15 Super Shady Things Everyone Forgets These Celebrities Did

Would you believe that some of our favorite celebrities, the ones we think are truly great and we're quick to admire, are actually huge jerks or have an extremely shady past? Sorry to let you down or destroy your perception of your favorite famous people but if they didn't want us pointing out how truly shady they could be, it's probably best that they don't do shady things.

We're not talking about any of the many actors and celebs who have recently been caught in scandals involving the abuse or harassment of women. That stuff is truly despicable and could have a list all unto itself since the developments continue to roll in. What we're more referring to are celebs who have, for the most part, a pretty wholesome image but might not be so wholesome when push comes to shove.

Sure, there are a few names on this list that have a reputation for being a bit naughty. But, even these celebs we know to be mostly harmless perhaps sometimes let their fame get the better of their judgment. However, the laundry list of shady things some of these not-so-shady people have done might truly surprise you.

Did you know that James Franco is notoriously hard to work with? Did you know Kelly Ripa can't seem to keep a co-host because of her personality? Did you know that funny-man TJ Miller is actually a huge hypocrite, often caught for making derogatory remarks? Neither did we until we did a little digging. The following list is 15 celebrities you might be surprised to learn have a pretty shady side.

15 TJ Miller - Threw His Good Friend, Thomas Middleditch, Under The Bus

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He's the guy you know from a bunch of movies but he's not really the guy you know very well. He'd had a bunch of small parts and voice-overs in some of the biggest and coolest movies in the last five years but you still can't really remember his name. He's TJ Miller and he's hilarious in projects like Deadpool, Office Christmas Party, and Silicon Valley. But, he's got a seriously disturbing other side to him.

He up and mysteriously quit the show Silicon Valley in 2017, and in explaining why, he threw his good friend, Thomas Middleditch, under the bus suggesting that Middleditch wanted to be the star and there wasn't room for both of them.

He also tried to publicly destroy the show's creators.

He's a stand-up comic before anything else, and he's publicly poked fun at other comics for having a bad set. He's hurled racist remarks at tech conferences and award shows as their hosts, and he was accused of slapping an Uber driver and settled out of court over it.

14 Ariana Grande - Dissed The Winner Of A Fan Meet-And-Greet Contest


One look at Ariana Grande and you would think this unassuming former Nickelodeon actor couldn't possibly harm a fly. How could someone so small and so adorable be so vicious? Well, Grande has a reputation, and it isn't good.

First, when the hit show Victorious unexpectedly ended, she threw her co-star, Tori Vega, under the bus, saying that her desire to go solo ruined the show. She later claimed that Vega never liked her and forced her to change who she was as a person to earn her approval. She cheated on YouTube personality Jai Brooks, threatened to sue Perez Hilton after he Tweeted he'd seen her taking drugs at an industry party, and dissed the winner of a fan meet-and-greet contest. She's all around been rumored to be a very nasty diva that is extremely difficult to work with.

13 James Franco - Inappropriate Convo On Instagram With A 17-Year-Old

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Sometimes, celebrities seem to get a free pass. That feels like the case for James Franco who is widely known as hard to work with, often not getting along with his co-stars and extremely needy and often jealous, not to mention odd.

He's been seen plastering nude photos of himself on social media or painting artworks of guys like Seth Rogan nude. But, the worst of his discretions seems to be the time he got caught having what was deemed an inappropriate conversation on Instagram with a 17-year-old girl.

He was trying to pick her up, get her number, and meet her.

Even after she told him she was only 17, he continued on looking very desperate. At the time, he was 35 years old. Franco later went on Live with Kelly & Michael and apologized,  and the whole thing was pretty much dropped.

12 Angelina Jolie - She Did WHAT With Her Brother?

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There are many people who are huge fans of Angelina Jolie, but if you want to talk about gross, then one look at her past and you might choose to change your tune on being her number one fan.

Outside of some incredibly blunt opinions on a number of political matters, at the 2000 Oscars ceremony, Jolie made out with her brother, James Haven, publicly. Yep, her brother. It fueled all sorts of rumors that the two had an incestuous relationship. While never proven to be accurate rumors, she said during her acceptance speech,

she was "in love with" James.

When she tried to explain things, she simply said, "Friendship between siblings of divorced parents is very close." Still kind of disgusting. By the way, she broke Brad Pitt's heart which many won't forgive her for, and she's also worked up a pretty long list of people who aren't big fans of her inside Hollywood.

