15 Supermodels Who Are Uglier Than The Average Girl

Supermodels are the hottest amongst us, the elite few who are just so darn pretty that we’ll pay them lots of money if they just stand around in front of us for a bit. Well, that’s the idea, anyway. The ideal supermodels have a perfectly toned yet slimline body, without an inch of fat on them, and they have perfect hair, skin, and nails. They also have the kind of face that makes men want to be with them, and women want to be them. They are perfect angels sent down from heaven to remind us what real beauty looks like.

Or at least that’s the ideal. What we really end up with is sometimes a bit different. Especially when it comes to the fashion industry, the body is so much more important than the face. The supermodel must be able to wear couture clothes, lingerie, or nothing at all, and look more amazing than any normal person could ever hope. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they have to have the prettiest face around.

With recent trends changing the way that supermodels look, it’s easy to take a step back in time and realize that some of our old idols actually look pretty odd rather than pretty. There have also been steps towards the unusual in the past couple of decades which mean our models often end up looking more like aliens than the human ideal. Here is a collection of 15 supermodels who really aren’t as pretty as the girls you probably went to school with.


15 Kate Moss

We don’t need to explain to you who Kate Moss is – she’s so famous that she practically defines the term supermodel. Even when she barely models anymore she still makes the list on a yearly basis for the top-paid models of the world. Kate was credited for ushering in the so-called heroin chic era, which we eventually became so bored with that it just seems like a tired old cliché now. The thing about the 'skin and bones' look is that, while it might give you a slim frame for clothes, it isn’t attractive in any way. Who wants to date someone who looks that thin? Kate embodied the style with her gaunt face, thin lips, and heavy-lidded eyes. It’s all even less attractive when you remember that she actually was a drug addict for the majority of her career. Good on her for cleaning up, but us mortals almost certainly know someone who is more 'supermodel hot' than Kate Moss.

14 Janice Dickinson


She calls herself the first ever supermodel, but it’s a blatant lie. No matter how loudly Janice might insist over and over again on America’s Next Top Model that she was the first, everyone knows that history records things differently. And while she was fairly average in her youth – with wonky eyebrows, a wobbly jawline, and too-small eyes – she soon turned to plastic surgery to keep herself as young as possible. These days Janice just looks like a total caricature, which is not attractive at all. She still considers herself to be hot stuff, but she has tightened her skin to the point of erasing her facial expressions and her nose looks ridiculous. Her lips are too large, and the signs of aging that we can see just make the ones that we can’t so much more obvious. Not to mention her perpetually surprised looking new eyebrows.

13 Lily Cole

When she first started modelling, Lily Cole was an adorable 14-year-old. She had a kind of Bambi look going on that we all liked, and it was cute, and she got a lot of work. But then she kept growing older but looking younger. Now it’s kind of become a bit creepy. She has such huge, wide eyes that the rest of her face seems stretched and weirdly-shaped in comparison, almost like she is a doll rather than a real human. Combine this with her red hair and she looks more like someone you would make fun of than stick on the cover of a magazine if you saw her walking down the street. She is definitely one of those models who benefited from the trend for weird and alien looks. It’s just completely otherworldly, which doesn’t make her beautiful in “real life”, no matter how many ad campaigns she might pull.

12 Karlie Kloss


So what’s so great about Karlie Kloss? Genuinely, that’s a question that we need the answer to. Karlie was compared to Elle Macpherson when she first came onto the modelling scene, with the label of “the body”. But just like many models who are feted for their bodies, there isn’t much else to Karlie’s repertoire. Sure, she does have a tall body, but she’s got nothing to it – just look at her lack of anything at all in the trunk – and her face is, well, kind of average. It seems like being friends with Taylor Swift can get you to a lot of places. Just saying. Karlie might be a supermodel now, but before she was famous, it would have been hard to picture her on the Victoria’s Secret runway. One cute haircut and a well-connected agent later and there she is. Cute just isn’t enough, sadly, but it worked for her somehow.

11 Lakshmi Menon

via Marie Claire

This Indian model made it out of her home country and started hitting it big internationally, walking on runways in Paris, Milan, and other Fashion Week events. She first got scouted in 1998 and became one of the Top 10 Hype-Worthy Models for 2009 on All of this, despite basically having the face of a man. Lakshmi was criticized right from the start for having such a blocky and mannish appearance, which contrasts against her body in a way that is just too odd. Part of the problem is definitely that she is too thin, taking away any gentleness or curves from her face and making her look more skeletal. Starvation chic is no longer considered an attractive thing (thank god). Despite all of her success, this is one supermodel who we wouldn’t give a second glance if we passed her on the street.

10 Lara Stone


Lara Stone soared to fame because of the distinctive gap between her teeth. Which seems odd, given that most people would pay thousands to get such a gap fixed. But to each their own – and it’s cool that Lara was able to take one of her flaws and turn it into an asset. But there’s one problem with Lara. Everyone fixated on the gap in her teeth and her large bust and forgot to actually look at the rest of her face. Bony and angular, with a huge forehead, her face is not very attractive at all. She has a penchant for looking like an alien in fashion shoots, or at least she does when she’s not looking like she starved herself. This is the problem with the modelling industry; this pressure just makes the models look like they're wasting away and it is NOT hot.

9 Cara Delevingne

Remove the knowledge that she is a world-renowned model, and now look at Cara D again. What exactly does she have going for her? It seems natural that she is now trying to side-step into a (thus far unconvincing) movie career, since her body type and face really do seem more suited to acting than modelling. Her body is actually pretty scrappy, which is very odd for a model who gets so much work. The only real reason that she is famous is for her thick and dark eyebrows. Even more odd is the fact that these would have been considered deeply unattractive before she came onto the scene. Now, we’re all for thicker eyebrows these days, but Cara’s actually seem to take things a step too far. And beneath them? Really just an average face. She has a propensity for looking goofy, and her features seem oddly proportioned when taken as a whole.


