15 Terrible Actors That Have Somehow Made Hundreds Of Movies

The world of Hollywood is an interesting place. It's full of attractive people that most of us can only dream about looking like, and that's just the normal folk. Then there are the people that call themselves actors. Tinsel Town is full of movie stars that live the life of luxury as they churn out movie after movie and the fans lap it up. However, with the movie business, we tend to find ourselves asking the same question: Is there a difference between an actor and a movie star?

The simple answer is yes. While the movie stars make the big bucks and are plastered all over the place, it's the job of the actor to make a story, and character, convincing enough that it takes us out of our everyday life and transports us to a different place. There's no need for massive explosions, crazy car chases, or over the top CGI, a great actor can make anything look good. We're not saying that movie stars can't act, in fact most of them are very talented and deserve the respect and admiration they get. However, there are those select few that that are consistently bad in everything they do and should have clearly chosen a different career path, yet somehow they always manage to find work and release bad movie after bad movie and it won't end. With that in mind we look at 15 terrible "actors" that somehow have managed to make loads of movies, and they still continue to do so.

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15 Adam Sandler 

We start our list with a man that had so much promise in life. Being hailed as the saviour of SNL back in the early 1990s, Adam Sandler burst onto our movie screens with a few decent movies and big comedy hits. However, after such a great start in Hollywood, Sandler has had bomb after bomb after bomb. Not only are the movies he has starred in bad, but he himself is just plain terrible.

He seems to be able to do one thing well, shouting mainly, but that's not acting and the older Sandler seems to get the more out of touch he gets with himself, his audience and everything else. It's fair to say that this once bright and shining star faded a long time ago and yet somehow every year he keeps showing up in movies. We don't know how this is possible, but we just all feel a bit sad now.

14 Keanu Reeves 


The eternal "Surfer Dude" is the subject of our next entry. Keanu Reeves has been involved in some of the biggest and most loved movies of the last thirty years. He's starred in Bill and Ted, The Matrix, and Point Break to name just a few, and while those movies, and many of his other movies, have been box office smash hits, the simple fact is that Reeves cannot act.

If he stays in his comfort zone, where he plays subtle, if not simple and often wooden, characters and he's allowed to say "Whoa," which incidentally, he has done in every single movie he's ever been in, then Reeves shines. However, put him in something that he needs to act, or use an accent such as Dracula, then his wooden style takes over. But there is something that we can all agree on, Reeves may not be an 'actor' but somehow we all love him and hope he's around for a long time.

13 Orlando Bloom 

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Our next entry may actually surprise everyone as Orlando Bloom doesn't seem to have been around for that long, so surely he can't have made that many movies, right? Actually we were surprised at just how many movies this actor has made. Admittedly, we hadn't watched, or even heard of, most of them, but over the last few years Bloom has been churning out consistently bad movies.

The supporting star of The Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean movies, Bloom started to become quite a thing in Hollywood and he took that buzz to carve out a movie star career for himself. However, we all soon realized that Bloom is unfortunately one of those people that is just a pretty face and there is not much more to him than that.

12 Gerard Butler 

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Some people out there may be surprised to know that Gerard Butler has been in the movie business for over twenty years now. Starting out in the mid 90s with bit parts in big movies such as James Bond's Tomorrow Never Dies, it would, however, be a few years before Butler would get his leading man status.

We all remember his ridiculous role in the over the top 300 movie. Unfortunately, while most of us laughed, the Hollywood bigwigs decided that Butler was right for a string of movies. There's no denying that Butler has a big presence on screen, but there's a big difference between demanding the camera and acting and unfortunately Butler just can't act.

11 Jennifer Aniston/Cameron Diaz 

With our next entry we actually had a bit of difficulty. While there are plenty of women out there in Hollywood that can't act, or to be honest, are there for their looks (we're thinking of you Megan Fox!), there are some actresses that do have great talent. However, there are some actresses that have built a huge career and have a load of movies to their name and we really don't know how or why.

