15 Super Rich Geeks With The Hottest Wives

The idea of a beautiful woman marrying a man with money is nothing new. Sometimes, these kinds of relationships are genuine, but just as often, they are not. People are usually suspicious of a couple that's made up of a hot young thang and a man who's both rich and old, ugly, geeky, or physically unappealing in any other way. The money, they assume, is blinding to gold diggers.

But nerdy guys? They are pretty lovable. And most of the time, they're not even unattractive. There's something quite endearing about a geek, and the women on this list have learned that. All of the ladies are married or engaged to the man of their dreams, who just so happens to be pretty damn dorky. And all of them are physically stunning.

Some of the following 15 real-life rich geeks with super-hot wives have a love story the likes of Beauty and the Beast (or, like the reality television series, Beauty and the Geek). Others' stories are more commonplace. But they're all pretty damn interesting because there's no helping the natural confusion over a couple who, outwardly, seem so different from one another. Let's take a look at 15 very wealthy geeks who have married women much more attractive than they could ever hope to be.

15 Larry Ellison - Worth Over $55 Billion

Larry Ellison is a businessman, entrepreneur, and philanthropist with a net worth of $55.1 billion as of 2017. As the co-founder and CEO of the largest software company in the world, Oracle, Larry didn't have a hard time getting the ladies. He's been married an impressive four times and divorced four times as well. And while he may have success with women, lots of mansions, and a ridiculous amount of money, according to Business Insider, he's really just a geek who loves to code. He was named Science Student of the Year at the University of Illinois, which proves my point. But that dweeby student turned into (as of 2014) the fifth-richest man in the world, and the second-richest "tech geek" in America. And he has swept another lady off her feet now; in the photo on the left is his current girlfriend, Ukrainian model Nikita Kahn. I wonder if she will become the 5th Mrs. Larry Ellison... all four previous Mrs. Ellisons were lookers in their day, including his fourth wife, Melanie Craft, pictured above right.

14 Elon Musk - PayPal and Tesla Founder

Elon Musk has been hailed as the "Most Badass Geek of Modern Times," and while it comes down to your definition of "badass" and mere opinion, I would have to agree. Elon Musk is a businessman, investor, inventor, and engineer who was born in South Africa but now has Canadian and American citizenship. As a child, Musk was severely bullied, as many geeks are, but he was an avid reader who taught himself computer programming at just 12 years old. He was first married to Justine Wilson (on the left) and had six sons with her, one who died of SIDS at 10 weeks old, and a set of twins and triplets. Equally hot was Musk's second wife, English actress Talulah Riley (on the right), whom he would go on to divorce, remarry, and divorce again. Either way, this nerd got two super-hot women to marry him.

13 George Lucas - Star Wars Creator

The world will always know George Lucas as the creator of Star Wars and Indiana Jones -- so possibly the biggest geek there ever was. You think Star Wars fanatics are dorky? Well, I give you the man who invented it in the first place, George Walton Lucas, Jr. Now 72, he is married to his second wife, the much younger (but still almost 50 years old) Mellody Hobson. She's a businesswoman from Chicago. The mother of one may be 48 years young, but she seems to appreciate a daringly low-cut top and flaunts her assets regularly. She's a total cougar -- unless you're George Lucas, in which case it's almost cradle-robbing. The two married in 2013, and prior to that, Lucas had been married to Marcia Lucas, who's not too shabby, herself. They divorced a full 30 years before he married Hobson. He has three adopted children and one daughter with Hobson, born via surrogate.

12 Evan Spiegel - Snapchat Founder

Evan Spiegel is famous for being the co-founder and CEO of Snapchat, which is wildly popular. Thus, he has a net worth of $4.8 billion, which is even more than his Aussie fiancée Miranda Kerr's. Miranda is a world-famous Victoria's Secret supermodel. I'm thinking that together, these two could rule the world. Miranda divulged in one interview that her man is "25 but acts 50 and likes early nights." Even Spiegel himself admits, "We weren't cool, so we built things to be cool" in reference to his Snapchat co-founders Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown. He lived in his dad's house during that time for the "cheap rent," proving his utter nerdiness. Miranda, for her part, is obviously drop-dead gorgeous, and even though Spiegel is not bad-looking himself, he's not on the same level as her by far. The two became engaged in July 2016 and are set to wed next month!

