That’s why when he was given the role of a psychopathic rapist in Cape Fear, Robert De Niro did something pretty gross... to his teeth.

Most of us go to the dentist to get our teeth fixed but in preparation for Cape Fear, Robert De Niro did the opposite. Instead of getting his teeth fixed, Robert De Niro went to the dentist to break them. It must’ve been an odd day for his dentist as Robert De Niro asked him to grind his teeth and stain them.

14 Robert Pattinson Had To Eat A Toast & BBQ Sauce Sandwich For Six Weeks

This Twilight star and teen heartthrob has been on the end of gross things as well. Yes, despite his good boy looks, Robert Pattinson also had to suffer for his roles. His suffering may not be as disgusting or gross as the other entries on this list but we’re guessing that no one would want to last six weeks on this particular diet.

Before and during the shooting of the post-apocalyptic film, The Rover, Robert Pattinson had to stick with one of the most disgusting sandwiches ever made. In an interview with Time, he said that he had to eat white bread and barbecue sauce for a whopping six weeks. We might not even last more than 2 days with that combo.

Perhaps the most gross part of it is that the surrounding area of the shooting for The Rover only had one pub. How gross.

13 Halle Berry Didn't Bathe For 2 Months

As one of Hollywood’s most renowned actresses, Halle Berry is often seen as a really elegant woman with nothing by respect for the industry. Halle Berry takes her roles and professionalism on a whole new level. For her role at Jungle Fever, Halle Berry had to step in the shoes of a crack addict. No, Berry didn’t do drugs to get the role. She did, however, avoid bathing for 2 months to look like and addict.

It’s bad enough to not take a shower for a day or two, but for 2 months is near unimaginable. We also can’t fathom how Halle Berry managed to be comfortable when her body’s all sticky and her hair’s all dry. We’ve got to give props for her dedication though but the next time we watch Jungle Fever, I don’t think we’ll be forgetting her dirty secret for the role.

12 Jared Leto Drank Melted Chocolate Ice Cream, Olive Oil, And Soy Sauce

There’s a reason it’s called ice cream. It’s creamy and it packs a near icy consistency. It’s meant to be eaten cold and nothing else. However, Jared Leto may have forgotten how ice cream is eaten. For the movie, Chapter 27, Jared Leto had to gain a lot of weight. To do so, he had to consume one pretty disgusting recipe.

In an interview, Jared Leto shared his all too disgusting recipe for gaining weight. "My little trick was, I would take pints of chocolate Häagen Dazs and put them in the microwave and drink them. The sick thing is, I would actually pour olive oil and soy sauce into the mixture as well -- to get me bloated even more.”

The melted ice cream part was enough to churn our stomachs but the additional olive oil and soy sauce in the mix really sealed the deal for our way to the bathroom.

11 You'd Throw Up Before Finishing Dwayne Johnson's Meal To Prep For Hercules

Looking at Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, all we can think is that his sheer size is the reason he’s called The Rock. Who knew that this muscle man was actually “too small” for one role? To play Hercules, Johnson had to eat. He had to eat A LOT. While this may be the fantasy of some, too much of one thing is always bad.

In a tweet sent out by the man himself, Dwayne Johnson detailed his protein packed diet that could be hard to swallow down for most of us.

The Rock’s daily menu consisted of “18oz of steak, 16oz each of chicken and halibut, 14 egg whites (10 at a time, with veggies scrambled in, during dinner), five-and-a-half cups of white rice, two cups each of asparagus and broccoli, two large baked potatoes, 30g of casein protein, and 5oz of oatmeal or Cream of Wheat.” That’s not a foodie’s dream. That’s just gross.

10 Christian Bale Lost 60 lbs By Eating Only An Apple, Water, And Coffee

If the body is indeed a temple, then we should all agree that Christian Bale's is a temple that's always under construction. Somehow, this acclaimed actor seemed to master the know-hows of gaining and losing weight. The actor gains and loses weight to the point of being unrecognizable and this feat is nothing more than awe inspiring.

For The Machinist, Christian Bale had to lose 60 lbs to fit the role of a man losing his sanity. Thanks to a fault by a writer, Christian Bale had to lose a lot of weight because of his height. His diet consisted of apple, water and a cup of coffee per day.

That doesn't stop there as shortly after the shooting of The Machinist, the actor was cast as BatmanBruce Wayne isn't exactly a wimpy guy so Christian Bale had to gain not only weight, but muscle to prepare for the iconic role.

9 Liam Neeson Ate Bad Wolf Meat

We’re all familiar with Leonardo DiCaprio munching on raw bison but for really wild food, we’ve got to give our hats off to Liam Neeson. For the film The Grey, Liam Neeson had to eat an actual wolf. At least it’s not raw though. However, what makes the feat more disgusting was that it was bad wolf. As if the meat wasn’t bad already.

The film’s director Joe Carnahan fed wolf dinners to the stars. Many of the actors and actresses felt unwell after the meal but not Liam Neeson though. The wolf was kept in a freezer for six months to avoid it getting even worse. We’re sure that the long time in the freezer won’t do much to the taste as well.

Since this is Liam Neeson we’re talking about, the Irishman ate it like any other regular meal. “I’m Irish, so I’m used to odd stews. I can take it. Just throw a lot of carrots and onions in there and I’ll call it dinner,” the actor quipped.

8 Sylvester Stallone - Pancakes, Peanut Butter, Whipped Cream, French Fries, Cheesecake And More

Similar to Dwayne Johnson’s ordeal, Sylvester Stallone also had to go on a diet that may be heavenly for some but is actually a nightmare for the one doing it. Sylvester Stallone had to endure a really heavy diet for his role in the 1997 cop thriller, Copland. Again, this may look heavenly but just think about the calories the actor packed per day.

