15 Things About The Fallout Universe You Need To Know

While we may disagree, society still sees video games as somewhat of an outcast medium. Sure, this means that it's not taken very seriously, but it also allows developers the chance to create some pretty weird stuff. They need to get people buying their game, but they know that video game fans are much more willing to put up with something weirder than the general public are. We know that they can be annoyingly routine as well, but you’d be surprised how weird it can get.

The Fallout franchise is filled to the brim with Easter eggs and trivia, spending the last few decades since the release of the first game adding in as many jokes as possible. The games are known for their weird and off-kilter sense of humor, and being a video game, there are probably a lot of things from behind the scenes of its development that you have no idea about. So, we decided to throw together a bunch of things you never knew about the Fallout universe. Trust me, you'll have no idea what sort of stuff is coming your way. This sort of stuff can get weird…

So, it's time for you to take a look at some of the things that you never realized about the Fallout universe. Get ready to delve into one of the oddest video game franchises out there, and learn something new about one of your favorite video games.

15 It's Good To Reference The Past

"The sound you hear played upon entering V.A.T.S. is the combat turn sound from Fallout."

We really like when we see things like this happen, if we’re being honest, especially when the future games are being made by a completely different developer. This way, they can tip their hat toward the people who originally started the franchise, a sign of respect that we think is important when you’re handling the intellectual property of somebody else. That being said, we also really like it when people allow their creative work to be messed with by future generations because it allows for new and interesting things to be made. As long as people don’t wallow in nostalgia, they can come up with something well worth a look. In the case of Fallout, many people haven’t even played the originals but have played the more recent entries.

14 We Might Be Going The Same Way If We're Not Careful...

"In the world of Fallout, the nuclear bombs fell on 23 October. Bethesda wanted to make the release date of Fallout 3 coincide with this. It ended up releasing a week later in North America."

We know that some people are going to look at us as if we’re being dramatic here, but whenever we play a game set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland these days, it always feels like we’re never that far away from it. With the sort of people that we have in power around the world constantly threatening to use nuclear weapons, we can’t be that far away from a wasteland ourselves. Believe it or not, some of the young people playing these games would reckon that they could handle a post-apocalypse just because they’ve played these games.

13 You Never Know Where Your Art Will End Up!

"The very first piece of Fallout 3 art was created by lead artist Istvan Pely in 2004. It was the power armor image that eventually became the game's cover."

As a creative, we can say now that there's a lot about having your work featured on something like a famous video game, which gives your ego a boost, even if it doesn’t help further your career that much. We know that to some people, it’s all about the art, but it gets to a point where you have to make rent as well. Unless you have a lot of people making the effort to fund your creative endeavors, you’re going to have to start marketing yourself beyond the artistic concepts you’re coming up with. It shouldn’t be this way, but sadly, it just is.

12 What Did She Even Do There?

"Actress Courteney Cox (i.e. Monica from Friends) worked at Bethesda briefly in the 1980s. She later hosted the Fallout 3 launch party."

We would honestly love to know what it was that Courteney Cox did at the studio because, in our heads, she’s working in admin or as a secretary, but it’d be crazy to find out that she actually has amazing skill working with code or as a character designer. It’s one of those things that we think probably would’ve come up by now, but then, some people like to keep their cards close to their chest, and Cox may be one of those people. We wouldn’t blame her either. It looks like her acting career is coming to a close, so she’ll have to find something else to do once all that sort of stuff doesn't work out.

11 He Did A Great Job Of It As Well

"In another Friends connection, Matthew 'Chandler' Perry became such a vocal fan of Fallout 3 that he was asked to voice the character of Benny in New Vegas."

If you're anything like us, you hope to be so famous in your chosen passion that you get offered jobs like this one. You end up spending your life making money for something you want to be doing, loving your life, and then, because of the fame that brings you, you end up being offered fun jobs on the side. Seriously, can you imagine a better life? If any of you out there haven’t figured out what your passion is yet, creative or otherwise, you need to start doing that as soon as possible. That way, your life will be one great day of fun and passion after another.

10 Work With What You Know!

"The bell that sounds after shooting the Fat Man Nuclear Catapult is the lunchroom bell at the Bethesda offices."

When we played our first Fallout game, we couldn't believe that this weapon was actually something you could use or that it had been based on something that actually existed in real life. That's pretty crazy, if you ask us. We're actually worried that as we move forward in this world, a country will attempt to create a weapon like this. A handheld nuke is literally the worst thing that could possibly happen. The sort of power you could force onto political powers in this world if you could threaten to kill entire areas of people through the use of nuclear power is scary to even ponder. We think of nukes as being the last resort, something that we hope nobody will ever have to use again. If they were cheap and portable, that would change everything.

9 Can You Believe This Actually Existed?

"The Fat Man is based on an actual nuke launcher, the M-388 Davy Crockett Tactical Nuclear Recoilless Rifle, which was made in the 1950s."

When we find out that this sort of thing actually existed, it makes us wonder about the sort of stuff that we have no idea was made behind the scenes or the sort of stuff that never actually made it past the planning stage. The people at the top of the chain never really consider the idea that their ideas won’t work because they’ve never been told 'no' before. This means you get the sort of plans that came about during the Cold War Era. Believe it or not, but the US briefly considered nuking the moon in an attempt to show Russia how strong they were. We really wish we were joking about this right now. Look it up if you don’t believe us.

