15 Things About Kaley Cuoco’s Past She Wants To Keep Hidden

There have been some top female sitcom characters over the years. When I mention that, a lot of your minds are probably flitting back to the time of Friends, when Monica and Rachel were lighting up our screens. Today there’s a new queen of sitcoms on the scene. Her name is Penny, but her last name remains a mystery. But the actress who plays Penny certainly doesn’t; Kaley Cuoco. Kaley was around for quite some time before she landed the role of Penny in The Big Bang Theory. Little did she know that it would propel her to superstar status. As the seasons progressed, Kaley grew as an actress along with her on-screen character, and she enjoyed an almighty surge in popularity.

She’s now at a point where she’s regarded to be one of the best and hottest actresses on the planet. People are just infatuated with her. With that A-list status comes gossip columns, investigative journalists and plenty of paparazzi constantly following her around, baying at her heels eager for a story and to learn some dark truths about Kaley. Plenty of things have come to light over the years, and not everything we’ve learnt about Kaley paints her in the best light. She may come across as an American sweetheart, but there’s more to her personality – way more to her than meets the eye. Kaley’s the type of person who doesn’t really care what people think – she’s very headstrong. But there must be something inside her, a tad of shame and embarrassment perhaps, that would make her want to keep certain things about herself a secret. These are potentially those 15 things about Kaley Cuoco’s past she’d want to have kept a secret.

15 Her Dating Life Seems Pretty Sketchy

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As with any A-list celeb, people want to know who Kaley is dating. It’s a juicy bit of gossip that fans just lap up. Thankfully for such people, they’ve been lapping up plenty where Kaley is concerned. That’s because she flits about from one guy to the next pretty regularly. There have been some relationships we all thought would last the distance, her marriage being one of them. Actually, scrap that; we know that marriage vows mean nothing in the celeb world because celebs tend to have short marriages, and they’re getting divorced left, right, and center. When taking that into account, Kaley’s marriage to tennis player Ryan Sweeting lasted a pretty long time – three years. But the fact remains that Kaley’s been with lots of guys since she came into the limelight, and just as quickly as she’s picked them up, they’re discarded, are yesterday’s news. She may not take too kindly to that, but that’s the perception about her dating life people have gained anyway. Incidentally, she’s just gotten engaged again, this time to Karl Cook. Any guesses as to how long that marriage is going to last?

14 Desperate For Publicity

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Most celebs let their work do the talking. If Kaley did the same, she’d have nothing to worry about. It is her portrayal of Penny on The Big Bang Theory that’s led to her superstar A-list celeb status. But she’s not content with the publicity she’s gained from the show. She wants more and will do pretty much anything to get it. That might sound a bit over the top, but that’s what’s generally believed about Kaley Cuoco. Why does she jump from relationship to relationship, rebounding at such a rapid pace? A lot of people believe it’s all because of publicity. She has many flings, is frequently spotted out and about partying with different guys, and it always seems to be at a place where the paparazzi are out in full force. She has said; “I had no one follow me until I met Henry Cavill,” who played Superman in the DC Extended Universe. They were both with the same PR company, which led to rumors that their meeting had been manufactured.

13 She Is Hated In Hollywood

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You can appreciate why Kaley’s persona, her attitude to being an A-lister, might rub a lot of people up the wrong way. It’s reportedly already caused a great deal of friction on the sets of BBT. But apparently, this displeasure people have towards Kaley extends off the BBT sets and across the Hollywood scene. She’s not great at endearing herself to fellow actresses, because she feels – whether it’s due to her salary or fanbase – that she’s number one and perhaps untouchable at the top. Consequently, it’s fair to assume that she’s one of the most hated actresses around. Not sure how Kaley would feel about that. Again, it’s one of those catch-22 situations. Kaley would probably want to keep the fact that she’s hated hidden. Nobody wants to be known as someone who’s hated. It’s like the school bullies ganging up on an innocent little kid in the playground. Except for the fact that Kaley can hold her own. She may even like being in that situation. If that’s the case she’d want to keep the fact she likes it hidden.

12 Shady Details About The Breakup Of Her Marriage

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Okay, so let’s get back to her short marriage to Sweeting. That’s one part of her life she certainly wants to forget and eradicate from people’s memories. Or, as I mentioned in the previous entry, actually wants people to know and speculate about, due to her being a publicity hound. Make your own minds up with that one. Well, when it comes to her marriage, all we can really do is speculate. That’s because not much has surfaced in terms of actual facts – it’s all remained rather sketchy. Again, that keeps people speculating, talking about Kaley, which could be just the way she wanted things to pan out. I have to reiterate that these are rumors, and I’m certainly not going out of my way to make Kaley seem vindictive or anything like that.

