15 Terrifying Movie Scenes That Could Actually Happen

There are so many movies to choose from out there in the world that are based on true events, or could at least, under the right circumstances, happen in reality. Even if there are just little element

There are so many movies to choose from out there in the world that are based on true events, or could at least, under the right circumstances, happen in reality. Even if there are just little elements of truth and reality within them. For example: It's not likely to happen that a great white shark will decide to terrorize a specific group of people to get its kicks, or any sort of revenge. It doesn't have any personal stake in specific people. It just wants to feed. So Jaws isn't the most realistic that way, but of course one could find themselves looking at a human corpse left by a great white shark. There are elements of possible reality there.

The United States hasn't sanctioned anything like The Purge... yet, but it sits in the realm of possibility, especially given the number of violent crimes, and gun deaths in America every year. Either way, coming across a great white's lunch, or being a part of a night of mayhem where anything goes are both frightening in their own ways. So here below, there are fifteen terrifying movie scenes that could potentially happen in reality. Perhaps they're not looked upon as too scary from the comfort of one's home. But think about what it would mean to be in each situation...

15 Your Friends Turn Out To Be Psycho

Just taking this scene at face value, here is a young girl who, after having lost her mother one year prior to this scene, has been flung into a week of horror as classmates start dying off, and she is continually targeted by a masked killer. Finally discovering who the killers are, her boyfriend and his best friend quickly descend into madness, and explain their whole method and endgame. If it adds to the terror, she had just lost her virginity to her psychotic boyfriend, not knowing that he was one of the killers. If one were to take the Scream series in its full scope, imagine then that the now dead boyfriend's mother comes to take revenge in a similar manner... and then a brother of the protagonist... and then a cousin. Some of the kills in the films might be unlikely, but the above scene: two men killing off their classmates, revealing themselves to terrify the poor girl, and then subsequently damaging each other... this could easily happen. All it would take it a cellphone, a gun, and a knife... and some serious psychoses.

14 Space Deciding To FK The World

Now here is perhaps one of the top terrifying scenes on this list. Why? Because it could absolutely happen, and there is absolutely nothing anyone could do about it. Earth happens to be protected by planets on either side, as well as the Moon, but this doesn't always stop debris, or space rock from plunging into the atmosphere, and leaving a big old dent in the planet. As recent as 1908, an asteroid hit Siberia and... well check out photos of the crater (it devastated 2000kms of forest). According to engineer Michael Paine, one is to expect 350 like-sized asteroids in a 10,000 year span. That might seem paltry, but when one considers the Shoemaker-Levy 9 asteroid that smoked Jupiter (another lifesaver of Earth), and made a "zone of chaos" the size of the Earth. Basically, if not for the Moon, and the gravitational pull from Jupiter, the asteroid belt would likely have caused enough damage to render this conversation pointless... impossible actually. So while the above scene is very heavily America-based, make no mistake, the whole world is in this together, and current warning systems are only enough to let us get the popcorn and grab a front row seat to the end of the world.

13 The Purge

Besides this guy just being creepy, and everything everyone hates about young people who think they are so greatly educated and above everyone else in the world (without any bloody life experience), The Purge is a truly frightening and possible event. Considering the amount of gun violence that occurs in the United States on a daily basis, it is entirely plausible that someone might eventually decide having one day a year to blow off steam (and the neighbours) is a good idea. Only a week into the new year and there have already been 797 incidences of gun violence. Only 190 deaths so far, but that's still higher than most developed nations' annual count. And for a bout of positive thinking, last year there was a total of 14,498 gun deaths in the United States. Let's not even begin to consider knives, bats, and the like. One could see how The Purge might come to fruition. Here's hoping it doesn't though. Just imagine the racially-motivated killings that would occur. Texas wouldn't need the death penalty... they'd just liquidate their prisons every year...

12 Amidst A Genocide

Hotel Rwanda. First off, this actually happened... this actually already happened. The Canadian Lieutenant-General Romeo Dallaire (or Colonel Oliver in the film), is in charge of extracting foreign nationals, as well as refugees from civil war-torn Rwanda. In a very simplified take on the whole affair, the extreme Hutus are systematically laying waste to the Tutsis. One will notice, in this clip that they ask for names of people in the trucks. One of the women happens to be the wife of the owner of the titular hotel (a very good bargaining tool... or show of power by killing her). This is in no way the scariest scene in the film, but basically what happens is the Hutu militia comes to clear the UN trucks of refugees. As a display of feigned cooperation, the Rwandan government shows up to "drive away" the militia (realistically the government supports the militia). Being an eyewitness to the genocide of the Tutsi people, of whom nearly a million died, would be terrifying indeed. A road of dead bodies, children's throats slit, and women naked and caged for being "Tutsi whores"... remember, this did actually happen, and could again.