In Chris Holmlund’s book, The Ultimate Stallone Reader, we get to see the insurmountable and near gross amount of food Sylvester Stallone had to eat. The meals included “five pancakes smothered with peanut butter and whipped cream, a bowl of oatmeal, two bagels with more peanut butter, ten fried eggs, French fries and cheesecake.”

That’s too much for most of us to handle. We even want to vomit at the huge amount of food. The real problem lies in losing all the weight after the film finishes shooting.

7 Mila Kunis And Natalie Portman - BFFs In Real Life And Had To Get Intimate 

Some actresses just can't help but get into character in more ways than just weeping and reading from a script. Both Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman worked hard for their respective roles in Black Swan and it's one of those moments that truly showcase the dedication of Hollywood's finest.

Both their characters in Black Swan are skilled ballerinas. Instead of using professional ballerinas and CGI to do the work, Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman opted to just study the art of ballet in preparation for the role. This meant 8-hour rehearsals for the actresses.

Aside from the intense ballet practise they committed to, the girls also had a steamy scene together where their characters got intimate with one another. This isn't anything out of the ordinary in the world of Hollywood, but when you consider that Portman and Kunis are close friends in real life, the scene was exceptionally awkward and something that would be very difficult for anyone to carry out.

6 Beyonce Had A Liquid Diet Of Lemon Juice, Maple Syrup, Pepper, And Water

Even Queen Be’ has had her fair share of disgusting diets. For her role as Deena Jones in Dreamgirls, Beyonce had to stick to a liquid based diet more commonly known as the Master Cleanser diet. This has been a very popular way of losing weight in Hollywood. Not surprisingly though, the diet has also churned the stomachs of stars for decades now.

While there are a few versions of the liquid concoction, the Master Cleanse typically consists of freshly squeezed lemon juice, thick maple syrup, cayenne pepper and water. While it may sound like a tasty diet, this liquid concoction has turned stomachs upside down for decades now so it’s best to drink it with caution. This liquid diet has been the go-to diet of many Hollywood actors and actresses but that doesn’t mean it’s an easy feat to conquer.

5 Ryan Gosling And Michelle Williams Lived With Their On-Screen Family For A Month

Boy, Michelle Williams really takes her roles to heart. Lucky for her, it's easier this time around. Williams starred in Blue Valentine, opposite Hollywood hottie, Ryan Gosling. The pair had to play a lovely couple but for them, reading from a script and rehearsing scenes on end just won't cut it.

To further portray the family-esque setting of the film, both actors— along with their on-screen children— lived in a house for a month. To top that off, they celebrated fake Christmases and birthdays as well. It's a pretty weird thing to do but we get it.

The actors just wanted to simulate the true emotions of the film so they really had to live as a family for a month. But honestly, we think they could've pulled it off by just studying the script for a week or two. Could've saved them time as well.

4 Anne Hathaway Ate 2 Servings Of Oatmeal Paste Per Day To Lose Weight

Contrary to what Sylvester Stallone and Dwayne Johnson did, Anne Hathaway was also on a strict diet but it was for her to lose weight, not gain weight. For the film adaptation of Les Miserables, the actress had to become slim. VERY slim. The kind of slim that makes a person faint from hunger.

Achieving this feat required more than just a strict diet, Hathaway had to basically starve herself for several weeks. She of course had to eat and this is where the gross factor kicks in. Anne Hathaway ate only two servings of oatmeal paste a day. Traditional oatmeal is bland enough already but oatmeal paste is just too much. To cap things off, the actress even had to shave off a good part of her hair.

3 Rooney Mara Really Got Her Body Pierced

Rooney Mara is the textbook definition of Hollywood’s girl-next-door. She has some pretty innocent features to boost her personality and the last thing you’d think about the actress is that she’d do some crazy things. But she did some crazy things. All for her role as Lisbet Salander in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

To fit the role perfectly, Mara got her lip, nose, eyebrow and nipple pierced— for real. She got several piercings in her ears, wore all black makeup throughout filming and even cut and dyed her hair black. While this may not be as extreme as the other gross stuff on this list, we must consider that the actress wasn’t as edgy or brooding as the role she was about to portray. Getting nearly all parts of her body pierced might have been very hard for her as these become permanent after a while.

2 Heath Ledger Stayed In His Hotel Room Alone 

In what could be the most infamous portrayal to date, Heath Ledger brought Batman's Joker to life in more ways than one. In 2008's The Dark Knight, Heath Ledger was tasked with the daunting role of the Joker. This villain's place in movies is always a sought after role so when placed on his hands, Ledger had to really get in deep.

Before shooting began, Ledger isolated himself and did various things to simulate the Joker's persona as close as possible. Sadly, he also took prescription drugs which also became the cause of his death.

Heath Ledger's efforts weren't for naught as he brought not only one of the best Jokers to life, but one of the best characters in recent film history as well. We can't see just how anyone else will top Heath Ledger's performance when they step in the shoes of the Joker.

1 Michelle Williams Wore A Belt Around Her Legs To Get Marilyn's Figure Just Right

Let's face it, the role of Marilyn Monroe is perhaps one of the most clamored for role in Hollywood. One of the first icons of sexiness isn't an easy role and actresses tasked with it should take it to heart almost immediately. That's why in My Week With Marilyn, Michelle Williams had to go through ordeals to portray the icon.

One of the first steps in bringing the actress to life is listening to her interviews on end until the voice is gotten just right — and this is exactly what Michelle Williams did. Aside from this, she also wore makeup for 3 hours a day.

Perhaps the most amazing thing that the actress did to prepare for the role was wearing a belt fastened just below her knees. This is to ensure that she got Marilyn Monroe's wobble and iconic figure just right. Her efforts weren't put to waste though as she looked like the real deal when the film launched.

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