15 Things About The Star Wars Movies That Make No Sense

Fans have commented that the The Last Jedi has a confusing plot that makes little sense, but this is hardly a new phenomenon in Star Wars movies.

The latest Star Wars movie just came out, and once again it's all anyone can talk about. The world is always anticipating the next release, and fans always manage to analyze it and study it closely. The franchise has the power to dominate the entertainment industry, and this is holding true even decades after the first ever film. But sometimes the people talking about the movies don't always have the best things to say. This has been true almost from the first ever sequel, but Star Wars fans are famous for questioning things that have been done to their beloved series. Most fans are of the opinion that the original series is the best, and that everything that has come after it is terrible.

Some say the newer Disney movies are even worse than the prequels. And the talk around town is that the latest one, The Last Jedi, is the worst movie yet. And many people complain that the movie reason this film fell flat on its face is because it makes very little sense. Movie-goers have commented that the plot felt very disjointed, and it's full of things that are extremely confusing. But this is hardly a new phenomenon in Star Wars movies. For as long as fans have been loving the movies, there have been other more critical fans who have identified several mistakes and inconsistencies. As you will see, there are plenty of things in past movies that make very little sense...

15 Anakin Had No Father


One of the strangest things about Star Wars is the fact that Anakin, perhaps the most integral character to the entire franchise, has no father. Obviously in our world this would be considered scientifically impossible. For a child to be born, there has to be a father, unless of course the child was conceived in vitro, otherwise known as a "test tube baby." But this is not the explanation that is hinted at in the actual movie. Instead, Qui Gon Jinn speculates that Anakin might have been conceived by the midi-chlorians themselves (more on midi-chlorians later).

Obviously this makes little sense, even given the fact that Star Wars always had a very "fairytale" feel to it. This story is also present in Christian beliefs, where Jesus is believed to be the product of a virgin birth. But is this really necessary in a science fiction movie like Star Wars?

14 Obi-Wan Severely Injured Annakin And Left Him Rather Than Giving Him A Quick End

One of the most climactic points in the prequels is the final battle between Obi-Wan and Anakin. They battle on Mustafar, and it becomes one of the most memorable lightsaber battles in Star Wars history. While most of the swordplay is extremely well-done, there are some strange moments. At one point, both Anakin and Obi-Wan swing their lightsabers at each other without actually hitting anything, which has since been dubbed the "rave battle" (Google the gif, it's hilarious). It all comes to a close when Obi-Wan wins after gaining the high ground. Some Star Wars fans have questioned why having the high ground was such an advantage, as this makes little sense if you think about it.

But that's not the most confusing thing about this moment. When Anakin tries to lunge at Obi-Wan, he is sliced to pieces and left in a crumpled heap on the ground. As he sinks towards the lava, he starts to suffer from extremely painful burns. The confusing thing is that Obi-Wan simply walks away, shaking his head, rather than finishing the job. At first, it might seem like Obi-Wan is being merciful by not killing Anakin. But when you think about it, giving him a quick and relatively painless death would actually be the moral thing to do in this situation. Obi-Wan presumably has no idea that Anakin will be rescued. And yet he leaves his best friend to die a slow and painful death, which probably would've taken hours. That's some friend.

13 Space Battles Have Explosions And Sound


This is one that all you scientists out there will know all about. Star Wars is known for many things, but its space battles are definitely some of the highlights. Aside from the lightsaber battles, these scenes make up the majority of the action in the movies, and most of the battles are quite impressive. In the original series, the battles are a little more subdued, but there are still some amazing moments, such as the destruction of the death star for the first time. In the prequels, the space battles get ramped up significantly, and new CGI technology showed us what it really means to see a galaxy in the middle of a massive war.

But there are a few problems with these massive space battles. For one thing, all those cool sound effects of fighters whizzing by, blasting their weapons and firing their thrusters are impossible in space. Sound is actually caused by vibrating air molecules, and since there is no air in space, it would be completely and utterly silent. And since there is no air, you can say goodbye to explosions as well. Fire is only possible with air as fuel, and since space is a vacuum, fire is completely impossible.

12 Obi-Wan Doesn't Recognize R2-D2 In A New Hope


Another thing that makes no sense is why Obi-Wan doesn't recognize R2-D2 in the first ever film, A New Hope. When R2-D2 first shows up looking for "Old Ben," the aged Jedi says something like, "Curious... I don't remember owning a droid." But R2-D2 is a character who was in all of the prequels, and at one time was very important to Obi-Wan's missions and success as a Jedi Knight. How could he possibly forget a droid he's spent so much time with? R2-D2 actually saved his life on more than one occasion, making his bad memory even more implausible.

Of course, you can say that Obi-Wan's memory is fading at his old age. But we have to remember that this is a Jedi Knight, known for focus and mental fortitude beyond that of a normal human. He manages to remember other small details about the Clone Wars, so why does R2-D2 slip his mind? The answer is pretty simple – George Lucas wanted to include the droid in the prequels and didn't care that it didn't make sense.