Two leading ladies sprung to our minds for this list so we decided to put them together as we just couldn't decide which one was worse as they are equally bad. Firstly, Jennifer Aniston is possibly one of the greatest PR stunts ever, as she has been built up over the last twenty years or so as a cultural icon and yet, she has no acting talent whatsoever. After all, she was possibly the worst of the Friends and that's saying something. Then we come to Ms. Diaz; although she started as the sexy blonde, remember her in Mask? She tried to break away from that stereotype, which we do admire her for, but just how she has an acting career is a mystery to us as she tries to prove that there's more to blondes than just looks, but she's yet to prove it about herself.

10 Arnold Schwarzenegger 

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"I'll be back!" is a phrase that Arnie has built an entire career around, and unfortunately, he always does come back. Even quitting Hollywood for politics couldn't stop Arnie from making his way back to the big screen. It's fair to say that Arnie's role in the original Terminator movie, and its sequel Terminator 2: Judgement Day, were the highlight of his acting career and the role he was born to play.

However, over the decades Arnie has shown up, and blown up, everything in hundreds of movies. Although during the 80s and 90s the mindless action flick was king and Arnie did it better than most, times have changed and movie stars need to actually act. This is something that has bypassed Arnie and it's time for him to be put out to pasture.

9 Brendan Fraser 

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Our next entry is proof that if you're part of a semi successful movie franchise then you can pretty much do anything and you'll still get hired. The Mummy movies, or more specifically the first two Mummy movies, were decent and they performed well and for some reason this has given Brendan Fraser free rein in Hollywood and no one's realized that he can't actually act. Although Fraser is usually likeable in his movie roles, he falls into the trap that so many people like him do and that's that they are the same in everything they do and no one has told them that this isn't acting.

Even before The Mummy movies Fraser seemed to have a gift for starring in movies and TV shows that he really shouldn't have been doing and no one has come forward and taken responsibility for this. Somewhere in Hollywood, there is a person that is responsible for making Brendan Fraser a movie star and he should be punished for his crime.

8 Hugh Grant 

TORONTO, ON - SEPTEMBER 09: Actor Hugh Grant attends "Cloud Atlas" Photo Call during the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival at TIFF Bell Lightbox on September 9, 2012 in Toronto, Canada. (Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images)

Speaking of leading ladies, especially in the romantic comedy world, we come next to the male equivalent of that (who also has equal talent), and that's the British charmer Hugh Grant. It's fair to say that Mr. Grant can only do one thing, admittedly he does it well, but he can only be a charming, yet bumbling, fool. That's what he can do and that's all he does.

Every now and then he tries to do something different, we've all forgotten the movie Extreme Measure right? When he does try to do something serious, it just shows us his flaws and that he has no real talent at all. Not only that, but there's never anything interesting in his performances that can hold anyone's attention. After all, a scandal involving him and a prostitute in the back of his car couldn't make Hugh Grant any more interesting so his acting talent certainly won't do that.

7 Tom Cruise 

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Next we come to the poster boy of Hollywood. Tom Cruise has been Tinsel Town's golden boy for decades; with his boyish good looks and even shinier teeth, Cruise has had box office hit after box office hit. Whether it's Top Gun, The Mission Impossible franchise, Jerry Maguire, or Jack Reacher, Cruise has been on top for so long that we couldn't actually imagine the big screen without him.

However, one of the problems with Cruise is that it doesn't matter what movie he's in or even if it's good or bad, people will still queue up at the theater to watch him. While this might make him and the studios a lot of money, it does nothing for the world of acting. Tom Cruise is Tom Cruise in every movie and he is proof that you can go a long way in the movie business if you just have a great brand rather than great talent.

6 Steven Seagal

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We're not sure where to start with action star Steven Seagal. The man has been in so many movies that it would take NASA to work out just how many, and the man is still churning out his mediocre (and that's being nice) brand of movies. Apart from a few hits in the early 90s, Seagal has pretty much stuck to the direct-to-video/DVD market for the last twenty years. So that means there are some people out there that have bookcases full of Seagal DVDs. You know who you are!

We all know that Seagal is a martial arts expert in real life, after all, he started his movie career by teaching the action stars of the day how to fight, including James Bond himself. Because of this, maybe many people out there find his action movies more authentic as he does most of his own stunts and fight scenes. That may be stretching it a bit, but there must be some reason why Steven Seagal has been a movie star for this long and has made so many movies without being able to act? If it's not that then what is it? No, we don't know either!

