15 Suspicious Celebrity Deaths That Should've Been Investigated

Over the years, there have been numerous celebrities that have died in ways that simply do not add up, but despite this, the situations were either never investigated at all, or investigated in a way that seems to have missed the obvious.  These types of situations tend to stick with us regular folk. After all, if these rich and famous celebrities have that sort of problem, then what could possibly happen to us? And then, of course, there is just the plain old mystery of things --  who doesn't like to try and figure out how something happened?

Well I can tell you who it seems didn't want to figure out what happened: the detectives, coroners and prosecutors working on these cases. Far too often, it is easy for people in these positions to try and just cite a finding on a cause of death, and then just go on about their days. But the thing is, people are still wondering what happened in all of these cases,  even though it has been years, or sometimes even many decades, since the deaths occurred. If these deaths were investigated thoroughly, or even at all, people would likely be able to know what happened, and these mysteries would be solved. But they were not, so we are left to wonder what happened.

Here are 15 celebrity deaths that should have been investigated.

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17 Kurt Cobain


We all know of Kurt Cobain, of course. As the lead singer of Nirvana, he was one of the biggest rock stars in the world. Who knows what would have happened if he had lived to a ripe old age? He, in theory, killed himself by shooting himself with a shotgun, but many say he was murdered. The claim is that he had had too much heroin in his system to have been able to function in a way that would have allowed him to control the gun. Furthermore, it also appeared that the gun had been wiped clean. Rumors of how Cobain died have quieted down in recent years, but they still exist and with good reason. In so many ways, it makes no sense that someone with his fame would kill himself, and if he did, certainly not in a way that raises so many questions.

16 Anna Nicole Smith


Anna Nicole certainly had a very interesting career. First, she was considered an incredibly hot woman. Then she turned into a drug-addled overweight reality star. The whole thing seemed pretty much as sad as it could possibly get, but it wasn't. She was found dead in a hotel room from what was described as a "lethal drug combination." Now, on the one hand, this all seems rather normal. One could tell just by watching her on TV that she was into a whole bunch of drugs. But on the other hand, she was surrounded by so many people who could've and should've made sure she had gotten the help she needed. And to top it all off, she was the widow of a very wealthy man that was around 60 years older than she was, so there was a lot of money involved, too. The whole thing just always seemed kind of fishy.

15 George Reeves


George Reeves was best known as for playing Superman on television, which is something that he never could get away from in his personal or professional life. In fact, some said he was depressed about it. He was found dead by a gunshot wound, and the coroner said that it was suicide. This has become the subject of much debate, as many theorized he was murdered. In fact, it is rumored that his ex-girlfriend once confessed to a priest that she was responsible for his murder. Is this a case of a rumor that just never dies, or is it really the fact that George Reeves was killed and someone completely got away with it? Well, sadly, it seems we will never know for certain because of an investigation that was lacking in detail.

14 Bruce Lee


Bruce Lee is a legend and is still thought of as perhaps the best action star of all time. Would this still be the case if he had not died at a young age through tragic circumstances? We'll never know. He apparently died because of an allergic reaction to a pain killer, but rumors persist that he was murdered. This is a good summation about why better investigations are needed in all of these cases. One of the most famous men in the world and one of the world's best martial artists dies because he had a reaction to a pain killer? Now this might be true, but if so, then the coroner and officials needed to do a better job at putting the word out there. Otherwise, rumors would continue going around, and no one would be sure about what really happened.

13 Natalie Wood


Poor Natalie Wood. This is a case where an actual investigation was done, but it really happened way too late. She was out on a luxury boat with her husband, Robert Wagner, as well as Christopher Walken. A captain of the boat was also on board. Wood supposedly drowned after falling off the boat. This happened way back in 1981. A whole 30 years later, the captain came out and said that Wood and Wagner were fighting before she vanished, and that Wagner refused to turn on the lights or call for help afterwards. As expected, that caused people to begin talking about Wagner's role in Wood's death. Is Robert Wagner a murderer who got away with it and even had a successful career afterwards? Who knows? A better investigation may have provided much better answers.

12 Marilyn Monroe


Probably the biggest case to ever happen where a better investigation could have helped is the death of Marilyn Monroe. When she was initially found dead, the investigators concluded that she overdosed on barbiturates, but many, including the first detective on the scene, thought that she was murdered. Her body was covered in bruises, and and there were no traces of the drug in her stomach, which would mean that she had not swallowed the drug. The examiner wanted to examine her body to find out how the drugs got into her system, but through sloppy handling of the evidence, her organs were destroyed. Another thing that makes one suspicious is that it was discovered that she had had enough drugs in her system to kill ten people. One thing that is for sure is that if a better investigation had been done, we would not have had to ask so many questions.

