15 Things About Big Bang Theory’s Bernadette That Don’t Make Sense

Ever since Bernadette's first appearance in The Big Bang Theory back in season three, she has somehow changed the landscape of the show and all of the characters who are part of it. With the longest name and quite possibly one of the biggest IQs on the show, Bernadette isn't shy about telling the other members of the show exactly what she thinks, no matter how harsh. Over the past seven seasons, she has become a household name and one of many people's favourite characters as she finally allowed Howard to find love with a real person.

The microbiologist has been able to set a fantastic example for women who want to start a career in science, and she has become someone that fans of the show have been able to both relate to and enjoy watching grow. Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz is now a wife, friend and mother on the show, but even though fans of The Big Bang Theory have followed her journey over the past few years, there are a number of things that the creative producers of the show forgot to wrap up or completely overlooked.

The following list looks at all of the things that don't add up about the woman who has been taken into the hearts of the Big Bang universe over the past decade, the woman who was finally able to give Howard everything that he needed following his overbearing mother's passing.

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15 Why Did She Marry Howard?

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A good answer to this could be the fact that love makes us all do crazy things, but it seems that there may be more to it than this. Howard hasn't been the best boyfriend and husband to her over the past few years. Her father voices his dislike of him and considering Bernadette is smart, pretty, and earns a lot of money right now, it makes no sense that she would settle for someone like Howard.

Howard has always been the most s*xually frustrated member of the original cast, and when the two first met, it didn't seem as though they had a lot in common until it came to the fact that they both have quite overbearing mothers. It seems that this has helped the couple bond over the past few years. Bernadette has remained with Howard through thick and thin despite all of his obvious quirks.

14 Why Did Bernadette Suddenly Change Part Way Through The Show?

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One thing that many fans of the show have pointed out over the past few seasons of the show is how much Bernadette has changed since she first appeared.

Bernadette was once this cute, friendly and kind character who became a huge part of the main group of friends on the show, but has recently changed to be quite like Howard. It was pointed out that in the middle of season five, she decided that she would go to work and Howard would stay at home, since she hated children. It was a two person decision to have a baby and it seems that she had become a character that no longer cared about other people's feelings. Obviously, Bernadette later realized the person she had become and apologized for the things that she had said to people, but it was quite an odd story arc.

13 Bernadette Raised Her Own Siblings, So Why Does She Doubt Her Abilities As A Mother?

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One of the stories that Bernadette tells when it comes to her upbringing is that her mother was working all the time and she was forced to raise her brothers and sisters for her, which is why she has a strained relationship with her mother.

When Bernadette finds out she was going to be a mother, she is afraid that she's not going to be able to bond with the baby because she has this hatred of children. If she raised all of her siblings, then she will know that she is good at being a mother figure. In fact, she will know that she is a better mother than her own, so it doesn't make any sense for her to be questioning her abilities when the facts speak for themselves. Luckily, Raj's father helps her to figure out that she will be the kind of mother that she wants to be, and she is able to put the issues out of her mind.

12 She Sounds Exactly Like Howard's Mother At Times

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Bernadette's voice is perhaps one of the strangest things about her, but it is the thing that allows her to stand out above the other females on the show. Bernadette can and has changed her voice on more than one occasion throughout the show, to the extent that many fans likened her to Howard's mother.

Debbie Wolowitz has never actually been seen on the show but is easily recognizable by her voice. When Howard revealed just how reliant he is on his mother throughout their relationship, it pushed Bernadette to the point where she was forced to yell and she sounded exactly like his mother. Perhaps Bernadette was the woman that Howard needed all along, since she is so similar to Howard's mother and that's exactly what he was looking for. There was once a study about how sometimes men seek out women who are similar to their mothers, so perhaps this wraps this one up.

11 Why Does She Own So Many Cardigans?

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One of the most infuriating things about Bernadette is her obvious obsession with cardigans in a society in which no one has worn cardigans since the 1990s. Her character seems to have the same design of cardigan in so many different colours and it seems that all she does is wear the same kinds of things. It's always a dress and a cardigan that only covers her chest.

While Amy is the same, she isn't one of the women who is there to have s*x appeal. Bernadette is actually gorgeous, but she dressed like a mother before she even became a mother. What and where did this obsession with cardigans come from, and why hasn't someone pulled her up on the fact that she wears too many of them? Someone needs to take Bernadette shopping and help her to dress the way she is required to in this century.

10 She Was Originally Supposed To Be Played Differently

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Even though Bernadette has become a much-loved character on the show over the past few years, it seems that the creators of the show actually wanted her to be played differently. This would be why Bernadette seems quite different in her first few appearances.

The original idea was for her to be played as a dim-witted blonde who took everything quite literally and couldn't understand the simplest of ideas and jokes. She mentions this fact later in the season when she reveals that she knows she's smarter than Howard, but sometimes she dumbs herself down so that she doesn't make him feel bad. It's a good thing that the show decided to allow Bernadette's character to evolve on its own, because it would have been odd having two blondes trying to be stereotypes on the show, especially since Bernadette is a microbiologist and earns a lot of money from it.

9 Bernadette Has Five Siblings That We Never Meet

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Much like many other members of the Big Bang cast, Bernadette has a large family, but they aren't actually introduced on-screen. Bernadette has shared that she has five siblings but only one of them has ever been mentioned by name, and that's Joey. The other four members of her family are still yet to be named on the show.

Considering Bernadette herself has mentioned that she raised her five siblings while her mother was working full-time and she was growing up, it's odd that she isn't in regular contact with her family or that none of these members of her family decided to come to her wedding. Her father was there, so why couldn't he bring her other siblings with him? It seems that either there is a huge plot hole here, or Bernadette's siblings are all selfish and ungrateful for everything she did for them when they were younger.

