15 Sultry Royals Who Could Overpower Us Anytime

Some of the nations that have royal families have produced some pretty stunning royals. The UK, for example, has and has had a number of royals that the British public can’t help but love, because of the way they conduct themselves, but also because – well, it sounds kind of crude to say this about people from the royal family, but here it goes – they’re super hot. Diana, Princess of Wales, is someone who was a prime example of that, someone who was known for her stunning beauty, for being a fashionista, and for just being really down to earth – as much as she could be as a royal anyway. The British public took her into their hearts. They were glad to have her in the royal family, and she became somewhat of a figurehead for all things British throughout the world.

Today, Kate Middleton has stolen the show, and is arguably the most-loved – and certainly the hottest – member of the royal family. But the UK isn’t the only country to have hot royals. Around the world there are some truly stunning royals, royals who are known as much for their glitz, glamor and looks, as their royal duties. Some on this list you might be aware of, others might surprise you. One thing’s for sure, plenty of you will certainly be scouring the Internet after reading this article, in an effort to find more sultry pics of these gorgeous women. These 15 would fit right into a fairytale, they’re that beautiful, but we’re blessed to be graced with their presence in real life. These 15 individuals are certainly doing their best to uphold the elegant image of their family.


15 Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark

Born to Scottish parents in Australia, Mary travelled all over the place before she met her prince. She was big on education, got a degree, and subsequently worked in Australia, before travelling around the world to see Europe and America. But she was back in Australia during the nation’s 2000 home Olympic Games, and that’s when she met Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark. They met at a watering hole, fell for each other, and started a relationship. At the time they met, Mary had no clue that she was embarking on a relationship with an actual prince. They kept up a long-distance relationship before Mary made the move to Denmark, met the royal family, they gave them consent to marry, and they got hitched in 2004.

This Danish royal has the looks, has the curves, and is definitely one hot royal. The paparazzi take delight in snapping her pics, and they’ve even likened her to a Baywatch babe when taking her snaps on the beach – not sure if she’d find that insulting or a compliment.

14 Queen Letizia of Spain


Millions of people fly to Spain each year to soak in the gorgeous climate and for a bit of rest and relaxation, but many probably aren’t aware that the nation has a royal family at the helm.

Born in north-west Spain to a middle-class family, the nation was shocked when in 2003, it was announced that Letizia would be marrying the Prince of Asturias. That’s because people hadn’t really heard about Letizia, and because she’d just gotten out of a decade-long marriage four years previously. But with her being as beautiful as she is, not to mention the small fact that it was a royal wedding, her face really began to get picked up. In 2014, she became the Queen of Consort, the Queen of Spain, when the king at the time, Juan Carlos, abdicated the throne.

The Queen’s become somewhat of a celebrity figure in Spain and around the world. She’s beautiful, has a toned body, and is, in many people’s eyes, just perfect, the ideal person to have as Queen of the nation.

13 Princess Tatiana of Greece and Denmark

Princess Tatiana has one of those angelic faces, a face that just makes your smile, beam from ear to ear, and feel all warm and fuzzy inside. She looks like she could earn her corn as a model, and has actually done just that, and has appeared on the covers of numerous magazine over the years, looking splendid.

Tatiana travelled all over the place before becoming a princess. She was born in Venezuela, raised in Switzerland, studied in Washington D.C. and then when she met Prince Nikolaos, made the House of Glücksburg, the house of the royal family, her home.

Tatiana looks every bit a princess. She’s glamorous, beautiful, fairy tale-like, and conducts herself superbly. She has the charm, all the airs and graces, can rock all that royal attire, and can equally look as dashing in a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. She still maintains she doesn’t feel like a princess, she lives a very simple life, and is very grounded. That’s why people love her; she hasn’t let her royal title change her…well, it’s only changed her for the better.

12 Princess Haya bin Al Hussein


You can’t really call Princess Haya a stunner – I don’t reckon she’d take too kindly to being called that! – but she’s certainly one of the hottest royals out there. She’s a member of one of the biggest royal families in the world, the Jordanian royal family. She’s the daughter of King Hussein of Jordan, and Queen Alia. Queen Alia is one person who I can certainly call gorgeous – it’s clear to see where Princess Haya got her looks from. The Queen tragically died in a helicopter crash at the age of 28, leaving Princess Haya to grow up fast. She did just that, honored her commitments as a royal, and has carried on her parent’s name fabulously. Incidentally, she’s married to the UAE Prime Minister, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum – keeping everyone connected!

The beautiful princess is renowned for her poise, elegance, and beauty, and all eyes are firmly fixed on her whenever she’s out and about. She exudes calmness and self-confidence, and is certainly a woman plenty of people in the Middle East look up to in admiration.

