15 Hot Photos Of Prince Harry's Girlfriend, Meghan Markle

Aside from the US election, the budding and public relationship between Prince Harry and actress Meghan Markle has been dominating headlines. Rumours have been building but it wasn’t until Prince Harry told the media to back off for the sake of his girlfriend’s safety that we knew the royal player may have finally settled down. When Prince Harry finally made his romance official with his lady, the hearts of every single woman (and some men perhaps) broke.

She may be the one who finally takes the thirty-something prince off the market. And with good reason, Meghan is a catch. She may be a pretty face but this 35-year-old is also a UN ambassador supporting women's rights and an advocate for healthy body image. And we can’t forget her role as Rachel, a stunning paralegal in the hit law drama Suits.

Hollywood actresses are all over showbiz but what is it exactly that has stolen Prince Harry’s heart? When a royal publicly declares a romance, you know they’re probably not just playing around. Is it her down to earth nature? (you don’t see selfies of the Kim K nature on Meghan’s feed). Is it that she uses her fame for good? Is it her good looks? Or is it her clean background check? (no sex tapes or scandals have turn up to date). Perhaps it’s all of the above. We have captured 15 of the hottest pictures of Meghan Markle that you must see. Because it looks like Harry just may have found his princess.

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15 Meghan In Gritty Pretty

via squarespace.com

Now that the world thinks she is betrothed to Prince Harry, Meghan has been seen on the cover of most tabloid magazines and then some. We love this photoshoot of Meghan in NYC, where Suits is meant to take place (though most of the filming takes place in Toronto, where Meghan is based at the moment). But if you’re not an avid beauty fan, you may have missed her very candid interview with Gritty Pretty (an online beauty magazine) where she says that you can be feminine without compromising intellectual prowess. In the interview she says: “I think it’s a sad misconception that the second you have more intellectual prowess or become a CEO that suddenly those facets (like beauty, fashion hotness) of being a woman go out the window.” In a time where gender inequality is still a real thing, Meghan looks to set an example for young women- proving in this interview and many others that you can still look hot with all your clothes on. She's definitely our #girlboss.

14 Meghan With A Rare Plunging Neckline

Source: Google images
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This is a rare picture of Meghan Markle with a plunging neckline. She may be taken off the market soon and married to a royal so you will probably never see another picture like this again. Trust us, have a look and you’ll find there are very few pictures where you’ll see her with such little clothing. Sex sells but she isn’t the kind of actress to take advantage of that, though we all know she very well could. In fact it’s so rare that we’re not sure where this image came from because it is unlike both her on screen and off screen character. Most actresses who’ve made it big have had some racy pictures taken at some point in their careers. Not Meghan though. Google her images and she comes up clean. If you can pick a celebrity to talk about body image, she is the winner. She uses her fame for good - spreading her message that we should all love our bodies regardless of our size on her website The Tig- what a humble hottie.

13 Meghan On Her Instagram Account

via instagram.com

She got her fame via her debut as Rachel in Suits but she’s more than just Rachel. Her Instagram account actually describes her as: “Actor. Lover of handwritten notes. Founder of TheTig.com @thetigofficial. Ambassador World Vision. Rachel on Suits. UN Women Advocate”.

Pretty down to earth right? Unlike other Hollywood celebs, MM’s account isn’t filled with duck-faced selfies and photos with her scantily clad friends. Her Instagram account is quite wholesome, just like we imagined the actress to be. If you’re looking for racy pictures of MM half naked, you won’t find them here. The account is a collection of her travels, friends, inspirational quotes, and her dogs. Lately she’s included a few cryptic captions on Instagram making us think they are really for Prince Harry. If you’re not into royal gossip or the guessing game, you’ll still appreciate this sultry photo we found of MM via her Instagram account.

12 Meghan For Reitmans

via reitmans.com

When you’re dating Prince Harry and a successful actress, opportunities come in droves. Suits shifted our view on stuffy, ill-fitting corporate wear when it showed us that corporate wear could look damn sexy. It was only a matter of time that some brand would take advantage of this and sign MM on for a collaboration. Cue Reitmans, a Canadian women’s apparel brand which targets the working woman - perfect for all the women out there looking to bring back the sexy in corporate wear. The collaboration is a capsule range of a fitted leather pencil skirt, turtleneck, dress shirt, and faux leather leggings- but when you’re Rachel from Suits, any piece of clothing will flatter. There are only five pieces in the collection but if you’re a guy, chances are you wouldn’t have noticed. Turtlenecks may have a bad rep but MM may have just brought them back into fashion.