11 Brittany Murphy


Brittany Murphy seemed to have it all going on. She was one of the stars of Clueless, had just completed a breakout role in 8 Mile and to top it all off, even dated Ashton Kutcher, which back then seemed a lot cooler than it does now. In 2009, the Los Angeles fire department arrived at her home to find her unconscious. She died at the hospital after going into cardiac arrest. The coroner said that it was from of pneumonia but many have said that they think drug use was to blame. To make it even more odd, her husband died of pneumonia 5 months later. The whole thing just does not add up. Some have even speculated that she was poisoned. The coroner says there are no plans to reopen the investigation.

10 Jeff Buckley


Jeff Buckley had it all going on. He was only 31, but he already had a huge following, mostly because of his album "Grace," which included the hit single "Hallelujah," a cover of a song by Leonard Cohen. In 1997, he went swimming in a harbor in Memphis, and then vanished. He was familiar with the river, and for some reason, supposedly went into it with all of his clothes on. A few days later, his body was found. Although there was a statement released that there was nothing mysterious about his death and that it was accidental, come on, who goes into a harbor fully clothed to take a swim? I can answer that question: pretty much no one ever, which is why this case deserved an investigation that never happened.

9 Michael Hutchence


Michael Hutchence was the lead singer of the band INXS, which at one point was one of the most popular bands in the world. He was very talented, as well as quite charming, and was, without a doubt, a rock star. When he was found dead in a hotel room with a noose around his neck, he had supposedly been depressed, and it was clear that he was on alcohol and drugs at the time of his death. This led the coroner to say that he had committed suicide. Later though, one of his exes came out and said that she believed he had died of auto-erotic asphyxiation, as apparently that was something he was into. Because of a lack of a solid investigation, the world will never know what actually happened in this case.

8 Johnny Stompanato


Stompanato was a mob bodyguard who also happened to be the boyfriend of Lana Turner, one of the biggest stars of the time. He was found stabbed to death in front of her Beverly Hills home. Turner's teenage daughter said that she had stabbed him to protect her mother from him as he was attacking them, which obviously does not really pass the straight-face test as this guy was a mob enforcer.  It does not pass the straight-face test that he could be killed by a teenager with a knife. The thought was that this was just made up to protect Lana Turner from being charged. If it was, then it worked, as the death was ruled a justifiable homicide. This is one case that could have used a better investigation for certain.

7 Andy Kaufman


Kaufman was a legend in comedy, not so much because he was so funny, but because his whole thing involved messing with people all the time. He was a troll before people even knew what a troll was. So when he died at the age of 35 from an undisclosed illness, a lot of people were pretty skeptical. He had even, before his death, talked about faking his demise. Even now, all these years later, there are still rumors out there that he is alive. At this point, it does seem pretty clear that he truly has died, but if anyone could pull off a fake death, it was him. But back to the point of the piece -- what kind of famous celebrity dies at 35 and people are not even told what happened? Today, however, it is widely believed that he had been afflicted with a rare form of lung cancer.

6 Kirsty MacColl


Kristy, who was a famous musician, was swimming off the coast of Mexico with her family when a speedboat came barreling towards her children. She dived in front of the boat in an effort to save them and was nearly cut in half by the propellor of the boat. Talk about nasty. The boat was owned by a wealthy Mexican businessman, and people afterwards said that he was the one driving the boat. But one of his employees was also on the boat and said he was driving, leading to his conviction and a fine. It was thus widely believed that the employee took the blame for the accident because of money that was offered to him. It does not seem that hard to find out what really happened in this case, considering there were a lot of witnesses to the accident, and it seems a better investigation could have solved this.

5 Grace Kelly


Grace Kelly was a gorgeous movie star back when being a movie star really meant something. She even ended up marrying the prince of Monaco. One day, she was driving on a mountain road in France when she apparently suffered a stroke and died. Her daughter was in the car with her. Her daughter survived but suffered some serious injuries. While this may have just been the case and nothing sinister really happened as far as Grace Kelly's death, the whole things just seems odd to many people. Sometimes, investigations need to be done not so much because of a crime being committed, but just so people have a better understanding of what happened and rumors can be put to rest. This is one of those cases.

4 Bobby Fuller

3 Thelma Todd


Another very odd case was the death of Thelma Todd. She was a very successful actress who had been in over 120 movies. She was found dead in the garage of her boyfriend's former wife's house. The cause of death was supposedly carbon monoxide poisoning, but blood was found on her head, leading some to think that she was knocked unconscious before the carbon monoxide poisoning happened. Make the case even more odd, the boyfriend was murdered two years later. Sometimes, deaths don't add up just because of odd circumstances, but other times, it seems certain foul play occurred. You know how you can tell the difference? Conduct a good investigation, which did not happen in this situation.



Source: huffingtonpost.com

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