15 Things About Miley Cyrus' Childhood That Won't Shock You, But Should

The world has long since grown accustomed to the bad girl vibe Miley Cyrus puts out. But, trust us, it's not a recent phenomena. Back when she was a 14-year-old supposedly squeaky clean Disney star, s

The world has long since grown accustomed to the bad girl vibe Miley Cyrus puts out. But, trust us, it's not a recent phenomena. Back when she was a 14-year-old supposedly squeaky clean Disney star, she was anything but wholesome. In fact, for years she got flack from the Disney bosses and some say her outrageous behavior led to her hit show Hannah Montana being cancelled. Her father Billy Ray Cyrus has gone public saying that after the 14-year-old hit Disney and got her own Disney entourage, she became a law unto herself, pretty much doing as she pleased under the protective wing of the studio. He has also said that the studio destroyed his family. So, when we talk bad underage behavior, what are we talking? Sex? Drugs? Alcohol? All of the above and probably more. Perhaps add in a dash of child p*rn, some bisexual hookups and a pole dance or two. We're talking "gender fluidity", pot, dating a 20-something at 14-years old and on and on. Miley may have been raised a good Southern Baptist girl, but once she hit show business and Disney, it was bad behavior on steroids. By the time she turned 18-years-old, our Miley had long since discarded her purity ring, had pretty much done it all and lived to tell the story. Here are 15 Miley moments that probably won't surprise you, but should shock the heck out of you.

15 I'm 14 And Bi

She was 14-years-old when she told her Southern Baptist mom that she liked girls and boys. Kind of like,"Hi, mom. I'm bisexual". Mom probably thought her little girl was headed straight for h*ll. About that time, pictures of Miley and "girl friends" and "boyfriends" started appearing online. And once she turned legal? Oh my god. It got totally hot. Take those pictures of Miley in a passionate lip-lock with Victoria's Secret Angel Stella Maxwell... they were hot. And Miley has said (and we quote): "I feel like a 15-year-old boy trapped in a... girl's body." And apparently she channels 'macho' when she is out with girls. So, she's like the guy? Brings to mind those pictures of her wearing a distinctly male prosthetic. And it all began at age 14.

14 Lap Dancing A Middle Aged Man

Okay, when a video of a 16-year-old Miley at a party hit the Internet, there was great outrage. Why? Because the underage Miley was seen gyrating against and giving a lap dance to a 45-year-old man. When the sensational video surfaced in 2010, Billy Ray Cyrus called it "normal teenage behavior" and said Miley was just being Miley. Blame the parents many said and called the clip of Miley in hot pants "rubbing against" Hairspray director Adam Shankman, offensive and a bad example to her young fans. Miley seems to like lap dancing. Take her on-stage performance in a transparent butterfly outfit where she lit up a joint and used the "f" word over and over, claiming she was "changing the world". Vulgar, many said. No publicity is the only bad publicity Miley probably said.

13 Raunchy And Underage: Pictures The 15-Year-Old Sent to Nick Jonas

Hannah Montana as you have never seen her. It was pictures like these that landed our Miley in a hot water with Disney. She couldn't even drive, even have a learner's permit, back when she dated Nick Jonas. It was all puppy love kind of stuff in public. But then, a few years later "those" pictures started surfacing online. This one comes under the heading of not too bad. But there were some, like the shot of Miley in the shower, that leave little to the imagination. And, reportedly, they were all intended for the hunky Nick Jonas. So, if it had come to light at the time, all hell would have broken loose at Disney. Squeaky clean, underage Disney stars just don't do that kind of thing. Oh, yes they have. For decades.

12 That Underage Vanity Fair Cover


Talk about art meeting borderline child p*rnography. Miley was all of 16-years-old when she posed, seemingly topless, for the cover of Vanity Fair magazine. She was shot by noted, iconic, famous shutterbug Annie Leibovitz and the shots are made (probably intentionally) to make Cyrus, if anything, look younger than her years. It was staged to look like child p*rnography, which (predictably) provoked outrage and questions about the magazine's taste level. And it was notable for another reason: It was one of the very, very few times when Miley actually apologized for her outrageous behavior. And some also questioned the appearance of her dad Billy Ray in some of the shots. Wrong message, many said.

