15 Sultriest Military Babes On Instagram

Is there anything hotter than a girl in a uniform? There's something about hot girls in the military that just takes people's breath away. It's a relatively new concept, and within the last decade we're starting to see a lot of women in the military. This is somewhat of a controversial topic, as many say that women should not be allowed in the military. Obviously women are different than men, and these differences have been pointed out by those who think women have no place in the military.

But these people who don't like female involvement in the military don't understand how hot these girls are. And with the rise of social media, more and more army girls are posting their hot pictures on the Internet. This topic is becoming huge on Instagram, with pages dedicated to this topic. Just search use the hashtag #armygirl, #womeninuniform, or #militarywomen and you will find all kinds of amazing hot girls in their army uniforms.

It doesn't matter what gender the person is who fills the uniform - we must respect the service they are giving to their country. Even if they are in the armed forces of countries we don't agree with, you have to respect that they're risking their life for their country. Enough talk! Here are the hottest military babes on Instagram!

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15 Amanda Greenbay


This smoking hot girl from the US armed forces is Amanda Greenbay. This girl is insanely hot, and she's another reminder of why women are so necessary in today's military. This girl probably does wonders for the troops' morale, and seeing her must make them approach their life with a new vigor. This girl obviously takes really good care of her body, and her abs are a thing of beauty. She's obviously trained very hard, and she deserves her place in the military.

Amanda Greenbay is actually a medic, meaning that she performs one of the most important roles in the armed forces. I'm sure that soldiers are glad to see this babe tending to their wounds. She's also part of the air force, that's a very important part of today's military. Her long blonde hair is a thing of beauty, and she has some incredible breasts that probably get in the way of her beauty from time to time.

14 Russian Soldier 


Of course, this article wouldn't be complete without a few Russian military babes. Obviously not much is known about this girl because it's all in Russian, but what's clear is that Russia has some seriously hot babes in their military. Obviously America isn't on the best of terms right now with Russia, but after seeing pictures like these, do we really need to be so aggressive towards them? Surely it would be better if we had peace, and we could become "friends" with the women of the Russian army. Surely that would be the best course of action.

This particular girl makes her uniform look insanely hot. If all Russian girls look like this, I'm sure a lot of people would want to move to Russia, right away. Not only that, but I'm sure tons of Russian men are scrambling over each other to sign up to fight for their nation after seeing pictures like these. This girl manages to look incredible with a very modest outfit, wearing her military hat and letting hot blondes wisps of her hair fall down in front of her face.

13 Alysia Magen


This girl was featured on the popular Instagram page called militarycurves, which frequently features American girls who love to show off their service to their country, as well as their amazing bodies. Alysia Magen looks pretty sexy in her uniform, but it's when she takes it all off that we can see how hot she is. She's actually a fitness model as well as a military veteran, and she has guides on how to make your booty rock hard.

Her body is a thing of beauty. Not only is it sexy, but it's also incredibly hard and muscular. And we all know that the best way to get in great shape is to go into the military. They will turn your body into a weapon, and I'm sure that's a big reason a lot of women go into the military. Check out her Instagram page for more amazing pictures, you won't regret it.

12 Nurse Kyli


Another girl that was in the military is Kyli. This girl is definitely one of the hottest women to ever put on a uniform, and she's pretty popular on Instagram. She's also a pretty high ranking military officer, holding the rank of lieutenant. Her name, Nurse Kyli, also implies that she has some medical training, although that might just be a name she thought was cool. She actually got a lot of hate with this picture because she apparently wasn't wearing her uniform properly. You can see by the comments that she has to point out that "This is not the correct way to wear your ABUs!"

She is of Asian heritage, and her face is just amazing. Her long, black luscious hair goes well with her army uniform. Her skin is completely flawless, and her eyes look unbelievably hot. But the hottest part of her is definitely her lips, which are plump and sensual.

