15 Telltale Signs He Wants Her To Wear The Pants In The Relationship

Being in a healthy relationship brings some emotional and physical benefits, but before finding yourself in a relationship, you need to find or wait for someone who is really into you, someone who would like to be a part of your life. Society tells people that women should never be "aggressive" by making the first move because ladies need to wait for men to ask them out and declare their feelings.

Yes ladies, sometimes it is better to wait for the guy to make the first move, but not all men are alpha males. There are men who are not comfortable in telling women that they like them because they are either shy or just the silent type. No worries ladies, there is nothing bad about shy guys. In fact, most of these shy guys are the nice guys who are just laid back and not aggressive.

In this case, women need to make the first move and that is normal. Forget about what society says! However, here comes the problem. These men are so hard to decode. Women will be confused if the man really likes them or they are just being really nice. You really don't know if he is into you because he just won't say. There is a difference with just being nice and being too shy to tell you that he likes you.

We've got your back, girl! Here is a list of signs that indicate that men are just too shy and you need to make the first move. If he is doing these things only towards you, he is into you!

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15 Forever Single

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How long do you know him – weeks, months, or even years? Ever since you met him, did he even date someone else? If not, there is a good chance that he is waiting for the girl he likes so much. Yes, this may not be the only reason why he is single all the time you know him, but as long as he is not gay, there is a big chance that he might be waiting for you.

These shy guys are usually not too vocal about their feelings. Yes, that is another reason why they are single. They can't really tell you that they like you. They are worried that girls will reject them and will feel awkward towards them.

14 He's Your Superman

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He is the nice guy. Yes, he is not Clark Kent, but you have a Clark Kent/Lois Lane vibe going on between you two. Clark is the shy guy who always does something nice towards Lois, and just towards Lois. If your shy guy is doing something extra just for you, like getting you some coffee, sharing his snack, and running errands for you, then he likes you!

Are you not yet convinced? You can try observing him. If he is nice to other people aside from you, he is just really a gentleman. If he is a gentleman but you feel that he is more respectful and polite to you and he is doing some extra nice things for you, that is his way of telling you that he likes you.

13 You Are The Apple Of His Eyes

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He stares at you all the time. Sometimes, you catch him looking at you and then he looks away, pretending that nothing happened. Why is he staring at you when you are not looking? He is longing to be with you. He wants to be with you, but he can't tell you directly. Whenever you caught him looking at you and he looked away, don't think that he is not interested in you. He just really doesn't have the confidence that he should have to make direct eye contact with you or say hi to you after that long stare. Just a glance at you will make his day memorable. Remember, they are shy and they are also scared to be rejected.

12 Smiles A Lot, But No Eye Contact

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He always has that big smile! Your Mr. Nice and Shy Guy just really can't help smiling at you, especially when you caught him staring at you so he just smiled at you. Every time you see him at the office, at the café, at the bar, or even just on the streets, he will flash that kind smile towards you. It's not a friendly smile, but more like a warm, affectionate smile saying every single word that he can't utter because he is too shy.

After you noticed him and you smiled back, he will make eye contact with you. However, he will break that eye contact eventually. Don't be worried; it is not a sign that he is not interested in you. He just simply can't make an eye contact because he is afraid that you won't stare at him the same way he stares at you.

11 He Is Everywhere

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He likes to be around you. It is not odd that he is also at your favorite café whenever you grab your coffee in the morning or you see him almost anywhere. If you are officemates, you can always see him next to your desk or you can see him every lunch. Is that coincidence? Of course not! He just wants to catch a glimpse of you for the day. Every day, you will see him at a close range, waiting to be noticed, but he just doesn't have the courage to tell you how he really feels about you.

Is he a stalker? As long as he is not following you everywhere you go and you don't see him sneaking around your house, he is not a stalker.

10 Judges Everyone You Date

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Do you have a best friend who will always judge, criticize, and make comments about the guy you are currently dating? Your Mr. Shy Guy is also like your best friend who criticizes your date, but worse. If your best friend has constructive criticism and some good comments after the judging part, but this guy doesn't have any good comments to make. He will just go ahead and judge the book by its cover.

He will judge the man you are dating because he wants to indicate that that man is not the man for you and he is the right man for you. In short, he is jealous that you are dating other men.

9 He Has A Wingman

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So, he has these friends that will talk about him and his interests. This is actually one of the most concrete proofs that your Mr. Shy Guy likes you so much, because his friends know! It is a good sign that his friends are actually building a connection with you.