11 Princess Alexandra of Luxembourg

Princess Alexandra is still only 26, but has taken to life as a royal superbly. She’s the fourth child of the Grand Duke and Duchess of Luxembourg, and due to recent law changes, she’s now fifth in line to the throne. But at the moment, Princess Alexandra isn’t too preoccupied with ruling supreme over her land one day.

She’s a humanitarian, and focuses a lot of her energy on helping refugees, and has a strong interest in international politics and relations. The 26-year-old is also the face of her family, and what a beautiful face it is too. When it comes to royal engagements, you can bet your bottom dollar that she’ll be there in all of her finest glory. She takes on solo engagements too, has plenty of responsibilities on her shoulders, and is wise beyond her years. Princess Alexandra really does have flawless beauty, a face perfectly suited to that of a royal.

10 Princess Theodora of Greece and Denmark


The royals of Greece and Denmark make up a pretty big family. They have lots of connections, and they also have quite a few hot members to their family too. Princess Theodora is one of those members. Unlike the majority of the royal family, Princess Theodora actually has a job. She’s an actress, aptly referred to by her stage name, Theodora Greece. She’s so into acting, driven into making a success of things, that she went to L.A. in order to pursue and further her acting career.

She currently lives in sunny L.A. and has had a few acting gigs here and there. I bet her co-stars were surprised when they discovered they were sharing the stage with actual royalty! But Theodora’s a down to earth individual, and wouldn’t have made a big deal out of being a princess. That’s, in a way, why people love her, because she’s so different from your average royal. She just wants to pursue her passion and blend into the crowd.

9 Princess Sirivannavari Nariratana

Thailand is a nation where the royal family holds a lot of clout and are seriously revered by one and all. The darling of the royal family is Princess Sirivannavari Nariratana. She’s the only daughter of King Vajiralongkorn and Sujarinee Vivacharawongse, and is known, well, for being hot.

In pretty much all the hottest royals polls out there, Princess Sirivannavari is always on the list. She’s strikingly beautiful, looks like a model, and has actually – something that’s pretty unusual for a royal – posed for some seriously glamorous and sexy shoots. She’s oozing sex appeal, has her own unique dress sense, and is certainly bold and beautiful. It’s hard to imagine that Thailand would embrace her as a queen one day, but at the moment, as she’s a princess, people – not just Thai people, but people around the world – are just lapping her up. Look at her stunning pics and you’ll be with them!


8 Zara Phillips


Zara Phillips is the only woman on this list who doesn’t really hold a royal title, but royalty she certainly is. She’s a member of the British Royal Family, a descendent of Queen Elizabeth II who’s still on the throne. Zara’s the queen’s second-eldest grandchild, the only daughter of Princess Anne, so she’s definitely well-connected, and has royal blood. But it doesn’t look like she’ll be sitting on the throne any time soon, as she’s 16th in line to succeed her grandmother.

Zara’s also famous for being an equestrian, and for marrying former England rugby player, the bad boy of English rugby, Mike Tindall. It’s a marriage that raised plenty of eyebrows among the royals, but Zara’s someone who wasn’t going to bow down to the pressures of being a royal.

She’s one of the most glamorous royals around, matched, or surpassed, only by her cousin-in-law, Kate Middleton, who’s at the helm of this list. Zara does what she wants, is regularly seen out and about drinking and doing shots, and looks quite beautiful with pretty much everything she does. That’s why the British public love her.

7 Queen Jetsun Pema

This beauty from Bhutan has been dubbed the “Kate Middleton of the Himalayas,” and it’s clear to understand why. She’s utterly gorgeous, and her face has been picked up around the world. She’s unsurprisingly a hit in her home nation, but also in neighbouring countries. Indians, for example, love her, and have also taken her into their hearts because of her angelic looks, poise, and charm. She’s without doubt one of the most-loved royals in Asia, and one of the most beautiful royals in the world.

Queen Jetsun is a pretty young queen, at the age of 27. She’s the Queen of Consort, the Dragon Queen – her name literally translates to just that – but she certainly doesn’t rule and go about her royal duties with an iron fist. She practices Buddhism, so she is typically really calm and tranquil, very religious, and this, when combined with her natural beauty, makes her one hell of a queen.

6 Princess Madeleine, Duchess of Hälsingland and Gästrikland


Princess Madeleine, Duchess of Hälsingland and Gästrikland, is a bit of a mouthful. She’s basically a part of the Swedish Royal Family, and is currently 6th in line to the throne.

