15 Super Rich Celebs That Live Like Pigs

The lifestyles of the rich and famous are luxurious and glamorous, but sometimes celebrities just can’t help but break their messy habits. The secrets that people can hide behind closed doors are surprising. Fans often idolize celebrities but they do not get to see who these people really are and the kinds of lives they lead. With social media today, celebrities share so much of their lives but there is still a lot we do not get to see. Some of these celebrities couldn't care less if the public knows about their gross personal hygiene, while others would prefer to keep it on the down low.

However, celebrities are not often privileged with privacy and a lot of their former housekeepers and employees have revealed their sloppy secrets. It probably did not help that a lot of these celebrities were not necessarily polite to their staff.

Despite the help they may hire, these celebrities just cannot keep their homes clean. Some people are just born to be tidy while others cannot even be bothered. A lot of these famous folks just hire help and never learn to take care of themselves or clean up after themselves. Some of these celebrities' disgusting habits include letting their untrained pets stink up their home, leaving cigarette butts in the fridge, and even having bed bugs. Some have terrible hygiene, which carried over into the condition of their home. Some don't shower, rarely brush their teeth, or refuse to wear deodorant. Here are 15 super-rich celebrities that you will be shocked live like absolute pigs.

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15 Megan Fox

via: pickywallpapers.com

Megan Fox may be one of the world’s most beautiful women, but according to sources, she may be one of the messiest too! She has confessed to being disorganized herself and has no problem sharing her mess with the world. The actress owns pet squirrels, which are not exactly your typical family pets, and a pet pig she cleverly named “Piggy Smalls,” who roams freely about her home. Fox has also admitted to leaving clothes on the floor as soon as she takes them off, so her floors get pretty dirty quickly.

Megan also has a terribly disgusting habit of forgetting to flush the toilet after going to the bathroom. It is not unlike her to leave smelly “gifts” in her friend’s toilets as well.

14 Kristen Stewart

kristen stewart smoking
via: gotceleb.com

Kristen Stewart is known for her messy appearance, moody attitude, and an overall bad girl vibe. She is also pretty well-known for having a messy dating history. The Hollywood starlet is a seriously heavy chain smoker. You will hardly ever catch her without a cigarette in her hand. However, just because you make the life choice to smoke, it does not mean you need to disperse smoked cigarettes everywhere you go.

Former maids of the actress’s revealed that she smoked “like a chimney” and threw cigarette butts everywhere around the house, including the shower, the plants, and even the refrigerator. Can you imagine the gross smell of old cigarettes shrivelled up in all of the corners of her house? No thank you.

13 Miley Cyrus

miley cyrus and dogs
via: celebuzz.com

Miley Cyrus has lots of beloved pets she treats like family. She owns multiple dogs and even a tiny pig! However, none of these cute family members are house trained, so they are constantly making a mess on her carpets, which leaves a horrible stench after a while.

The singer’s animals run wild around the house and she just demands her maids to pick up after them when they had accidents. She is also well-known for being a free spirit who probably could not care less if the dishes were piled up in the sink. Miley’s ex-boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger, who she dated for a short while when she was broken up from her now-fiancé Liam Hemsworth, apparently never wanted to hang out at Cyrus’ house because it was too chaotic.

12 Hugh Hefner

hugh hefner playboy mansion dirty
via: irishmirror.com

Hugh Hefner may have made it seem like a fantasy to live in the Playboy mansion. However, in reality, it was just a decrepit old home that smelled absolutely horrid. Former girlfriends of Hefner’s have complained that the carpets reeked of animal urine and were stained everywhere. The mattresses the girls were made to sleep on were old and even the bedsheets were “past their best.” The house was also full of old memorabilia from Hef’s glory days. Some would even call him a hoarder.

Hugh Hefner just recently passed away, and his 31-year-old wife Crystal is not likely to inherit the Playboy mansion. It will likely go up for sale, but with the reputation it has for being so disgusting, the buyers may just decide to tear it down.

11 George Clooney

george clooney messy home
via: vanityfair.com

George Clooney has hopefully changed his ways since marrying the sophisticated human rights lawyer, Amal Clooney, but the former Hollywood bachelor used to be an absolute slob. He may have been deemed “sexiest man alive” but he is also a pretty sloppy one. One of his former employees described him as a “dirty pig,” and he would apparently often burp and fart in front of his staff.

He was also a real stickler about his alcohol, reportedly using markers on his bottles to make sure none of his employees were drinking any of the good stuff. Now that he and his wife have welcomed twin babies, Clooney will be getting used to a whole new kind of messy. He is also not likely to have the spare time to monitor his whiskey bottles.

10 Lindsay Lohan

lindsay lohan messy home
via: nydailynews.com

Lindsay Lohan is known for being a child star gone bad. She partied her fortune away during her twenties and was quite a sloppy drunk. She chain-smokes cigarettes and doesn’t keep to smoking outdoors, so her home always smells of stale smoke. She doesn’t care about cleaning up after herself or organizing her belongings in any way. Her place is always covered in clothes, shoes, and bags.

In fact, she reportedly has so many clothes piled into her tiny apartment in Soho that she had to employ people whose sole responsibility was to categorize the clothing so that she could keep track of it all. The rooms are full of discarded and unopened purchases and empty shoe boxes. Her friends were apparently even worried she was becoming a hoarder.

9 Kesha

kesha messy home
via: curbedla.com

Kesha became famous a few years back for singing about her constant partying and drinking. One of her most popular song lyrics is: “I wake up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy,” so it should come as no surprise that this party girl who brushes her teeth “with a bottle of Jack” does not have a very clean home.