Sources have revealed that Kaley just couldn’t deal with her hubby’s drug addiction. Others say it was her partying, and some even claim that either she or he turned to infidelity. Whatever happened, this speculation certainly sullied Kaley’s sweet, sunny, smiley public persona.

11 Lack Of Support For Sweeting

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Let’s continue with Kaley’s marriage to Sweeting, because there are yet more aspects of the marriage that she’d want to have kept hidden. We all know that Sweeting had a history of drug problems. He’d gotten a DUI with possession of drugs. When he had back surgery, Sweeting got addicted to another type of drug – prescription drugs, namely painkillers. Some sources have revealed that Kaley was initially committed to helping her hubby sober up, but got fed up when he kept getting high again. But other sources contradict this. If you were trying to help your hubby sober up, the last thing you’d want to do is get your glad rags on and go out and about on the lash, as Kaley frequently did during that period. Apparently, it was she who had the drinking problem, and she was seen partying with other men without her wedding ring. Some say it was her wild ways that led to the breakup of the marriage.

10 Her Secret Relationship With Johnny Galecki

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I’ve mentioned how it’s rumored that Kaley dates for publicity. But when it came to her relationship with Johnny Galecki, she kept everything hush hush. Why? Only she’ll know that, because it would’ve resulted in a hell of a lot of press coming her way, which it eventually did when news of their relationship broke out. Well, she actually revealed that they kept it a secret because “we were so protective of ourselves and the show and didn't want anything to ruin that." That makes sense for those claiming she dates for publicity; Kaley does after all, get more publicity because of Penny than for her dating life. They were living incognito, never went anywhere together. Some say it was she who wanted to keep everything a secret, because of how it would affect her. She denied him coming out publicly with their relationship, and she’s even said that the relationship wasn’t fun because of all the secrecy. Amazingly, they kept it up for a couple of years. But it’s no surprise that they eventually split up. Not that anyone is perfect, but that’s no basis for a long-term successful relationship.

9 Kaley Seems Really Shallow

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This one’s sure to divide opinion. Kaley’s put her foot in it numerous times over the years, voicing her thoughts on certain matters. She’s not one to shy away from telling people her views, even though she must know it’s sure to stir up some controversy. In one such interview she gave in 2016 to Women’s Health, she came across as a really shallow person, someone obsessed with her looks. A lot of people, especially celebs, stress the importance of inner beauty rather than the way someone looks. But Kaley was open about the fact she thinks how someone looks is very important. She said that women should look good. Then she went on to tell readers about her enhancements, all done to improve her appearance. Some would praise her for being open. But a lot of hate came her way. There have also been other instances, what she says, the way she comes across, that makes her seem like a really shallow person – not exactly a great personality trait. Looking back at it now, she may want to keep that interview hidden and erase it from the archives.

8 Baring It All On The Beach

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You’ve probably understood by now that Kaley is someone who loves the limelight. She’s rumored to have done a lot of things to gain an added bit of publicity. People think she dates the men she dates for publicity. And then there was that instance where she was spotted in the buff on the beach. For a celeb to do that, she must be pretty ballsy – figuratively speaking of course. Even if it was a private beach, it must have been pretty risky – the paparazzi with their high-tech cameras can snap anything at a distance nowadays. But Kaley was walking around on a beach in Mexico with Sweeting. Kaley though, wasn’t worried about the paparazzi. She herself posted the image with a few – what she thought was – fun captions. I don’t think many people were laughing – plenty were ogling, but not laughing. That’s probably what Kaley wanted out of that anyway. More attention. In hindsight though, due to the backlash she faced from certain sections of the media, perhaps it’s something she wishes she’d kept hidden.

7 Controversially Disrespected The American Flag

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Most Americans are highly patriotic, love their national flag and what it stands for. Most also know about the dos and don’ts when it comes to doing things with the flag, and what’s generally acceptable. Kaley obviously wasn’t aware of such customs, and she faced plenty of backlash because of it. In 2016, she naively disrespected her home nation’s flag. She posted pics of herself and her hubby wearing clothing, parts of which were emblazoned with the flag. The clothes were cheap and trashy and that got the ball rolling. But the haters came out in full force due to what she posted next. She posted a pic of her dogs standing on the flag. For those of you in the know, you’d be aware that the flag touching the ground is a big no-no. Kaley obviously didn’t and got a ton of heat because of it, even after apologizing profusely plenty of times. She could have just gone to her BBT co-star, Jim Parsons who hosts the Fun with Flags show as Sheldon; he would’ve set her straight with his in-depth knowledge about all things flags.

