15 Survivor Contestant Pics To Get Excited For The New Season

Survivor is one of the most recognizable reality shows of all-time. It has been on the air since 2000 and begins their 35th season of the show in September 2017.

While the recent season was focused on returning fan favorites this time around we are getting a whole bunch of new faces who are divided into three groups: Heroes, Healers, and Hustlers. While the Triple H theme might seem off-putting at first, we assure you the new cast not only seems fantastic but features perhaps the most beautiful women to play Survivor. And just in case you have any doubt, several of the new faces are featured below including two of Desiree Williams - who is a former beauty queen.

But it's not like gorgeous women are anything new to Survivor. The fact that they play it in scorching hot conditions often means women walking around wearing little to no clothing, a trend they clearly continued in their real life. Several former players have gone on to successful modelling careers - including letting it all hang out for Playboy.

We've scoured their Instagram accounts to find unforgettable photos of past and upcoming players that any fan of beautiful women (and y'know Survivor fans!) will surely be glad they checked out.


15 Desi Williams (Newest Season)

One of the features that can help fans identify with the new contestants is learning which former players they identify with. For Desiree, she perhaps not shockingly looks up to another gorgeous but brilliant player, Tasha from Survivor: Cagayan and Survivor: Cambodia

"Tasha from Season 28. Though Tasha was cast for the "brains" tribe, she had the social skills of the beauty tribe and certainly the strength of the brawn tribe. She played a good game and was undoubtedly a fierce, physical competitor. I was able to relate to Tasha because I also think I'll be a physical, social, and cognitive threat."

We're sure you'd probably love to see Desiree get two shots on the island too!

14 Parvati Shallow (3-Time Contestant)


Parv definitely should feel comfortable playing the game of Survivor. She has spent over 100 days playing the game, coming out for three separate seasons. As well as winning Survivor: Micronesia, Parvati also made it to the end of Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains but lost out to Sandra.

But while Sandra may be the only two-time winner in Survivor history, she probably isn't considered by the general fanbase to be nearly as attractive as Parv. But Survivor takes more than just good looks, so it's clear Parv has it going on both inside and out.

While she didn't have time to do much yoga on the island, we sure do love seeing her do it in her free time at home!

13 Andrea Boehlke (3-Time Contestant)

We've been fortunate enough to get to see Andrea play Survivor on multiple occasions. All three times she brought her good looks and fantastic personality to the island, but unfortunately winning just hasn't been in the cards for Andrea.

Her exposure on Survivor has surely helped her career as a television host including working for and appearing on programs for CBS.

It'd be shocking if Andrea got a 4th invitation to play, especially given that she was on the most recent season, but we're sure she'd have plenty of fans that would still love to see her give it another shot.

12 Alexandra Elliot (Newest Season)


Alexandra Elliot should definitely be familiar with dealing with demanding people when you consider she is an assistant for a celebrity. Let's hope her experiences will help prepare her. At the very least, Elliot is definitely feeling good about her chances

"I am a pretty well-rounded individual and feel I can excel at the social, physical, and mental aspects of Survivor. My time is now!"

Thankfully Elliot's biggest pet-peeve is also busy parking lots and bad traffic, two things that definitely won't be an issue on Survivor! Elliot also has an athletic background, having played on the soccer team when she attended Auburn University.

11 Ashley Massaro (Survivor: China)

There aren't many people who were going into a season of Survivor with as big a fanbase as Ashley Massaro. A WWE Diva at the time, people thought Massaro would definitely be able to handle the hard conditions of Survivor. But her body gave up on her shortly after her arrival, as she fell quite ill. It wasn't enough to get her medically evacuated, but it significantly hurt her game and she was voted out on day 6.

Outside of appearing in the WWE and Survivor, Massaro has also stripped it all off for Playboy and has one daughter who was born in 2000.

Her time in the wrestling ring may be long gone, but we're sure you love being reminded of how gorgeous Massaro is.

10 Natalie Tenerelli (Survivor: Redemption Island)


Natalie made it to the finals but ultimately lost out on the million dollar prize when she appeared on Survivor: Redemption Island. While the season, in general, is largely considered by fans to be one of the weaker ones, it definitely isn't because Natalie is hard on the eyes. And judging from the photo that we've included which Natalie uploaded to her Instagram account this past summer, it's clear that she is only continuing to get better looking.

Part of Natalie's life after leaving Survivor included spending time with the L.A. Clippers and working on their dance squad, as well as appearing on the docu-series L.A. Clippers Dance Squad which aired on the E! Network back in 2016.

9 Sydney Wheeler (Survivor: Tocantins)

When staring at the above photo, are you really shocked to hear that Sydney has gone on to become a model? She made an appearance on Survivor: Tocantins but only lasted 18 days in the game before she was given the boot.

As well as establishing a modelling career Sydney has also gone on to get married and also has two daughters. Given that throughout the summer she took to her Instagram to post photos of her wearing little to no clothing, it's clear that she is looking better than ever!

Wheeler's time on the game might be forgettable, but this photo definitely isn't.


