15 Things About Naked And Afraid That Are Super Fake

The show Naked And Afraid is an American reality television series in which one man and one woman are given the task of surviving in the wilderness all alone for 21 days. At the end of the 21 days they must reach the extraction point, which is where they will be met with a helicopter or boat to come pick them up. The show has been to several different countries, scoping out places that are supposedly remote and uninhabited to make survival that much harder on its contestants. There have been seven seasons so far, and people everywhere seemed to have fallen in love with this show.

Naked And Afraid seems very authentic in the way that the contestants are seen unclothed, dirty, hungry, and appearing to be fighting for their lives. This is one of the very few shows that people today still regard as 100% real, with so many other shows being heavily scripted and edited. However, recently, some things have come out about the show that lead us to believe that maybe it is not as real as we originally gave it credit for. Some contestants have anonymously come forward and admitted to just how much of the show was faked and what little bit of it was actually legitimate. If this show is faked, then maybe all shows are faked and we cannot believe anything that we see on television anymore.

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15 No Cash Prize For Contestants?

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Naked And Afraid leads its viewers to believe that the contestants who compete on the show are not offered any prizes or cash just simply bragging rights. Why would anyone in their right mind sign up for such an intense show when they will get nothing out of it in the end? Well, it turns out that the producers have been lying to us along. While it may not really be considered a prize, contestants are given a cash incentive if they finish out the 21 days on the show. That kind of sounds a little like prize money to me though, but then again it is a show. We would be a little naive to think that these people appeared on television and did not get paid a single penny for it. This is just the first of many lies and deceptions that we have learned about when it comes to this supposedly real show.

14 Contestants Are Not Alone In Remote Locations

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The producers of this show say that the people who compete on it are taken to a remote area in the world where there is no one nearby, and they have to survive on their own. However, this is not exactly true. It turns out that not only are these people not alone, but there is always a town very close by to where they are staying. In fact, one contestant admitted that they were so close to a town that she could even hear music being played at a nearby club. Not only is there a town within walking distance everywhere that they stay, but they also have the camera crew and producers following them around everywhere, and they are never truly alone.

13 Crew Members Poisoning Contestants

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Something that not a lot of people might know about the show is that contestants are allowed to bring food and drinks with them to consume before filming begins. Somehow, when some contestants bring this food with them it can magically go missing, and they then need to rely on the crew to provide them with food to eat. One contestant later admitted that she had packed herself loads of nutritional shakes, but when they went missing, one of the crew members made her a soup to eat. She thought it was great at first and that it tasted amazing, but shortly after consuming it, she fell ill and began to vomit profusely. It is rumored that the reason this sometimes happens in because the crew wants them to get sick while filming to make things appear to be more legitimate, but that is just a rumor at this point.

12 The On-Camera Drama Is Set Up

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Now and then on the show we will see a little drama come to life; people get into arguments and, very rarely, physical altercations. This would seem totally normal since tensions are bound to rise when people are fighting for survival in the wilderness, but no surprise here: 9 out 10 times that drama is faked. The show may not necessarily be scripted, but a past contestant has come out to admit that the crew on the scene of the show does instruct them on things to do in order to make the show more interesting. These are typically things like making certain comments toward your opponent or stealing something of theirs. This kind of thing usually occurs when the camera crew thinks things are not exciting enough, and they want to spruce it up a little for ratings.

11 Contestants Are Often Sent To A Medical Tent

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Part of what makes the show so interesting and exciting to watch is the danger of it. We are watching two people, left out in the middle of nowhere, with no clothing on their backs, exposed to the wild and fending for themselves. So you would think that they would get injured a little more often, right? Well, it turns out that the producers have a medical tent set up nearby to where they film the show that the contestants have access to whenever they are not being filmed. One contestant came out saying that she was able to get vitamins from the tent, which is starting to make it sound not-so dangerous now. If these people have access to medical supplies and medicine whenever they want, then are they really trying to survive?

10 Contestants Can Bring And Eat Their Own Food

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When watching the show, we are made to believe that the contestants are to find their own food in nature by any means possible, and it appears to be what they are actually doing. Or is that all for show? It turns out that the contestants are more than welcome to bring their own food to the location, and as long as the cameras are not rolling, they are free to eat whatever it is that they want. Kind of takes that risk factor and intensity of them hunting for their own food away from the show, doesn't it? Producers still deny that fact to this day, but several people who have appeared on the show have anonymously come forward saying that they were indeed allowed to eat what they wanted when the cameras were not on them. The reason that they had to admit to this anonymously is because the show is so persistent on suing anyone who tries to question the credibility of the show.

9 They Actually Get More Help Than You Think

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Another aspect of the show is that they get no help in anything that they do, and they really have to rely on nature in order to survive the 21 days that they are there, however, this could not be any more wrong. As it turns out, the crew is actually there to help whenever help may be needed. One contestant had actually been seen vomiting a lot on the show from food poisoning. Well, on the show this same contestant manages to somehow make a miraculous recovery by day four and it is almost as if she was never sick at all. We have now learned that this is because when the cameras were off, the crew members were feeding her bread and rice and giving her fluids via an IV to re-hydrate her so that she would be okay to film.

