15 Tall Female Celebs Who Still Wear Sky High Heels (Even Though They Shouldn’t)

When it comes to females in Hollywood, we’re interested in their appearance, what they’re wearing, who designed their clothing, how their makeup is done, and how their hair is styled. Next to their appearance, we tend to focus on their love lives above anything else and are interested in who they’re dating or hooking up with behind the scenes. Of course, we’re interested in their careers too; that’s why they’re famous after all. With all of this in mind, we tend to forget a lot about the little things that set them apart from the rest. It could be a special talent, a quirky look or trait, or even something as trivial as their height. Sometimes, we fail to notice these things.

In the United States, the average height for a woman is approximately 5 feet and 4 inches. These ladies are way past that. When watching them in your favorite movies or TV shows, seeing them on the runway, performing, or playing sports, it’s really hard to determine how tall they really are. All of these ladies are just under 6 feet and above, and it’s really surprising to find out just how tall they really are. When they walk on red carpets and attend events, they still wear the highest of stilettos, even if it makes them awkwardly tower over their friends, colleagues, and even their significant others. These are 15 shockingly tall female celebrities who still wear sky high heels (even though they really don't need to).

15 Brooke Shields - 6’ 

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Brooke Shields has appeared in a number of our favorite movies and TV shows. She’s an incredible actress that’s been in That ‘70s Show, The Middle, and Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. Brooke has been acting for years, with her first job being a model when she was just eleven months old. After a few years, she starred in her first movie, Alice, Sweet Alice, and her acting career took off not long afterward. Brooke is absolutely gorgeous. Not only is she a fantastic actress and great model, but she’s also used her platform to speak out about her struggle with postpartum depression. What many people don’t know about the model and actress is that she’s actually really tall. Brooke stands at exactly 6 feet tall and probably even more so when she’s walking the red carpet in her heels. We know it's in her job description to wear them, but she'll definitely stand awkwardly above the rest.

14 Aisha Tyler - 6’

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Funny woman Aisha Tyler is also another tall lady in Hollywood that you might not realize. She stands a whopping six feet and it’s easy to see her extreme height when she would stand around with her former The Talk co-stars, even more so when she decided to wear so sky-high heels. Aisha is an actress, comedian, and talk show host. She’s appeared in TV shows such as Criminal Minds, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, 24, and hosting Whose Line Is It Anyway?. However, she’s best known for being a co-host of the daytime talk show The Talk. She recently left the show to pursue other projects. You most likely wouldn’t realize that she was 6 feet tall, but whenever she’s around her co-stars, it’s really easy to see how she towers over them. We think she should consider leaving her heels at home!

13 Venus Williams - 6’1”

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Venus Williams is one-half of the dynamic tennis duo. Venus and her sister, Serena, have made history over the years for their amazing tennis playing. Venus herself has won many tournaments and games over the course of her career, making her one of the most famous tennis players in the world. It’s easy to see how athletic she is, with her powerful arms and muscular body. However, not many people know that she’s also really tall. She literally towers over the competition at 6 feet 1 inch. We were really surprised to see that she was over 6 feet—something that’s not very common in Hollywood when it comes to women.  She doesn't even need to wear heels with her own natural height, but whether it's for fashion or not, she stands above the rest on the tennis court and red carpet.

12 Jane Lynch - 6’

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Jane Lynch is one of our most favorite women on TV. She’s funny, charismatic, and an amazing actress to top it all off. If you’re not familiar with her name, you might know her from the huge role she had on the hit show Glee, where she played the fiery Sue Sylvester. She then went on to host Hollywood Game Night, where all of our favorite celebs played silly games for our entertainment. She’s not just an awesome host and actress, but she’s also a comedian, a singer, and an author. Jane can definitely do it all. She’s very open about her life to the public, but many people have failed to realize that she’s one of the lovely ladies in Hollywood that’s taller than most. She stands at a towering 6 feet tall! Opting to be more fashionable on the red carpet, she ignores the fact that she doesn't even need to wear heels and rocks them anyway!