11 Combat Barbie 


Another girl who was featured on the militarycurves Instagram page is Combat Barbie. You have to admit, her name is pretty well-deserved. She looks exactly like a barbie, and it's pretty shocking to see a girl like her in a military uniform. One has to wonder how the hell she managed to choose this career. She looks like she'd be more at home sipping margaritas in a tiny bikini on the beach. But that's exactly what's so great about girls like this in the military - it challenges the stereotypes and gender norms that we all take for granted.

Combat Barbie's real name is Rianna Conner, and she's getting really popular on Instagram. Her page is full of pictures showing off every inch of her body, and I do mean every inch. Her defining features are pretty obvious to see. Those plump sexy lips are particularly alluring, as well as her shiny blonde hair. But most guys are drawn to those amazing breasts that she loves to show off.

10 Ruta


But it's not only American girls who can look hot in a military uniform. Hell no. There are plenty of girls around the world who not only join their nation's military, but also look hot as hell while doing it. And not only that, but they also post pictures of themselves on Instagram for the world to see. This girl, Ruta, is actually a member of the armed forces of Ukraine. We all know that Ukraine has seen some action lately with Russia, so it's a fair assumption that Ruta has seen some action.

But what kind of action are we talking here? Judging by her hot tongue piercing, it's unclear what kind of "services" she's providing to the Ukraine army. But there's no denying how hot this girl is. Her blonde hair, which is common in the Ukraine, is beautiful, as well as her piercing blue eyes and sexy beret.

9 Anna Paulina 


Anna Paulina is another American girl who loves to show off her devotion to the military, as well as her amazing body. And she does this all on Instagram. This has to be one of the best advertisements for the US armed forces, way better than all those lame TV commercials telling you to "join up." If girls like Anna Paulina are joining the army, I'm sure that it would be a pretty nice place to be, at least when you're not being shot at.

Anna Paulina is a shining example for women in the military. Her body is insanely hot, and it's also very muscular. It's hard to believe that people are saying women are too weak for the military, especially while they are ripped girls like Anna Paulina fighting hard to keep her country free. She's an Instagram model and she's incredibly popular.

8 Danon


Danon is another incredibly hot Russian girl who has squeezed into a uniform for the good of her nation. She's a shining example of why Russia is so famous for having smoking hot women. These girls are enough to make some guys move to Russia, but good luck learning the language - it's one of the hardest to master, especially the alphabet. But I'm sure that Danon's pretty mouth can teach you all kinds of tongues, as long as you stay on her good side. This military babe is a real member of Russia's armed forces, and she doesn't mess around.

Danon's defining features are easy to see. Her beautiful black hair is shiny and pretty, cascading down her face and resting on her camouflage uniform. Her lips are plump and pretty, resting in a sexy pout that makes your heart stop. Her eyes are also incredibly beautiful, and a reminder that there are people just like us on the other side of the Russian state America has been hating on so much in recent years.

7 Israeli Girl 


One nation that has gained quite the reputation for fielding incredibly sexy girls in combat roles is Israel. They actively promote the fact that they have smoking hot babes in their military, as a way to promote their army and make people want to join up. Truth be told, the citizens of Israel don't actually have much of a choice - all citizens are expected to serve a term in the military if they want to retain their citizenship. And what that means is that even the hottest and most picture perfect girls walk down the streets carrying their rifles as if it was the most normal thing in the world.

This particular Israeli soldier puts a very cute face on the IDF. She looks so cute it almost hurts. Those cute little braids are both hot and innocent, the perfect combination. She also has a simply perfect face, and truth be told she doesn't look like she belongs in the military. It's hard not to feel protective of this girl, and we hope she's not in the line of fire.

6 Roxanne Herron 


Another smoking hot babe from the American Armed Forces is Roxanne Herron. This babe has no problem with posing both in and out of her uniform, and it's clear to see that she has an incredibly hot body. She obviously takes very good care of that body, and she's clearly someone who works out a lot. Her stunning blonde locks and her ice blue eyes make her one soldier that is impossible to forget, and those tattoos add another element of sexiness to her overall charm.