8 Faking An Injury

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This might not be something that often happens on the show, but there is one particular case in which a contestant had gotten injured, and the situation was twisted quite a bit by the creators of the show. There was one contestant who had apparently broken three of his toes prior to coming on the show, but when he started to experience pain while filming from this injury, the crew thought it would add to the excitement of the show to make it seem as if he had hurt his foot while filming. This had made the man upset because he felt as if the show was making him look weak, and he wanted to set the record straight as soon as the show was over. While this stunt by the crew may seem harmless, it still goes to show just what kind of lengths that they will go to in hopes of raising their ratings a little.

7 Fights And Arguments

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From time to time, people on the show will get into silly little fights and arguments over the littlest things, which would seem normal since they have to spend so much time together for almost a month “alone” in the wilderness. As it turns out, real fights and arguments on the show are a lot more rare than we realize. Apparently, when they are not telling people what to do for added drama, they are antagonizing fights between people. Crew members once intentionally made a girl and her fiancé get into a fight on the show by sparking an argument between them that they knew would lead to some potential on-screen drama. Talk about playing dirty. It sounds as though the makers of this show will go to crazy lengths in order to make it look more interesting, but maybe they are going a little too far with it.

6 Sentimental Items

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Among the list of things that the producers of this show have faked, the contestants having sentimental items with them would seem to be the last thing we would think of, but they went there. One contestant was seen on the show with a magnifying glass in her hand; when asked where she got it from, she claims that she had brought it with her because it was passed down to her from her father and had a lot of meaning behind it. The contestant later came out and admitted that before filming began the crew gave her that magnifying glass and told her what story to tell when she was asked where it came from. That seems to be going a little far in terms of fabricating things to me, but then again it is television, so I guess we should not expect much more out of them.

5 Good Guy Vs. Bad Guy

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Every good show has a good guy and a bad guy. Well, this show is no different because word recently got out that the producers of this show go to great lengths to make sure that when the footage is edited, they make one person look the good guy (the one that everyone watching will root for) and make the other person look bad (the one that everyone wants to lose). Obviously, over the many days that they film, there is a lot of footage that needs to be cut down into an hour long show per week, so we expect some things to be cut out, but cutting out certain things to make one person look good and the other one look bad seems a bit harsh. I guess they will do anything to try to get the ratings to go up, but now we are left feeling deceived.

4 Sleeping At Production Camp And Not In The Actual Wilderness

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You may be thinking, "Well, how does this prove that the show is fake? I mean, they do need a place for the camera crew to go when they are not filming." Well, apparently both the camera crew and the contestants are given whistles that they can use if they feel that they are unable to make the walk back to camp, which is where both of them stay when they are not filming. That's right, the whole "finding shelter" thing is just an act for the show. The production camp is said to be within walking distance of where they are filming at all times and is usually located right outside of the town that they are near. Those remote locations that they choose are not all that remote after all and they don't even sleep in the wilderness.

3 Survival Or Vacation?

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The whole idea behind this show is that two people are stripped of everything that they have, including the clothes on their backs, and dropped off in the woods somewhere left alone to survive, live off the land, and essentially fight for their lives. So when we learned the truth behind this, we were truly shocked. Apparently, the nearby towns are so close to the filming location and production camps that the contestants often times will run into the locals, who will be doing things like playing soccer or having parties, and they are always welcomed to join the locals. As long as they are not being filmed, the production crew allows the contestants to party and have fun, and they would often times join in with the local activities. So was this really a fight for survival, or actually an off-camera vacation? We may never know, because the production crew is working hard to keep these things a secret.

2 There Is A Storyline

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At this point, you probably would not be surprised to hear that there is actually a storyline behind the show, but if you are a die-hard fan of this show, then you might not believe this next one. One of the contestants, despite the show threatening to sue her for it, came out and admitted that the producers actually choose a storyline that needs to be followed before they begin filming. Every time that she tried to tell people this about, the show threatened to sue her, but she was still able to get her message out there anonymously without being taken to court. If there is a storyline that the contestants are forced to follow, then how could this show possibly be realistic in any way? It is starting to seem as if the only real thing about this show is the fact that they are walking around unclothed.

1 Five Finger Discount

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This show is filmed for about a month at a time so sometimes supplies can run a little low. When this happens, the production crew and the contestants have been known to sneak into the local town and steal what it is that they need to finish out the show. There have been a couple of contestants who have confirmed that they themselves have done this, but if the locals ever caught them in the act, then they would be in a lot of trouble and the show would likely lose all credibility and face some possible legal ramifications. For a show that everyone seems to praise for being so real in a world full of heavily scripted reality television, there sure does seem to be a lot of things that are faked, leaving us to wonder just how real this show really is.

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