11 Ray Lewis - Copped A Plea Agreement

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It's never going to be easy to accept that athletes are often left to live up to a different standard than the rest of society. That's true of many football players, including former great Ray Lewis. Often known as one of the best and most vocal leaders in NFL history, he's got quite the shady past.

Following a Super Bowl XXXIV in 2000, Ray Lewis and some friends got into a fight with a group of people and two people got stabbed and died. Lewis and his buddies were charged but the knife on the scene didn't have any DNA on it (likely having been wiped clean), but the white suit Lewis was wearing mysteriously disappeared (many believing it was dumped in a nearby garbage bin).

To get out of more trouble than he could handle, Lewis copped a plea agreement which got his murder charges dropped, and he testified against his two friends. I suppose, there's no proof he actually murdered anyone but it doesn't look good. Yet, he continues to be a trusted voice in NFL circles.

10 Julia Roberts - Tormented Her Sister


Julia Roberts has often been looked upon as America's sweetheart. After catapulting herself to fame in Pretty Woman, she made millions fall in love with her big toothy smile. But, she's one of many on this list who's reputation has come under fire a few times.

Three days before being sent to marry Kiefer Sutherland, she called off the wedding and went running into the arms of his best friend, Jason Patric. She also married Lyle Lovett after three weeks of dating, then separated from him after less than two years and while he was recuperating from a motorcycle accident. She was blamed for her half-sister's suicide by the fiance who suggested Julia tormented her most of her life, and she knowingly wore an "A Low Vera" t-shirt to poke fun at Vera Steimberg while Steimberg was married to Julia's now-husband Danny Moder. Julia was the one who'd scooped up Moder while he was still involved.

9 Jimmy Fallon - Controversial Vanity Fair Shoot

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How can you not love Jimmy Fallon? Pretty much the king of late night TV, his show is set up in such a way that everyone feels like he's their best friend and he doesn't come across as more famous than many of the people he talks to, even though he is. He's rarely (if ever) offensive, and he just has a way of making you feel at ease. But, Fallon has a darker, rougher, more troubled side.

He's been labeled a "super-functioning alcoholic" by his friends and so much so that his shoot with Vanity Fair was amidst some controversy on the subject. He's been known to throw punches in heated exchanges, and he's been talked about as buckling a bit under the pressure of the success of his own show and making sure he comes up with ideas that will go viral on a weekly basis.

8 Kelly Ripa - Diva-Like Tendencies

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The American Sweetheart and adorable host of the Live with Kelly and Ryan show seemed on the surface to be incredibly charming, fun-loving, and kind, but she's got some history that might suggest otherwise.

She's gotten into huge spats with a number of her co-hosts including many who have quit and others who guest-hosted only to have her come out and talk dirt about them after they'd left.

One particular instance included her blasting Clay Aiken after he made the mistake of covering her mouth because she wouldn't stop cutting him off. She refuses to speak to Regis Philbin who retired from the show, and she took it personally when Michael Strahan left for Good Morning America. She actually took time away from work because she felt "too blindsided." This was after it came out that she was a real jerk to him behind closed doors. She's also rumored now to not be getting along with Ryan Seacrest because of the American Idol reboot.

7 Dr. Oz - Is He Really Who He Says He Is?

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All it took was one appearance for Dr. Oz on The Oprah Winfrey Show to become a hugely popular guest. He turned that into a show on her network and became a household name. But, is he really a doctor out to help people?

He's constantly promising miracles in a way that makes you think he's making big bucks selling products for sponsors using products like Green Coffee, Raspberry Ketone, and Garcinia Cambogia as examples of fat-burning busters. There's no proof to any of these things working, and he was called into the Senate to answer for his claims and immediately backtracked. He calls his show the "Dr. Oz Show" but claims it's not a medical show and he's alienated so many of his medical colleagues that a group of 10 physicians tried to have him removed from his position as vice chairman of the department of surgery at Columbia University.