Roxanne Herron is a member of the Air Force. A lot of the other branches of the American Armed Forces, most notably the Army, jokes that the Air Force don't actually do too much, and jokingly call them the "Chair Force." But it's clear that girls like Roxanne are definitely not sitting on a chair all day, and they are working their bodies hard.

5 Anna Sorochann


Let's take a trip back to Israel and check out another smoking hot beauty by the name of Anna Sorochann. You can find her on Instagram pages featuring the hottest military girls, and she's definitely the cream of the crop when it comes to this hot topic on social media. She's a member of the IDF, and like most girls her age she served her term as the law demanded when the time came. She's another girl that seems totally out of place in a uniform. When will we see a time when girls like her don't have to join the army? Sadly, that time looks like it's very distant.

The page she was featured on specializes in posting pictures of hot girls in the Israeli Army, and the page has gotten over 35,000 followers and is quickly rising. Israel is a somewhat small country, but it seems they have a huge surplus of hot girls, as pretty much every girl in the IDF seems to be a total babe! And these girls also have a tendency to show off a lot of their bodies on social media, and I don't think anyone is complaining.

4 Julia Drift


Say hello to one of the hottest girl in the US armed forces, Julia Drift. This girl has been featured on the Instagram page militarycurves, and I have to say, she's probably one of the hottest girls that they've ever featured. She looks like an all-American sweetheart, the kind you'd see skipping down the hallways at college or even high school. But this little lady has chosen a very dangerous and brave path in her career, choosing to join the navy.

Her body is simply delicious, and although she seems like quite a petite little girl, she has some nice curves on that tight body. She obviously works out quite a lot, although this is hardly surprising for a girl in the military. But it's her face that really melts our hearts. This girl just looks so innocent and clean. I'm sure the navy is very happy to have her indeed.

3 Caroline Page


Here's another girl who will take your breath away. I bet you would never guess that underneath that imposing figure on the left there would be a smoking hot babe like Caroline. But that just goes to show that when these girls are "in the zone" they are not messing around. Caroline Page looks ready to die for her country in this picture, and it's hard to see how hot she actually is as she's covered up by a huge bulky helmet and intimidating military style sunglasses.

This is another girl who you might think would be more at home at a college campus or at home raising kids, so it's really surprising that she has a history with the US Army. This just goes to show, you should never judge a book by its cover, even if that cover is complete with smoking hot blonde hair, and some generous cleavage.

2 Your Commanding Officer


How do you feel about taking orders from a woman? Most guys wouldn't be too comfortable with that idea, but what if it was from this smoking hot Russian military army officer? Whoever's idea it was to give these women these sexy short skirts as uniforms deserves a medal of honor, or whatever the Russian equivalent would be. There is something so sexy about the way she's crossing her legs and looking at you with that authoritative stare.

There's also something pretty hot about a woman in a command position. Imagine this girl telling you to drop down and give her twenty while her legs are crossed sexily above you. It would be somewhat humiliating yes, but it would also be incredibly hot. I wonder how she "rewards" her subordinates, or whether she likes to only dish out the punishment...

1 Neta Alchimister 


I'm guessing you've seen this girl before. Neta Alchimister is one of the most famous girls on the Internet and on Instagram, and her pictures have been shared all over the web. Her hotness is plain to see, but not many people know that she lives in Israel, and she served a term in the IDF just like all girls her age. She's now a model, and her Instagram page is filled with insanely hot pictures of her. Although she has now left her military life behind, she was probably the hottest girl to ever put on a military uniform, at least in the current era of social media.

Neta Alchimister is so hot that it's almost unbelievable. But yes, she is actually real. Her sexy body is something she loves to show off on her Instagram page, and she wears all kinds of tiny little bikinis on the beaches of Israel. Her hair is flowing and gorgeous, and her face looks like it's straight out of a Victoria's Secret fashion show. Good thing she made it out of her military service in one piece.

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