Princess Madeleine is one person who’s certainly had a royal upbringing. She was born at Drottningholm Palace, the private residence of the Swedish Royal Family, was christened in another palace, and has basically spent her life living in palaces, living the grand life that only a royal can lead.

She does the typical royal activities, she's a keen equestrian, she enjoys her leisure activities, and sees to her royal duties, while in the meantime, she does a lot of charity work. People are always glad to get her on board, not only because she’s a royal, but because her cheery face just lights up the room at whatever event she’s gracing with her presence. She’s beautiful, has a pretty hot body too, and certainly isn’t the worst person to have as princess of your country.

5 Charlene, Princess of Monaco

Here’s another princess who’s partaken in sports at a pretty elite level. We all know swimmers are among the hottest athletes out there. The things they do in the water means their bodies are lean, toned, and that they’re just amazingly fit. Charlene is no exception. She once swam in the Olympics for South Africa, and didn’t do too badly either. That was a while ago at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, but it’s an Olympics where her face started getting picked up. One person who certainly noticed Charlene and was infatuated with her, was Prince Albert II. They met that same year at a swimming competition in Monaco, and were seen together many more times over the coming years. A decade after first meeting, they finally got hitched, and Charlene became Princess Charlene.

Princess Charlene is undoubtedly one of the most fashionable royals around. She’s attended various fashion events around the world, is regularly seen rocking Armani gear and hanging with the main man himself, still has her amazing body, and is beautiful too; you couldn’t make up a better package for a royal.

4 Charlotte Casiraghi


Charlotte Casiraghi is another royal who’s heavily into fashion. Being Italian – a bit of a stereotype here – she has fashion in her blood, and is regularly seen stealing the show at all the top fashion events. She also looks stunning, like an Italian model, and judging from some of her shoots, quite a lot of people would say that she is just that.

Her modeling exploits have gotten her on the covers of many magazines, but she’s not just all about her looks. She’s got beauty, and brains too, and is a writer and magazine editor. Juggling all of this, you’d imagine that Charlotte would be hard-pressed to find the time to complete her royal duties, but she manages to do all this too. She really is superwoman, and if she eventually does get to the throne – she’s currently 8th in line to the throne of Monaco, because of her mom’s royal connections – Monaco will be in great hands.

3 Princess Ameerah Al-Taweel

The incredibly beautiful and desirable Princess Ameerah Al-Taweel is quite possibly the most photographed royal – aside from Kate Middleton – in the world. It’s pretty easy to see why. She’s absolutely stunning. Being a royal is kind of the icing on the cake for Princess Ameerah, because she earns her way basically as a model, for being hot and glamorous. Some of her pics out there are just ridiculously stunning, and her face and her complexion, and just everything about her from head to toe, is just perfect.

People have likened her to being a Bollywood princess; she is a princess, but of another sort, the proper kind. At the age of 18, while doing some school work, she met Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal. He – a man who was 28 years her senior at the time, just thought I’d get that in there – became infatuated with her, and they subsequently got married. They did divorce in 2013, but Princess Ameerah still gets to keep her royal title, as she should, because the Saudi Arabian Royal Family wouldn’t want to lose her.

2 Queen Rania of Jordan


The Queen Consort of Jordan, Queen Rania, is known for her charity, for helping those less fortunate than her in terms of education, community empowerment, poverty, and other such things. She’s known throughout the world for this kind of work, and for being super hot. Her charity work, and the fact that she’s a princess, means her face gets picked up, but most people know her because she just looks utterly gorgeous. She’s got the face of a queen alright, a beauty queen, but the Jordanian Royal Family and the people of Jordan are glad to have her as their own.

She’s elegant, outspoken, savvy when it comes to conducting business and building relations, and is just the ideal woman to have at the top. The Queen also likes to stay active on social media to let people know what’s going on in her life, and she’s currently one of the most-followed royal women – one of only a few royal women for that matter – on social media.

1 Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton

Kate and Prince William had a kind of on-again, off-again relationship before they tied the knot to the delight of the British public in 2011. They met while studying in Scotland at the prestigious University of St. Andrews, became friends, dated for a while, split up, got back together again, and this time for good.

Kate hated the media harassment that came with being associated with a prince, although after marriage, she took to the role, and all the media coverage, brilliantly. They got engaged in 2010, and were married a year later, in a ceremony that was broadcasted across the world. Today, they’re probably the world’s favorite royal couple, and for millions worldwide, Kate’s their favorite royal. She’s regarded to be one of the world’s most influential people, is drop dead gorgeous, charming beyond belief, and has remained grounded, even after gaining her royal title; all of these are qualities that have endeared her to the British public, and as a global icon.

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