15 Surprising Pregnancy Rules The Duggar Daughters Have To Follow

It’s no secret that Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar have a lot of rules, regulations and expectations for their children. As a matter of fact, a lot of people would agree that there are more things that the Duggars aren’t allowed to do than actually get to do in their lives. Their moral code is extremely strict, and comes with a lot of rules about conduct. With so many kids, you would think that someone would have rebelled by now, but that hasn’t happened yet. Michelle and Jim Bob have done quite an impressive job of making sure that all of their kids know what is expected of them. According to their reality television shows, their kids obey their wishes almost all of the time, regardless if they want to or not.

Now, we really don’t know what goes on behind closed Duggar doors (and I’m sure a lot of people don’t want to know either) but it’s safe to say that there’s a rule for just about every aspect of their lives. They pride themselves on living lives that differ from those of the average American. And unless you're a member of the Duggar family, you might find some of these rules quite bizarre, especially when it comes to the things you can and can’t do when you’re pregnant. Believe it or not, Michelle even controls what her daughters do while they are expecting! Check out our list below and be thankful that you aren't in the position of these poor Duggar girls.

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15 No Making The Announcement On Your Own

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Don’t think that you can get away with making your baby announcement on your own. You don't even have any control over that. As a Duggar, you are discouraged from sending texts to your friends about your pregnancy or, heaven forbid, calling up the tabloid magazines to share your special news. Oh no. Everything needs to be pre-approved, scheduled and orchestrated by your parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. A paycheck from People Magazine is a paycheck, you guys.

There have even been rumors suggesting that the Duggar ladies are encouraged to get pregnant as soon as they are on their honeymoon. I mean, if you’re expected to pop out two football teams by the time you are 30, you can’t waste any of your time, right? It looks like some sisters, like Jill, Jessica and Jinger, are taking their sweet time, though.

14 No Dancing Your Way To Labor

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A lot of moms try any method they can to help kick start labor. They do everything from eating spicy foods, nibbling on pineapples, doing certain physical activities and in some instances, even drink castor oil (which is not recommended, by the way). And then there are those who like to dance their way to labor. I’m sure you’ve seen the videos on YouTube. Unfortunately, if you are a member of the Duggar family, you are prohibited from getting down or boogey-ing your way to the hospital. That’s because dancing is not allowed. There are no exceptions, not even for inducing labor.

According to the Duggars, dancing is the devil’s way of expressing himself. Okay, we don’t know that for sure, but if your favorite song just happens to play on the radio, you better be sitting your Duggar behind down because even tapping your feet to the beat is prohibited.

13 No Sweatpants, Even If You Are Extremely Pregnant 

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You know that great feeling you get whenever you take off your work or street clothes to put on a nice pair of comfortable yoga pants at home? Well, if you are a Duggar female you probably don’t because you’ve never worn pants in your life. That’s right: Duggars are expected to stay modest at all times and are not allowed to wear pants of any kind. It doesn’t matter if it’s cold, hot, raining or snowing outside: the Duggar family dress code says that you wear skirts below the knee at all times.

It has to be very frustrating to not be able to wear what you want to wear, especially as an adult! But apparently, these Duggar rules even apply after the girls get married, too. Slowly but surely though some of the girls, like Jinger for instance, have been breaking the dress code by wearing shorts in public.

12 No "Babymoon" With Your Girlfriends

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Everyone needs to get away once in a while, right? And you especially need to get away when you’re pregnant and you know that your life is about to change forever. No more late mornings where you get to sleep in. No more spontaneous movie nights with your partner. And definitely no more quiet days at home (in fact, you can forget about experiencing complete silence in your home ever again). That’s why so many pregnant women like to take "babymoons" with their girlfriends as a last "hurrah" before they give birth. But if you’re a Duggar, you can forget about that weekend in the Bahamas with your high school best friends because it’s not going to happen.

If that weren’t enough, there’s a strong suspicion that the Duggar girls are not allowed to hang out with anyone that hasn’t been pre-approved by their parents. Yes, even as teens and adults, Michelle and Jim Bob pick out their friends!