8 Kat Edorsson (2-Time Contestant)


Kat had two trips out for Survivor but her more memorable may have been the 2nd time out that also included her loved one, Hayden. Hayden to his own credit was a former winner of Big Brother. When Kat was voted out pre-merge she said how Hayden will break up with her, but in a later interview gave more insight to the comment

"Hayden and I just have a very playful relationship, so when I say, "Babe, just don't leave me for this shit," I literally am just joking. Hayden would never, he's not shallow and he loves me dearly and he accepts me for who I am and we’re very, very happy. But at that time, I just didn't want him to be disappointed in me and since I was sorry, it might have sounded like a little bit more than that."

Kat also admitted that they had been dating a little under a year when they were put out there.

7 Candace Smith (Survivor: Tocantins)

We wouldn't blame you if Candace's appearance on Survivor: Tocantins wasn't one that immediately jumped to your mind when thinking about who was going to be on this list. After all, Candace only managed to appear in the first part of the season after she was voted out on Day 6. But when you consider Candace's background includes the fact that she was a former Beauty Queen, then it becomes very evident as to why she deserved a spot.

Unfortunately Smith's dismal performance her first time out almost guarantees that Jeff Probst and crew have long forgotten her phone number. That being said, we're sure we've selected a photo for you that you aren't soon going to want to forget.

6 Simone Nguyen (Newest Season)


While almost all of our photos are taken away from the island, Simone's photo gives a sneak peak as to what she is going to be wearing on this upcoming season of Survivor. And while her bikini may be camouflage, something tells us you aren't going to forget about Simone this season!

When talking about why she thinks she may come out on top this year, Simone said

"If you're not first, you're last—and I refuse to be last. I have never given up or settled for second best at anything in my life. I know that my body is capable of way more than the average human and mentally I have the strong will, stubbornness, and confidence to ensure that I will be there at the end. Being the Sole Survivor is what is meant for my life next."

She also said she most compares herself to Richard Hatch.

5 Alexis Maxwell (Survivor: Cagayan)

Alexis Maxwell was inconsolable when she was voted out of Survivor: Cagayan before the jury portion of the game kicked off. Adding insult to injury is the fact that jury began just around the corner of her exit. We're sure you'd love to try and make her feel better, but judging by the photos on her Instagram, she definitely seems to be doing alright for herself!

Her outfits often leave little to the imagination which also makes it abundantly clear why she was selected to participate on the beauty tribe. When asked what she wishes she could bring to the island, Alexis also said she wishes she could have brought several bikinis. Perhaps that explains why her Instagram is full of her in swimsuits!

4 Jenna Morasca (2-Time Contestant)


Jenna Morasca was definitely an underdog when she showed up for Survivor: The Amazon. But by the end of the season, she was standing on top as the youngest female winner that the show has (and still has ever) had. Following the season Jenna also stripped it all off for Playboy alongside fellow contestant Heidi Strobel.

Her 2nd time out was cut short after she left to care for her ailing mother who passed away 8 days after her return home. While it must have been tough to leave the game, that was clearly the right decision and we're sure she has no regrets about how she handled the situation. The above photos are more recent but clearly show that Jenna still has it going on!

3 Jerri Manthey (3-Time Contestant)

Jerri Manthey had aspirations of being an actress, but perhaps she has to settle with being one of the most recognizable Survivor players of all-time. Jerri's first adventure in Survivor was marked by her constant conflicts with fellow castmates. But while she may have been hard to live with, we're sure plenty of people were a fan of what she did after the show.

Manthey appeared in the September 2001 edition of Playboy. When talking about the issue, Manthey said

"I realized when I made my decision that it was a risk, (but) risks are what actors have to take," and while she didn't say if she got upwards of $1 million for the shoot, she did say

"Let's just say I'm looking for a house, and I'm just happy."

2 Morgan McLeod (Survivor: Cagayan)


Morgan McLeod is used to having people notice her for her good looks. This list is no exception as the former San Francisco 49ers cheerleader would have been a noticeable absentee had she missed the cut. Not everything that people have to say about Morgan is particularly kind, but thankfully she has also learned to just brush off the haters

"I’m used to it. As far back as the eighth grade, I’ve had people say, or write, mean things about me. I just brush it off. The people who really know me know that I’m not crazy and stuck up."

McLeod tied the knot with her boyfriend of 3 years back in July 2016. As you can tell from the above photo, McLeod also has experience as an NFL cheerleader.

1 Desi Williams - Part 2

There is no denying that Desi Williams is absolutely gorgeous. She's competed in various beauty pageants including becoming Miss Virginia USA 2016. But she is also more than just a beautiful face, as she is also a licensed physical therapist as well as a Professor.

You might see her embrace her sassy side on the island though when you hear about what her biggest pet-peeve is

"I can't stand people who are all talk. I work my butt off every day so I have little patience for laziness. I expect to see results and have no problem calling someone out if they don't deliver."

Let's hope her potentially abrasive personality doesn't lead to a short stint on this upcoming season.


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