15 "The Walking Dead" Stars And Their Shocking Past Roles

We're more than halfway through the first half of The Walking Dead's seventh season, and what an emotional rollercoaster ride it has been so far! We’ve already seen characters drastically evolve from where we left off earlier this year, and we’ve also had to endure the devastating loss of some of our favorite people on the show. It’s funny to think that we've become so familiar with these actors playing these specific characters on The Walking Dead, that it's hard to imagine them as anything else, but some of the cast of AMC's ratings-smasher have pretty prolific resumes to their name. I’ve picked out some of the most surprising works from these actors, most of which are either relatively forgotten, unknown, or just the opposite of who they portray on The Walking Dead.

For instance, did you know Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) was famous for his role in a romantic drama before signing on to be everyone’s favorite zombie-killing sheriff? Or that Melissa McBride, who plays the bona fide ass-kicker Carol, used to be a casting agent and was a friend of showrunner Frank Darabont way before The Walking Dead even began production. Check out these 15 actors and the roles they had before (and sometimes during) the show, and you may be pretty surprised at what you find out.

15 Andrew Lincoln - Rick Grimes /

Okay, get ready to have a barrage of trivia thrown in your general direction. Fans worldwide have shown their undying (no pun intended) love for Rick Grimes ever since he woke up from his poorly-timed coma, and I think we can all agree that the show wouldn’t be able to survive without this character taking charge as our fearless leader. In fact, actor Andrew Lincoln does such a bang-up job at playing Rick Grimes on screen that you’d probably never suspect that in real life, he isn’t even American to begin with! He’s a British actor who puts on one helluva southern drawl to transform into the sheriff with the coolest beard in town. That’s trivia number one. Trivia number two is that, his name isn’t actually Andrew Lincoln… it’s Andrew Clutterbuck, and I don’t blame him for changing it one bit!

14 Jon Bernthal - Shane Walsh /

While his two most notable roles are Shane Walsh from The Walking Dead and more recently Frank Castle aka The Punisher on Marvel’s Daredevil (which is an amazing show), actor Jon Bernthal has had a very busy calendar over the last few years with a slew of big roles still to come. Before he was playing everyone’s favorite wife-stealing antihero on AMC’s flagship show, Jon was doing smaller roles all over the place, appearing in shows like Law & Order: Criminal Intent (Lane Ruddock), Mary / Mary (Manny), and even How I Met Your Mother, in which he played a guy named Carlos in the “Purple Giraffe” episode back in 2005. But I think the role that most people missed and would be surprised to find out is when Jon Bernthal played famous criminal mobster Al Capone in Night at The Museum: Battle For The Smithsonian. Al Capone would appear in black and white throughout most of the film.

13 Steven Yeun - Glenn Rhee /

Here’s a wild theory. What if The Big Bang Theory and The Walking Dead exist in the same TV universe, and by the time the zombie apocalypse starts everyone on TBBT has been hacked, slashed, or turned into a walker? Everyone except… Sheldon Cooper’s short-lived roommate named Sebastian… who is played by none other than Steven Yuen, who also plays the only character more resilient than a walker on The Walking Dead, Glenn Rhee. Bazinga!

12 Norman Reedus - Daryl Dixon /

While newer fans may know Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon, the biggest bad-ass on The Walking Dead, the actor has been around the block many times and has been honing his craft for quite some time now. And when I say craft, I don’t just mean acting… I mean the man has dabbled in all sorts of art forms and methods of expression. But we’ll get to that later. Norman Reedus was famous for his role as Murphy MacManus in the cult-hit Boondock Saints and its sequel, Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day, but he also had a major part in Blade II as Scud, alongside Wesley Snipes. Scud is probably his most unique role when compared to the rest of his credentials. And get this, Jon Bernthal isn’t the only Walking Dead cast member who has played The Punisher. In 2013, Norman Reedus voiced Frank Castle in the animated Iron Man movie, The Rise of Technovore.