6 Tobey Maguire - Bark Like A Dog?

He's the widely unpopular but cute and a seemingly unsuspecting Spider-Man actor, and he's spent years going unnoticed in Hollywood while stringing together a fortune as an actor. But, despite being hated for his portrayal of the neighborhood web slinger, Tobey Maguire is not all that innocent. He was involved in a sketchy gambling ring

and had to dish out about $80K after being caught

in a series of illegal poker games. He claimed dumb and that he had no idea the games were illegal. To make matters worse, there was a rumor that he tried to get one of his playing partners to bark like a dog for a $1,000 chip. He was almost replaced by Jake Gyllenhaal after being a reported pain in the butt when it came time to renegotiate his contract for Spider-Man 2. He often claimed he was injured and did not show up for special effects scans. When he got the part back, he fired his agent and made her the scapegoat.

5 Megyn Kelly - Accused Of Hiding Information


Megyn Kelly is the very famous political broadcast journalist who has had some heated debates with a number of very prominent figures. While she's loved by many for her stances on certain issues,

she's also gotten herself into hot water for some of her takes and inappropriate questions.

She's made snide comments about being gay, struggled with issues of race on her shows, flip-flopped on women's equality issues, has been accused of hiding information about Trump for her book instead of during the debates she hosted, and tried to make her guests uncomfortable with poorly-timed questions. Perhaps the strangest thing she did was when she made a big issue about Santa being white. Yes, it's a strange argument to pick with a writer who said Santa could be black, but Kelly went out of her way to make fun of it and said, "Oh, hey, by the way, Jesus was white too."

4 Taylor Swift - Stealing Boyfriends

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When you think of Taylor Swift, you probably think of a wholesome country-singer-turned-pop-star who is looked up to by millions of adoring female fans as a role model and someone they can relate to even though she's uber famous. Well, at least that's how people used to see Taylor Swift.

She's constantly known for bashing her ex-boyfriends in songs and says if guys don't want to be written about, they should probably not do things worth writing about. Of course, she's also been known to steal a boyfriend in her day having scooped DJ Calvin Harris while he was still in a relationship. She's been known not to be terribly happy for other's success and she always seems to be the victim. Perhaps the most interesting is that she has a bit of a female entourage but has set some extremely interesting rules to be included in it. I guess when you're as famous as she is, you can never be too careful.

3 Justin Bieber - Too Many To List

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Okay, most of us know that Justin Bieber has a bit of a reputation for being both incredibly popular and talented but also for being troublesome.

But, do you know the laundry list of things Bieber has done to earn that reputation?

He's thrown shade at Taylor Swift on a number of occasions, was caught egging his neighbor's house to the tune of an $80K fine and was forced to attend anger management classes, was seen spitting on fans from a balcony, was caught fighting with Orlando Bloom after trying to steal his then-wife, and then had a battle of naked photos with Bloom that were "secretly" released to the public. He's been arrested for a DUI and drag racing and then charged with resisting arrest. Of course, not illegal but disrespectful, Bieber has continuously showed up late for his own concerts making fans wait up to two hours to see him.

2 Kylie Jenner - She's Disrespected Serious Moments

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When you say the name Jenner or Kardashian, you know you're bound to hear some juicy details. The very financially-fortunate celebs are not always the most well-behaved of people. Kylie Jenner is no exception.

She's just another in the long line of people to bash Taylor Swift, has also feuded with Blac Chyna and Selena Gomez, and the family has been known to be jealous with each other. Like many of the family, she's been accused of Photoshopping her photos before posting them and then denying the accusations. She posted in a wheelchair which had many offended, and she's disrespected serious moments like a moment of silence at the MTV VMA's in 2014 for Michael Brown who was killed by police in Missouri. While everyone else was silent or saying a prayer, she and her sisters were caught on camera using their phones and couldn't care less.

1 Adam Levine - Hypocrite


Adam Levine is loved by so many people it's quite amazing how big a star he's become. It's not to say he isn't talented because he is, but he's adored despite some shady issues in the past.

He's known in circles as only loving supermodels and admitted in an interview that it was easy to explain his love of hot women. He said, in not so many words, that 'he was a man and it wasn't complicated'.

He was a primal unthinking dude who had a blast just being simple and not overthinking his human nature to go after models.

He's also feuded with fellow The Voice co-stars like Christina Aguilera, including using former Mickey Mouse Club friend, a The Voice contestant, Tony Luca, to get back at her. He's been known to call Miley Cyrus the most obnoxious person ever, and he's been a hypocrite by condemning celebrity fragrances even when he created his own. Not really apologizing, he bashed others for not doing a good job with their brands and said he got into the fragrance business to finally do something right in the industry.

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