8 Diandra Soares

via Wallpaperswidefree

If you don’t remember Diandra, cast your mind back to 1999, when this Indian model showed up on a catwalk in Goa with her head completely shaved. Until then she had won a beauty contest or two and started walking runways, but this was the event that made her world-famous. She even did it again in 2010, even though the intervening years saw her forced off the catwalk for looking too edgy. And then she did it again in 2013. And again a couple of years later. It’s starting to feel like she needs a gimmick to distract us from how totally plain she looks behind the baldness. It doesn’t actually suit her, and although she has a reputation as a wild-child rebel, that isn’t enough to convince us that she’s a supermodel. This was a stupid publicity stunt which has just gone way too far.

7 Claudia Schiffer

She is a megastar, but Claudia is actually below average looking. That may seem like a controversial thing to say, but take a look at her face for a moment. Her teeth have an odd shape and her mouth seems too big, contrasting against eyes which seem too small and narrow. Her eyes also tend to look in different directions, with one straight on and one off to the left slightly. She has been so thin for so long that her skin just seems stretched across her face, and looks pretty uncomfortable. When she holds a serious face she looks bug-eyed, and when she smiles her teeth make her look like a horse. Later in her career she also seems to have invested in some surgery which hasn’t helped to delay the aging process. All this and yet she holds the record for the most ever magazine covers. It’s pretty odd, you can’t deny it.

6 Casey Legler

via ABC

Casey Legler may well be quite the popular model, but not in the way that you think. Despite being a biological woman and with no claims to becoming a man, she works exclusively in menswear. She started modelling in 2012 already in her 30s, a very late start, but it does help to have a photographer as a friend. She ended up signing with Ford Models on their male roster, which is just weird. While Casey may make a very pretty man, she makes for a manly woman, which isn’t attractive. She also has a fairly masculine model as a consequence of having trained as a swimmer for most of her life, and a cropped hairdo to support her masculine looks. Sometimes she looks more manly than the male models that she poses or walks alongside. Her blocky face and strong cheekbones count against her when considering her feminine looks (or lack thereof).

5 Veruschka

via Pinterest

Considered to be one of the early supermodels, this German was a popular model and actress during the 1960s. Her real name is Vera, and we have to admit that she has a pretty cool backstory – her father was killed when she was just 5 years old because he allegedly attempted to assassinate Adolf Hitler, which led to the rest of his family ending up in labour camps and then being homeless at the end of World War II. At the age of 20, however, things took a turn for the better when she was discovered by a photographer and became a full-time model. While she managed to make it work as a model, her looks were very odd and striking in person. She had a huge forehead as well as very full lips, which gave her face an odd balance. Sharp cheekbones and large but often droopy-looking eyes completed the picture.

4 Cheryl Tiegs

via Listal

A poster of Cheryl Tiegs might be exactly what you expected to find on many a teenage boy’s bedroom wall in the 1970s, but that was largely for two reasons – both of which could be found on her chest. In terms of her actual looks, Cheryl wasn’t especially gifted. She looked just like any normal girl next door, and even had smaller eyes and thinner lips than you might expect from a supermodel. It was her Sports Illustrated covers that really made her famous, but by this era she was already approaching her 30s and starting to look more like your friend’s mother than your girlfriend. It didn’t stop boys from fantasizing about her, but when they did, they were more likely to be picturing her famous pink swimsuit than her face. She ended up marrying four times; once to Gregory Peck’s son and once to the photographer Peter Beard who helped her career to continue after her initial rush to fame.

3 Gisele Bundchen

This Brazilian model is blessed with an amazing body, and has leveraged it in some amazing ways. She ended up being the 16th richest woman in the entertainment industry as a whole in 2007, and was the top earning model in the world in 2012. She was credited for bringing the modelling trends back from heroin chic to a hotter body shape, and has also been a Victoria’s Secret Angel for 7 years. All of this and even her peers – Naomi Campbell and Claudia Schiffer – describe her as the last true supermodel. And yet when you actually look at her face, is it really that impressive? She has the thin and gaunt look that even “curvier” supermodels have, and her nose is somewhat misshapen, with a slight hook to the end as well as a bulge in the middle. Her lips are wonky and her eyes seem small when they aren’t beefed up with layers of fake lashes.

2 Stacey Mckenzie


This is one of those models that just defies belief. When you look at photographs of Stacey, you don’t see much worth writing home about. Her body is fairly square, with sloping shoulders, no hips to speak of, and unattractive proportions, not to mention a flat chest which makes some other models look like glamour stars. She is also “blessed” with big fish-like eyes and huge lips, and for some reason she always seems to have her hair styled in the least attractive way possible at any given moment. And yet she has managed to leverage her career to the extent that she even judges on Canada’s Next Top Model. It’s fair to say that if someone who looks this average can make it that big, she’s exactly who you would want to have coaching your career. She describes herself as ‘distinctive’, which in this case is absolutely a euphemism.

1 Jessica Hart

Jessica Hart definitely earned a place in the supermodel hall of fame when she walked for Victoria’s Secret, becoming one of their angels for 2012 and 2013. That is until she decided to trash talk Taylor Swift, who then demanded that she not take part in the show in 2014. Whoops. She is known for having a gap-toothed smile, which is hardly original, and is basically pretty average looking despite being one of the highest paid models in the world in 2015. She tends to get by with a few campaigns here and there and a billionaire boyfriend, but given that she claimed Taylor wasn’t pretty enough to be on the VS runway, she really should stop being the pot that calls the kettle black. Here’s another model who is all body and gimmick but turns out to have a normal face that you probably wouldn't even notice on the street.

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