Transformers - The Last Knight: 15 Takeaways From The Trailer

As far as movie franchises go, the Transformers world is one of big money and even bigger explosions. The world was ecstatic when the trailer for the new film finally hit our screens and let’s be hone

As far as movie franchises go, the Transformers world is one of big money and even bigger explosions. The world was ecstatic when the trailer for the new film finally hit our screens and let’s be honest: it looks awesome! There is a floating Optimus Prime, cast through space, Mark Wahlberg is back and on the run and we’ve got to be looking at one hell of a clean up job on Earth once more. The state of the world seems to be getting worse and the introduction of Anthony Hopkins as a new character is something that teases more and more every time you view the new footage (trust us, we’ve viewed it a fair few times!).

And as you go through the new trailer, there are bound to be some hidden gems that you haven’t quite come across yet, but never fear. We are here to trudge through the unknown to give you the top 15 tidbits you might have missed from the preview of Transformers: The Last Knight.

14 Possible Transformers Cinematic Universe?

The latest incarnation of the mega-successful Transformers franchise is the first to be created under a ‘cinematic experience’ umbrella thought up by Paramount Pictures. Paramount wants to form a universe with spin-offs, sequels and interlinked storylines not unlike what Marvel is doing with their Marvel Cinematic Universe and Disney with their extended Star Wars franchise.

Movies are big business now, and the aforementioned studios are making big money and their big ideas coincide fantastically— and this is something that Paramount clearly wants a piece of. Will it be as easy for them to form a unique plot for Transformers? We’re unsure. Marvel has decades of prior material and knows what works, and although Star Wars has suffered the hits and the misses, it has finally fallen on an exciting formula. Either way, this process of finding success is easier said than done. It looks like we’ll just have to wait and see.

13 Goodbye, Michael Bay

Transformers: The Last Knight will be the last time Michael Bay directs a Transformers film, for the foreseeable future at least. After directing the first five films, Bay clearly thought any more than that would be overkill (but an initial five films is fine, is it Michael?) and he needed to get away from the franchise. In all fairness, the Transformers vehicle has gained more from Bay than maybe he has from it. It’s the perfect Michael Bay vehicle in every way and he has sculpted it into the beautiful monster you see today.

No matter what you think of the films themselves, there is no denying that most films would have crumbled by the fifth instalment, but it clearly has something in the formula we want. I’ll bet it is the huge explosions and fast cars. But the mix of mild humor and peril is always a big winner. Bay, though, looks to have had his last piece of the Transformers cake.

12 No Need To Have Seen The Previous Transformers Films

If, just in case you haven’t seen the previous four Transformers films (where the hell have you been? Seriously? It’s been nearly 10 years.) you need not worry. You will not need real prior knowledge of what has come before to understand what's happening. In case you turn up to the cinema next year, though, Shia LaBeouf is no longer the lead, instead, that mantle has been passed on to Mark Wahlberg as of the previous film, Age of Extinction.

Largely the same Transformers are in the series and will be getting involved in The Last Knight, while you will have needed to have been under a rock since birth to not at least recognize the names Optimus Prime and Megatron. And really, that’s all you need to know. Keep on reading this article, however, because we’ve still got another 12 points to cure your Transformers craving.

11 Filming All Over The World

Although we don’t know an awful lot about the latest film, one thing we do know is that filming has been taking place all over the world. Wales, Scotland, Ireland and England are joined by Iceland and Cuba, while the USA is holding down the fort by providing California, Arizona, and Michigan. So, what might this tell us? Well, firstly that there will be traveling, and lots of it, but does this hint at worldwide trouble afoot?

The vast array of settings would hint that we could be seeing mayhem unfold from the perspective of other cultures, not merely an American standpoint. This is something that we’ve seen in previous films, and I’ve always found it super interesting to have another viewpoint from a different part of the world when carnage happens, so this could make things really interesting. We’ll have to wait until July ‘17 to truly find out, though.

10 Cade Is Constantly On The Run

During some of the press releases for the movie, Mark Wahlberg suggested that this film would be a “man on the run" adventure, and this is an idea we love the sound of. You can always expect a thrilling, exhilarating ride when it comes to Transformers, with an action-oriented agenda, this only adds to that hype.

We will also be missing a character from Age of Extinction, Wahlberg's on-screen daughter Tessa (played by Nicola Peltz), who is in hiding after the events of the previous film. Hence the reason Marky Mark is on the run. The exciting thing that this adds to the film is towards the theory that the film will country-hop and we might see what life is like once more when Transformers fight across the globe. Expect to get a bit of sightseeing for your money come release date for The Last Knight.

9 Something's Going On Between Prime And Bumblebee

In the trailer to the latest film, The Last Knight, we get to see the rarest of rare sights— Optimus Prime and Bumblebee battling each other. What, can this be? We’re offered very little by way of explanation here, but with Prime going rogue and Bumblebee ever-loyal, what is to say other than there must be some Decepticon foul play involved? Something we do not know is where Prime has been or what he has encountered.

Or even why he has come back to Earth. This could explain why he is acting so rebellious towards the awesome Bumblebee. Has Optimus experienced something in outer space? Your guess is as good as ours, but the change in personality is something we should expect to be really interesting and very fun to watch develop throughout the movie. Will this be the only surprise on the horizon or will we see more in-fighting along the way?

