15 Surprising Facts About The Beautiful Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts has been making a name for herself in the industry for years. From starting out on Nickelodeon to working her way up to front running a hit TV show, she has shown us that she can conquer everything and not live under her famous family’s shadow (Julia Roberts, for example, in case you didn’t know). Ms. Roberts has come a long way and will continue to grow and we will continue to adore her.

From child star to budding scream queen, Emma Roberts has been on the rise as a star and in our hearts. That saying “Get A Girl Who Can Do Both"? Well, it was made for Emma Roberts. She is your queen, your best friend, your librarian and your envy. However, just in case you thought you knew everything about Emma, here are 15 more pieces of information that you may not have known. There’s a lot more about this star than meets the eye.


14 She Runs An Online Book Club

VIA: Belletrist

Recently, this beautiful little lady has started an online book club. For years and years she has talked about the intense book collection she owns and which authors truly inspire her. It was only right for her to start an online book club and get people excited about it.

Emma announced the release of the book club over Instagram earlier this month. “I'm so excited to finally share @belletrist with you! You guys know I love to read. I'm constantly posting what I'm reading and wanting to know what you're reading! So @kpreiss and I thought why not start a #bookclub where we can all read and discuss together in one place? Come read with us @belletrist #belletristbabe

Give it a follow if you want to check out her latest picks and get inspired yourself: @belletrist

Her Family Is Famous

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We touched upon this point earlier, but it's worth elaborating on: Emma comes from a pretty famous bloodline. It’s more than just her super duper famous aunt Julia Roberts too (although, sharing a last name with a bona fide superstar ain’t bad). Her father is actually legendary actor Eric Roberts, and he holds his own merit. Emma Roberts is Hollywood royalty. In 2014 she got engaged to Evan Peters - her co-star several times over on both American Horror Story and Adult World, making her new family just as famous. Also, how adorable would their kids be, right? So adorable!

However, like the good girl she is, she does not flaunt nor does she take on the insane party life that other Hollywood starlets have. She remains a very poised young woman.

13 Blow Was Her First Role

VIA: Hot Flick

Her first starring role in a movie was at age nine playing the daughter of Johnny Depp’s character in the blockbuster hit Blow. For most young actresses, getting a starring role alongside Johnny Depp would be a dream come true, considering his child friendly movies in the past. However, playing his daughter in Blow was something that put her name on the map. It showed off that, even at such a young age, she could hold her own in the process. Being exposed to such strong adult content at a young age could’ve exposed her to a completely new view of things but, instead, she grew up to be a strong self-assured woman.

Plus, it got her a pretty sweet autographed photo from him, singing her praises. Not a bad present for a young'un.

12 She’s On And Off Engaged To Evan Peters

VIA: Cosmopolitan

It isn't so secret that her on again off again relationship with Evan Peters is rocky, but still they edge on. They met in 2012 while filming Adult World and have been on and off for four years. At least two breaks up have happened to date, but they got engaged and had a broken engagement too. There may have even been a bit of a domestic violence issues (which we will talk about later). Ryan Murphy even forced them back together for season four of American Horror Story. They just can’t seem to stay away from each other for long. However, as of right now, they do seem happy and in love. They are very supportive of each other on their social media outlets. We are rooting for you two!

11 Her Dating History Has Been Hot Though

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Beautiful people attract other beautiful people - it’s just a force of nature. Emma Roberts is beautiful, so no wonder she attracted so many beautiful men to her. Magic Mike star Alex Pettyfer was one of the first who had their heart stolen by our talented leading lady. The two met on the set of Wild Child. It only lasted a year but he ended up getting her initials tattooed on his finger. Think he regrets that now?

She had a five months relationship with pro skater, Ryan Sheckler, however, that was short-lived. She was rumored to be dating Max Thierriot and Chace Crawford as well, but there was never any hard evidence to back up these statements. Chord Overstreet from Glee seemed to win her heart over for a year before the two split. All of these men were just leading up to Evan, though.

10 She Was UnFabulous-ly On Nickelodeon

VIA: Young Entertainment

Most people don’t realize that Emma was a Nickelodeon child star. She played Addie Singer on the hit show Unfabulous as a tweenie bopper. It was a show about a young girl trying to fit in at school but things never seem to go her way. While she has lots of support from her friends and family, Addie often turns to writing and performing her own songs to help her cope. This was the show that introduced us to Emma Roberts, the singer. It gave us a taste of her potential for headlining a TV series - and now she is ruling the Scream Queens world. The only difference is that her wardrobe is greatly upgraded to something a bit more fashionable and less preteen. Oh, and there’s a lot of killing in Scream Queens.

9 She’s A Decent Singer

VIA: Tan Republic

When she signed on to do Unfabulous no one knew she possessed such amazing singing talents. However, she has proven us all wrong, as her voice and the show managed to score her a spot on the Billboard charts. Granted, it was 47. Still, that’s not too bad for a show on the Nickelodeon channel. While it was a short-lived music career, it’s awesome to know that Emma is a woman of many talents. Unfabulous was, ironically, fabulous at showing us that.

I think we can all agree that we would all go out and buy her album today if she released one now. However, as much as she loves music, acting and fashion are where her heart lays (and the lady is killing it, so why would we change this?).