11 Allison Janney - 6’

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Allison Janney is yet another surprisingly tall lady in Hollywood. Standing at 6 feet tall, she towers over a lot of her co-stars. (We admire her for still wearing heels.) Allison is an actress with many movies and TV shows under her belt. She’s best known for starring alongside Anna Faris on the hysterical TV show Mom. She is also on The West Wing, the movie Juno, and most recently, the critically-acclaimed I, Tonya. She also lent her voice to a few animated works like Disney’s Phineas and Ferb, as well as Finding Nemo. She’s won several Primetime Emmy Awards and most recently, a Golden Globe for I, Tonya. Regardless of her height, Allison Janney doesn't feel uncomfortable towering over the rest, and she'll take her designer heels any day.

10 Maria Sharapova - 6’2”

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We all know Maria Sharapova as the all-star tennis player. She’s played countless games and numerous tournaments and has come out victorious in many of them. Maria Sharapova is the best of the best when it comes to tennis. She’s a powerful player, and that’s no joke when she stands over 6 feet tall—6 feet 2 inches to be exact. Maybe we’re not focused on her height because we’re so focused on her personal life. All eyes were on her in 2005 when she dated Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine. She also made headlines in 2016 when she failed a drug test at the 2016 Australian Open. She tested positive for meldonium and, as a result, was provisionally suspended by the International Tennis Federation for 15 months. Guess we were too distracted by all of that to see her towering over her competition. With all the drama surrounding her, she takes it all in stride and wears her sky-high Christian Louboutin heels with lots of pride.

9 Geena Davis - 6’

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Geena Davis is a jack of all trades. She can honestly do it all. Although we may primarily know her as an actress, she’s also a producer, writer, voice actress, and model. She started off as a model, and who wouldn’t cast her? She stands at 6 feet tall, a perfect height for a leggy model. She then moved on to acting after being cast in her first film, Tootsie, in 1982. Since then, her career took off, and she’s starred in other TV shows and movies such as Thelma & Louise, Stuart Little, Grey’s Anatomy, and The Exorcist. Not only does Geena stand out as an actress, but also as a beautiful and extremely tall woman in Hollywood. Wearing heels on top of her height doesn't bother her one bit and continues to strut her stuff in the finest designer heels.

8 Nicole Kidman - 5’11”

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Nicole Kidman recently won a Golden Globe for her performance on the hit TV show that people can’t seem to get enough of, Big Little Lies. She’s been in some fantastic movies—Moulin Rouge, Stepford Wives, and Batman Forever, just to name a few of many. She’s even won an Academy Award in 2003 for her role in The Hours. We know that she’s a fantastic actress, and we know that she’s absolutely beautiful. What we do seem to forget sometimes is that she’s surprisingly a part of the tall ladies of Hollywood club. Nicole stands at 5 feet 11 inches, just missing that 6 feet ever so slightly! Standing next to her husband, musician Keith Urban, it’s easy to see how she stands a little bit above him. Most women wouldn't dare to be taller than their husbands. Awkward or not, Nicole still opts for her highest heels.

7 Taylor Swift - 5’11”

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Taylor Swift might be especially known for her pretty outrageous dating record and songs written for her past flames, but she’s definitely a lot more than that. We have to admit that Taylor almost always looks exceptional when she’s on a red carpet. Her legs always look so long and lean and that they could go on for days. Taylor definitely has her height working out in her favor. Unlike most of the ladies on this list, Taylor is under 6 feet. She measures 5 feet 11 inches, just a tiny bit shy of 6 feet. Although, we bet that with some heels on (especially the hot pink stiletto Louboutins she's pictured in), she’ll comfortably tower over 6 feet. When she's towering over her friends and colleagues, she seems to not mind that she's doing so. Maybe her height is her secret to dating? Guess we’ll never know!