11 Dating A 20-Something At 14

Some stories say her dad Billy Ray Cyrus introduced them. The Hannah Montana star was only 15-years-old in 2008 when she dated model/actor 20-something Justin Gaston. They were in a "relationship". And we all know what that means. Seems they met when Gaston was a contestant on a reality show hosted by daddy Cyrus. Something like, "Miley meet Justin. He's an underwear model." Dad and mom called the relationship "a good thing". Apart from anything else, what kind of 20-something wants to date a 14 or 15-year-old girl? But it didn't last (obviously). By 2009 Miley was Tweeting away about the break up saying, "Why does saying goodbye hurt so much?" Not to worry, Miley. Before you turn 18-years-old, there will be many more "relationships" and a fair amount of "gender fluidity".

10 Racism Or Totally Poor Taste (Or Both)

Let's forget the Video Music Awards when she and all her back-up dancers were black men and she did up close and personal stuff to one of their backsides. Or her saying she wants to have a "black sound" and be "urban" and twerk. Back when she was 16-years-old, she offended the Asian community and got a lot of media attention (which was the whole point) when she and Justin Gaston and friends did a slant eye pose in order to "look Asian". We guess older Justin was not the adult leadership in that little teen gang. Miley was slammed by the Organization of Chinese Americans who said she "encouraged and legitimized the taunting and mocking of people of Asian descent". No word on what caused the strange pose, but some said they may have been mimicking a similar poor-taste shot featuring the Spanish basketball team at the Beijing Olympics.

9 Underage And Totally Busted

Miley dated Thomas Sturges from April of 2008 through July of the same year. Why so brief? Well, in two words: "leaked" pictures. She was around 16-years-old and he was a year or so older and a junior in high school. Seems his mom had written a song for a Hannah Montana album and the two met and started to date. Only thing was, Miley seemed to be having leaks on her MySpace account and there were a number of pictures of Miley and Sturges horizontal doing stuff that Hannah Montana shouldn't do, like kissing and cuddling. No way, said Disney. And the couple were split up. Like really fast. Disney is good at controlling the damage and that's just what they did.

8 Inside The Dysfunctional Disney Universe: Miley And Demi Lovato...

Back when she was just starting Hannah Montana Miley was chums with another 14-year- old, namely the troubled Demi Lovato. In fact, some say that Disney used wild-child Miley to deflect attention away from the fact the young Lovato, then a star in Camp Rock 2, was into coke, self-harming and bulimia. And the coke is not the kind you drink. Demi's first rehab stint in 2010 was kept under wraps by the studio, who claimed she was "sick". At any rate, Joe Jonas has reported that Miley and Demi at the tender age of 14 gave him his first joint. Go on, try it, they giggled. And he did. And he liked it. It was a busy time in our Miley's life. She proclaimed herself bisexual, dated a 20-something, sent racy shots to Nick Jonas and on and on. It's amazing she had time for her show...

7 Perez Hilton Posts Two Inappropriate Shots Of Underage Miley

As anyone who has seen her cr*tch-grabbing antics on stage will testify, Miley makes outrageous use of that body part, whether grabbing or adorning with it male "stuff". Well before Miley turned 18, gossip guru Perez Hilton posted a couple of candid shots that seemed to reveal the lack of Cyrus underwear at a crucial moment. There's a nicely censored one of Miley dressed in white getting out of a car, which (uncensored) seemed to show a distinctive lack of underwear. Miley was not freeing her nipples, but rather her lady parts. Shock horror, says Perez Hilton. Child p*rn said some of his many, many enemies. There were calls for the gossiping Hilton to be arrested for distributing child p*rnography. Now, this was a win-win situation for underage Miley, who was seen as "naughty", and for Hilton, who basked in the light of negative publicity (and not for the first time).