11 Why Did The Surviving Jedi Just Give Up On Everything?


This nonsensical Star Wars detail has been confusing fans for decades, although it is a subject of much debate. When Darth Sidious seizes control of the Galactic Federation, and slaughters almost all of the Jedi, only two (canonically speaking) Jedi remain: Yoda and Obi-Wan. These two Jedi go into hiding, and then become hermits for many years. There is never any suggestion that either of them actually tried to accomplish anything while in hiding, and they seem to be content with living out the rest of their lives as irrelevant observers.

Why is this? You could say that Obi-Wan was actually looking after Luke the entire time on Tatooine, but what about Yoda? At the end of the third prequel, Revenge Of The Sith, Yoda fights Sidious and almost wins. Surely given another chance, Yoda might be victorious. You'd think that someone like him could find some opportunity to assassinate Sidious. He is a Jedi, after all. Some fans say that fighting was impossible, since there were only two Jedi. But the Sith have been a powerful fighting force for thousands of years, and for most of the time, there was only ever two Sith Lords. So why couldn't the Jedi do something – anything – to help the situation?

10 The Escape Pod Was Completely Ignored


But the Jedi aren't the only ones who seem to be incompetent. One of the most confusing moments in the entire series was during the very first few scenes of the first movie, A New Hope. After the attack on the rebel ship carrying Leia, R2-D2 And C3PO manage to escape on an escape pod, carrying the plans to the Death Star. When a team of Imperial officers observe the jettisoned pod, they deliberate whether or not to fire on the pod, destroying it. In the end, they decide not to, because the escape pod has no life forms.

There is so much wrong with this, it's almost unbelievable. First of all, why not just be sure and destroy the pod anyway? Are they trying to conserve their ammo or something? Second of all, don't these educated officers understand that droids are capable of carrying information? Or did this just slip their minds? It's pretty obvious why this happened – the movie would have lasted about ten minutes if the escape pod had not been allowed to land on Tatooine...

9 Parsecs Don't Mean What You Think They Do


One of the most iconic characters in the entire franchise is Han Solo. He was sadly killed in the first Disney Star Wars movie, but not before he had delivered an entire lifetime's worth of classic one-liners. One of the best was when he claimed that the Millennium Falcon had made the Kessel Run in under 12 parsecs. It sounded cool, it made his ship seem fast, and everyone loved to repeat this classic phrase. But few actually asked themselves what it meant, or what a parsec actually was.

As it turns out, Parsecs are not what most Star Wars fans think they are. Anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of astro-physics can tell you that a parsec is a measure of distance, not time. So it really makes no sense when Han Solo says this phrase – unless of course the "Kessel Run" is not a measure of distance, but time. For example, the Kessel Run could be a 30 second time limit in which a ship has to try and get as far as possible... But the more likely explanation is that it's just bad writing.

8 Why Are All Aliens Humanoid And Look/Behave Like Us?


Some of the best things about Star Wars are all of the unique, interesting alien species. This has been a major part of the Star Wars universe since the very beginning, and with each passing movie we seem to be introduced to a brand new type of alien life form. These aliens are what make Star Wars special and unique, and they add a charm that would be absent with an all-human galaxy. From the Gungans to the Wookies, each species has made an impact on the franchise.

But how unique are these alien species really? While most of the aliens look interesting, they all seem to follow the same basic forms: bipedal, with mouths and eyes, and capable of speech. In other words, they are all "humanoid." But many scientists and researchers have come to the conclusion that if there is indeed life out there in space, it would probably look and behave nothing like humanity. There might be life forms that are gas clouds, or in liquid form, for example. To portray all aliens as being humanoid is actually quite ignorant, and it doesn't make sense in the world of science. But they're a lot easier to create in the special effects department!

7 What's The Point Of "Walkers?"


Aside from aliens, the thing that makes Star Wars most intriguing is its technology. And since we're talking about Star Wars, not "Star Peace," most of the technology we see in the movies has something to do with combat and war. There are numerous weapons that are very interesting, such as the lightsaber and the blaster, but what really inspires awe are the many vehicles in the Star Wars universe. From the X-Wing to the speeder to the Star Destroyers, all of these vehicles seem dangerous and very futuristic.

One of the most iconic vehicles of destruction employed by the Empire is the walker. There are actually two types: a larger one known as the AT-AT, and smaller one that was used during the battle for Endor (Chewie famously hijacks one). But how efficient are these vehicles in reality? Wouldn't it be easier to simply build tanks? If you're trying to transport troops, we've already seen that anti-grav technology is good enough to allow transport over rough terrain. So why build a tank that has legs? It's both slow and vulnerable to crippling fire that would destroy its mobility. I think we all know the answer to this one – they're in the movie because they look cool, not because they actually make sense.