11 Meghan In Men’s Health Magazine

via vimeocdn.com

Amidst rumours about Prince Harry, Rachel doesn’t seem too worried about her image as a future princess. She doesn’t have a reason to be. Her seemingly good girl image has kept up. When photos from her Men’s Health Magazine shoot were released, we thought she had finally succumbed to the pressure of Hollywood to make sex sell. But this is far from the truth. The photoshoot was held in 2013 and it’s not even that risqué (sorry to disappoint). This is probably the most skin we’ve seen from Meghan since she hit A-list status. In this shoot, she is seen in compromising positions, revealing her bra and then some to the men's magazine. Judging by her youthful looks and fit body, you would never know she was in her 30s. She sets a great example for young women out there who think that they need to get work done to look and stay young.

10 Meghan In Sharp Magazine

via sharpmagazine.com

As I mentioned, racy pictures of Meghan aren’t easy to find but there are a few gems, like when she interviewed with Canadian men’s mag Sharp. In the candid interview, MM talks about being the awkward, freckled girl doing theatre at an all-girls catholic school. In the interview she tells Sharp that she identified more with her brains than her beauty: “In middle school and high school, there was this huge span of my life where I was just the girl with the crazy curly hair, a big gap between my teeth, with skinny legs,” she says, though I for one am still unconvinced she really was. “I was always the smart one. My self-identification was wrapped up in being the smart one…” So humble, so candid, her honesty and obliviousness to her good looks make us love her even more. In this photoshoot with Sharp, she lets her hair down, and dressed in black.

9 Meghan In Regard Magazine

via reagardmagazine.com

I had never heard of Regard Magazine until I had to do research for this article. It turns out, the online mag is quite the resource for all celebrity and entertainment news. Here Meghan looks a lot like her on screen character Rachel, dressed in fitted pencil skirts and matching tops. If you’ve missed out on Suits because you’ve been living under a rock, Meghan plays Rachel Zane, the paralegal and love interest of the main character, Mike Ross - a guy who went to jail for fraud (he posed as a practising lawyer for several seasons). Poor Rachel stuck by her man for the whole time he was in jail. Now that Meghan Markle is all over headlines because of her romance to Prince Harry, we might have to wait till she reappears on Suits. The latest reports say that she is taking some time off due to all the harassment she’s been getting - guess that’s what happens when you’re dating the world’s most sought after royal.

8 Meghan In Suits

via buzzkenya.com

Things get steamy between Mike Ross and Rachel Zane in Season Three. We see a LOT of Rachel with her on-screen boyfriend Mike. In fact, they share a couple of scenes together that should be r-rated, like the scene where they finally kiss and do it in the filing room. It’s what happens when the sexual tension has been building for the whole of the first season. It was only a matter of time until they gave in. Rachel and Mike’s characters grow as does Meghan’s on screen time- she steals the show with her character's ambition and beauty. As we mentioned before, this show has turned around all the misconceptions of our thoughts on corporate wear. Long skirts and buttoned blouses can look hot when you pair it with equally beautiful people. Given that the characters are meant to be working night and day, we have no idea how they look so picture perfect with salon dried hair and air brushed makeup but hey, this is a TV show we’re talking about here.

7 In Corporate Wear That’s Far From Boring

via pinterest.com

No scandals. No nude pics. No self-inflicted drama. Aside from her budding romance with Prince Harry, MM seems like a down to earth girl who doesn’t get caught up in the limelight and all the trouble that comes with it. Unlike Harry’s ex-girlfriends (who were mostly blonde), MM is brunette and has a mixed raced background. This 35-year-old California actress is daughter to an Irish/Dutch father and African-American mother. Fun fact: she says that her hair is naturally very curly and she has to get Brazilian blowouts to get her locks looking so smooth and straight. Sounds pretty high maintenance for such a low maintenance girl. Regardless - she makes up for it with her natural beauty. In many of her selfies on Instagram, she is seen wearing very little makeup. Not that she needs it.