6 Girl On Girl Kiss On Britain's Got Talent

Heard the one about "sweet sixteen, but never been kissed"? Well, when teen Miley Cyrus performed on Britain's Got Talent, we bet Simon Cowell was amazed. And annoyed. Miley stole the show. See, she tends to interact in an up close and personal way with her back-up singers and dancers. She does "stuff" to the male bits of her back-ups. She does stuff to the female bits of her crew. But when she hit Britain's Got Talent to give her star turn in between auditioning wannabes, she grabbed one of her female dancers and planted a long and hard smacker. Or that's how it appeared. Of course, there was an uproar and of course Miley said get over it. And the song? "I Can't Be Tamed". Very well demonstrated we think. And a month or so after that kiss, one of Miley's back-up dancers grabbed the singer's breast while Miley gyrated for the audience. Same song. Different body part.

5 Hannah Montana Does A Pole Dance And Disney Goes Crazy

In 2009, supposedly squeaky-clean Hannah Montana isn't taking secret snaps or doing outrageous things in private. She goes onto the stage at the Teen Choice Awards and does a pole dance. A year or so later, Disney pulled the plug on Hannah Montana. Don't think the two things are not connected. Miley was as determined to grow up her image as Disney was to keep her wholesome. Guess who won on that one? Miley in a landslide. Picture this, little Miley dressed in not much atop an ice cream cart. Okay. Sounds clean enough. But what's on top of that cart but a stripper's pole that writing, dancing Miley works like, well, a stripper, while singing "Party in the U.S.A." Said The New York Daily News, Miley was "quickly outgrowing her wholesome adolescent image". That night she presented an award to Britney Spears.

4 MySpace Mishaps

In 2008, Miley broke the Internet with what some commentators called "jail-bait" pictures. The official word was that they were leaked. But knowing Miley, it might just be a very-close-to-home kind of intended leak. There was that almost lesbian kiss we saw earlier, together with some underwear shots and more girl on girl bonding. Some uncharitable souls theorized that saying the pictures were leaked by a hacker might just stop the Disney executives from coming down on her like a ton of bricks. Hannah Montana may have been one of the biggest Disney hits there was, but Miley was proof positive that she wasn't going to stay in the squeaky clean fold. Remember, by this time, she was in that "relationship" with Justin Gaston, had done her sexy pole dance and had had her lady bits exposed by Perez Hilton. She was one big headache for Disney.

3 Underage And Drinking

Well, look, everybody knows it happens, inside and outside of Disney. The thing is, inside Disney you can't be caught doing it. Joe Jonas was and got a slap on the wrist from Disney. Underage Demi Lovato drank and drank and drank and when she ended up in rehab, Disney put out that she was "sick". And in 2010 when underage Miley Cyrus was snapped in Madrid, Spain drinking a Corona beer, well, it nearly broke the Internet. She was underage, even in more tolerant Spain. The incident happened a few months after a video of Miley singing to her mother hit the Internet. So? She was in the bathroom and singing about sex to her mom. Just your normal, underage teenage stuff. Miley being Miley, as her dad would say.

2 "Can't Be Tamed" Era

One year before Hannah Montana was officially cancelled Miley Cyrus came out with her Can't Be Tamed album. It was the surest, most public sign that she had well and truly entered her rebellious stage and almost certainly put the nail in the coffin of Hannah Montana (and Disney for that matter)The music was sultry and blatantly sexy and a radical departure from her previous music. All Disney stars seem to rebel at one time or another. The advent of Can't Be Tamed introduces a not yet 18-years-old but raunchy side to Miley's fanbase. She was getting older and edgier, and so were they.

1 Hello 18...

When she turned 18-years-old, she was famously pictured giving bong a go. A bit later she got a p*nis cake for birthday boy Liam Hemsworth, began freeing her nipple and pretty much doing everything she could to outrage and upset. But the difference was, most of what she was doing was (at last) legal. And she was finally free of Disney. And they were free of her. Who knows which one of the two parties are happier? She has not had a lot of nice things to say about the studio. And she talks enthusiastically of her gender fluidity and the joy of s*x. As we have said, the only bad publicity for Miley is no publicity. She has famously chopped off her long locks and gone blonde and punky. And has it worked? Well, she's rich, famous and talented. Of course, it has worked.

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