11 Seth Rogen - Geekiest Actor

Seth Rogen can perhaps be credited (at least in part) with making the geek cool again through his movies like Knocked Up and The 40-Year-Old Virgin. He's known for his scruffy face and total dad-bod, which he embraces. They've earned him a ton of money after all. And in spite of them, he won the love of his wife, Lauren Miller, who's quite attractive. They were married on a hilltop in 2011 after dating since 2004 and becoming engaged in 2010. Their love story began when they were both working as writers on HBO's Da Ali G Show, and things blossomed from there. The proposal did not go as planned, however, and Rogen, true to his geeky self, was so nervous he couldn't wait and popped the question while she was half-naked, in the middle of changing. It's a good thing she has a sense of humor to rival her husband's.

10 Kevin Systrom - Co-founded Instagram

Kevin Systrom is one of the geeks who nabbed babes on this list, and he deserves his spot on it. He's an entrepreneur and programmer who's rich and famous for being the co-founder of Instagram, along with Mike Krieger. As a kid, he played Doom 2 and created his own levels. The game was what got him into programming in the first place and ultimately led him to the success he knows today. He attended Stanford University, and before Instagram, he worked for Google, Nextstop, and Burbn, which directly led to Instagram's creation. He's now a 33-year-old billionaire (he sold Instagram to Facebook in 2012 for $1 billion) and is married to his high school sweetheart, fellow Stanford grad, Nicole Schuetz. Described as an "ultra nerd," Systrom managed to woo a very lovely lady.

9 Larry Page - Co-founded Google

Larry Page may be a tad bit goofy-looking, but he managed to land a tall, blonde Brit named Lucinda (Lucy) Southworth. Page, a computer scientist who co-founded Google along with Sergey Brin, married Lucy on a Caribbean island called Necker Island in 2007. Lucy, beautiful as she may be, is also a bit of a geek, herself: she earned her doctorate in Biomedical Informatics from Stanford University and is now working as a researcher in bioinformatics. She also dedicates a lot of time and money to charity. The couple have two children together but have preferred to keep them out of the spotlight, so a lot of mystery has surrounded the children's births and other details of their lives thus far.

8  David Schottenstein - Worth Over $50 M

Entrepreneur David Schottenstein may be a complete dork, but he's a complete dork who married his beautiful wife, Eda. At the age of 21, David founded the menswear company Astor and Black and later cofounded Viewabill, which is a billable hours tracker. But his successes are not what make him oh-so-lovably geeky. When you put together that David is an Orthodox Jew (that yarmulke, though!), that he was worth $52 million by the age of 26, that he obviously has a great fashion sense to have founded a clothing company, that he's an inventor, and that he was obsessed with homework and scheduling as a child, you get one nerdy dude -- in a good way. There's also the fact that he suffers from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, an aspect of his life that is no doubt challenging but that has also led people to find him endearing. As far as his marriage goes, I don't know if it's David or Eda who's the lucky one!

7 Eduardo Saverin - Facebook Co-Founder

Eduardo Saverin will go down in history as one of the co-founders of Facebook, which, let's be honest, changed the world. Facebook changed how we communicate and how we live as humans. The Brazilian entrepreneur is, of course, filthy rich, with a net worth of over $7 billion, and he's only 35 years old. So why is he a geek, you ask? Well, one needs only to watch the film made based on him and Mark Zuckerberg creating Facebook to answer that question. However, in direct contrast to that nerdiness, he moved to a posh high-rise in Singapore in 2009 and met and married Chinese-Indonesian beauty Elaine Andriejanssen. Before his marriage, Saverin shed his geeky image and was somewhat of a party boy living the high life in one of Asia's most modern cities, and he was rarely spotted outside of a nightclub. Wow, he went from geek to party boy to settled down (and probably a little geeky again). Impressive.