6 Meghan In her Wanderlust Gear

via Instagram.com

Now that she’s dating Prince Harry, everyone wants to know who MM is. I bet the traffic to her lifestyle website thetig.com has shot up since people discovered that she is now the owner of the prince’s heart. So who is she? A self-professed foodie, travel blogger, and traveller. You can explore all the things she loves on her lifestyle website where she shares ab workouts you can do anywhere, favourite websites, and her mission with the UN for women's rights. She also uses the website to spread her message on self love: “You need to know that you’re enough. A mantra that has now engrained itself so deeply within me that not a day goes by without hearing it chime in my head. That five pounds lost won’t make you happier, that more makeup won’t make you prettier, that the now iconic saying from Jerry Maguire -”You complete me” – frankly, isn’t true. You are complete with or without a partner. You are enough just as you are.” You go, girl!

5 Meghan In Glamour magazine

via youtube.com

She’s a born and bred Cali girl but the filming of Suits is based in Toronto even though the show is set in New York. So how does she cope with the sub-zero temperatures? Pretty well. It seems that the cold doesn’t seem to bother her. In her interview with Glamour magazine she tells the women’s mag: "I've done so many pilots that have never saw the light of day and we didn't know what Suits was going to become at the time. So it's been such a good transition! The first year, we were in such a bubble - the show wasn't airing in Canada and now, there's security and police and fans and tears when we're filming so it's been such a wild ride for all of us! They've asked us for seven seasons so we're going to be there for at least a couple more years. Toronto has been really good to us.”

4 Meghan In The New Potato

via thenewpotato.com

What does a celeb like MM eat and do to keep her body so toned and trim? A combination of yoga (more on that later) and healthy eating. Don’t mistake her healthy habits for boring meals. In her Q&A with The New Potato, she told the publication about her day on a plate: “a Clean Cleanse vanilla shake blended with frozen Ontario blueberries for breakfast, a Niçoise salad and glass of rosé, with some Grey Owl goat cheese and baguette on the side for lunch, and a leisurely dinner of seafood and pasta, and a negroni to cap off the night”. She’s a foodie at heart; her website thetig.com is actually named after one of her favourite wines, Tignanello, a full-bodied red wine. When she is not sipping on a red or white, she loves her cocktails - a spicy tequila cocktail or a good scotch (neat). It’s hard not to love her, right?

3 Meghan In Best Health Magazine

via besthealthmag.ca

Think she’s into yoga just because it’s trendy? No. It’s in her blood. It turns out her mom was a yoga teacher and MM has been practicing it for years. In fact, she started her first class when she was just 7-years-old. She still does hot yoga a few times a week. If you don’t know what hot yoga is, it’s pretty much a heated room you practice in, holding various poses while drenched in sweat. It’s meant to be cleansing and a great way to detox your body. Judging by MM’s ever glowing skin, we’d be sold if she told us yoga was the secret to her youthful glow. There are very few celebrities who could look this good without makeup. If the tabloids didn’t broadcast her age on a regular basis, you’d easily forget she was 35. Here she is featured showing off how limber she is in hot white yoga gear.

2 Meghan In Tory Burch

via pinterest.com

The more I find out about MM, the more I like her! When she isn’t eating healthy, she loves to indulge in french fries. What makes her even more real is that she is the main contributor for her site thetig.com. In an interview on Tory Burch’s website, she shares that the site is her labor of love. She may get help here and there on the tech and design bits of the site (come on, she is dating a prince and is a lead character on a hit TV show!) but most of the content is written in her voice. Her favourite topics to write about? Travel and food. As she says, “I love being the go-to girl for where to go when you find yourself on the outskirts of Bangkok, and where to find that perfect plate of pad thai that makes you wonder what you’ve been eating all these years..."

1 Meghan In the Daily Mail

via dailymail.co.uk

When it comes to her man, a royal title isn’t the only thing MM is after. In a 2013 interview with Esquire magazine, she shares that kindness is the top quality she looks for in a man: “you can see how he treats anyone — from CEO to a housekeeper — and it’s a reflection of how nice a guy is. Funniness and confidence come after that ... When a guy approaches me, it’s fantastic if he can make me laugh,”  The men's magazine has actually republished the interview with Meghan Markle in light of her rising popularity. Since her relationship with the prince went public, we haven’t seen or heard much from Meghan Markle but we’d like to respect her privacy and hope that when she’s ready to have a chat (about anything), we’ll be the first to know. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoyed getting to know the girl next door who may soon be a princess.

Source: imdb

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