15 “Sweet” Female Celebs Who Are Apparently Not So Nice

In the world of today it seems like anyone can become famous. No matter where you come from or who you know, if you post a minute long video on Instagram, you can become famous overnight if the right people see it.

This leads us into this collection of individuals, fifteen women who were once known to be sweet who in recent years have shown their true colors to everyone. These women have the complete worst reputations and while many still support them, there are many people who completely hate them. We’re not saying we like or dislike these individuals, but perhaps we can shed some light on how Hollywood lets individuals get away with such a toxic attitude. People should be accountable for what they say and do, even for how they treat other people, especially if they are famous people with a big following.

In this article we’ll be covering the sweet female celebs with the worst reputations. Perhaps in covering why so many people have had issues with these celebs, we can set higher standards for celebrities. These people are on such a high platform, it’s important that they know they can actually make a difference if they take the time to be a decent individual.

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15 Lena Dunham

via: justjared.com

Lena Dunham is one of the worst on this list; she has literally done everything wrong throughout her career, and she always flip flops on what she believes. She’s probably given more public apologies compared to literally everyone else in Hollywood. She’s been known for her show Girls on HBO, which has been pictured as a clear depiction of women in America. She’s supported Hillary Clinton without question because she’s a woman, and she’s most known for her love of feminism. But she has also had her run-ins with misogyny, discrimination, and victim blaming as well. But whenever she’s called out on the stuff she tries to get away with, she’s always so sorry and apologizes. But does that change how she acts in the future? Apparently not, because she keeps offending people all the time. So many people in the feminist community are not happy with how she’s represented the feminist movement, as she gives it a bad name and pushes people away from a movement that needs support.

14 Beyonce

via: twitter.com

Yes, even the queen herself has made it on this list. Many pop stars don’t last that long, so the fact that Beyonce has made it this far in her career is amazing. She’s in recent years rebranded herself as being a pop diva with feminist vibes. While this might be real, we’ve seen her style change so much in recent years it wouldn’t be hard to imagine that she’s simply doing this to make her career relevant. She’s claimed many times before that she’s a modern day feminist and even if that’s what she really believes, she has had a long past of stealing ideas from other women in the industry. Even back in 1999, she was accused of forcing out members of Destiny’s Child, only to replace them and eventually going solo. In all this mess she even framed them to look like she was the victim and they weren’t!

13 Amy Schumer

via: Betches

Amy Schumer, similar to Lena Dunham, is a comedy icon (for some reason). She’s also one of the most popular stand-up comedians and has had her very own show. She’s been known to have woman-friendly standup, without problematic jokes, and empowering women. While this is exactly what we need in the world, that is about where the compliments end. Amy Schumer has been involved in many scandals, such as stealing standup comedy from Patrice O’Neal, which is one of the most negative things you can do in Hollywood, especially in the comedy world. Amy Schumer apologized many times for this, but it has pushed her out of the comedy community many times because many people don’t trust her. She has also been a sore loser when it comes to her being involved in jokes; she becomes overly offended and ultimately this has turned people off from working with her.

12 Mariah Carey

via: People

Mariah Carey always looking for new ways to let her inner diva shine. She always causes a scene and she constantly acts much bigger than she actually is. It’s quite annoying and she’s never satisfied with anything the people around her do for her. Many think she’s just a brat and spoiled and we happen to agree. Mariah Carey has been around for quite a long time. She has an amazing voice but after that her personality is lacking. She constantly treats the people she works for like garbage and she never thinks about anyone except herself. Hopefully in 2018 she takes some time to reevaluate how she’s going through her life and maybe she’ll be able to figure out some productive changes that will actually stick for the better. Mariah Carey's bad attitude has become so famous that she will have to work hard to undo her bad reputation.

11 Miley Cyrus

via: zimbio.com

How could Miley Cyrus not be on this list? While we do appreciate all that she has done in the music world for other artists, she has had so many toxic tendencies, it’s shocking. Not only are her toxic choices shocking, she has also changed her music so many times to be shocking and to stay relevant even though it’s never lasted for long. She was once known as being the family-friendly girl, which is the perfect example. She threw that aside, which is totally fine, but she changed her image so much it just looked like she was playing a character instead of expressing herself like she claimed. You don’t just make a change like that overnight. It also bothered many people that she has used race in her videos to look more shocking and edgy. Many claimed that it was an abuse of power and very offensive. Regardless of your opinion, Miley definitely needs to think about her choices.

10 Ronda Rousey

Via Sportsrageous

According to many, Ronda Rousey is a cocky and ungrateful UFC fighter. She’s been known throughout the sports world because she’s always believed that if a man can do it, so can a woman. While we completely agree, many cannot support her because of her past of violence. She’s even admitted to harming her previous boyfriend. Even though this serious problem occurred as she was in UFC, no one has done anything about it even though many male competitors in the sport who have done something like this have been kicked to the curb. Not to mention she has been extremely unsportsmanlike; she’s been rude, more than is expected at UFC events. Even though she’s won the belt, she has yet to do anything positive with the platform she has been given. Perhaps she would be better off being a more positive and humble person in 2018.