6 Ryan Block - Tech Geek Finds War Of Warcraft Expert

34-year-old technology geek Ryan Block lives in San Francisco and is an entrepreneur who founded the popular tech blog Engadget and who has a passion for coffee and espresso. He's decently handsome but a huge dweeb. Luckily for him, Block just happened to fall in love with a woman who loves to geek out right along with him -- and who is gorgeous. Veronica Belmont is a tech whiz and a World of Warcraft expert who met Block at a San Francisco press event. The two bond over technology, and say that it brings them together because the level to which they're involved with technology is essentially a lifestyle choice. Being with someone who doesn't understand that would be difficult, according to them. Hey, sometimes, opposites attract, and sometimes, like-minded people do. Block and Belmont were engaged in 2012 and married in 2014.

5 Sean Belnick - Worth Over $72 M

Sean Belnick is one hard-working and lucky nerd who went from a Pokémon-playing 14-year-old to a millionaire CEO worth $72 million. At the age of 14, Belnick was mowing lawns and selling his Pokémon cards on eBay when he came up with the idea for BizChair, one of the first online-only furniture retailers. He was inspired by his obsession with selling things over the internet. Now 26, he has amassed a fortune from his initial $500 investment. He began running the company from his bedroom and now shares a bedroom with his wife, Sabrina Petusevsky. They had their first child together a year ago, a son named Henry Levi Belnick, but other than that, the couple are pretty private people, and not a lot can be found about the wife of Sean Belnick online. However, we did find her photo, and thus, Belnick earned his spot on this list!

4 Michael Dell - Of Dell Technologies

Michael Dell and his wife, Susan, have been married and going strong since 1989, for 28 years. And they're quite the attractive couple (especially Susan). Michael is the founder and CEO of Dell Technologies. I think it's safe to say that pretty much everyone has heard of a Dell computer, am I right? At the age of 15, Dell took apart a computer (for fun, nonetheless), and in college, he put his love of business to good use, running his first business from his dorm room. He was an avid stamp collector as a kid and worked hard as a dishwasher at a Chinese restaurant to fund it, which is real dedication to stamps if I've ever seen it. The computer nerd and his athlete wife (she has competed in several Ironman competitions) have four children together: Alexa, Zachary, Juliette, and Kira.

3 Mark Pincus - Ever Heard Of Zynga

Mark Pincus is best known for being the co-founder of Zynga, which makes online social games. He's considered a nerd because he's a hardcore gamer obsessed with newly released video games. The internet entrepreneur is married to Alison (Gelb) Pincus, although, at the moment, the two are embroiled in a bitter and high-stakes divorce battle. However, they did marry one another, so Mark Pincus can be named on this list as a rich nerd with a hot wife. In fact, Alison was the co-founder of a business of her own called One King's Lane, which was sold to Bed, Bath, and Beyond for $30 million. The beautiful woman is only one-half of what has been called a "tech power duo," and now, after having been married for nine years, and having three young children together, that duo is likely over forever. It's too bad; they looked like a lot of fun.

2 Wil Wheaton - The Geek From Star Trek

Actor Wil Wheaton is generally associated with nerdy movies and TV shows, like Star Trek: The Next Generation and The Big Bang Theory. But those aren't the only reasons he's considered a dork: he loves video games, magic and juggling, too. Furthermore, he wrote a book titled "Just a Geek." So there you have it. But despite his dork status, Wheaton managed to nab himself a hottie wife in the lovely Anne Wheaton, a blogger and retired hairstylist. She married her husband in 1999, and he helped to raise her two sons from a previous relationship. Together, Wil and Anne have a collection of cute pets, a love of board games, and share a passion for rescuing animals. They met at a New Year's Eve party ringing in 1996, and she didn't even recognize who he was.

1 LeVar Burton - Every Child's Favorite Geek

Source: thesun.co.uk

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