6 She Causes Problems With The Rest Of The BBT Cast

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So, by now you’ve probably gotten a good idea about Kaley’s character. She’s a strong-minded woman who loves the limelight and loves to be the center of attention. She must have loved it when news broke out about how much she was earning per episode. It made people realize that she was one of the best paid actresses going around. One person who reportedly wasn’t happy about her salary was her BBT co-star and best buddy in the show, Mayim Bialik. If rumors are to be believed, Mayim found Kaley’s salary of $1 million a show ridiculous, especially since she herself was only making $100,000. You can understand why she might be a tad cheesed off. But it wasn’t just the salary side of things. Apparently, a number of the crew and cast were getting really annoyed with Kaley’s diva attitude. Her temper and mood swings just made life on set pretty unpleasant for everyone else. There was even talk of her being replaced, again, if rumors are to be believed.

5 Her Leaked Photos

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The iCloud leak hit plenty of A-list celebs. They of course must have been red-faced when their private and intimate pics, meant for their eyes only and their loved ones, hit the net for the world to see. Kaley wasn’t spared embarrassment. If there was a leak, you could guess that she’d probably be someone who’d be targeted. That she was, and a number of her pics were released, proving she has an extremely shocking side to her, as you could probably guess anyway. Most of her male fans loved that whole scandal because it meant they got to see a whole lot more of Kaley Cuoco. She, however, couldn’t have been less pleased. On the other hand, if you believe the opinion that Kaley would do anything for publicity, you might think that she secretly loved the fact they were leaked. Either way she’d want to keep things hidden: those photos, or the fact she secretly liked that she was hacked. It would’ve only served to increase her popularity.

4 Moody Kaley

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As Kaley’s gotten older and her popularity’s skyrocketed, she’s developed a bit of a diva attitude. Actually, saying she’s a diva might be being too kind. Others would say that although she can come across all sweet as if butter wouldn’t melt, she’s just obnoxious and is just downright unpleasant to work with. Every actor or actress has their meltdowns on set at some point during their careers. But with Kaley, apparently, it’s a regular occurrence, and it’s something that keeps the cast and the crew on edge. They never know when she might unleash the fury. While it may seem as though a really harsh picture of Kaley is being painted here, but this is what has been revealed from various snippets of info released from various sources. Her mood swings make her unpredictable. Imagine if she had to step into a new environment and work with a new cast on a new show. Perhaps her attitude wouldn’t be tolerated. The BBT crew must be used to her by now, but that still doesn’t make it acceptable or make it any easier to have to deal with.

3 She’s Really Self-Centered

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Kaley is headstrong, is shallow, knows what she wants and goes out and gets it. She’s that type of person. You can see why she might become a target and may not be the most popular woman around in Hollywood. Those personality traits certainly aren’t bad. But you can add narcissism to that list too. That takes it up a notch. She’s not shy either, so we’ve learned about these traits numerous times over the years when she’s given various interviews. Such interviews haven’t really painted Kaley in the best light. Knowing what we know about her, she might or might not care. Kaley’s world and everything in it is about Kaley. The haters are going to hate, but Kaley’s going to keep being Kaley. It hasn’t really been a bad way to go, seeing as how successful she’s become. But still, the term “narcissism” is a strong word, and probably one that she wouldn’t want people using to describe her.

2 Disastrous Interview On Feminism

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Due to the money that Kaley’s raking in, you’d think that she’d pay to have a sit-down with someone before giving interviews, just to go over the things she’s thinking of revealing, getting some top tips, etc. If she did that before her interview with Redbook in 2014, it would’ve saved her from having to deal with a whole load of hate. It was an interview which is still haunting her to this day, one in which she voiced her controversial views on feminism. Kaley said: "Things are different now, and I know a lot of the work that paved the way for women happened before I was around. I was never that feminist girl demanding equality, but maybe that's because I've never really faced inequality." Some would just call that being honest. Many didn’t see it that way. Two years later she was still defending herself, saying things she’d said were taken out of context. Ah, that classic defence.

1 She Was Addicted… To Nasal Spray

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Okay, so this isn’t really a shock horror type of revelation. Her former hubby was a drug addict and got into plenty of hot water because of it. Kaley though, was addicted to nasal spray. Yes, you heard that correctly, nasal spray. Her nasal spray of choice was Afrin. I suppose it is still a drug, and people get addicted to OTC medication all the time, which causes them health problems, so we shouldn’t really make light of it. But still, nasal spray?! It is a pretty weird thing to get addicted to, and the way she was talking about her addiction, you’d think it was a class-A drug or something. Apparently, she just couldn’t get enough. She would choose her outfits and handbags based on whether or not she could conceal the nasal spray in them. She’d attend award shows and functions and spray the stuff up her nose under the tables. This went on for years, it completely ruined her sinuses, and so she had to get it fixed. When the pics emerged, many people thought she’d had a nose job, but the real reason why soon came to light.

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