8 Who Would Drive A Car Like This?

"The cars in Fallout 3 are based on the Ford Nucleon, a concept car built to run on a nuclear generator in the 1950s."

Look, we don’t know anything about cars, so we’re willing to say that maybe we’re completely wrong here, but we’re pretty sure this is one of the worst-looking cars of all time. Would you drive around in this? Also, isn’t there something highly worrying about driving around in something that's being run on nuclear power? We know that the stuff cars are currently pumping out into the atmosphere is far from perfect, but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t be a lot worse. Not having to use oil doesn’t justify then having to use something that's much worse for the world.

7 Sometimes, Less Is Better...

"The Downtown D.C. area in Fallout 3 was originally twice as big, but the team decided it was too large and confusing and cut half the space out. Conversely, the Wasteland area eventually doubled."

One major problem with a lot of the video game developers out there is that they seem to think that the more they add to a game, the more likely it is that people will like it. Sadly, this usually just leaves video games feeling bloated, so filled with areas and mechanics that you almost feel as if you have no idea what to do next. In the same way you would see a show, film, or book, the more streamlined experience is usually better because it means that the developers spent a lot more time on the video game, rather than just throwing in a load of mediocre stuff.

6 Get The Whole Family Involved!

"The voice of the baby you play at the start of Fallout 3 is game director Todd Howard's son, Jake, on his 1st birthday."

We actually think it’s quite nice that these developers get to involve their whole family in their work, as this is something that most other human beings don’t get to do. Sure, people have days where they can bring their kids to work and stuff like that, but they very rarely can get involved with your work. Now, this child will always know that he had something to do with his father’s work and go back to hear the work that he did on it whenever he wants. We don’t know about you, but we think that’s a really heart-warming concept. Maybe we’re just far more sentimental than most of you people.

5 Is This Child Labor At This Point?

"The voice of Timmy Neusbaum, whom you have to make cry in Fallout 3's Tranquility Lane, is the voice of Cullen Pagliarulo. He's the son of lead designer Emil Pagliarulo."

Okay, so this is still pretty nice, but we suppose it has a slightly sinister tinge to it when compared to the previous entry in the list. What we’re saying is, if you’re forcing your child to cry for your work, there’s a chance you’re doing something a little weird. We don’t see a problem within the context of this piece of trivia, but that doesn’t mean the sentence doesn’t sound a little weird. Essentially, this man got his child to voice a character that you’re forced to make cry at some point during the game. See, it sounds weird when you put it like that, doesn’t it?

4 Seriously, Don't Do This...

"If you sneak up behind a Brahmin and activate it, your character will tip it over."

While it may seem like somewhat of a harmless prank, it can actually be pretty bad for the cow if you do this in real life. Seriously, you shouldn't do this. We like the fact that Fallout has allowed horrible gamers the chance to do this sort of thing in a virtual apocalypse because we need to leave the real-life animals alone. This gives an outlet to the sort of people who think it’s funny to terrorize animals who are having a pretty terrible life anyway. Seriously, take a look online at what this sort of thing can do to an animal, and yet, it's done across the world.

3 This Would've Been Crazy!

"In the original design of the Fallout 3, you were actually able to drive Liberty Prime. You also did battle with a working and floating Rivet City."

If you've never played the game or just need a reminder, there's a whole series of events toward the end of Fallout 3 in which you follow a giant robot that's completely decimating your enemies, with you taking down some of the enemies as well. For many, it was a little bit of a boring sequence in the middle of an otherwise fun game, but there could be a reason for that. It seems you used to be able to ride around in the robot, a gameplay mechanic that was eventually left out. It seems they may not have had enough time to write the event out and also didn’t have time to fully implement the system either.

2 This Would've Been Boring

"At one point, Fallout 3 featured a surgery minigame, where you had to cauterize your own wounds while watching your character scream in pain. The team felt it slowed down the pace of the game to just heal your limbs."

The thing is, the concept of a game that has a properly sorted out system that allows you to be a DIY doctor/surgeon sounds pretty amazing on paper, but it just adds a whole barrier to the action in the video game. It’s sad to think that no game has ever managed to sort this out in a way that entertains the audience because we really like the sound of it. Hopefully, somebody will manage it one day, and there'll be a chance for a lot of things that only seem to sound good on paper to be fleshed out in video games.

1 Yet Another Callback To The Past

"In the Hubris Comics building in Fallout 3, there's a terminal in the computer games division that contains an actual working text adventure called 'The Reign of Grelok.'"

One of the most amazing things about the leap in technology that we’ve seen in video games is that within a modern video game, we’re able to put in old games that used to take up entire cartridges or discs. This means that you can put games that already exist into brand new video games. Seriously, this is the sort of thing that people continue to do to this day, especially if the game has something to do with the more modern iteration. As a general look back at the beginning of video games, Fallout 3 has a text adventure, fully fleshed out, and placed on a terminal within the game. Pretty crazy.

Source: GamesRadar; TheGamer

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