6 Kylo Ren's Lightsaber


Another piece of Star Wars technology that doesn't make much sense is Kylo Ren's lightsaber. I'm sure most of you remember the fact that Kylo-Ren's lightsaber is different in that it also features two smaller blades that shoot out horizontally at the hilt of the main blade. What is the purpose of this? According to the official canon, it's because the Kyber crystal in Kylo-Ren's lightsaber is unstable, and it must "vent" this unstable energy using the two smaller blades. While this kind of makes sense, it still seems a little out of place and pointless.

Most fans thought this addition made no sense and was a little gimmicky. It seemed like the people behind the movie were racking their brains for some way to make Kylo Ren's lightsaber look "cool" or unique, and this is the best they could come up with. While Star Wars has indeed made pointless additions to their technology in the past, this one really stands out. Darth Maul's lightsaber at least seemed functional. The AT-AT walkers at least looked cool. But this lightsaber? It just seems confusing...

5 Midi-Chlorians


We previously touched on the weirdness of Anakin not actually having a father, and him supposedly being "conceived by the midi-chlorians themselves." While this is one of the most nonsensical things in the franchise, the very existence of midi-chlorians is another thing that leaves a lot of Star Wars fans confused. The decision was obviously made in the prequels to make the Force more "scientific." To do this, midi-chlorians were invented. These micro-organisms were present wherever the Force was strong, and their presence was a sign that the Force was also active.

Many fans hated the fact that midi-chlorians were even introduced. They saw it as a reduction of the Force into something that could be quantified and measured, rather than a paranormal, mystical force that was never quite understood. Some things are in fact better left up to the imagination, especially in movies. This is why midi-chlorians are often labeled as the "the explanation of the thing that you never really wanted to be explained."

4 The Entire Script For Padme And Annakin's Romance


There was a lot of things wrong with the prequels, but one of the most glaring issues is pretty much the entire romance between Anakin and Padme. It started off kind of interesting, but then from there it nosedived into the most cringey, groan-inducing love affairs ever seen in the history of film. Some of it had to do with the script. The lines were beyond cheesy. In truth, it had no real business being part of a Star Wars film, and could've been handled much better.

The entire romance could have been summed up in just a few short but meaningful scenes. Instead, it was rammed down our throats in a very repetitive manner that just didn't feel like Star Wars. Contrast this with the romance between Leia and Han Solo, and you can see quite clearly what went wrong. There was no charm, nothing interesting going on. It had to be done to explain why Anakin went over to the dark side, but again, it could've been done much better.

3 The Musical Sequence In Jabba's Palace


Pretty much all fans of the series can agree that this was one of the most confusing, bewildering, and out of place scenes in all of the Star Wars movies. Musical numbers are rare in Star Wars, and for good reason. People don't go to watch Star Wars movies to see aliens singing and dancing. They go to watch spaceships blow up and people swinging laser swords at each other. In the first movie, A New Hope, Luke and Obi-Wan walk into Mos Eisley Cantina while a song is being played on stage. The song was pretty catchy, and was well-received by fans...

One can only assume that George Lucas wanted to do something similar in Jabba's palace. But the resulting musical number has gone down in history as one of the worst moments in Star Wars. It was just so... weird. It felt totally out of place, and was probably one of the first indications that George Lucas had no problem with sticking his hand into the Star Wars formula and stirring it like crazy until it was something completely different. Which leads us to our next point...

2 George Lucas Making The Most Pointless Changes To The Original Series


George Lucas made some amazing movies in his earlier years. The first three Star Wars movies are usually considered to be his best movies, and for good reason. They're still entertaining to this day, and that's a real testament to his filmmaking ability. But sometimes, even the most talented artists fall victim to their obsessions with perfection. A clear example of this is the way in which George Lucas went back and changed many details in the original trilogy, to the point where certain scenes are completely unrecognizable. And the most disturbing part is that the original theatrical versions of these movies no longer exist.

Some of the things that George Lucas changed make sense. But most of them seem completely unnecessary. The general consensus is that Lucas got carried away, and started to litter the screen with all kinds of spaceships, extra stormtroopers, and other additions that seem totally out of place. In the end, it really makes no sense why he would choose to have a giant green alien walking by at the moment when Obi-Wan or Han Solo delivers one of their iconic lines.

1 All Of The Insane Fan Theories


The last thing about Star Wars that really makes no sense isn't actually from Star Wars. So we might be cheating a little bit here. But if you want some really bewildering and confusing things to ponder, you have to hear some of the fan theories. Some of these theories are well-thought out and logical. Some have even be proven right. But lately there seems to be an outpour of the most outlandish theories you will ever hear when it comes to the Star Wars universe.

Most of these theories make absolutely no sense. Some people unironically think that Leia and Rey are the same person – or that Luke is actually gay, or something else that makes no sense. A personal favorite is the theory that Rey is actually the offspring of Leia and Jabba. Yes, think about that for a second. The only thing stranger than these theories is the fact that so many people actually believe them...


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