11 Chandler Riggs - Carl Grimes /

10 Melissa McBride - Carol Peletier /

Melissa McBride is a sweetheart, much like her character on The Walking Dead, Carol Peletier. Unless of course you’re a pesky kid, in which case she’ll either scare the living sh*t out of you by threatening to tie you to a tree while a walker eats your insides, or if things really need fixing, she’ll ask you to turn around and look at the flowers. Here’s a tip… never look at the flowers! Before she turned into a major ass-kicker on The Walking Dead, Melissa helped promote Ford vehicles as their spokeswoman. And even before landing that gig, she used to appear in Rooms To Go commercials. She soon decided to try out acting and landed roles in Dawson’s Creek (Melanie), Pirates of Silicon Valley (Elizabeth Holmes), In the Heat of the Night (WPMM reporter), and most notably in Walker, Texas Ranger as curly-haired doctor, Rachel Woods.

What’s more interesting is that she soon became a casting director for numerous other shows, before finally grabbing her magnum opus in 2010 when The Walking Dead cast her as Carol Peletier, who has had one of the most extreme character arcs on the show thus far. And in case you’re wondering, no, she didn’t cast herself in The Walking Dead. In fact, it was her working relationship with ex-Walking Dead-showrunner Frank Darabont in the 2007 Stephen King adaptation, The Mist, that prompted Frank to ask Melissa to audition for Carol a couple of years later. What's more interesting is that Melissa wasn't the only member of The Walking Dead who was on The Mist... in fact, two other characters from the original crew on The Walking Dead were there with her! Both Laurie Holden, who played Andrea on TWD, and Jeffrey DeMunn, who played Dale on TWD, shared the screen with Melissa on The Mist. I guess it's from one apocalypse to another for that crew.

9 Lauren Cohan - Maggie Greene /

Much like Andrew Lincoln, Lauren Cohan also does a damn good job at masking her natural British accent on The Walking Dead. That’s right, actor Lauren Cohan moved to the UK when she was 13 and now transforms every word into a southern drawl in order to seamlessly slip into the role of Maggie Greene, everyone’s favorite member of Hershel’s family and the woman who made Glenn’s time in this post-apocalyptic sh*thole not as horrible as everyone else's. But The Walking Dead isn’t Lauren’s first dive into the world of undead monstrosities. Fans of Supernatural will most definitely recognize her as Bella Talbot; a con artist, mercenary, and thief who specialized in occult amulets back in Season 3. And that’s not all. When it wasn’t zombies, Lauren was spending her time around bloodsuckers in The Vampire Diaries as Rose, a recurring character who had spotty appearances from 2010 - 2012. She also had a six-episode run as Vivian Volkoff on the underrated series Chuck back in 2011, and voiced Juliana in four episodes of the wildly hilarious animated show Archer a couple of years ago.

8 Danai Gurira - Michonne /

It seems like a lot of stars of The Walking Dead have had roles in at least one of the Law & Order shows. Before she was walking her own pet walkers as the katana-wielding ass-kicker, Michonne, actor Danai Gurira landed a recurring role as a journalist with an attitude on Treme, the HBO show that centered around the people and problems of post-Katrina New Orleans.

7 Sonequa Martin-Green - Sasha Williams /

One thing’s for sure… DIVA Universal must adore Sonequa Martin-Green, who plays the intense, perpetually confused, but valuable character nonetheless, Sasha Williams, on The Walking Dead. But before she started sporting a cool buzz-cut and going apesh*t on the living dead, Sonequa was involved in small plays in the New Jersey area after graduating with a degree in theater from the University of Alabama.

6 Scott Wilson - Hershel Greene /

You may only know him as the ever-lovable and sorely-missed "veterinarian with a solid moral compass" Hershel Greene on The Walking Dead, but actor Scott Wilson’s career is far more extensive and way more illustrious than just that. Scott is an accomplished character actor who has taken on a myriad of roles over the course of his impressive career spanning a whole five decades. That’s right, five decades! It all started when the quietly handsome young actor stole the show with his chilling portrayal of Harvey Oberst in In The Heat of the Night back in 1967!