6 Karlie Kloss - 6’1”


We all know that models are notorious for being taller than the average woman, and that’s what sets them apart on the runway. Strutting their stuff and showing off their lean, long legs is an absolute must in the modeling world. In that case, Karlie Kloss is in the right industry. She’s absolutely beautiful, and much like her best friend, Taylor Swift, she has perfect long legs. Standing at 6 feet 1 inch (and even taller in the highest of stilettos), it’s no wonder why she’s taking the modeling world by storm, walking in shows such as the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and modeling for many brands. Of course, companies are after her for her long legs. Clearly, height doesn't mean a thing to Karlie. She'll rock those Louboutins if she wants! 

5 Macy Gray - 6’

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A lot of us know Macy Gray for her unique and soulful voice that you can easily pick out on the radio. Her hit song “I Try” was what really put her on the map, and we still sing along when we hear it on the radio today. She’s still working on music. In fact, she released an album in 2016 called Stripped. She also took a dive into the acting world, making appearances and cameos as herself in Spider-Man, Scary Movie 3, and Fuller House. She’s also lent her unique voice to animated characters such as Duck Dodgers and American Dragon: Jake Long. Along with her unique voice is the fact that she’s 6 feet tall. When it comes to Macy, we don't really see her in heels as much as other celebs. While many opt for a Prada heel just to run errands in, Macy sticks to heels on the red carpet. Whether it's her height to blame or comfort, we're not sure.

4 Michelle Obama - 5’11”

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One of our favorite First Ladies, Michelle Obama quite literally stands above the rest. Not only is she the first African-American First Lady, but she also holds the record for being one of the tallest. Currently, she’s tied for first place for the tallest First Lady alongside Eleanor Roosevelt. Both ladies are 5 feet 11 inches, just shy of 6 feet tall. Both are women that we admire and both are strong successful women who stand just a little taller than the rest of us. No, Michelle Obama isn't a movie star or a musician, so she isn't held to those red carpet fashion standards. In fact, given her height, she could most likely get away without wearing a heel at all—she won't be criticized for not wearing Louboutins or Gucci heels, for sure.

3 Uma Thurman - 5'11"

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Uma Thurman is one bad-a*s actress, and she first really rose to fame when she starred in Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction. She’s known for starring in action-packed movies like Kill Bill, My Super Ex-Girlfriend, and The Avengers. When you think of Uma Thurman, you think of her in these movies where she’s kicking some serious butt. Not many people realize that she falls into the group of these taller ladies of Hollywood. Uma stands at 5 feet 11 inches, so close to that whopping 6 feet! When most taller ladies would opt for kitten heels or even a cute ballerina flat, Uma throws caution to the wind and rocks her heels on the carpet, making her over 6 feet after all.

2 Ireland Baldwin - 6’2”

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Ireland Baldwin has a last name you might recognize. Her dad is Alec Baldwin, and we can all remember the controversy between the two back in 2007. The father and daughter made headlines when Alec left a nasty voicemail for his daughter, calling her a “rude, thoughtless little pig.” There was a lot of backlash for the way Alec spoke to Ireland, and she even did a stint in rehab for “emotional trauma.” These days, the father and daughter have gotten past that, and Ireland is known for her outstanding good looks and her career as a model. She absolutely turns heads when she models—she stands at 6 feet 2 inches, after all. Ireland is up there with some of the tallest women in Hollywood. She even makes hailing a cab in the city look fashionable as she towers over most people in the street.

1 Gwendoline Christie - 6’3”

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Gwendoline Christie is this tallest woman on this list. You may know her from Game of Thrones where she plays Brienne of Tarth. She’s also been in the most recent Star Wars movies as Captain Phasma. It’s really no secret that she’s a really tall woman. You can obviously see it whenever she’s standing around her castmates. Gwendoline towers above the rest at 6 feet 3 inches. Her height clearly means nothing to her when she stands even taller at events in her highest heels and rocks some of the finest designers like Fendi. We knew she was tall, but we were definitely surprised to see how tall she actually is. Gwendoline is one of the tallest ladies in Hollywood, and she absolutely rocks it.

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