15 Terrible Moments Celebrity Couples Want To Forget

There is no denying that there are moments in your life that you might not be proud of. But unlike these celebrities, you get to keep those private.

No matter how hard some celebrities may try, being famous comes with the fact that the paparazzi are probably going to follow your every move. Similarly, any mistakes that you might make are going to be amplified and backed up with photographic proof.

So if you're Kevin Hart you don't just have to tell your pregnant wife you cheated on her, you also get to tell her there might be a video of it on the way. But as you'll see, Hart is far from the last person in Hollywood who ended their relationship with the help of the paparazzi. Though for Waka Flocka, his loving with a groupie that became public knowledge wasn't enough to have his wife leave his side.  Sadly, there are also several women in Hollywood who have had the ramifications of spousal abuse get documented on camera.

There is no denying that there are moments in your life that you might not be so proud of. But unlike these celebrities, those moments hopefully won't lead to some incredibly awkward conversations with your loved one. Here are 15 of the most cringe-worthy and shameful celebrity couple pics and moments.

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15 Hugh Grant Decides To Try Public Loving Without Elizabeth Hurley

Some of the celebrities on our list were caught on camera getting too close to another woman. But for Hugh Grant, it wasn't the cameras, but the cops that decided to bust up his fun.

It was back in 1995 when Grant decided that he wanted to spend his night receiving some loving from a female walker of the street in a public place. Which definitely isn't legal. Grant at the time was married to Elizabeth Hurley. While their relationship survived this infidelity, they did eventually separate years later.

When talking about the arrest, Grant said

"I think you know in life what's a good thing to do and what's a bad thing, and I did a bad thing. And there you have it."

14 Gavin Rossdale Loves The Nanny Over Stefani For Years

It is never acceptable to cheat on your partner. But there is definitely a difference - at least mentally - behind making a mistake when you're out at the club and sleeping with another woman for years. Gavin Rossdale chose the latter, engaging in a relationship with the family's nanny Mindy Mann who had worked for the family since 2008.

It was reported when the couple divorced in 2015 that Gavin had been sleeping with her for upwards of three years. To add salt to the wound, Gwen had confronted Gavin in the past and he had always just blown off her allegations.

We're sure he gave her enough inspiration to write plenty of angry songs for the rest of her career.

13 Kutcher Chooses Leal Over Moore

After it became apparent that Sara Leal had managed to seduce the then-married Ashton Kutcher, she had aspirations that his legal team would pay her off in exchange for silence. After all, those above photos of Kutcher and Leal aren't exactly the best look for Kutcher!

But they didn't, and instead Leal also revealed that the two engaged in multiple relations the night of the photo of her in the car. As well as the fact that Kutcher elected not to wear protection.

After Kutcher and Demi Moore ended their marriage, Kutcher went on to date his former co-star Mila Kunis. The two have since married and have started a family together.

12 Brown Chooses Groupie Over Model Girlfriend

Chris Brown's most prominent relationship was with fellow musician Rihanna. But he also spent time dating model Karrueche Tran. Their relationship officially ended in 2015, but back in 2014, this photo was leaked of Brown after some loving.

His face might not be visible, but there's no denying those tattoos! The revelation led to Tran tweeting out "Looks like I'm a single lady again".

Their relationships end was far from drama free, including Tran getting a restraining order against Brown. She also later admitted that she had been physically abused and pushed down the stairs by Brown.

11 Kevin Hart Strays From Pregnant Wife

Kevin Hart may know how to make you laugh but we assure you his recent situation is no laughing matter. Hart took to Instagram earlier in September apologizing to his pregnant wife and children for the mistakes that he had made. It wasn't long before that mistake was Hart's decision to engage in some booty bumping with Montia Sabbag.

Photos of the club revealed the two getting close and personal. Hart also revealed that someone was trying to extort him with a potential s*x tape. Sabbag has denied being the potential extortionist but did confirm that the two were intimate. We're sure we haven't heard the last of this situation, but we hope that Hart's family is able to get past the emotional damage that can come with a cheating spouse.

10 Kristen Stewart Decides Fidelity With Pattinson Is Overrated

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson locked lips in the Twilight franchise but also took that love to real life. At least until Stewart decided to make out with her director for Snow White and the Huntsman, Rupert Sanders.

Photos of the two making out were snapped by paparazzi and the relationship fizzled shortly after. While they did reconnect, it wasn't meant to be.When talking about it, Pattinson said

When talking about it in 2014 (after they had split for good), Pattinson said

"S--t happens, you know? It's just young's normal! And honestly, who gives a s--t?"

9 Tiger Woods' Car Getting Smashed By Elin 

This list is full of photos of the celebrity couples themselves, but for the above photo, we just have a photo of a smashed car. Why? Because it's the car that belongs to Tiger Woods. And it was a beautiful car, at least until his then-wife Elin Nordegren learned that he was cheating on him and allegedly decided to smash his car with some golf clubs (that we're sure happened to be in plentiful supply).