5 Jean-Claude Van Damme 

The Muscles from Brussels hung on to the coat tails of the action stars before him. Think Sylvester Stallone, Arnie, and Chuck Norris, because without those "stars" Van Damme wouldn't have been able to his thing, whatever that is. We think it's fair of us to say that if Arnie, Stallone, Norris, and even Seagal turn down a role then you know it must be a terrible movie. However, Van Damme seems to have made a long career in Hollywood by living off of the scraps that the bigger stars leave.

It's also fair to say that with all Van Damme's movies, and there have been a lot, we can't think of one good one. Even the worst actors have a big movie on their resume but Van Damme doesn't even have that. So basically he doesn't have the acting talent, he doesn't have the command of the camera like his peers do, and he doesn't have the physical prowess or skills that they do either. So how was he ever a movie star? The answer to that question is almost as baffling as our next entry...

4 Rob Schneider 

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There are many mysteries that have plagued mankind for generations: what is the meaning of life? Is there a God? What happens when we die? However, as important and perplexing as those questions are, the most baffling question is how Rob Schneider has had such a successful career in entertainment? Not just successful but long. The man has been around for years; whether it's on TV, stand up comedy, or on the big screen, Schneider has been with us for a long, long time.

This is something that none of us can understand. Schneider is just not funny and he can't act. It may sound harsh, but it's true, and while his best buddy Adam Sandler may not be having the career he should have, Sandler's worst day is still more enjoyable and likeable than anything Schneider has ever done. How he still keeps getting work is beyond us.

3 Samuel L. Jackson 

There is no denying that Samuel L Jackson is cool. Every performance and movie he has ever been in, the man just oozes cool. Unfortunately for him, and his fans, this isn't a list of cool people. If it was, then he'd be the man. However, this is a list of movie stars that just can't act and unfortunately, Jackson is one of such movie star.

Firstly, Jackson has been in pretty much every movie made in the last twenty years. No matter what genre or style of the movie, Jackson will probably turn up at some point. This is not a good thing, quantity over quality seems to be Jackson's mantra in life. Not only that but Jackson tends to be Samuel L. Jackson in everything. Sometimes he varies his persona slightly but this isn't acting this is just Jackson walking onto a set and reading some lines. Just imagine if Samuel L Jackson knew how to act, especially with the volume of movies he has done, he would be the greatest actor in history. However, he's not and we're stuck with Jackson being a permanent cast member in everything Hollywood produces.

2 Eddie Murphy 

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Once upon a time there was a man that had the world at his feet. He burst onto the scene with his loud, arrogant, and side-splittingly funny stand up routine and then took the big screen by storm. With hit movies such as Trading Places, 48 Hours, and Beverly Hills Cop, Eddie Murphy suddenly found himself as one of the biggest stars in the world and things could only get better, right?

Wrong. Once the 80s were over, Murphy found himself saying yes to absolutely everything and not only were his movie choices poor, but it soon became clear that Murphy couldn't act at all. Give him some room to improvise and shout loudly, then Murphy is great but have him do anything that remotely resembles acting, then he struggles and we can all see it. Once a great and promising talent, Murphy has fallen a long way and there is no way he could ever come back.

1 Nicolas Cage 

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The number one entry on our list of terrible actors that have somehow made loads of movies is none other than Nicolas Cage. To be honest, Cage could be on the top of any list in any subject; whether it's the worst actor, the best, the most annoying, the luckiest, the most over the top, the list goes on. Because of that we did have a difficult time with putting Cage at the top of our list but if we look at the facts, Cage cannot act.

Although many people say that Cage divides the world of movies more than anyone has ever done, some people really love him and think he's one of the greatest actors of his generation, while others can't believe that he's allowed to be a movie star. We have to say that we agree with the latter. Although he does put in a good performance, or at least hit the right mood every once in awhile, the simple fact is that Cage can't act at all and he hides that fact by being over the top or crazy. So we feel he is the worthy winner of our list.

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