People that have met the pop star in person have compared to her smelling like a “hobo” and “a shrimp on a diaper,” so you can only imagine what her home smells like. Kesha also admitted to drinking her own urine, describing the taste as “like candy.” Her more than unusual habits were likely a disaster for any housekeeper to clean.

8 Jessica Simpson

jessica simpson messy home
via: usweekly.com

Jessica Simpson is known for leaving her hair extensions all over her home. Former employees said that “it looks like an animal has been shedding all over her house.” She has clothes thrown everywhere and drives her housekeepers crazy because they are constantly trying to pick up after her. One maid nearly had a heart attack when she saw what she thought was a giant hairy spider, only to realize later that Jessica had left a clump of false eyelashes in the corner of her bathroom.

The singer has proudly admitted on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that she did not like to brush her teeth, saying she hated the “slippery” feeling of just-brushed teeth. She apparently only brushes her teeth three times a week and uses Listerine in between, as well as using her “shirt” to clean her “whites.”

7  Johnny Depp

johnny depp messy house
via: youtube.com

Johnny Depp is one of the most famous actors in the world, but not even becoming a huge movie star could stop him from being the slob that he is. Often, creative people are not the most organized and this is absolutely the case here. Depp lives like a pig, never cleaning up after himself, and leaving a mess wherever he goes.

It also does not help that the man thinks that showering is a waste of time. He may star in box office hits, but he is not fancy in any way and does not mind wearing the same clothes for weeks on end. He is quite the ladies man, but it is a mystery how he manages to seal the deal with beautiful women if he smells so bad.

6  Michael Jackson

michael jackson messy home
via: pagesix.com

Michael Jackson’s home on the Neverland Ranch was apparently a disgusting place. His former maids revealed disturbing details about the late pop star’s hygiene habits, saying that prior to 1993, Jackson lived in a clean and tidy home. However, after he was accused of abusing a young boy, his life went to shambles and he became a very unhygienic man.

The houseguests said that he would make a mess all over the home. He wet his bed and would not let the maids change the sheets. Things got so bad that an exterminator had to be called to clean out the bed because it was full of bed bugs. Some suggested that he was so severely depressed that he could not be bothered with his personal hygiene.

5 Nadya Suleman, Also Known As “Octomom”

octomom messy house
via: rebelcircus.com

Nadya Suleman got her 15 minutes of fame when she had eight babies at once and was deemed as “Octomom.” However, she quickly fell from the top when she filed for bankruptcy a few years after having her children, claiming to be more than a million dollars in debt. A former hairdresser of hers reported her to the authorities after saying that the living conditions in her home were horrific.

Child Protective Services even investigated her home. It was reported that children were seen going to the bathroom on portable toilets in the yard because their plumbing was messed up. The bedrooms also had up to four mattresses in them. There was writing on the walls, dirty diapers on the floor, and food was thrown everywhere. She was probably in way over her head at the time, but her kids just turned eight recently, so hopefully, she has things more under control now.

4 Kirstie Alley

kirstie alley messy home
via: nydailynews.com

Kirstie Alley loves her animals and provides them with anything that they need, even spending over $40,000 a year on pet care. Apparently, that does not include the cost it would take to have someone clean up after them. She does not take nearly as much care of her home as she does with her animals. It is apparently a pigsty and probably has enough animals to start a small zoo.

Like Miley Cyrus’ house mentioned above, her animals run freely throughout the house but are not exactly potty trained. Former housekeepers have described her home as being covered in pet hair and “accidents.” The place has a horrible smell, but Kirstie seems perfectly content living in her animal sanctuary.

3 Robert Pattinson

robert pattinson messy home
via: cdn.vox-cdn.com

Robert Pattinson has something in common with his ex-girlfriend Kristen Stewart; they both live like pigs. It was probably a big tornado of a mess in their home when the two were dating. This A-list actor thinks that cleanliness is a waste of time. Well, while he could not be bothered to take a shower, the people on his movie sets claimed he smelled so bad that they did not even want to be near him.

Despite all the criticism, Robert does not seem to care and continues to practice poor hygiene. During an interview with Extra, Pattinson admitted that he had not washed his hair for over a month. He also said that he absolutely never cleans his apartment because he just “doesn’t care.”

2 Britney Spears

via: britneyspears.com

Britney Spears is so messy that her staff has complained. Her maid and her bodyguard spoke about the pop star’s poor hygiene habits. The accusations ranged from her picking her nose in front of them to not showering for days. She also apparently left clothes lying all over her house, dirty dishes under furniture, and refused to pick up after herself. When she is not working, she will not brush her teeth or wear deodorant. A smelly person often leads to smelly home.

Her maids are constantly running around after her trying to keep the home at least somewhat tidy. The hit-making icon could not care less about cleaning but that is what she has hired help for! However, she should probably work on showering and brushing her teeth more regularly.

1 Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie

via: vanityfair.com

When Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were still together, they lived in a huge compound in California with their six children. According to their former houseguests, the Jolie-Pitts lived in an absolute pigsty. At one point, they did not even have housekeepers to clean up the place, which is when things really turned for the worse. Insiders claimed that there were pizza boxes all over the house, food left out to rot, and writing all over the walls.

The children would often have “toothpaste wars” with each other, so you can probably imagine what kind of mess that created. Vivienne, Pax, Zahara, Maddox, Shiloh, and Knox are reportedly extremely spoiled and have a “rule-free” home, meaning they can basically run wild in their underwear if they want to.

Sources: famefocus.com, celebzen.com, radaronline.com

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