8 She Was Arrested

VIA: Daily Mail

Back in 2013, while on a trip to Montreal, Quebec, our darling Emma was arrested for domestic disturbance against Evan Peters. It was stated that the two were fighting loudly in a hotel room. After 7 guests reported the incident, police were called to the scene. As it turns out, Evan displayed bite marks and a bloody nose. While it was claimed that they were both hitting each other, there were no markings on Emma. Emma was brought into the local police station, but was released after Evan claimed it was a misunderstanding and refused to press charges.

Emma’s representation stated that “it was an unfortunate incident and misunderstanding.” Thankfully, as a couple, they have grown stronger than ever and are still heading towards a happy life together.


7 College Is Important but Not THAT Important

VIA: GotCeleb

Emma Roberts a firm believer in having a great education, but also going after your dreams. Emma, from grades 6 through 12, attended The Archer School For Girls, while developing her skills as a budding actress. After graduating from The Archer School For Girls, she went on to pursue a degree in English Literature at Sarah Lawrence College. However, she dropped out fairly early on to focus her attention on acting.

The debate can be made that you can go to school and focus on your acting as Julia Stiles, Meryl Streep, James Franco etc have all done it and their careers thrive. However, Emma did not think that was the case for her. To each their own, right? She is doing quite well for herself, so who are we to argue?

6 AHS Gave Her Scream Queens

VIA: E! Online

Ryan Murphy, the creator of American Horror Story, says that Chanel Oberlin from Scream Queens is based off Emma’s character in American Horror Story: Coven, Madison Montgomery. The role was basically written for her and she plays it to it’s fullest. Thy even began writing Scream Queens while they were still filming American Horror Story.

If you treated yourself to watching both shows you can see the obvious similarities with both Madison and Chanel. They are both rich, alpha females, they have a very clear outlook as to who they are and what they want, they have no problem taking what they want and, while they might be two major bitches, a lot can be said for female characters like this who reign over their own kingdoms. They take life by the balls.

5 Her Co-stars Are Her Best Friends

VIA: New York Daily News

Emma isn’t afraid to show off the fact that she is close to her co-stars. When living in New Orleans Emma and Lea Michele would hit up Pilates classes together. They were also spotted going shopping after the Carrie Fisher burial, where they were supporting their friend and co-star Billie Lourd. Speaking of Billie Lourd, it seems that these two have a lot of sleepovers together and have fun doing it.

Emma recently remarked “We'll call each other and be like, "Hey, are you scared? Yep. Me too, I'm coming over." You always need that girlfriend you can get in bed with.” About her lovely Scream Queens co-stars.

If you are looking to be Emma’s friend, this is what she says on the subject: “To me loyalty is the biggest thing. My best friends are the kind of girls who, if I have something important to do, will come over and help me pick out an outfit while we drink a glass of Champagne.

4 Hilary Clinton Supporter All The Way

VIA: Refinery29

During the whole 2016 election fiasco, it seemed that Hollywood was being split into two sides; the ones who supported Hilary Clinton and the ones who supported Donald Trump. Emma Roberts proudly stated that she was with Hilary all the way, along with about a million other amazing actors, singers, directors etc from Hollywood. While Hilary may have lost the battle, there is still a ton of support behind her.

She posted a photo of her on Instagram sporting her new HRC Tee from the Tanya Taylor collection of Democratic Party support shirts, with the caption “Love my @HillaryClinton @TanyaTaylor campaign tee #MadeForHistory #ImWithHer

We love that Emma got a bit political this election - it’s good to see a younger generation fighting for a better country.

3 Emma Is Scared Of Horror Films

VIA: YouTube

As Emma Roberts tells it, she has been scared of horror movies forever, which seems to be a bit weird considering how many she has been in. She has even gone on the record saying “My friends make fun of me, they’re like, ‘You were in the movie, why are you covering your eyes while you’re watching yourself?”

While Emma might claim to be scared of horror movies, we are calling her bluff on it, considering she has been in two horror films (Scream 4 and The Blackcoat’s Daughter) and two horror based television shows (Scream Queens and American Horror Story). It’s hard to be scared when you are living up to the "scream queen" status. Granted, she is no where near her Scream Queens co-star and actual scream queen for life, Jamie Lee Curtis, but she is getting there.

2 She’s A Model

VIA: Just Jared

We aren’t talking about her being a role model (even though, she totally is), we are talking about Ms. Emma Roberts being an actual model. In 2015, Emma became the new face of American Eagle’s underwear line Aerie.

When I was a kid, everyone would be like, ‘Your legs are so pale! I can’t believe you’re wearing a dress!’ And I would get so embarrassed, I would get spray tans, and I look back at those photos now, and I just think: Oh my goodness, you’re orange. I would tell my younger self to stop spray-tanning so much. Just own it.” Emma informed her fans. You just need to love the skin you are in.

The whole series is done without retouching to show off the natural bodies of the models. Emma is showcased wearing cozy lounge wear, bra and pantie sets, along with some soft looking cover-up style shirts. Emma even thought that the campaign and the zero amount of retouching was a great idea. She stated “Real doesn't mean flawed — real is sexy, real is cool.”

1 Emma Roberts Is Really Short


It might not look like it in all those movies and shows she is in, but Emma Roberts is actually quite short. While filming Scream 4, she laughed about how they had to jack her up in heels to make sure she was the same height as her co-stars. She stands at only 5 feet 5 inches tall.

She even jokes about the whole situation a bunch. “I'm really small compared to everyone else in the movie because I'm short, so I was literally running around in seven inch boots the whole movie, so I could be up to the right height to everyone else. I almost ate it (tripped over) a couple of times. There was a moment where I was running up some stairs late at night and I almost really took a fall.”

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