11 No Dishing About Private Pregnancy Stuff With Your Friends

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The Duggar females are expected to be modest at all times, especially when it comes to the way they act, they dress and of course, they speak. Even if you think it, don’t even try to say it. Keep those private thoughts to yourself, ladies. Because if Mama Michelle hears you talking about how you can’t locate certain body parts anymore once your pregnant belly has gotten too big, boy is she going to be pipin’ mad. That’s right: you are not allowed to share TMI (too much information) with your girlfriends.

I mean, every pregnant woman out there wants to share some of the funky stuff (or even smells) they’ve experienced during their pregnancy. But with the Duggars, you can forget about it. You keep that stuff to yourself, both literally and figuratively, if you know what we mean.

10 No Netflix Marathons In Bed

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It doesn’t matter if you are pregnant or not, everyone loves a good Netflix marathon session in bed. I’m sure you know the drill: you get to hang out in bed all night with your most comfortable pyjama on and watch your favorite Netflix shows while eating ice cream and calorific snacks between the sheets. But if you’re a Duggar you probably have no idea what we are talking about. In fact, you probably don’t even know what Netflix is.

Even though the Duggars are reality television stars themselves, they are not allowed to watch television. Of course, it sounds bizarre and ironic, but these people are not allowed to watch the same network that used to sign their paychecks. They are also not allowed to go to the movies or go to Disney World, for that matter.

9 No Fun Or Silly Baby Shower Games

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The Duggar family loves to throw a good party. As a matter of fact, each and every time a Duggar gets married, the entire community is invited to their wedding. No one gets left out or behind. The same applies to baby showers. Whenever a Duggar is pregnant, she will most likely invite 1000 of her closest friends and make sure you get the links to all of her multiple baby shower registries too (which also include fine things like new iPhones, gift cards to restaurants, and selfie sticks).

And while everyone has a lot of fun at baby showers, don’t expect to play any wild games with the Duggars. In fact, don’t expect anything funky or a little unconventional at all. That’s because the Duggars don’t find dirty diaper games (like the ones in which you put chocolates inside the diapers to make them look dirty) funny at all. And they also don’t like for their fans to waste that kind of money (when they could use the diaper for real situations instead).

8 No Rest For Pregnant Wives – Ever

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If you are a Duggar sister, daughter, wife, and so on, you’re expected to be on your feet all the time. Okay, that’s probably not one of their hardcore rules, but it is an unspoken expectation. After all, Michelle Duggar can’t take care of all the children she made by herself. You’re expected to help! And when you’re husband is ready for a little intimacy, you’re expected to be there, too. In other words, you’re on someone else’s clock all the time, and not yours.

I’m sure that a lot of pregnant mamas out there dream about their mid-afternoon naps and going to bed as early as humanly possible. Well, if you are Duggar you can forget about it. You’re on call all the time, whether you want to be or not.

7 No Writing For Baby Blogs

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Just like you can’t share too much information with your girlfriends (or anyone that’s alive and breathing for that matter), you can’t have a baby blog, either. And this goes back to the same reason why you can’t make your baby announcement on your own as well. That’s because every little detail of your pregnancy needs to be up for sale and profited by the Duggars. That’s right: if you’ve got something to say, then you should wait until one of the tabloid magazines call you so you can say it in exchange for some cash instead. I mean, by now we all know that the Duggars won’t do anything unless it’s for press and media coverage, right?

How else are they supposed to put food on the table for their 19 children? Do you really expect any of them to get a real job outside of the home? Ha. Who wants to go through that kind of stress?!

6 No Hospital Plan – Home Births Only

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Unlike other moms, Duggar women don’t have a hospital plan that they need to put in place. That’s because they don’t give birth in hospitals. That’s right: most Duggars are expected to give birth at home unless they are facing an extreme medical emergency. And not only do you give birth at home, but like Jessa Duggar, you give birth in front of the reality television screens, too.