11 Being Hit By Hoods

One could imagine either side of this classic story. Here's another true story. In fact, before he died, Henry Hill (played by Ray Liotta) confided that he still had nightmares about this night. So Billy Batts, getting on the wrong side of a clearly deranged gangster ends up getting the shit kicked out of him and thrown into a trunk to go for a long, dreary drive. Henry Hill recalls the pleas that came from Billy Batts as Tommy stabbed him again, and again, and Jimmy shot him to death. It would be a terrifying experience to be Billy Batts, obviously. But imagine also, being an accomplice to a crime you never wanted to be a part of. Having to watch the events unfold. Knowing that to interrupt would mean death, and being unable to stop the beating, the pleas, the stabbing, or the shooting; having nightmares for the rest of your long life. Either side of the coin is a nightmare.

10 Slowly Wasting Away To Nothing

The whole premise for this movie is religiously-based, and frighteningly possible. Using the seven deadly sins as a means to show how pitiful society had become, the villain of the piece (played by Kevin Spacey) did some dastardly and realistic deeds. In this specific instance, again either side of the scene would be terrifying. Imagine raiding a place that, for some odd reason, was littered with air fresheners. Then finding what you think is a corpse... then finding photos documenting the slow decay of the body... only to discover that this corpse is actually a still living human being who, for a year had been drugged and left to wither away in bed... sloth. Now imagine being that person. Perhaps a wastrel to begin with in some ways, and targeted for that reason. Rendered basically immobile, but kept alive, simply to prove a point about the waste of one's life through drugs and slothful activities. The terrifying thing is... there's nothing to stop someone from taking the idea of the seven deadly sins seriously, and going about showing just how people are wasting their lives... in a deadly way. People have already done much worse in the name of religion.

9 Racially Motivated Murder

Sure, this is a fictional film, but everyone knows that this sort of event, and far worse, has taken place simply due to the colour of one's skin. To think that people are so incredibly stupid in this world to think that skin colour really makes a difference. Thanks to centuries of "racism", that has now become the case. There are more, poorer minorities because they have been put upon as different and outsiders... even though everyone in the Western world came, at one point or another, from Africa. Thanks to the work of the Human Genome Project, science has been able to definitively say that there is only one human race. So it becomes clear that race is nothing more than a social concept, and a damned stupid one at that. Unfortunately, given that humans are all 99.9% the same, one to the other, that also means they are capable of being just as stupid as one another. So murders based on "race" will continue to occur. This sort of thing will not be helped by Trump going off about Mexicans every five minutes either.

8 Trapped And Forced To Cut Your Arm Off...

This is one of the most terrifying scenes to be found on this list, for sure. Exploring a narrow canyon, as an experienced explorer and finding one's self caught by the arm by an eight hundred pound boulder... that's just the start of the nightmare. After flailing, and screaming, hoping to break free, or get rescued... things turn darker. Knowing the only way to be free is to cut the trapped arm off... with the knife from a multi-tool... with the small blade, because it's slightly less dull than the larger one. Imagine having to break the arm: carving into the flesh... not so bad... then muscle and tendon... much harder. Then imagine having to sever the nerve, but not being able to cut it with the small blade. Using the pliers, plucking upwards, and pulling hard, the nerve is severed, and the worst pain imaginable hits, but also the greatest feeling of relief. The rest of the hack job is easy by comparison... then you've lost an arm... but at least can escape.

7 Volcano vs. Loved One

Well, it's no surprise to people that volcanoes happen. But people perhaps don't realize that there have been some significant volcano eruptions, and a significant number of casualties because of them. Since 1990, there have been 1,624 deaths due to volcanoes, and most of those have been relatively minute. Since 1600, there have been nearly ten million deaths due to volcanoes. Now imagine being a part of the USGS (United States Geological Survey), and the job is to monitor volcanic activity. Ending up in the midst of an eruption, ash and flaming debris are raining down on the work site, and evacuation is a must. Hopping in the truck with the love of your life, thinking that escape is imminent and that the bombarded zone has been just about cleared, a flaming chunk of rock hurls down into the truck, and directly into your lover's head. Imagine watching the blood pour, the shock of the hit set in, and then dissipate as he/she dies in your arms... then imagine living the rest of life with that moment playing over and over in your mind. The most frightening items on this list are the natural disasters... they will happen no matter what.

6 Losing Your Best Friend

The chances of this one happening to most people are pretty slim to be totally honest, but that doesn't mean it couldn't happen. People are stranded and deserted more times in a year than people might like to think. At any one time, in the U.S. alone, nearly ninety thousand people are missing. Most of them have likely not found their way to a deserted island, but it helps to put things in to perspective globally. Imagine that having spent who knows how long on an island, the only friend at hand is a volleyball with a face painted onto it. Clearly a method of preserving some sort of mental fortitude and to stop one's self from completely going insane, the volleyball is named, socialized with, and gives reason for surviving, and eventually escaping. Now imagine that motivation ends up falling from the raft that has been built for escape, and is floating further away out to sea... the only thing that has kept relative sanity, that has been the motivation for building and hopping onto that raft. In spite of a rescue attempt, one is shattered by the incredible loss, and having to come to grips with truly being alone... in the middle of the ocean.