8 Bernadette Doesn't Like Priya

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Priya is Raj's successful sister, and while it seems completely plausible that Penny would dislike her because she starts dating Leonard, someone who Penny is obviously destined to be with, it doesn't make sense as to why Bernadette doesn't like Priya.

Whether it's professional jealousy or just the fact that her other friends don't like her so she has to follow suit is unknown. It starts off when Howard and Bernadette are on a double date with Leonard and Priya, and Penny asked her to spy on Leonard's new girlfriend. It seems that whatever vibe Bernadette got from Priya was one that she didn't like and now she hates her. Unlike Amy, Bernadette has never been a character to follow the crowd and dislike a person just because one of her friends does, so it would be interesting if the show actually explored the issues between Priya and Bernadette a little bit more.

7 Her Obsession With Cinderella?

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This was one that came from out of nowhere and it seemed to only be because Howard was obsessed with the Disney princess. Back in season 6, Amy, Penny, and Bernadette all skip work to drive to Disneyland so that they can have a princess makeover. While in the car, Bernadette snaps at the other two women before pointing out the fact that she is driving and therefore she gets to be Cinderella.

Bernadette isn't an only child, which means that she should be able to share and could easily have come up with the idea that all three of the girls could be Cinderella if they wanted to. Instead, she loses her temper quite quickly before the other two agree to let her dress up as Cinderella so that she can then go home and show Howard, who only really cared about getting her into the bedroom to fulfil his fantasy.

6 Why Are People So Scared Of Bernadette?

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When Bernadette first comes into The Big Bang Theory, she seems as though she is completely out of Howard's league since she is kind, cute and considerate, all of the things that Wolowitz never was.

In the seasons that followed, it became clear that Bernadette was actually quite a good actress since there is a number of occasions when she shows that she has quite a bad temper. Bernadette has never actually hurt someone; it seems that her bark is much worse than her bite, but Penny and her new boss bond over how much they are scared of her. Her father points out at one point that he is also scared of her. Considering she is just over four feet tall, she doesn't seem as though she would be able to do a lot of damage, especially considering many of the people who are afraid of her are grown men.

5 Bernadette Doesn't Want To Look After Her Own Children

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Bernadette earns more money than her husband, which is something that she often likes to remind him of. So it makes sense that when she has her first child called Halley, she doesn't want to stay at home. She wants Howard to instead.

If this was about money then it would be a reasonable discussion, but it seems that Bernadette's real issue here is the fact that she hates her own children and she thinks that they hate her. The saddest part of this is when she finds out that she's pregnant for the second time in the current series and tells Howard, it seems that the couple aren't even happy about the fact that there is another member of their family on the way. Instead they are too busy crying about the fact that their workload just doubled. Guys, if you don't want any more kids, there are ways to avoid getting pregnant.

4 Bernadette Was Pregnant For At Least 10 Months

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I know what you're thinking; this isn't real. It's a TV show, so she can be pregnant for as long as she wants. Well, not if you want a show to be believable.

Bernadette revealed her pregnancy in an episode of The Big Bang Theory that was on Valentine's Day, and her daughter wasn't actually born until mid-December. This means that she must have been pregnant for at least 10 months even though it was never mentioned on the show that she was overdue or that it had gone past her due date. No wonder Bernadette cried when she found out she was pregnant for the second time. She has to carry her child for four weeks longer than every other woman in the world before she can even be thought of as overdue. It's slightly unfair, but it seems that this was just an oversight by the writers, since they didn't check that the dates added up.

3 Bernadette's Voice

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Bernadette's voice is perhaps one of the most distinguishing things about her and the actress that plays her. Melissa Rauch actually created the voice for her character based on that of her own mother.

Bernadette's voice was originally part of the script because she was supposed to be seen as quite annoying by the audience. Despite this, the fans have become quite accustomed to her, so over time, her voice has actually become less annoying. It seems that the change in her voice was so small that the audience didn't actually see it, but the transformation was there and it's the reason why she is no longer seen as the annoying character that she once was. She has still retained much of the voice that she came up with, though, because this is something that allows her to stand out, and it is something that she is recognized for.

2 Bernadette Says That She Doesn't Like Science Fiction, But Was Seen Watching Star Wars

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Bernadette is very vocal about the things that she doesn't like, which makes it quite easy to pick up inaccuracies. She claims that she doesn't like magic, science fiction, high school and role-playing games, either in the bedroom or as if she is playing Dungeons and Dragons, which is why she is never part of any of the tournaments.

Despite claiming that she in fact doesn't like science fiction, in an episode from season five, Bernadette is seen enjoying MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic. It seems that this could be either an oversight by the writers, or like most people, she claimed that she doesn't like something when she has never actually tried it. At one point, she dressed up as Cinderella for Howard as well, which means she also seems to have changed her mind about the whole role-playing in the bedroom part of this, as well.

1 Bernadette's Father Doesn't Even Know How Tall She Is

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Bernadette's height is something that has always been pointed out in the show and obviously something that Bernadette doesn't like to talk about. She once told Howard that her diminutive height is a result of her mother smoking while she was pregnant with her, which adds to the huge pile of reasons why she doesn't like her.

When her father finally makes an appearance on the show in season five and is having a conversation with Howard, he points out that his daughter is four feet tall. In fact, Bernadette is 4'11". Not many parents know exactly how tall their children are and considering this is the first time he has been seen since Bernadette has been on the show, it seems that she could have been just four foot when he last saw her. It is unknown if this was a mistake or not.

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