9 Amanda Bynes

via: nydailynews.com

Amanda Bynes went down the Lindsay Lohan path. She was a child star all the way through her teen years and she has constantly been put under the microscope for literally every single thing she’s done. No one has ever given her a break. Amanda Bynes has had so many opportunities to redeem herself but it seems like she just wants to be out of the spotlight. Even though she seems to want to hide away from what people think of her, people still will follower he around with cameras and make her feel like garbage about herself. No one leaves her alone and they’ve showcased some of her worst moments in the tabloids, even though she just wants a normal life. This has made her have a very negative attitude and bad reputation that people have placed upon her. She is constantly lashing out at people, which certainly does her no favours in the eyes of her fans.

8 Azealia Banks

via: justjared.com

Azealia Banks – where do we even start? She has constantly been in the press and not always for good reason or because of her music. She is usually running her mouth and starting feuds with other celebrities. While she has taken a break from her music career, she seems to have taken to Twitter to release all of her thoughts, even the thoughts she probably has should be kept to herself. She has released all of her toxic energy on social media, including revealing really gross and inappropriate aspects of her life. Talk about disturbing! Most people decided that her talent was not worth her negative attitude, and her career has taken a major hit because of her bad reputation.

7 Kim K & Her Family

via: Independent

Many people have a problem with the entire Kardashian/Jenner clan. The fact that their lives are their fame is one thing, but there are so many problems they have caused and stirred up, we could never have time to list them all here. Many people aren’t even sure why these people are famous in the first place, which is understandable, as this family sells themselves as a brand. Most people can see that their fame came from a leaked tape that was allegedly released to the public purposely because she knew it would make her get attention and media. Guess what? It sure did, and now they have an empire that never seems to ever stop growing. Regardless, the entire family should consider staying away from controversies and focusing on more positive things in 2018.

6 Everyone From Teen Mom

via: MTV

Literally everyone from Teen Mom has stirred up controversy at one point or another. Not only do many people believe that this show has encouraged young women to become pregnant before they are even independent, many also claim that it has also encouraged women who are in negative relationships to glorify their struggle. Many of the girls on this show are extremely rude to their partners and don’t properly take care of themselves. The show does not shy away from showing the viewers their reckless and immature behavior. The entire cast has been accused of capitalizing on their own kids for fame and fortune, as well as stirring up as much drama as possible.

5 Tess Holliday

via: Modcloth Blog

Tess Munster, also known as Tess Holliday, is a plus size fashion model. She has become very popular because of her size, but this has also brought on a ton of haters as well. She’s made a difference with her platform and she’s voiced her opinion about plus size women and men in the modelling industry. She’s made a point that anyone who wants to can become a model if they work for it. She has a huge following and she’s one of the most popular plus size models today. Many people dislike that she seems to be promoting weight gain in her posts, but more importantly, there have been a ton of unethical business practices she's been accused of. For example, she created a campaign shirt for body acceptance. A portion of the money was supposed to go to charity, but it all went wrong. Not only did she not donate anything to charity, she also did not send out the shirts to many people who bought them to support her.

4 Naomi Campbell

via: NY Daily News

Naomi Campbell is one of the most iconic models in the world. Everyone knows her and she knows of everyone, but not in a positive way. She has always been known to be very judgmental and rude to many people she doesn’t see on her level. While we know her life hasn’t always been easy, it seems too coincidental that so many people have only bad things to say about her attitude. Maybe it was the stress of her career, or how many times she’s had to deal with fake people. Either way, we wouldn’t want to invite her to a party because of how she allegedly makes people feel. Maybe in these next few years we’ll see some positive changes in her attitude, because for the time being, she’s allegedly constantly side-eyeing everyone that walks past her.

3 Lil' Kim

via: US Weekly

Lil' Kim has been having a major identity crisis that has skyrocketed the negative gossip media. She has been in so many controversies that tarnished her reputation. While anyone can do whatever they want with their body, many people are shocked by the way in which she changed her appearance so radically. Many people believe she is setting a bad example for her younger fans. While some believe that the star is just misunderstood, many claim that her bad attitude and constant involvement in scandal just don't bode well for her reputation.

2 Lindsay Lohan

via: GotCeleb

You could have probably guessed that Lindsay Lohan would be on this list! This woman has been in the press for years and years because of how many times she’s ruined her reputation. She’s gone off her rocker so many times, it’s unbelievable. No matter what she does in her life, she doesn't ever seem to catch a break, and she has become a little bitter about the press attention that she receives. Even if she falls off the sidewalk, people would rather take pictures of her for press rather than actually help her up. While it is understandable for her to be overwhelmed, her life decisions and bad attitude on sets have led her to develop a bad reputation.

1 Hillary Clinton

via: deadline

According to many people, Hillary Clinton is the opposite of a girl boss. Many people have accused her of acting like a know-it-all and claim that her success is only because of her husband. While she has stood up for women across her time, many believe that her morals are lacking and so are her ethics. While she comes off like the all-American woman, successful and positive, she has been accused of racism. Many people believe her getting so close to becoming president had nothing to do with her values or abilities. She’s been touted as a positive female role model, but many see her as anything but, and she has an awful reputation on the left and the right.

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