Of course, there are exceptions to the rule. When Jill was pregnant with her son Israel David, she suffered through 70 hours of labor! The Duggars had no choice but to rush her to the hospital for an emergency C-section. And unless something like that happens again, most pregnant Duggars are expected to give birth to their babies in the comfort (and mess) of their own homes. It’s controversial, but it’s what they do.

5 No Refusing Your Husband, Even While Pregnant

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We’ve mentioned this earlier, but even as a pregnant Duggar, you shouldn’t refuse your husband whatever he demands of you. Actually, let us make that a little more clear: you’re not allowed to refuse your husband – ever. You said yes to the ring, you said yes to the dress and now it’s your duty and obligation to say yes to your man, always.

If you are pregnant and a Duggar, the words “not know honey, maybe later,” don’t exist to you. At least, not in the same sentence. Michelle’s most famous piece of marriage advice has been this: “'In your marriage there will be times you're going to be very exhausted. Your hubby comes home after a hard day's work, you get the baby to bed, and he is going to be looking forward to that time with you.”

4 No Tank Tops For Sweaty Pregnant Women 

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For a lot of pregnant women, the summer months are just the worst. Not only are you dealing with all of that extra weight that comes with being pregnant, but that sweltering hot sun sure isn’t making things any better or easier for you. That’s why you wear as little as possible when you are out and about. Yes, walking around naked in public is prohibited and illegal and that’s why so many pregnant women opt for slinky tank tops, crop tops and whatever other tiny little garments they have in their closets.

But if you are a Duggar, forget about it. It doesn’t matter if it’s summer, winter, fall or spring: you dress in whatever covers most of your body. Plus, you don’t know what a tank top is simply because you’ve never seen one before.

3 No Breastfeeding In Public

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For a lot of mothers, this is perhaps one of the most controversial topics in the parenting world. Also, it’s one of the biggest struggles for your everyday mom. As much as you want to feed your baby and breastfeed in public, there’s no way to do it. Others struggle with doing it in front of an audience. We can spend the entire day going over the pros and sons of breastfeeding, but when it comes to the Duggars, you simply don’t do it.

That’s because they are very strict when it comes to their dress code and of course, what they show and don’t show in public. Sorry, but there’s no showing any amount of "immodest" skin in public if you are a Duggar, even if it’s something innocent and totally okay like breastfeeding your hungry baby. Revealing perfectly innocent skin is the devil’s work, you guys! That’s why they do it in private and they don’t dare talk about it, either.

2 No Using Your Pregnancy As An Excuse To Not Attend Duggar Family Events

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When the Duggar family has a special event going on, you better bet your bottom dollar that every single member of the Duggars will attend, regardless of what they are doing, how they are feeling or their opinion about it. The only exception of course is Josh Duggar, because Michelle and Jim Bob know that he’s not good for the cameras.

That’s why you can’t expect to use your pregnancy as an excuse not to attend Duggar family events. Oftentimes pregnant women do this as their way of saying, “Thanks, but no thanks.” Plus, the Duggars RSVP for everything, especially if there’s free food (hey, those grocery bills add up!) The only kind of bad publicity for them is no publicity, if you know what we mean. That’s why they always show up.

1 No Thinking “First And Last Time” Ever

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Most women that have gone through childbirth will tell you that the process is no joke. The pain is real, you guys. That’s why a lot of women usually end up saying that it will be their first and last time getting pregnant just because they never want to go through that kind of pain ever again. I’m sure a lot of people say it even if they don’t mean it because chances are they’ll end up getting pregnant again anyway (thanks to the joys and the happiness that motherhood brings!).

Yet, when you’re a Duggar, there’s a slim chance that you will ever say, “That was the first and last time.” Because you know that there’s no such thing as a “last time,” especially when it comes to childbirth. Getting pregnant and giving birth is like a full-time job. The more Duggars in this world, the better chance Michelle and Jim Bob will have of taking over the planet. Chop, chop, you girls!

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