8 You Gotta Love The Writers

Our heroes behind the silver screen have previous experience with this type of film. Art Marcum and Matt Holloway are two-thirds of the writing team, who worked together on Iron Man (for the same studio, Paramount) and Punisher for Lionsgate. They know the world of fictional action pretty well, with Iron Man being very much the beginning of the Marvel Universe as we’re seeing it unfold today. There was humor, action, and machines in Iron Man, so Holloway and Marcum should be able to fit in pretty well with The Last Knight. The third writer on the film, Ken Nolan, is most famous for his writing on the 1999 blockbuster Black Hawk Down. The writers on the film really give us a hint at the continued direction of the film; military, machines and mayhem. The quality of writing with these films, too, has been really high so we really could be on for our best Transformers film yet.

7 A New Villain?

Everybody knows of the story between the Autobots and the Decepticons, and how they are likely to be duelling for the rest of time... or something, but are we ready for something a little different? Optimus Prime and Megatron are like Superman and Lex Luther, and that’s a story that we love but sometimes you’ve just got to inject a little bit more evil into the franchise. The film's producer, Lorenzo Di Bonaventura recently stated that the villain will be “a surprise, I think, as you discover who the villain is. So in that respect, that is a very different kind of Decepticon form, if you would” which leads us to think that whatever has taken hold of Optimus in the latest trailer of the film may be behind the rest of the dastardly goings on in the world. One thing is for sure— we may not have seen this bad guy in the series before. And that’s exciting!

6 Will We Be Seeing Flashbacks Throughout History?

There will be flashbacks aplenty. The trailer showed us a battle scene with soldiers on horses and a Nazi battle-scene, and you would have to be pretty bad at history to think they were present day scenes. So what is going on? Well, we can presume there is an origin story of some kind, but what exactly we’re unsure. The beginning of the Transformer world has been touched on in previous films, but with this being the official start of a cinematic universe, we may well be digging a little deeper into how and where the Transformers come from and where this story gets its influence from. What will be cool is seeing battles play out during historical settings and how the good guys— and bad— have influenced the world as it is seen today from our eyes looking backward.

5 We’re Getting New Bots

This is always a sure-fire hit and a way to freshen up the series. We may well get a new villain, but we’re also likely to be getting a few new bots in the form of good guys. Hot Rod, Drift, and Crosshairs. These characters who are new to the film franchise are old hats to dedicated fans of the extended universe before extended universes were cool. Adding these new faces is always a good plan, and with Hot Rod a serious Bumblebee ally could we be seeing him joining in the fight against our not-so-right Optimus Prime? It’s certainly possible. What is true though is these new guys add something fresh to a film series that is on its fifth film, and surely in need of a bit of new material. Look out for new baddies, too. With Bay tweeting a picture of the Combaticons, another army-based enemy of the Autobots.

4 What's With Prime's Eyes?

Although purely speculation for the moment, all of the Optimus Prime material released from the makers of the film so far have left one glaring difference. In the preview, Prime’s eyes are purple. Now, I can’t imagine they would get this wrong time after time on their promo material, meaning something is amiss. What do we think? Well, technically this isn’t a spoiler, and if you’re reading this you’re likely to be pretty into Transformers, so here it is: maybe that isn’t Prime, in his strictest sense. The idea of decepticon would not be a new one to add to the archive of villainy, but it would explain Prime trying to knock fifty shades of honey out of Bumblebee during one particularly epic stunt scene. Prime’s eyes, usually the color blue, are clearly different and with that featuring so heavily in the first posters, here’s to thinking all is not what it should be.

3 It Will Be Human-Centric

I’m going to make a massive leap here and say that you aren’t watching any of the Transformers movies for Oscar-winning stories and acting, but it’s clear to say that this film will have a focus on human history and human feelings. The trailer, slow, calm, collected at first, shows human stories unfold, and while the Transformer-trailer-train grows faster and more explosive, we begin to see main characters question themselves and the goals they’re working towards. We’re likely to see more emotion than we’ve seen in the films previously, which is a good move. Fighting is all well and good, but what brings people back to a film franchise is emotional investment in characters, which looks like something we’re getting here. Sights of our main characters in between shots of the destruction in the likes of football stadiums and cities show that once and for all, there is no boundary to this story.

2 Enter Hopkins

Not that there is anything wrong with Mark Wahlberg or Shia Leboeuf, but they were actors made for these type of films. Solid, if unspectacular in their roles, blockbuster names in an era of blockbuster films. Yet, the addition of Anthony Hopkins, who is both narrating and starring in this trailer, something that adds an altogether different element to the film. Hopkins isn’t just an A-lister, but more so a legend in cinematic history. He is the real catch for this film and what is intriguing about his cameo is that it doesn’t seem to be altogether good. The slow talking, the dark and mysterious room he seems to be in points us in the direction of a menacing human character to match the villainous Decepticons. At least that’s what we hope. And if not, he’s still a stellar name to add to a strong cast.

1 They'll Incorporate Winston Churchill

While we can clearly see the Nazi symbolism, we also know through Michael Bay that we will get footage of Winston Churchill in the film, too. This is exciting but also such a tease! The trailer itself doesn’t show the former British Prime Minister but we can only presume that he employs the help of the good guys and Autobots to fight against the Nazi army during World War II. How this is all linked is hard to see, but what is exciting is that we will get an incarnation of one of the world’s greatest wartime leaders mixed in with robot mayhem and we will love it! We don’t know who will play Churchill, or in what capacity he will be thrust into the film, but what we do know is that it is clearly an important arc throughout Transformers history, or else it wouldn’t have been shown.

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