5 Sarah Wayne Callies - Lori Grimes /

Unanimously awarded "Most Annoying Character on The Walking Dead" by fans of the show all across the planet, Lori Grimes’ emission from the show was embraced albeit it being a seriously tragic and F-ed up moment. But that just goes to show how good actor Sarah Wayne Callies is at her job… if her job called for her to play a frustratingly-confused woman who tore up what could have been an amazing tag-team made up of two best friends on the show. Heck, we could have had an awesome buddy cop action series instead of the Shane-less seasons we have now. But I digress.

4 Michael Rooker - Merle Dixon /

Arguably one of the most loved characters in The Walking Dead despite being a complete douchebag is Merle Dixon, Daryl’s gruff older brother who seemingly wanted to teach him about tough love or survival or something along those lines, and got himself bit in the process. Way to go, champ. Nevertheless, Michael Rooker played the character insanely well and as an actor, he’s one of the most fun to have around. While he can be seen next on the big screen reprising his role of blue-faced Yondu in Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 2 in 2017, Rooker’s career has been on a steady track since the late 80s. The charismatic and oftentimes menacing Rooker got noticed when he portrayed the titular character in Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer back in 1986, and has been showing up in movies and TV ever since.

3 David Morrissey - The Governor /

Negan might be the “big bad” that several seasons of The Walking Dead has been leading up to, but the benchmark to beat as far as notorious villains on the show goes belongs to none other than the eye-patch wearing Governor of too-good-to-be-true Woodbury, brought to life by actor David Morrissey. Few antagonists, including a band of cannibals, have popped up since the exit of the Governor, but none have been able to match the sheer tenacity and presence of David’s villainous character.

2 Michael Cudlitz - Abraham Ford /

While actor Michael Cudlitz - who played the rough and tough ex-soldier with a penchant for poetic profanity, Abraham Ford, - gained popularity on the highly-acclaimed HBO miniseries, Band Of Brothers, he also showed up many years prior to that in D3: The Mighty Ducks and a myriad of other television shows. Back in 2001 when Band Of Brothers was making waves as the hottest show on HBO, Cudlitz would often chew the scenery as Denver “Bull” Rendelman. He was perfect for the role and it solidified him as a muscle-type actor who could bring some gruff to his characters. But way before that, a much younger Michael Cudlitz would show up as Cole, one of the jerks on the opposing team in D3: The Mighty Ducks. But let’s wind the clock back even more, because what most people don’t know is that Michael has been in the business for quite a while now.

1 Jeffrey Dean Morgan - Negan /

And there he is; the most hated man on television right now. Never have I hated a villain as much as I do Negan, played by none other than Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who is so perfect for the role that he makes me wonder if the physical hate I felt in my chest for Ramsay Bolton was actually just minor heartburn. I don’t even have to list this out for you, I’m pretty sure you’ve seen Jeffrey Dean in at least a couple of shows sometime in your life. He plays John Winchester, dad to both the leading Winchesters in Supernatural. Ironically, he’s also fond of a baseball bat in that one. He’s also the nefarious "Comedian" in Zack Snyder’s Watchmen, a character that gets killed in the opening scene of the movie and yet, is the most important piece of the plot. Oh and who can forget Denny Duquette! Denny Duquette from Grey’s Anatomy is probably the very first character on the show that got fans worldwide genuinely teary-eyed… but none more than Katherine Heigl’s character, Dr. Izzie Stevens. He didn’t break her heart, but his heart was simply broken. Literally.

And then there’s the lesser-known gems, like when he shows up in PS I Love You as a strapping Irish lad named William, a character that gently swoops into Hilary Swank’s character’s life to fill the void that Gerard Butler’s character left when he died. Talk about a soap opera. But here’s the kicker... Remember when I mentioned how Lauren Cohan plays Martha Wayne, Batman’s mother, in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice? Well guess who plays Batman’s father, Thomas Wayne, but isn’t credited in the movie? Jeffrey Dean Morgan! Which is great since he’s perfect as Thomas Wayne if they were to ever dive into the "Flashpoint Paradox", but the fact that he’s married to Lauren in the film is weird in every way considering the current circumstances, don’t you think?
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15 "The Walking Dead" Stars And Their Shocking Past Roles