5 Well... Whatever One Might Call This...

According to some loose calculations based on how many women are in the United States, and how many prostitutes there are as well, it could be suggested that nearly six percent of women in the United States are in fact prostitutes. That being said, those sex workers are often less cared about and violent crimes involving them are frequently skipped over. So it is not only in the realm of possibility that a maniac could have over some women, kill them, store them in his apartment, rinse and repeat, but he could also conceivably get away with it. So far as anyone could know, a high-powered businessmen they know may very well have a place full of dead hookers, or may be taking some home tonight, and may be dropping chainsaws on them. And imagine being one of those women. Just trying to earn a living, however people may judge, and then to be tortured, terrorized, and killed, all for the whims of some lunatic who no one will likely question.

4 Loved Ones In Imminent Danger

The title of this film describes the human race to the letter. The human race has been a violent one since the very first and continues to be, no matter the social wrongs people right, or the breakthroughs that come to make the species great. This violence is done very much in defense of one's family and right to be at peace. But any Star Wars Sith fan will say "Peace is a lie", and they're not too far off there. And so, after escaping the clutches of violence, a terrible past catches up with some people. The turnout is not always as favourable as it is in this scene. But imagine being any of the family members here: the daughter wondering why mommy is screaming, the wife and mother who thinks she's lost her husband, the husband and father who just wants to protect his family, and the son who saves them by killing a man. There is no easy seat to watch these events unfold from, save from the seat of an audience member watching nothing more than a film. But this sort of thing happens, and as just said, not always so favourably. Families are murdered for much less than A History of Violence.

3 Being Deaf, And Being Terrorized

Far more terrifying off the top of the film, to be sure, the final sequence here is still gripping. Close to one million people are considered functionally deaf in the United States, so this film about a sense-deprived victim being tormented shows something that could be very real. Perhaps one of the smallest body counts to ever grace a horror film, Hush shows a killer who never intended to kill the deaf Maddie to begin with. Having chased Maddie's friend to her house, killing her, and discovering that Maddie is in fact deaf, the killer decides to have some fun with her. The sickening truth is that, if someone can think to turn it into a movie, someone has thought about doing this, and may have already. One would think it the perfect crime and, nine times out of ten, surely the deaf victim would end up dead. It is only due to the killer's overconfidence and ineptitude that Maddie gains any upper hand at any time, and finally defeats the man. One million people in the U.S. could more than imagine this, while the rest can only imagine.

2 Being Stitched To Someone's Anus

This film, apparently, was meant to be a comedy at first, but could only be sold if it got marketed as a horror. Either way, there is no way one could sincerely find this funny if put into the situation. Not only (regarding only the three in the first film) is the centre person stitched, by their mouth to the anus of another, but they also have someone stitched to theirs. In addition to this, the digestive tracts are re-wired, so to speak, so that the waste from the front of the "centipede" is run through the centre person and the final person, to be also excreted by them. Besides the fact that the whole concept for this is completely appalling and atrocious, it could, in a sense, be done. Of course how successful one might aim to be by doing this is another matter altogether. Not being a biologist, this author isn't inclined to comment on the probability of this actually working, but there is a confidence in saying they would all die of sepsis, fairly quickly. One might think the head of the "centipede" would make it out fine, given the freedom to consume food, and expel it as waste... but surely the wounds from the surgery would infect with feces and kill. Or if not, the soon to be dead person behind would begin to rot, and then infect the head. Either way, the thought that someone could drug and stitch together a bunch of people is disgusting... and sadly possible.

1 Finding A Corpse In Shark-Infested Waters

Perhaps not the scariest to readers, given that the film was produced in 1975, but the concept is surely one that would instil a great deal of fear. Never mind diving into water where one knows sharks lurk and have recently attacked. Then finding a tooth that confirms a great white shark is responsible would make the dive far more intense than say a tiger shark, or mako shark. Then, upon further inspection of the boat, finding the corpse of a man who was killed by said shark... not having a heart attack right then and there would be miraculous. With several hundred shark attacks per year in the U.S., it is certainly not out of the realm of possibility that, when out on the water, one could find a floater. Or come across a corpse in a wreck. It is entirely unlikely that a great white shark would stalk specific people, but it is not unlikely that it would attack if given ample opportunity. And don't be fooled, shark cages do not necessarily protect from the full ramming speed of a great white shark. There is plenty of YouTube footage to exemplify that. So Jaws did get that part of the film dead right.


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15 Terrifying Movie Scenes That Could Actually Happen