Are they trying to be his wingmen? Are they trying to tell you that their friend is a good guy? Are they saying that their friend is shy? Better yet, are they telling you that their friend likes you and that you are everything that he talks about? If the answer is yes to all, he likes you and that is the end of the story.

8 He Is His Own Wingman, Too

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If his wingmen are not around, sometime he will try to be his own wingman. He will try to impress you by saying some impressive things about him. Maybe he will talk about his success at work, his house, his car, or maybe some good deed he has done. He will try to share the "all about him" stuff, but he will do so without boasting.

If he knows that you love pets, maybe he will talk about how he is a good pet owner. If he knows that you love kids, maybe he will talk about how he used to be a babysitter or how much he loves his nephews and nieces. At the end of the day, all he wants to do is try to impress you and show you that you both share similar interests.

7 You Have 100% Of His Attention

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You have his undivided attention! When you are there, all he can notice is you. You have 100% of his attention. If you notice that his focus is entirely just on you whenever you try to talk to him, there is really a big chance that he likes you. If you are not yet convinced, here are other scenarios that will show how deeply he is into you.

If you are in a group with friends, family, or work colleagues, his attention will always be just on you. Of course, he will talk to someone else, but he will always glance at you or observe you with his peripheral view and he will always try to hide this. If he is in the middle of something and you approach him, he will just stop what he is doing and focus on you.

6 Boyfriend Jokes

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If he is a man with a sense of humor, he will eventually make jokes about the two of you dating or make some jokes about him being your boyfriend. This happens a lot, especially when the two of you are close colleagues or even friends (especially best friends!). You might think that this is just a joke because you may be used to it, but this is his defense mechanism. Aside from being shy, he is also a bit scared to ask you out.

He fears being rejected and he also fears that you might feel awkward towards him if he said this in a very serious way. This can also be his way of testing out the waters to see if you like him too. So, if you like him and he made a joke about being your boyfriend, play along so he will have a hint that you like him too.

5 He Thinks He Is Not Worthy To Be Your Boyfriend

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He thinks that he is not the right for you. For him, you are simply out of his league because you are the most perfect girl in his eyes. He might even think that he is the nerdy kid and you are the popular cheerleader in high school. Sometimes he will voice this out. When he says that he is just a nobody and you are a beautiful and successful woman, and that you are too good for him to have, it means that he has low self-esteem.

Do you like him? If yes, don't make him feel rejected. If he said that he thinks you are too good for him, tell him that he is not. Tell him that you think of him as a man of honor, too.

4 Compliments You All the Time

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Do you have a new haircut? He will notice that. Do you have a new bag? Do you wear a new dress? Do you slip on a pair of new shoes? Have you done something with your nails? Do you wear a new shade of lipstick? He will notice all of that and he will compliment those little things that you are doing. It will be a sincere, genuine, and heartfelt compliment that will make you feel you are indeed beautiful in his eyes.

He likes you and he wants you to know that he notices you and values you as a woman. Aside from being a true gentleman, he knows how to appreciate you and your little efforts. Sometimes, he is that one person that will give you a pat on your shoulder whenever you did something great because for him, you are great.

3 Flirting With You For Like "Forever"

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Alright, so he is sweet and he is so thoughtful, but what is next? He may be flirting with you without you even realizing it. He sends you text messages and he is extra caring and sweet. However, he won't just tell you he likes you because, again, he is scared to be rejected. What you have right now is somehow enough for him to see you every day and to become at least a part of your life.

He is worried that if he reveals his feelings, the closeness that you have right now will be gone. If you like him, try flirting back or making him feel that you are also into him. Be extra sweet and thoughtful, just like what he is doing.

2 Nervous When You Are Around

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Is he acting weird whenever he is with you? If he is loud and confident when he is with his friends or other people and acts really weird and nervous whenever you are around, then he is so into you. You go, girl! This means that you make his heart skip a beat. You are the most wonderful woman with a strong confidence making him feel pressured, shy, and nervous.

He tends to babble a lot whenever you are talking to him, and has a nervous energy when you are around. This Mr. Shy Guy truly doesn't know what to do and what to say. If you like him, talk to him and make him feel comfortable. Let him know that you are on the same page.

1 Sending All The Signals, But Won't Ask You Out

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Alright, so he is single and he is not dating anyone else since the day you two met, but he won't ask you out either. Calm down; he is into you, but he is just too shy and also scared that you will turn him down. Remember, you are special to him. That is why he keeps on sending these crazy signals that he likes you. He cares for you a lot, but he won't tell you. Instead, he will show you through his actions. But hey, you can do something about it. If you really feel that he likes you and if you like him too, be the one to make the first move. Once you also show him that you like him, he will have the courage to ask you on a date.

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