To make the matters all the more awkward, it was also reported that Woods tried to make a getaway in the car from Elin until he hit a hydrant and neighbor's tree.

Their relationship did not last!

8 Bieber Trying To Kiss Gomez' Ear On TV

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have both long moved on from their once high-profile relationship. But when they were together they were perhaps the most photographed couple in Hollywood. Which may have made it all the more awkward that Bieber would know the cameras were on him when he went to get all up in Gomez's ear.

Save that kind of action for the bedroom Bieber, it's definitely not a good look, something that Gomez appears to be well aware of as she looks to be pushing him back.

It's not the most embarrassing thing Bieber has done, but it's still not the best! Let's hope Gomez's current boyfriend, The Weeknd, shows a lot more restraint when the two are out in public.

7 Lindsay Lohan's Fight At The Beach

Lindsay Lohan has engaged in many relationships throughout her life but the closest she has come to marriage was with Russian millionaire Egor Tarabasov. But while the relationship had many happy days, the two of them got into a significant tussle on the beach back in August 2016.

To make the situation all the more tragic, the two were supposed to be celebrating Lohan's 30th birthday. After the altercation became public, Lohan ended the relationship and issued a statement that included "I realize now you can’t stay in a relationship just for love. No woman can be hit and stay with that person if that person isn’t prepared to say sorry."

She has since done a fantastic job of cleaning up her life which we are happy to see.

6 Jessica Simpson's Stumble Out Of Husband's B-Day Dinner

There are a few nights every year where it makes more sense to perhaps drink a little more out at the bar. Such as when you are celebrating your birthday. Or in Jessica Simpson's case, when she was celebrating her husband Eric Johnson's birthday.

The above photos of Simpson having an incredible battle against sobriety were snapped in September. Thankfully Johnson was still sober enough to help keep her upright, but there was no saving her from the hundreds of cameras that were on-hand to take photos.

We're sure the two had a great night, but we aren't too sure if Jessica remembers it.

5 Johnny Depp Strikes Amber Heard 

Johnny Depp is one of the most influential and recognizable actors of all-time. His once-wife Amber Heard is also one of the biggest actresses in Hollywood and is one of the leading roles in the upcoming Aquaman film.

The two fell in love after working on The Rum Diaries together and even got married. But their relationship had a messy end, especially when photos of Heard emerged that showed her being abused.

While the incident didn't seem to hurt Depp's career, at least professionally, it definitely changed how many people view the actor.

4 Sienna Miller Not Enough For Jude Law Who Loves Nanny

Sienna Miller is one of the most beautiful women to ever grace the big screen. But she wasn't enough to keep Jude Law satisfied, who decided to engage in an affair with Daisy Wright, who was the nanny of his children. His infidelity became apparent after one of his children caught him in bed with her.

Talk about an awkward situation. When addressing the situation, Law said

"I just want to say I am deeply ashamed and upset that I've hurt Sienna and the people most close to us. I want to publicly apologize to Sienna and our respective families for the pain that I have caused. There is no defense for my actions which I sincerely regret and I ask that you respect our privacy at this very difficult time."

3 Katherine McPhee Gets Too Close To TV Director

Katherine McPhee had been married to Nick Cokas for several years but back in 2013, she was photographed kissing a man that most definitely wasn't Nick. Instead, she decided that her director from the TV series Smash was more up her alley.

McPhee might not be as famous as some of the women on this list, but the paparazzi definitely wasn't going to let this moment slip by! McPhee and Cokas announced their divorce less than a year later. Morris, on the other hand, was able to keep his marriage to actress Mary McCormack together.

McPhee has been linked to David Foster since earlier this year, including having Foster's daughter refer to her as her stepmom.

2 Stephen, Mel, And The Nanny Getting Close Leads To Complicated Divorce

There are some celebrity couples that get divorced but manage to keep it a generally private affair. That is not the case with Stephen Belafonte and Mel B. The two have been all over the tabloids, most notably with storylines surrounding the sexual relationship that involved their children's nanny over the course of several years.

While all three were involved in the action, including it being filmed on some occasions, photos of the three of them like above are still bound to be awkward.

When talking about how he was feeling during the process, Stephen texted Mel "Melanie you're not just happy with breaking my heart you want to stomp on it and pulverize it into the ground!!!"

1 Waka Flocka Gets Cheating Documented By Groupie

While some women would immediately see cheating as a deal-breaker, that is not the case for Tammy Rivera, who is the wife of Waka Flocka. In fact, when the above photo was made public by a lady that was definitely not Tammy.

But she was quick to defend her husband, saying

"I’m not that type, I think that’s weak of a woman to do that. It’s easier to walk away as opposed to than to speaking up! No we’re going to fight for this we got married. My family is worth fighting for.”

While Tammy standing by her name is admirable, this still might not be her favorite photo in the world!

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15 Terrible Moments Celebrity Couples Want To Forget